Dear Liberal Feminists: The Hijab is Not Empowering

I am in Baghdad right now and I have my back to the wall as I type. I am slowly moving my laptop closer to my chest and looking around to make sure nobody else sees what I am writing. I am Iraqi. I am a woman. I am Christian. And I am not a hijabi.

Iraq, much like Iran, used to be a more secular place. The Saddam regime was brutal, but he kept Islamism in the country under control until the end when he sensed his loss of power and began turning to Islam. That is what regimes here usually do.

Liberal feminists will tell you the hijab was a response to the West. It is a defiant act against imperialism! It’s not. I am here and I promise you, the hijab is not empowering.

First, not all Iraqis are Muslim. If Islam is what unites us against imperialism, then where does that leave me? Subjugated. As a Christian and as a woman.

Second, and more importantly, women cannot reclaim our bodies by falling beneath another form of hegemony. “We do not want to submit to the Western men, and therefore we submit to the Arab men” is hardly a step forward.

Let me clarify: I do not want the Western armies in Iraq. They rape, torture, and kill Iraqi women and attempt to steal our limited resources for themselves. I do not, however, think abuse by Arab men is somehow a step in the right direction.

When Saddam fell, Iraqi men quickly searched for power. Those who did not find it are doing what emasculated men always do. They are practicing power over the women in their families.

I find it disgusting but expected that women’s clothing is always inspected. Whatever we wear, it is always the wrong thing for some people. I am not here to tell women what to wear. I am trying to dissect the idea that the hijab is empowering especially here in the Middle East.

In Iraq and in every other Middle Eastern country where the hijab is not required by law, (it is required in Iran and more extremely in Saudi Arabia), there are two specific demographics I have noticed wearing it:
1. Poor, uneducated women
2. The family members of Islamic leaders

I will focus on the first of these before moving on to the second. It is my experience that in almost every country in the world, poor and uneducated people are the most performative in their religion. When I lived in Spain, this was the case. The poor old women who walked along the beach were more devoted to their Christianity than I, a Christian from a place where my family was persecuted for it, ever was.

But both my parents are professors in biology and studied when Baghdad was the best place in the Middle East to study. None of my friends here, who are mostly Muslim, cover their hair. They come from educated families. They do not need to lean on religion.

For poor women, this is different. They are not likely to receive an education and understand from a young age they will need to depend on a husband or be a burden to the family. They often do not have jobs so if there is abuse in the household they are trapped. They have to follow the rules of men to survive, more than I do.

If these woman do not cover from a young age, they will not find a good husband. Men are close-minded and possessive and they cannot deal with a possibility other men saw such “intimate” parts of THEIR wife.

Their families pressure them to follow these rules. An uncovered woman will bring shame to the family first by revealing herself and then by not finding a good husband to provide for her. They are pressured to cover as young as eight and nine years old. Can any person that young devote themselves to an outfit for life?

Street harassment is very common in Baghdad. The few times I have been harassed when outside with hijabi women, they have blamed me for not covering. “I am Christian” I will say. “The men know that” is usually their response. The culture is so toxic that women with the hijab believe they are superior to those without it.

But materially they are inferior and they know that. In almost every case, women who do not cover are wealthier, more educated, better-employed, less-dependent on men, and live materially better lives. So what do poor, uneducated women have? Religion. I really can’t blame them.

Religion is also used as a tool by the second group I mentioned, the Islamic leaders, to unite and control the masses. Sure, your family is starving and your babies are dying from preventable diseases. But what do I offer you? Eternal life in heaven as long as you do everything I tell you in the name of God.

This makes people feel included and gives them purpose. It also creates a hierarchy in society. When men are permitted and even encouraged to oppress the women in their lives, they are more likely to follow the leaders that allow this. It makes them feel powerful. Men, especially poor men, want to feel power over something or someone.

In this way, the hijab is empowering… but only for men. It strips power away from women. It represents a society moving backwards in many ways.

Many women will tell you they choose to wear the hijab or they wear it for Allah. Once you ask questions, you will find this is less true. In almost all cases, they began wearing it at a young age (and always under eighteen) and were pressured by family.

I am hypocritical because I too perform “feminine” things because of family or society pressure. I wear my hair long even though it bothers me and I wish I could shave it off because I do not want to face society’s judgment for doing that. But at least I realize the source of this contradiction.

Western liberal feminists who praise the hijab are forgetting about the rest of us. I am terrified of a day I live in a place where covering is the law. Iraq is my home and I don’t want to leave, but sometimes I think maybe I don’t belong here especially if something like my hair can get me killed.

In every country, we need to have a larger conversation about what women say we want and what we really want. We also need to realize the broken logic of “wanting” to do something because it pleases men.

Liberal feminists: I know it is scary for you to criticize the hijab because then you have to admit some of your personal choices are actually part of your effort to serve the patriarchy. We all need to face this fact because if we don’t, we cannot get any closer to liberating ourselves.

GOT7 Reaction Masterlist Post

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One Month

A/N: Shout out to @smolsickficwriter for the assist with the Spanish. I wanted to try out some techniques with moving scenes around to make it more interesting. This is a longer one, but I loved every second of it.

Ultimately, this is another fic for @doublecheckyoself (throws Klance and runs).

“Red? Hey, Girl, it’s just Lance. I know I’m not your paladin, but can we talk?”

The Red Lion loomed, looking out of place with the towering trees surrounding her. Her size against the alien plants mimicked the size of Blue Paladin against her. It was true that Blue was bigger than her, but there was something much more ominous about how the Red Lion wouldn’t stop staring.

Lance very carefully put his hand on the barrier Red put up. It was like touching a glass dome, there was no way he was getting through to her without her consent.

“Red?” Still no response. Her eyes were still locked on him, but she made no movement. He would’ve preferred if she even took a swipe at him.

Lance sighed and knocked on the barrier a few times. Before he could turn around and start to think of another plan, the mechanical whirring of the Red Lion filled his ears. He looked back up at her. From behind her barrier, Red whipped her head and roared. The vibrations shook the barrier and the ground, rustling the alien birds from their homes. Almost every animal in the vicinity perked up and fled. Except for the human in blue paladin armor.

Pidge called out something in his helmet, but Lance shut it off immediately. He was getting somewhere, he couldn’t afford any distractions.

“Hey, easy…easy…” Lance ran his hand up and down the barrier, trying to soothe the giant metal beast, “I’m not gonna hurt you, Girl. You have your barrier up, I can’t hurt you. What’s the matter? We haven’t heard back from Keith in a long while. Is he alright?”

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…I guess I’m just… so confused why people are so sure Lapis is not a fighter?

Like… Alone At Sea, takes Jasper out in one hit. That’s just a fluke, I guess, lucky punch… to throw an eight-foot supersoldier into the distance like she’s Team Rocket when Steven Universe does not do exaggerated “super punch” jokes and the force of that attack was enough to sink an impressively-sized ship.

Except, before that, Jailbreak through Super Watermelon Island we see that Lapis was able to actively restrain Jasper for months on end, and that stalemate only ended with Crystal Gem intervention. This, combined with almost everything Jasper and Lapis both say in Alone At Sea tells us that Lapis is stronger than Jasper. “I thought I was a brute, but you? You’re a monster.” Jasper isn’t talking about the morality of what Lapis did, because as we now know, Jasper believes she deserves bad things when they happen to her- Jasper’s talking about what Lapis is capable of.

Which would be reinforced, as Jasper is roughly evenly matched with Garnet in one-on-one combat, but in Mirror Gem Lapis tossed Garnet around like a ragdoll and in Ocean Gem, we had a fight that was Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, AND Lion, AND Steven, AND Connie, AND Greg armed with a freaking car versus Lapis, alone, and heavily injured.

