I had to do some deep breathing exercises after watching this video, I pretty much spent 10 minutes making a super high-pitched squealing noise and then bursting into fits of pre-teen school-girl giggles. Every single frame of this video is foking beautiful, just watch it omg.

Favorite Moments:

  • 2:30 “Clap your hands 3 times and say ‘I believe in you, Skrillex!’”
  • 3:15 Skrellie just being their adorable selves.
  • 4:10 Dave Nada and Sonny singing Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos 'Boppity Boopity’
  • 6:00 Terrified looking guy holding a jar of mysterious brown liquid…his face tho.
  • 7:55 "Don’t eat 12 Planet’s sandwich. I’ll tank you in front of everyone ♪"
  • 9:40 "Check out my ass!“

“Skrillex Interview with Blackout-Be Yourself, Do What You LOVE With People You Love. CREATE!”

(wherein Sonny slowly sinks into a couch and the Roadhog observes)