Send Hooper. - SH”

Two little words, one telegramm, one message that changed her life.
She knew who wrote it, even if he didn’t sign it. She knew that Sherlock Holmes would keep in contact with her. Here in Bristol they met for the first time, it’s where she lived, where she learned and where she worked.
Even if she had to use a masquerade to do that, she loved everything about her work. Like a child she was full of curiosity. Maybe it was her passion, maybe just her talent, that Sherlock appreciated about her. What made her interesting to him.

Weeks ago he went to London to solve one of the biggest cases in history. A phantom who murdered young woman with cruelty no one ever saw before.
Jack the Ripper, they called him. A case that took his attention, his passion, his whole brain. He went away and with him Mollys hopes to get to know him better. To read his words, his command, his request. It was what got her hopes up, what gave her that little smile on her thin rosy lips.
It was stupid and completely naive to do that, but she knew that he needed her. That he needed her knowledge, her intelligence, her talent. Sherlock Holmes wanted to see her, and what could she do against his wish? Gently she folded the little paper, reading his words before she placed it on the table. 

As you wish, Mr. Holmes…”, she said to herself, placing a small smile on her lips.


.”This might be our prayer. For peace. For his peace. We, the children of the East, of the docksides, highways, rookeries, and laneways, we pray for the Peace of Edmund Reid. “