And Lapis destroyed them.

Where did we get the idea Lapis isn’t a fighter? Moreover- where did we get the idea Lapis isn’t an entire, terrifying order of magnitude above the rest of the cast?


Things Lapis has incapacitated in one hit:

Garnet (Mirror Gem)

Greg- bonus points because this was achieved by launching his van into the air with him in it (Ocean Gem)

Jasper (Alone At Sea)

An entire spaceship (Barn Mates)

Andy (Gem Harvest)

The Ruby Squad, all at once (Back To The Moon)

Have we just decided every single time we’ve watched Lapis fight someone except the time she tried to evade Bismuth in Same Old World just doesn’t count?



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you one random afternoon in the studio, a soft beat filling the silence in the small, dimly lit room as you curled up even more snugly into Yoongi’s blanket on the black leather sofa. His back faced towards you, bits of his blueish black hair sticking out from beneath his black beanie, his head bobbing slightly to the beat as he clicked away on his mouse. From the side, you could see the black mask tucked under his chin with one strap behind each ear, his fair skin strikingly pale due to the contrast with his dark clothing and onyx eyes. He chewed on his bottom lip in concentration, mumbling softly to himself as his other hand fiddled around with the different controls on his sound board. He was in the zone, as per usual, and over the course of the past few months, you’d come to learn very quickly that he did not appreciate being bothered while he was in this state. Just like the very first time you’d met in your composition class.

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We open on a slightly run-down living room, a gaggle of boys in various sportswear with varying levels of sobriety are talking loudly. One DEREK NURSE, or NURSEY, is in the middle of the couch, squished between several of his teammates, squirming embarrassedly and trying not to look like he’s loving the attention.

Ransom: No, the best part of Nursey Patrol is the point in the night when he insists he can do ten shots! He’s literally always like, “Brah, I’m so sober I could do ten fucking shots!”

Holster: Wrong, the best part is when he starts trying to go online shopping.

Bitty: Or when he starts reciting Dr. Suess poems!

Chowder: My personal favorite was the tearful rendition of One Fish, Two Fish. “And its commentary on our society as a whole,” as Nursey put it.

The boys go on, and DEREK gets simultaneously more embarrassed and more pleased as the volume level grows and grows, each boy cataloguing his numerous drunk misadventures. There’s a natural lull in the conversation, which WILLIAM POINDEXTER, known here as DEX, uses to speak up.

Dex: Oh! Or the part where he tells you you’re pretty and tries to kiss you!

He’s met with complete silence. The teasing smile on DEX’s face drops into something like a grimace, both terrified and confused.

Dex (through nervous laughter): Has that, uh, has that never happened to you guys?

The rest of the boys shake their head ‘no’ in surprising - and somewhat creepy - synchrony.

Suddenly, there is a loud bang, a shimmer of light, and then an eerie silence. The boys all look to the center of the room.

DEREK NURSE has disintegrated.


My canon knowledge of Veritaserum is pretty rough so this is probably not how it works but the plot bunnies invaded and I had to write it anyway. Y’know because every fandom needs more Harry Potter AUs…*

Mainly Sprace with some Javid for good measure :)

When Davey and Jack sat down at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall Davey looked terrified and exasperated and Jack looked smug. It wasn’t actually that out of the ordinary for them so no one gave them a second look until their whispered conversation could be overheard.

“You shouldn’t have done it. Jack, this is serious. You could get expelled,” Davey hissed desperately, trying to keep his voice down so no one would hear him. Jack had been an idiot but he didn’t actually want his boyfriend to get kicked out of school.

“What did Jack do now?” Race asked, rolling his eyes. There was never a shortage of things Jack had done that could be classed as stupid, and a good third of them could probably get him expelled if the wrong person found out about them.

Davey just shook his head, not wanting to repeat it, but Jack himself grinned and leaned closer.

“So we were making Veritaserum in potions and ours was perfect,” he started, sounding very proud of himself.

“No thanks to you,” Davey interjected.

Jack blew Davey a kiss in appreciation of his boyfriend’s potions skills before continuing his story.

“They told us not to keep any, obviously, but…” Jack withdrew a tiny vial from his pocket with only a few drops of what could have been water in it. It was only about enough for one dose but that would still get him in more trouble than anyone wanted to consider.

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“The Dragon Case” Sam x daughter!Reader

Words: 1,115

Sam x daughter!Reader

Summary: When you have to go on a dragon case with your dad, Sam, and your uncle Dean, you realize you have to tell them you’re not going to work as bait.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, mentions of sex, alcohol

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This was it. This was the moment you’d been dreading since “it” happened.

A dragon case.

You knew this would happen eventually- your dad Sam and your uncle Dean are always hunting something. You had just hoped that it would maybe… Not be so soon.

You lost your virginity a year ago, while on a case in Chicago with Dean. Sam decided to stay home and do research from there, while you two went out and caught the son of a bitch. You were so excited- your first hunting trip without your father. Uncle Dean gave you much more freedom, and that’s highly valued to a teenager like yourself.

It was a vampire case, relatively easy, and afterwards you and Dean had gone out to a bar. He gave you a fake ID for your 15th birthday, and boy did it go to use. At the bar, you met a guy in college, you were a little drunk, and you lost it to him in his dorm room. You can’t even remember his name. Thankfully, Dean was so drunk that night, he didn’t even notice that you had left.

Here you are, a year later, about to face your biggest fear. Your dad.

“Y/N, you have to sit out on this one. I’m sorry. Too big of a risk.” Your dad shook his head, not even contemplating the idea of you leaving the bunker.

“Dad, please, nothing is going to happen to me. You won’t even tell me what it is.” You scoffed. You knew what it was. But you didn’t want to say anything in case you were wrong.

“Sammy, we could use her.” Dean piped in.

“Could you please tell me what the hell you’re even hunting?” I groaned.

“Could you watch your mouth?” Sam snapped. Oh man, he was stressed. He was never like this with you unless he was stressed.

“It’s a dragon case.” Dean told you, fiddling with his fingers.


“Oh, well…” I trailed off. “I could still go.”

“Did you not hear what your uncle just said, Y/N? Dragons. Virgin stealers. Absolutely not happening.” He yelled at you.

“Sam, would you please just calm down for a minute? We could use her as bait. I know you don’t like the idea of that, but wouldn’t be better to use her than some random chick? At least she can defend herself if anything goes wrong.” Dean argued for you. You smiled and were thankful that Dean was always on your side, but in this situation, it wasn’t helping.

“If anything happens to her…”

“Nothing is going to happen. She’ll be okay.” Dean reassured your dad. You smiled weakly at the two of them. “Let’s get packin’.”


You got in the impala, unsure of how to go about this. You couldn’t be the bait, it wouldn’t work. You couldn’t tell your dad that you had sex, because not only would he freak out, but he would ask how it happened and then you’d have to tell him it was while you were in Chicago with Dean, and then he would literally murder Dean. You sighed, not knowing what to do.

Once you guys arrived at the hotel, you settled in and changed into pajamas- it had been a long day of driving.

“You guys want dinner? I’m going to go pick up something.” Your dad asked.

“Starving. Get some pie, will ya?” Dean asked. Sam rolled his eyes but agreed, and went to go get food.

“So, kid, what do you want to watch? As long as it’s not a chick flick.” Dean asks, flipping through the channels.

“Actually, I was hoping I could talk to you about something.”

“Hm?” He responded, not taking his eyes off the TV.

“Its, uh, serious.”

“Did something happen?” Dean panics, coming over to your bed immediately.

“Yeah, I’m okay. But I can’t be the bait.”

“Why not? Are you afraid? I guess we didn’t even ask if you were ok with it, shit.”

