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Do you think they'll do a Fallen Agent 2.0? (Like, they know someone is going to die/is dead in the real world, but not who?)

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Me literally at the AOS Promo/Writing Team

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The Fallen Agent campaign was rough on all of us.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the fandom so stressed out.  And in many ways it backfired with a lot of fans not watching live so they knew the outcome before going in.  

I hope not, I don’t think its really necessary, we’ve got a lot going on already with the Dark Mirror World, people returning left and right, and the overall inherent danger of the Framework, AIDA, Superior, and whatever else is lurking.   And they aren’t holding it over our heads all season like they did with the Necklace of Doom at the beginning of the B half of the Season.  We knew in 11 that someone was going to die.  


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