Oversized sweaters, big scarves and riding boots are my favorite winter wear. Which is good cause apparently that’s good clothing for Switzerland, which is where I’m going in a few days. Day 23 of the January challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point
Ink: De'Atramentis Pine Green

I have officially become the owner of this cutie, named Triumfador. He appeared in my life three years ago and our relationship has evolved in a beautiful way.

Three years ago, touching his ears was impossible. Now, he likes to have them scratched. Three years ago, he didn’t trust anyone much. Now, if he’s lying down and I come close, he won’t stand up and run; he stays and allows me to touch him. He hides his nose in the crook of my elbow and stays, or rests his forehead against mine.

That’s the most beautiful gift he could give me: his trust.


Since everyone seemed to enjoy the original WIPs of my lyric art, I decided to post an update on my work. I couldn’t be happier with the compliments I got on them, it was unexpected, and it means a lot to me that so many people enjoyed it.

March 8, 2017

I rode Diego again tonight. He was super. 

Schooled a lot of transitions and did some leg yield work again. He was much straighter today and had basically no head-tossing. I’m a bit concerned this saddle isn’t the best for him so next time I ride him I’m going to try a couple of other ones to see if they work any better.

He was very good though! We even did a flying change both directions. His downward transitions are improving a lot.

The biggest issue is me. Holding a bit too much, collapsing in the upper body. My leg position is decent but ugh, my arms/hands/shoulders. I really need to focus on those areas. And my own straightness. While part of it is that I’ve been ‘out’, that is getting addressed now so I have no excuses. 

I was supposed to ride Gordon but he is the furthest away and it was -20C. Plus there was a lesson of 4 so it’s hard to hack during that. 

Visited Ringo. He was part of that lesson of four. He didn’t love being in that lesson. He whacked me in the face with his tail and was like, god awful the one time I watched them jump. He improved as soon as I left, haha. But I don’t think he really loves being a school horse. He tolerates it, and definitely loves some of the girls that ride him. I wish I could afford to just half-lease him out or let him be ridden by the one/two girls that he loves, and ride him myself the rest of the time. Oh well. 

He whispered, the sound so soft that she barely heard it. But in her name, she could hear everything he hadnโ€™t been able to say, and she knew in that moment that he was truly in love with her. And perhaps it was an illusion, But she also felt in that instant that he always would be, no matter what happened, with everything he has to give.
—  The Longest Ride; Nicholas Sparks | happinessloveandlife

I got to ride my pony last night, which was really nice. 

He was quite grumpy while tacking up, not towards me, but towards other horses. 

Walked him on the ground for 5-10 minutes, really making sure he walked forward. Hopped on and did more long rein forward walk work, then picked up a contact. Halted, and made him ‘give’ and he was suddenly much more respectful of my hand. 

I’ll give Ringo credit, he really tried. He hasn’t done proper dressage in forever. You could tell, but he also really put his heart into it.

The start was a bit rough. I mostly just worked on getting him forward and straight. Did quite a few transitions. I was actually really happy with how I rode because I managed to remain soft and stretch up more in my core. Ringo responded well to that. Schooled some leg yields which drastically improved throughout my ride. Did a bit of shoulder-in, which was not great. 

Finished with an actually really nice stretchy trot. 

It wasn’t the best dressage school ever, but Ringo was moving significantly better and carrying himself by the end. He was good off my legs and soft in my hand. No pulling, no twisting, and no tail swishing. So it was really positive. 

I miss riding him so much. 

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We were doing trot poles in two point, Coop was like ‘no thank you’ so my instructor handed me a crop, Coop assumed that crop + two point = canter, we were turning, my ass was not ready, WOOP right over his shoulder into the dirt.

My instructor said he gave a little hop too but I think that was just to make me feel better lol.

No injuries, got back up fine, got back on and did like 15 more min of rising trot to walk transitions, then we were done. I have no idea how tf I landed because I have dirt all up in my face and head and neck (it is in my teeth :) :) :) ) but my right ass-bone is the big sore part. 

Psychologically I feel fine, tho idk what ‘fine’ even means since I was dialing a suicide hotline this morning lmfao, but it is the WORST location because I sit on that. At work. And to drive. And now going up and down stairs is already difficult. Which is fun! Because I sleep in the basement.

basically ow

but nowhere near as bad as I expected falling off to be

March 20, 2017

I rode Diego again tonight. The spring melt has begun, which means the area in front of his paddock is a giant puddle. Luckily he (nor any of the other horses) care and will just splash through it. 

It’s also shedding season galore. 

Tacked up D and hopped on after some ground walking. Started my warm up and was super surprised at how tense, hollow, stiff, and pulling he was. He’s a bit hollow when I first get on and he’ll flip his head, but today getting him to bend left was extremely difficult and getting him properly on the contact was feasible for like a step if I was lucky. I schooled lots of circles and transitions, and he improved in the walk-trot. 

I went up to canter and he WOULD NOT hold his left lead. He was hopping and tail swishing. So I switched sides and he was super crooked, though he held the lead. He was also pulling a ton, which isn’t like him. 

So I got off and my trainer friend got a few different saddles to try as we figured that might be the issue. It was. We found something a bit better and I got on again. He still wasn’t as good as he normally is, but there was a significant improvement. He was actually going round, carrying himself, and no tail swishing or lead switching. 

So I’m glad we got that figured out. 

Ringo’s lease rider is away for a week so I’m gonna get to ride my pony a lot! :D I’m super excited about that. I’ve missed him.

Name: Lisa
Age: 21
Gender: Genderfluid she/her pronouns
Language(s): English
Location: Colorado, USA
Interests & hobbies: Wow, my mind went so blank as soon as I got to this point. =) I’m an artist, I sketch and paint, I am also a poet and a writer. I love being outdoors and hiking. I mostly listen to metal. Avatar, Black Veil Brides, Five Finger Death Punch, Children of Bodom, Halestorm, and the like. But I also listen to a lot of other stuff. I have a small rat terrier named Razzmatazz. I collect oddities and crystals, along with pictures of my friends/family and button-pins. Quite a bit more as well but, like I said, my mind went pretty blank. 
Likes: I like hiking, swimming, stuffed animals, nick-nacks, animals, the rain, journaling, horseback riding, spending time with friends, taking pictures, pastel colors, space, Tumblr (which is basically my life lol)
Dislikes: Racism, sexism, bigots, TERFS, Close-mindedness, lobsters (they freak me out, oh golly)
What I wish for in a pen pal: I’d really like to send physical letters, as opposed to emails. I’ve never sent an actual letter before (technology, amiright) so I think it would be a lot of fun to try. I’d also like someone who’s close to my age (20-25), gender doesn’t matter to me at all =). I’d like a caring person who is also open minded. I like to learn about new things, so I’d love to hear about new cultures/food/music/past times/etc. I think it would be a lot of fun to trade art/pictures/doodles/poetry and the like. As I said above I collect pictures of my friends/family so I think that would also be a lot of fun too. 
How to contact me: My tumblr is @lisa-kitty and I’m almost always online (unless I’m asleep, which, I sleep quite a lot.) or my Instagram which is xx_lisa.kitty_xx