“Dean,” you let out a breath. “I’m not a virgin.”

You thought he was going to explode. The look on his face went from worried to pissed off.

“Y/N…” He started. “Why? You’re so young.”

“I’m seventeen. Don’t even try and say you weren’t having sex at my age.”

“That’s different.” He sighed. “When?”

“See, that’s the problem… It was kinda under your watch.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Last year in Chicago. At the bar. We were both too drunk.” I admitted.

“Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have got you that ID.”

“Probably not.” You say quietly.

“It was consensual… Right?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry.” I reassure him. “I don’t know how to tell Dad.”

“He’s going to kill you, you know that right?”

“Can you tell him for me?” You beg him. You can’t bear to tell him yourself.

“Unfortunately I think it would make it worse for you if I told him. You need to do it yourself.”

“She needs to do what herself?” You hear your dad say, walking in the door. You and Dean are both silent.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Dean says, grabbing the pie from Sam’s hands and walking out to the impala.

“Dad, can we have a talk?”

“Sure, kiddo. What’s up?” He says enthusiastically. You cringe, knowing his mood is about to go from 100-0 in a heartbeat.

“I’m not a virgin.”

Sam dropped his food.

“Wh-What?” He stuttered. “Please tell me I heard you incorrectly.”

“You didn’t.”

“Fuck, Y/N, are you fucking kidding?” He yells, running over to you. Tears start streaming down your face, you can’t look at him. “Of course you’re not.”

He gets up and goes out the door, slamming it shut. You start sobbing, not knowing what to do. You hear yelling outside between your dad and Dean.

“Under your watch? ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING, DEAN? YOU LET MY DAUGHTER HAVE SEX WITH A STRANGER?” Sam was practically screaming.

“You need to calm the hell down, now.” Dean was staying calm.

“Of course you think that. It’s not your kid.”

“You’re right- she’s not my kid. But look who she told first. She told me because she was terrified to tell you, did you think about that?”

“No.” Your dad admits. You can’t hear the rest of the conversation, but it seems much calmer than before.

A few minutes later, your dad and Dean both come inside and hug you.

“I’m sorry. I overreacted. I’m still not happy with what you did, but I know that I handled it wrong.” Sam tells you, hugging you tightly.

“It’s fine.” You say dryly.

“Y/N?” He says, looking down at you.

“Yes, dad?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Dad.”

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karlee i'm such a doorknob that i haven't followed you yet WHOOPS TIME 2 CHANGE THAT. anyways i'm actually a lil bit obsessed with your writing and if i could get number 32 for junhui that would be gr8. thanks!!

  • ↳ hanahaki  au
  • ◇ pairing: jun | reader
  • ◇ genre: 
  • ◇ word count: 1,398
  • ◇ disclaimer: I do not own the hanahaki disease concept.

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The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes after vomiting wasn’t at all what she had expected, what was once simply Jonquil flowers taunting her they were now covered with blood, as suffering from it was enough it was going to kill her.  She remembered rolling her eyes when one of her friends told her about the disease scoffing that it wasn’t really a thing and that her friend had just skipped a week of school because she felt like it, oh how irony worked. The next week when she realized she was hopelessly in love with her very best friend. She realized it when he was up on stage kissing another girl for a show, it was then that she realized she wanted everything with him. She wanted the hand holding and making out somewhere in the university library, she wanted to wake up next to him after a night of making love, she wanted him and it was fucking terrifying.

She slowly got up from squatting on her knees and made her way to the sink, she eyed her appearance, her once pinned back locks now frazzled with sweat and her once perfected winged liner smudged from the tears that fell. She washed her hands and made sure to leave no trace of flowers anywhere where her best friend could find, she wasn’t going to confess to him, being his friend was simply enough.  She also knew that this was killing her and she was letting it, for getting the surgery to remove them and remove her feelings for the boy outside the bathroom door was unacceptable.

“Are you feeling okay?” She jumped when she was met with his body after shutting the door, she was expecting him to still be sitting on the couch in the living room where their textbooks lay and some random anime play in the background; she should have known he would’ve been outside the locked bathroom door when she stopped laughing at one of his jokes and nearly broke down the door as she lost the contents once settled in her stomach.

“I’m fine Junhui, it was probably a bad batch” she whispered her throat lingered with petals causing a tickle to induce her to coughing. He simply nodded his head and wrapped an arm around her waist.

She couldn’t help but think of telling him right then and there as they cuddled on his couch and cracked more jokes as they studied, if anything she’s read about this was also true wouldn’t she peal of the Band-Aid sooner than allow herself to die? But then if he didn’t like her back wouldn’t she die anyway? She looked up from the crook of his neck and saw him completely enchanted by the movie on the tv, she had forgotten he had even put the movie in. She loved him when he was bare faced, his skin showing the results of wearing stage make-up for the shows he was a part of, she loved how his skin showed off his dedication to being an actor, he was one of the very best on their campus, she was positive he was going to end up going to Hollywood one day and she hoped that she would be there with him. His coffee colored locks parted down the middle, she remembers when he snapped his new color to her when she was in the library with Wonwoo. Their close friend Mingyu had colored and cut it due to Jun’s request and it was then that she decided there was absolutely nothing more ethereal than Wen Junhui.  

She slowly got out of his embrace and cleaned up her trash making sure to return the room how she entered it, completely clean but still with a Junhui touch. She was crashing in his apartment due to her dorm being pre-occupied with lust from her roommate and a willing and completely eager Seungcheol, that same friend who told her about the disease had confessed and her feelings were reciprocated and nothing was going to stop them from proving it to one another. It made her absolutely sick.

She grabbed her keys and made her way back to the sleeping boy and dipped her head to his cheek where she lingered a bit before pecking him goodbye.

The next morning and another night of flowers later they finally met up again, he was with his dance team now and the members adored her.

“You look like shit noona,” Minghao said as he greeted her with a hug

“Wow thanks Minghao you sure do know how to make a girl feel stunning” she retorted as she playfully punched him in the shoulder after they separated.

“In all seriousness what happened? Did you and Jun finally confess to one another and you two had a laugh because of how idiotic this whole thing was?” she was stunned at the sophomore dance majors exclamation as if she forgot how the boys talked, it meant a chance with him but she couldn’t help but assume he was teasing her, knowing very well that she was sick, sick and afraid of unrequited love.

Meanwhile across the studio Jun and Soonyoung watched the two playfully interact, Soonyoung couldn’t help but look at his friend in disappointment.

“You should tell her you know”

“Oh yes, I should say I’m completely and utterly in love with you and I’m fucking terrified you don’t feel the same!”

“What’s wrong with confessing?”

“Rejection and three years of friendship down the drain”

“You know what’s not worth it?” Soonyoung spoke quietly, startling Jun from the contrast of the conversation beforehand

“What is it?”

“Losing her altogether, Seungcheol texted me earlier during class and said Rose found her kneeled over in the rest room coughing up flowers, she has the disease, she loves someone and doesn’t realize he loves her just as much”

“She could love anyone, she’s close with Jeonghan for all we know it’s him”

“Junhui get your head out of your ass and confess!”

Soonyoung pushed the male towards where she was still talking with Minghao and an eager freshman who went by the name Dino.

“Hao, Chan can I steal her for a minute?” she stopped explaining her disease when he pulled her by her arm, as if she was going to be scolded.

“Listen, Hosh said something and I need to know okay so don’t lie to me” she simply nodded, her head down as if she were counting the scratches that littered the wooden floor.

“Are you spitting up bloodied flowers?”

“Who told you” her voice was now small, she wrapped her arms around her body as if she were now naked in front of him, she suddenly felt insecure, yes she was puking up her feelings but he didn’t need to know about it, she was taking care of it well she was.

