james franco poem

haha james franco
your poetry sucks
mine is better
but you are more good looking than i
and you are a better actor
and everything else
but my poetry is better
you fag
i want my 15 dollars back
ps: even if your poetry books suck
it makes me like you even more
that you did it
ps: it must suck having to live life
with no arm huh faggot
ps: i love you james franco
ps: mmm i just ate up
the roast of james franco
mmm it was so fun watching you sweat
mmm i just want to take a bite out of you too
is there anything left?


Dave Franco, why you no pose for red carpet pictures at your brothers roast?! :(

There are quite a few red carpet pics of Tom, Betsy and Grandma Mitz at James Franco’s Comedy Central roast but this is the only one of Dave I could find…le sigh

There’s Dave Franco, James’s little bro! I could only imagine how great and validating it feels to see your older brother get sh– on for two hours. Just kidding, Dan Miller, I love you!

- Photo & quote By Lauren Miller