“I am”


“Junhui don’t bullshit me you know why” she responded finally looking up from the ground and looking straight into his gorgeous honey eyes. His eyes were painted with so much concern and a look she couldn’t decipher.

“Tell me a secret”

I’m in love with you and I’m terrified, I’m terrified you don’t love me back and I’m going to die by the power of Jonquil flowers taunting me and tearing me apart”

“What if I told you I loved you back? I loved you just as much and I’m also terrified I’m going to lose you?”

“You do?”

“I’ve loved you since the first day of class, you walked in with a know it all attitude and you had the guts to talk back to me when I assumed I had it all figured out, how could I not love you”

He was suddenly closer now, she noted how his body was nearly pressing up against hers, his leg between her thighs, If she were to kiss him now she could. His lips were up against her ear and if she turned just slightly she could meet him halfway.

As if he read her mind he wrapped a strong arm around her waist and pulled her to his welcoming lips.

“I love you I love you I love you”

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Can you please do a Bucky BarnesxReader imagine based on the song "Let Me Be" by Escape the Fate. Please just so much fluff?

Here ya go! I tried my best and thanks so much for the great new band I can obsess over.

Bucky x Reader

Let Me Be

Let me be your first time, Let me be your last

Flashback to when you met Bucky after six months of volunteering at a shelter that offered free sessions with the dogs to relieve stress. He was your first real love. You had boyfriends before but you always ended things before they could get too serious. You never seemed to notice this until your recent ex brought it up as you tried to break up with him. Suffice to say, he didn’t take it well. After that small insight, you swore off relationships for a while because frankly you never really were interested in them. Until him.

You were cleaning up the toys and gathering the dog’s leashes when Bucky, Natasha, and Steve walked in. You didn’t recognize them at the time which you were thankful for as that could have changed the beginning of the rest of your life. “Are we too late?” Steve had said disappointedly. Normally you would say yes and give them another time to visit but something told you to shake your head and lead them through the gate. Smiling, you walked over to the door to the room you kept the dogs in while you cleaned up and winked at the three friends before releasing a horde of puppies upon them. Natasha and Steve immediately dove in and sat among the dogs, laughing as they climbed all over them. Bucky, you noticed, stood off to the side half smiling at the dogs pawing his leg and held one arm behind him. Biting your lip, you scooped up a black Labrador puppy and carried him over to Bucky. Without warning him, you put the dog in his face allowing the dog to proceed to lick him all over the half of his face. When those surprised blue eyes met yours, something just clicked leaving you feeling winded as if he had just punched you in the chest.

Celebrate your highs, And lift you when you crash

Flashback to when Bucky received his college degree, a dream he had worked on for four long years in between missions and continuing to sort out his past and now present in an ever-confusing world. You screamed and shouted as loud and as embarrassing as you could when he walked across that stage, proud tears streaming down your face because he did it. He did it against all his insecurities and self-doubt and you saw this as a HUGE turning point in proving to himself that he was capable, that he was much more than his low (and absurdly wrong) opinion of himself and his capabilities just because a bunch of assholes that deserved to rot in the lowest ring in hell twisted him into believing so…God, you got heated when thinking about that but it faded away as Bucky smiled at you waving and jumping in the crowd and ducked his head at your craziness, but you laughed because he had no idea you had enlisted Tony to throw a “small” party in his honor with the Avengers and some of his classmates to celebrate his big accomplishment.

Flashback to how Bucky was there for you when your oldest brother, your best friend aside from Bucky,  had lost his life in a sudden boating accident. How Bucky held you as you cried, gave you space when wanted, brought you lunch at work because you had lost your appetite during your grief, never held it against you when you lost it at him because he knew deep down it wasn’t really about him, and made sure to always kiss you hello and goodbye as hard and as passionately as he could as if to convey how much he cared for you in one of your darkest times.

Let me be a slow song, Let me be a fast, The thought rolling off your tongue times.

Flashback how you found yourself drunk as hell at a popular karaoke club singing your heart out to a love song you didn’t know the words to but kept going just to keep that grin on Bucky’s face. You’d do anything to make him grin that wide and laugh that hard. You’d do that for the rest of your life, a thought that came out of nowhere but was not that surprising as you found yourself falling so so hard for this man. He consumed your every thought and came up somehow in every conversation you had lately. It was terrifying but in your drunk mindset, it only made you sing louder.

The night you won’t forget , The words you don’t regret

Flashback to the night where he yelled during a heated fight that he loved you. Without hesitating, you screamed right back that you loved him too. It wasn’t how you imagined finally telling him but you didn’t regret it one bit. You didn’t even remember what you were fighting about but only remembered how you stopped in your tracks as you saw a beautiful smile, that smile that stopped your heart every.damn.time., and a single tear slid down his face after your angry declaration. “Fuck, Doll.” He said it in a chocked voice that triggered your tears. You don’t remember who grabbed who but you do know that neither one let go for the rest of the night.

Let me the secret, You spill in the dark, That puts you back together , When you fall apart

Flashback to the nights where Bucky’s nightmares were too much to bear. How he would wake up thrashing or sometimes screaming in so much pain you found yourself wiping both your tears and his when he came to. That one night when he had the worst one yet and held you down with brute strength then threw you off the bed into the dresser so hard the glass from the mirror next to it shattered over you. It was the sound of the glass exploding that made him come to and take in you across the room bent over and surrounded by shards of glass. He refused to sleep with you for three months before you convinced him otherwise by simply laying on the floor next to the couch, irritating him to no end, when he caved and built a rather large pillow wall. You gave him three days of that nonsense before dismantling that and assuming your normal position curled next to him with one leg thrown over his legs and your arm draped over his shoulder with your hand in his hair. Naked.

Your one and only, Let me be, let me be

Flashback to an hour ago as he brought you to the shelter you used to volunteer at as you were looking for a pet to adopt together. But little did you know that he had gone ahead days ago to adopt a beautiful black lab similar to the one you shoved in his face three years ago and wrap a pretty blue ribbon around his collar. He took you in to the room where they let people play with the dogs and as you were distracted by the ten balls of pure fluffiness hopping all over you, a black lab was shoved in your face who lavished you with slobbery kisses. You opened your eyes giggling but when you saw a beautiful diamond ring hanging on the blue ribbon on the lab’s neck, your eyes followed to Bucky who was kneeling in front of you with eyes full of love and promise and before he could open his mouth to deliver what you could assume would be a beautiful and heartwarming speech, you jumped him forcing him to fall backwards with you on top kissing the life out of him saying ‘yes’ in between and even during kisses.

Flash forward to now as you turned up the song on the radio that reminded you so much of the man next to you looking fine as hell with his hair falling out of his tie and face basking in the afternoon sun as he sped down the road looking as free as he ever felt. It hurt to look at him but in the best way possible. The song on the radio was ending but you smiled because your lives together were really beginning.

Senses Pt. 3 (Finale)

you all have asked, i hope to have delivered. Final part of Senses below! Hope everyone enjoys. 

Senses Pt. 1 - Senses Pt. 2

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N

Type: fluff/slight smutty situations

Wonho’s lips hovered over mine as his eyes continued to search my face, unsure and hesitant. 

“Hoseok,” I croaked. “You don’t have to kiss me.”

“But I’m a purveyor of science,” he chuckled, his hold still locked onto my neck. “It’s a hidden hobby of mine.”

“Mmm, why do I feel like you’re stretching the truth?” I smiled, biting on my lip. He watched the movement carefully. 

“I’m such a hoe for science. All the science,” he breathed, his eyes glued on my lips. 

I smiled, silently urging him to bridge the gap between us. 

“Here we go,” he growled. “Approaching your face.”

It was incredibly amusing that someone who gave off a feeling as sexy and confident as Wonho did, reverted back to a shy nerd whenever he was becoming intimate with someone. He took a deep breath, his cheeks a bright red as his face moved toward mine. 

His lips were gentle, the initial pressure of the kiss barely a ghost on my lips. His large hands cupped both sides of my face as he pressed down with a bit more effort, slowly coming to the realization that I wasn’t so fragile. He opened his mouth slightly, adjusting his movements so our mouths fit more comfortably against each other’s. My heart skipped a beat from the contact and how soft his lips were. Not every first kiss could be electrifying from the start, but as Hoseok continued, so did the growing knot of tension forming in my stomach. I could feel myself melting, becoming putty literally in his hands. The kiss didn’t last as long as I had originally hoped for, Hoseok pulling away only moments after it began. 

“So what’d you taste?” he smiled, bringing his hands back down to his lap. He was shaking, obviously nervous with the act he had just initiated. He was a fair mixture of confidence and complete disarray. 

“Aigoo, this Hoseok?! Right now?!” I gasped, launching myself toward him this time. I landed onto his lap, straddling his thick thighs as I grabbed his face. His smile was bigger than any that I had ever seen grace his beautiful features as I leaned toward him. “I can’t believe-”

Hoseok took the opportunity of my mouth being ajar to pull my bottom lip between his teeth, giving it a gentle tug before he caught me in yet another kiss. Without thinking, I kissed back, becoming lost in the feeling that was him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, my hands finding his scalp as they had earlier. I was slowly learning his weaknesses and planning on utilizing all of them to make him unravel. Hoseok’s arms wrapped around my waist, tugging me in close against his chest. He held me in this position as he rubbed small circles into my lower back with his fingers. 

Hoseok growled as I raked my hands through his hair, attempting to pull me in even closer than he had done already. He held on to me as if his goal was to combine us into one person. If he kept adding pressure into my back, I was certain that I would just melt into him and his wish would be granted.

 My mind was growing more and more foggy as our bodies began to take over. Hoseok tilted his head slightly, parting my lips with his tongue as he opened up my mouth to his. I had never been much for french kisses, but at the rate he was going, I could hardly recall my own name. Our surroundings seemed to blur along the edges, my senses becoming more compromised than honed. 

I couldn’t lie, I was terrified as his strong arms gripped me, lifting as he stood and placing me on the table before us, still covered in denim. I had never reached this level of intimacy before, especially not with anyone like Wonho. 

I moaned as his lips detached from mine for a second time, but not to start a conversation as he had before. His nose trailed across my cheek and down my jaw, breathing heavily as his teeth nibbled down my skin, resting at the hallow of space where my shoulder and neck met. He kissed deeply, sucking the flesh and causing a completely different type of moan to erupt from me. He left small bruises of purple and red in his wake, designing my skin with intimate details only we could appreciate. 

He reached up, his fingers meticulous as they moved across the fabric of my shirt and back around to cup my breast. “Is this okay?” he whispered shyly. I nodded, unable to speak. My own hands were full of tremors as I reached up, grabbing at his shoulders, and digging my nails deeply into the fabric of his coat. My senses were overloaded, not able to address a single rational thought trying to wiggle it’s way to the forefront of my mind. 

We were AT Starship. We were on the company’s time. But he just felt so good and I couldn’t will myself to stop. 

My hands fumbled at his coat, yanking it off his shoulders and onto the floor. The leather made a satisfying plop as it hit the cold tile. That coat cost more than a week of my salary, but I didn’t care. I had become a blur of emotion and intensity. Judging by the fervor in which Hoseok tugged at my own coat, he was in the same position, both of our hearts racing and lost in each other. 

‘Can I?” I said quietly, running my hands along the hem of his top. I watched him hopefully, curious if he would understand what I was asking for. 

“I got it,” he nodded, leaning back a half step and beginning to tug his shirt up and over his shoulders. Inch by inch his tan and toned stomach became exposed. My breath came out in jagged exhales, completely enticed by the sight before me. I had to admit, his body was like a work of art, but I was convinced it would be just as beautiful if layers of fat covered his ab muscles. All I wanted was my skin against his, it didn’t matter if there were muscles visible or not. He was beautiful no matter what small details were portrayed on his body. 

“Yah,” he hissed, his arms still in midair as he tugged helplessly at the shirt he had become stuck in. My eyes gazed up from his underwear line to his struggle, his handsome face covered by thin cotton. He let out another exasperated sigh as he continued to tug. 

I tried to stifle a giggle as I hopped down from the table, completely enamored by how adorable he was. I reached up, grabbing at the hem of the shirt and pulling it back down to cover up his body. Hoseok’s face was a dark red as he looked at me and winced. “Did I kill the mood?”

“You tasted like coffee,” I hummed, moving in closer and grabbing at the shirt covering his stomach. The fabric gathered in between my fingers as I tugged him closer. “And vanilla.”

Hoseok’s frown immediately morphed back into a grin. “Oh?”

“Mhm, and one other thing…I couldn’t quite put my finger on,” I smiled, finally answering the question he had interrupted with moments before. 

“I guess we’ll just have to continue until you can figure it out,” he chuckled. “You know I’m an advocate for honing your senses.”

“Really you’ve been a martyr during this all,” I chuckled. “Taking one for the team by helping me.” 

“Oh, I know,” Hoseok sighed, feigning annoyance. “It’s been torture.”

“You know what’s been torture?” I asked. He lifted a brow, waiting for me to continue. “This shirt.”

Wonho let out a loud laugh. “Can we pretend what happened…didn’t actually happen?”

“Pretend what didn’t happen?” a loud voice asked, appearing behind Hoseok and I. 

“We can’t get this shirt off him,” I snapped, spinning to face the head fashion coordinator. “And he has a photo shoot in an hour.” 

“An hour?” he gasped, bringing his hands to his mouth. “You better cut that shit off him. Lord knows Starship will probably reuse it. If I had a dollar for every piece of clothing they made me take scissors to…” 

“So you’re who I should send complaints to about the crop tops?” Hoseok chuckled nervously, trying to follow my lead. 

“Nope, that would be homegirl right in front of you,” he laughed, waving a hand at us both. “Okay, finish up. I’ll send Shownu this way.” 

“Thanks!” I smiled, holding the expression until he disappeared from the room. As soon as the door shut behind him, I slumped my shoulders, leaning my forehead against Hoseok’s chest attempting to relax again. 

“You deserve an award,” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around me again. His fingers soothingly rubbed circles into the fabric of my top. “But what are you going to do when they realize I don’t have a photo shoot?” 

“I’ll figure that out when I have to,” I sighed, leaning back shooting him a cheeky smile. “But you heard the man, we have to get you out of that shirt asap.”

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Kitten (Part 11)

Note: Phew, this chapter ended up longer than I meant it to be, but it really didn’t feel right splitting it up.  I tried to work in as many of the suggestions I got from ya’ll as possible.  Hopefully this will be a good send off for Kuro as we move into the next phase of the story.

I probably won’t update again today due to the length of this part.

Warning: Kitten Is A Dark Fic With Dark Themes

<< First < Prev.

Kitten’s resting now.  Still passed out from their last play session.  Kuro had finally gotten tired of his starving himself by refusing to do tricks for food and just given him a bowl with no requests attached.  His reaction to the drugs he laced it with were better than he’d hoped.  

Kitten had screamed.  Seeing phantoms of his mind’s design.  Calling out names and pleading with them not to leave him.  At one point, he’d even seemed to be begging Zarkon of all people not to do something.  What, Kuro couldn’t quite tell from Kitten’s blubbering half of the conversation, but it had him terrified.  Then he’d started to see the bugs.  First crab-crawling away from the invisible hordes on the walls, then scratching his own arms bloody to try and get them off.  Kuro had been forced to intervene at that point and tie him down.  Some self injury was amusing, but he’d hate for Kitten to claw out anything Kuro would miss.  Eventually Kitten had been unable to keep up the fight and was reduced to a panting quivering mess on the floor, then even that had become too much and he’d slipped into unconsciousness.

Kuro had used the intervening time to get some rest and send off another packet to his weaker self.  Oh he could just imagine the look on his face when Shiro saw how Kuro had broken his little kitten and made him cry.  Would he blame himself for leaving Kitten with such obvious weak points?  He hoped he did.  Nothing made Kuro happier than thinking about about Shiro brooding and hating himself for being unable to stop him.  Admitting Kuro was superior through his own weakness.

He hoped that soon he’d stop having to imagine Shiro’s pain and actually be able to see it for himself.  If he can find an electronics shop of some sort, he should be able to ‘convince’ the owner into helping him set up an untraceable communicator to contact the Castle with.  If he keeps just at the edge of communication’s range with his cloak up, he could have as long of a conversation as he wants without fear of capture.

But first he’d need to get some more footage to share.

Kitten is going to be wonderfully disoriented when he wakes up from his nap.  That puts him in the perfect frame of mind for some of the toys Kuro has yet to have a chance to use.  Carefully, gently, so as not to wake him, Kuro slips on the blindfold and earplugs over the sleeping kitten’s face and locks them in place.  He has no idea what material they were made of, beyond being alien in origin, but the salesman had guaranteed and Kuro had tested out himself that someone wearing them would be unable to see a single prick of light while staring at the sun or hear a spacecraft landing directly beside them.  Kitten would be both blind and deaf while wearing them.

Kuro carefully arranges the camera for the perfect recording and checks the bindings on the sleeping things arms to make sure none of Kitten’s earlier struggling had loosened them, then he slaps him.  Kitten jerks awake, panics, and slams his head into the wall in an attempt to scrabble upright.  Kuro laughs hard, and hits him again.  Kitten chokes and curls into where Kuro’s fist buries itself in his stomach.  He takes a step back and watches as the thing gasps and tries to press into the wall to hide from the blows he can’t see.  Huh, he almost looks halfway defended.  Back to the wall legs pulled up to protect his stomach.  That just wouldn’t do.

Grabbing him by the back of his neck, Kuro hauls him into the middle of the room and drops him on his knees.  There, now he’s exposed on all sides, and still at a complete loss for what’s going on.  He circles him, like the predator he is.  Watching Kitten’s head twitching about desperately trying to pick up some clue on where Kuro is.  Every light crack to his skin from Kuro’s fist or boots making him cry out and fold.  Unable to see or prepare himself for what’s coming.  

Kuro doesn’t play long before he grows bored.  The kitten is scared, flinching at every errant wind current, as if it might herald a blow, but he’s not in any real pain.  He bounces back from every hit, showing signs of forgetting the last as soon as the next arrives.  New minor injuries blurring into the background of the old.  He finds it unsatisfying to have his efforts be so temporary.

Truly Kuro is at fault for this, he’s been awfully gentle with the kitten since taking him away from his home.  Trying so hard to make the smaller man last, that’s he’s hardly done more than bruise him.  A little bit of rougher play is clearly in order.  He thinks, he’ll start with his toes.

Kitten’s chin collides with the floor, as Kuro lays him out on his belly.  Straddling his thighs to hold him still while facing his feet.  He slowly traces up the back of the kitten’s calf with cold metal fingers.  Enjoying the tiny sounds of fear and confusion that Kitten can’t quite swallow.  The moment he selects a toe, Kitten seems to catch onto his plan and begins to try and wiggle out of his grasp for real.  Slow build up pressure, bending the thing back further than its meant to go, tiny whines of pain like music in the air.  He bends it further and further until-

The ship alarm blares, startling him into dropping the foot.  Damn, they’d gotten here quicker than he’d expected.  He leaves Kitten whimpering on the floor and heads to the pilot seat.

He arrives just in time, to see what he thinks is the Green lion put out what looks like an expanding bubble.  He’s barely has time to throw the shuttle in reverse, before a curtain of energy washes through the cabin.  Something sparks and explodes off to his right.  His cloak is gone.

Kuro is exposed.  Out in the open, circling a planet friendly to Voltron.  He can’t outrun them, not in this tiny shuttle, and without the advantage of the cloak he can’t sneak past them either.  They’ve already spotted him, he can see the Green lion turning to face him.  

He executes the only option he has left.  Dropping into atmosphere and streaking towards the planet surface.  He’s smaller than the lions, if he can find a cave or densely forested area to hide in before they catch up, he can buy himself time to come up with another plan.

He can’t be picky.  The closer the Green lion gets the better able her pilot will be to see exactly where he goes.  The first clump of trees big enough to cover his profile from the air, he slides under and cuts the power.  He knows somewhere on the Castle they have the ability to sense energy output.  Leaving the ship on, will only make him easier to find.

Finally, he can breathe and asses his situation.  He can just barely see the Green lion hovering above him through the foliage.  She’s searching for him.  He won’t be able to fly out of here, and it is only a matter of time until he’s found.  He’s surrounded by heavily wooded bordering on jungle like forest.  If he leaves on foot, he’ll reach a city where a new ride can be acquired in about a half a days walk, but dragging Kitten through this terrain would leave a trail so obvious he would certainly be caught.  Such a shame, he’d been having so much fun.  

He briefly considers snapping the kitten’s neck and leaving his pretty corpse for the paladins to find, but he’s not foolish enough to believe that the rage such a move would inspire wouldn’t prevent him from ever leaving the planet alive.  He’s much better off leaving Kitten as a distraction.  After all, the most important thing they wants is to take back what he stole.  Give them back the kitten and they’ll be too busy trying to assess the damage to search for Kuro seriously.

He guesses it’s time to say goodbye then.  Kuro sets a nice slide show going for whoever finds the ship, grabs his trophy camera to take with him, and leans down to where Kitten has shakily pushed himself into a sitting position.  One last picture for the road.  

Kuro kisses him.  Disappointingly, Kitten is a cold fish.  He doesn’t even try to bite when Kuro’s tongue invades his mouth.  Staying still and simply letting him take what he wants.  This is simply not how he desires their last moments together to go.  Reaching down, he lets himself grope until he finds the thing that makes Kitten’s breath hitch, then squeezes until he cries out and tries to get away from his touch.  There we go.  He knew the kitten was just playing dead with him.

One last upload for the kitten’s owner, and Kuro steps out onto the planet proper.  He’ll miss this time they spent together, but he can’t let himself be too sad.  He’ll be back after all.

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Tommy x Reader

It took you weeks to decide, you couldn’t stay with Tommy anymore, his continuous promise that they were almost out of whatever he’d gotten them into only for something to go wrong. The long nights of waiting for him to come home, not knowing if he was late, or worse off.

You found him dozing in the garden, turning to look at you, taking in your bags but didn’t he didn’t move or speak. There was an awkward silence and after a few moments of attempting to not look at him he sighed.


“So what is it that you haven’t got, big house and maids, I’m in love with you so what is it?” Tommy sighed and you fiddled with the handle of his bag.

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Byun Baekhyun//Joke

Prompt: Lately, your friend Baekyun has been making jokes about you in front of all of your friends, but they’ve started to get pretty personal.
Scenario: Angst, High school AU
Word Count: 1,586 

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Pure Chance // Jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: @camillavanilla2029 - You are auditioning for a singing competition and Jungkook is also auditioning for the same thing. You both meet and end up falling for each other~

A/N: I changed the storyline slightly ^^ But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

You sat at the back of the school bus, almost shaking in your seat with how nervous you were as the rowdy shouting from the rest of the students filled your ears. You took a deep breath, before taking out your iPod and putting your earphones in, trying to forget about all of your worries and the day that lay ahead of you.

Today was the day that a few schools in your area would be auditioning to compete in a local singing competition to create a group to take part in national and international performances. You had been singing all your life, so of course when you seen the audition notice stapled to the wall outside of music class in your all girls school, you had decided to put your name forward – along with 19 other girls who all shared the same dream. You knew that today, you would be competing against your female peers alongside an all boys school who would also be attending the audition. Your music teacher had previously informed you all that out of the 40 boys and girls auditioning today, only 4 would be selected – 2 girls and 2 boys, making you feel both anxious and scared of even auditioning in the first place. But you were confident that you could at least try your best, so you decided to give it your best shot regardless.

You arrived at the audition venue – a modern, grey and white building with large, tall windows along the riverside at the edge of the city which was usually used for theatrical performances. You followed the rest of the students off the bus and into the building – the excited chatter of everyone making your veins course with adrenaline as you knew that soon, you would be standing on an empty stage in front of 4 judges, plus your peers…and 20 boys. And as if right on queue, in walked the boys of Saint Claire’s High school. Maturity was nowhere to be seen as the childish banter between both schools began, it was only natural as the girls never spent any time regularly with boys and vice versa. You however, didn’t care for such juvenile matters as you were only 100% focused on your audition, as you sat back in the chair you were sitting on and went over your audition song in your head, listening to it again and again through your earphones.

“Mind if I sit here?” a boy to your right asked you. Well, you didn’t hear him say it, you just saw him motion to the seat beside you that your bag was currently occupying. You pulled your earphones out quickly, before grabbing your bag off the seat.

“Ah I’m sorry! I didn’t think anyone would sit next to me so I just dumped my bag there, here you go.” You replied, not even looking up to see his face as you nodded your head quickly and hugged you bag in close to your chest.

“That’s okay! What’s your name? I’m Jungkook” he continued to make conversation. You turned your head to face him – his cute, bunny-like smile greeting you as he softened his features. If you were nervous about singing in front of everyone before, you were certainly terrified now.

“Uh, I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you…are you here to audition too?” you asked, immediately scolding yourself internally. “Of course he’s here to audition you idiot, why else would he be here with the rest of his school?”

“Yup! To be honest, I’m really nervous. I’m not as good as the other boys here. But I thought I’d try out anyway. What’s your audition song? If you don’t mind me asking” he smiled at you again, turning his body around to completely face you while slightly fiddling with his fingers. He had told you he was nervous, but something about him oozed calmness, as you basked in his strange, yet relaxing aura.

“Actually, I’m singing something that I wrote myself. I thought it would be cool to showcase one of my own works, so I hope it doesn’t backfire on me” you giggled slightly at him.

“Wow…you write your own songs? Me too! I’m singing one of my originals as well. That’s so cool, I don’t know anyone else my age that does that.” Jungkook replied, looking genuinely impressed with you. You smiled shyly under his wide eyed gaze, both of you smiling at each other at the purely coincidental situation.

“Alright kids. If you could all make your way into the theatre and sit near the front – your names will be called one by one to audition. Please remember your manners and have respect for the person who is auditioning – this way please!” your music teacher called out to you all, as she motioned both schools through the large red doors of the theatre.

You walked beside Jungkook, feeling your heart rate increase as you took in the majestic walls and ceiling, not being able to take your eyes off how big the stage actually was. It seemed as though everyone else began to feel the same thing as for the first time that day, all of the students fell quiet as everyone began to take their seats at the front. You sat down, expecting Jungkook to walk right past you and go and sit with the rest of the boys, but to your surprise, he sat down beside you as if it were no big deal at all.

“Man, I hope I don’t get called up first. I always hate going first” he leaned in close and whispered in your ear. You felt small, cold shivers dance across your neck at how close he was to you, his soft breath ticking the tiny hairs on your skin.

“Me too, but I kind of hope I’m not last either. Somewhere in the-“

“-middle would be great” – you both finished the sentence together. You both looked at each other, trying to keep your giggling to a minimal, as the first person was called - thankfully it was neither you nor Jungkook.

“Phew” Jungkook sighed a breath of relief, his being still comfortably close to yours as you tried to focus on the performances, but failing miserably.

Student after student was called, before finally, it was Jungkook’s turn.

“Good luck” you whispered to him as he left his seat, looking back and smiling at you while giving you thumbs up. He climbed the stairs to the stage, before plugging his iPhone up to the speakers and setting his track.

“This is a song that I wrote and composed myself. It’s called “Taking Chances”. I hope you’ll enjoy it.” He said into the mic, eliciting a bunch of “ooo’s” from the audience. You held your breath as you watched him press play and waited for the music to start. You didn’t know why – because you hadn’t heard him sing yet, but you wanted him to be really good. You wanted him to do well and get a place on the team. He was the first person in a long while to show you such kindness, and for that you were so very grateful.

Jungkook began singing his song. The entire room fell so silent that you could hear a pin drop as everyone took in his soft but husky voice. Chills began travelling up your arms as your hair stood on end. He had told you that he wasn’t the best singer in his school, but from what you had heard so far you began to extremely beg to differ. His voice was beautiful, sweet but with an element of angst from the lyrics he was singing. The music was acoustic, a little piano and guitar for rhythm as he swept all of you away with his melodic voice and a single, hard hitting high note at the end. The whole room erupted in a round of applause – you included as the judges passed knowing glances between themselves and made a few notes on their papers.

“Thank you Jungkook, thank you very much for that. Good job! Okay…next we have…Miss (Y/N)! ” the judge called out as you felt your heart sink into your stomach. Of course you had prepared yourself as much as you could, but you couldn’t help it now after Jungkook’s amazing performance. You didn’t know he would be so breathtaking and spectacular – it completely star struck you.

“Hey, you can do it okay? Good luck up there. I’m cheering you on!” Jungkook whispered to you as you met him halfway up towards the stage. He placed his hand on your shoulder, giving it a small and caring squeeze as he smiled warmly at you. You weren’t sure why, but you started to blush, smiling back and him and thanking him – making a mental note to tell him how amazing his song was after your performance. Just as Jungkook had done seconds before, you set up your music, before taking the mic in your hand.

“Uhm, I am also singing my own song that I wrote. Thank you” you said bashfully into the mic, as you felt everyone’s eyes on you. You pressed play on your iPod, before closing your eyes and waiting for the intro to start. Jungkook sat up on the edge of his seat, watching you with your eyes shut tight as a quiet melody began to echo throughout the room. You opened your mouth and began singing, getting lost in your own world as you gripped the microphone and imagined that you were the only person in the room. Everyone sat with their mouths wide open, Jungkook especially as your voice playfully climbed the different scales and notes of your song, ascending and descending as you sent chills up and down everyone’s body. You didn’t dare open your eyes, as you knew you would fall apart right then and there. Jungkook smiled uncontrollably, gently biting the bottom of his lip as he clasped his hands together, listening to you finish the song. He was the first one to take to his feet as he began to loudly clap and give you a well deserved round of applause, the rest of the room joining in as he did so. You opened your eyes and the first person you saw was Jungkook, grinning from ear to ear as you bowed to the judges and took your iPod with you, walking down the steps to sit back down beside Jungkook.

“(Y/N)…you were amazing! You didn’t tell me you were that good!” Jungkook exclaimed as you sat back down beside him, trying to hide the fact that you were blushing beyond belief at his stream of compliments that were falling from his mouth.

“Well…you told me you weren’t the best singer in your school, but to be honest…out of everyone here today – including me…you’re the best, Jungkook. I’m serious. Your voice gave me shivers” you said without meaning to, making Jungkook giggle softly as he looked anywhere but your eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt really drawn to you – almost like a magnetic force pulling him closer towards you.

“Alright…maybe I told a little white lie. I could see you were feeling nervous and I wanted to let you know that it’s okay~ Everyone feels nervous and like they are lacking sometimes…even me.” He looked at you intensely, his dark eyes swimming with compassion and understanding. You giggled lightly, filling his ears with your nervous girlish laughter that he had began to enjoy very much.

After everyone had finished their performances, the judges deliberated and whittled the numbers down to 2 boys and 2 girls. You remained beside Jungkook the entire time, him talking to you about anything and everything – completely taking your mind off of the competition, making you relax and open up to him more. You felt strange – you had only known Jungkook for the best part of a few hours; but it felt like you had known him your entire life. He had a familiar smile, one that you were sure you had seen before but you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Maybe from a dream? You didn’t know. But what you did know was that there was a huge chance that after today, you would never speak to Jungkook again. He would go his way, and you would go yours.

“Hey..maybe this is really rude of me to ask you, but…I know we just met today and I don’t want it to seem like I’m being pushy or anything but I think you’re really cool, and - ” Jungkook laughed at you trying to skirt around asking the question.

“(Y/N), you know you can just ask me, right? I was going to ask you after they gave the results anyway. Can we exchange numbers?” he smiled into your face as he pulled his phone out from his back pocket, making you want to hang your head in embarrassment as you felt the familiar glow of pink creep upon your face. You swapped phones, saving each other’s numbers before returning them and watching the judges as they ascended on to the stage to announce the winners of today’s audition.

“We will now announce the 2 girls and 2 boys who have successfully made it through to have a place on the performance group. You all did very well and we commend you highly, but unfortunately we can only pick 4 people. The first two that are going to be on the team are… Jeon Hyemi and Lee KiBeom!”

The entire room began clapping and congratulating Hyemi and KiBeom as they walked up together on stage and shook the judge’s hands one by one. It was then that you felt a large hand placing itself over yours on your lap, causing you to snap your head around to see Jungkook looking at your hands together. You felt like you couldn’t breathe as his touch felt hot, but soothing at the same time.

“Whatever happens, we did all we could. Don’t worry” he said softly, smiling and gently chuckling in an attempt to make the air lighter. For a brief moment, you didn’t care at all about the competition. All you cared about was right in front of you – the pure chance of meeting Jungkook and getting to hear him perform was one of the best moments in your life thus far. You knew now that whatever the outcome of this situation; you would still walk away a winner.

“We have decided to put the next two people together as a duet as well as being in the team performance group because we believe that their voices would really complement each other. Everyone please give a huge round of applause to the last two people, Jungkook and (Y/N)!”

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Dating Lucifer Morningstar would include...

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  • Your conversations mainly consist of flirtatious, sarcastic comments and jokes
  • Sex, and a lot
  • Like…a lot
  • Everywhere
  • Every type of kissing imaginable (neck, jaw, nose, forehead, lips, chest, ears, etc)
  • Believing he is indeed the devil and accepting him for him
  • Him constantly trying to prove his worth and his ability to deserve a wonderful person like you
  • Piano and singing lessons 
  • Becoming best friends with Mazikeen and Chloe 
  • Getting to know Trixie and her becoming like your own daughter (and teasing Lucifer about it)
  • Constant care and affection
  • Being devoted to only each other and no one else
  • Occasionally trying out some new things (if ya know what i mean ;))
  • Taking him forever to sort out his feelings for you
  • Being the first to say ‘I love you’
  • Any arguments or complications being quickly soothed out
  • His ‘powers’ not working on you (him not being able to get you to tell him your darkests desire)
  • Him admiring your independence and letting you have it
  • Looking into each others eyes and just knowing that this is who you are supposed to be with 
  • Beard burn and hickeys (The devil likes to mark what’s his)
  • His arm always finding somewhere to rest on you, whether it be your back, thigh, shoulders, cheek or any other place ;)
  • Witnessing his true form and while being terrified at first, coming to terms with it
  • Learning things about the Underworld and his life before you met him
  • Deep conversations 
  • Tracing each others veins and bones (You tracing his wing scars)
  • Sending him cartoons of the devil and telling him horrendous jokes for fun
  • Him showing annoyance but secretly loving that smile that grows on your face 
  • Makeout sessions everywhere
  • Jealousy being a terrible color on both of you (especially Lucifer)
  • Kissing his scowl and scars away
  • Making him feel loved and wanted for the first time in his life
  • Him treating you like the Princess you are
  • A lot of gifts
  • Pet names (You- Princess, angel, darling, babe, sweetie, love(ly), gorgeous, etc)(Him- Luci, babe, Luce, Angel, goat (as a joke), and darling)
  • ‘Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine’ - ‘Listen to me. I will always worry about you. It is my job to worry about you. Now sit down, shut up and let me help you’
My little puppeteer | Pt.2

Genre: Fuckboy!Calum, slight Badboy!Calum

Pairing: Reader x Calum 

Word count: 3,410

Summary: But there was something about him. Even if you knew he was bad for you, even if you knew he’d hurt you, even if you knew this wouldn’t end good for you, you had to know him. You had to see him again.  

Prologue | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue

Rumor has it that he usually picks his victim, approaches her, seduces her, fucks her, throws her away like a used puppet. At least that’s what the girls that longed for him said. The girls who actually did sleep with him rarely liked to speak about their experience. They usually just roll their eyes, mood changed rapidly. You always assumed it was because he left them wanting more.

But there was something about him. Even if you knew he was bad for you, even if you knew he’d hurt you, even if you knew this wouldn’t end good for you, you had to know him. You had to get to know this mystery boy who always wore black, who was silent most of the time and who intrigued you with his powerful stare. You had to see him again.  

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Title: ​The Sound (of your voice)
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi 
Rating: Teen and up audiences
Tags/Warnings: Angst, Deaf AU, disabilities, 
Words: 1,934
Summary:   They’ve been friends for 12 years. They both liked sports, they both liked books, they both were tall. In a way they were sort of like the same person. However there was one thing that differentiated the two teens. It was not their height difference, nor was it their appearance. It was that one lost the ability to hear.
Note: Guess who’s back with more angst :)) This AU is actually mixed with 2 other ideas. 1) Deaf!Tsukki 2) (oopsmybadmadeabooboo) Pianist/Musician Tsukki. I am classical trash I’m sorry. Aah, man I haven’t been practising lately so this might be a little off, but I hope you guys enjoy this ! 

It was quiet, only the sound of the hurling wind blowing through the window could be heard, at least to one of them.

They’ve been friends for 12 years. They both liked sports, they both liked books, they both were tall. In a way they were sort of like the same person. However there was one thing that differentiated the two teens. It was not their height difference, nor was it their appearance. It was that one lost the ability to hear.

Tsukishima was aware that his hearing might never come back. He didn’t have a problem with it, though it did hurt him just a bit on the inside. It was hard for him to cooperate with others when they didn’t know sign language so it was difficult to make friends. He was always alone and never spoke a word mainly because he never liked the feeling of speaking. It was that one faithful day when Yamaguchi was introduced to the class. At first Tsukishima believed that he was just another kid who would attempt to talk to him but as soon as their eyes met, the little freckled boy knew and so did Tsukishima. He was the first and only person to ever talk to Tsukishima.

12 years later they still wandered around together like gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. Despite their friendship lacking in sound, they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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