Adrien: *Playing with Ladybug and Chat Noir dolls* Yes Chat, I do want to share my cookies with you. For the rest of my life too. We can just eat cookies together forever an- Plagg!


Adrien: I can explain

Plagg: The sad thing is that I’m not even surprised anymore

10 things I learned from the first month away from him

1. I can do it. I’ve made it a month without putting so much emphasis on him, and I can make it the rest of my life. It seemed like a daunting task when I decided to put him on pause, but looking at my decision from a month in I know I made the right decision. 

2. I am better off without him. I am happier. I am healthier. I am overall better. I have the spark back that he stole when he didn’t care about me as much as I cared about him. He may not have meant to steal it, but regardless I needed it so I could shine again.

 3. It hurt. Just because I’m happier, doesn’t mean getting here didn’t hurt like hell. I texted him when I was weak. I wanted to reach out when things were going badly, but it was the times when I made myself put the phone down and get over it that led me to where I am today. 

4. He really didn’t care. Not much has changed on his end of the deal. He has gone on with his life as if he hasn’t lost me. This means he really didn’t care. That wasn’t just some crazy idea I came up with one day. He really didn’t care. 

5. I still miss him. I can’t sit here and pretend that 100% solid in my decision. I still hear songs that make me waiver when I’m feeling my strongest. There are still times when we have a nice conversation and I want to crawl back to the safety net that he was for me. I miss the great times, but I don’t miss the hard ones. I don’t miss the tears. I don’t miss the pain. 

6. There’s a piece of me that will always feel something for him. After having him as such a close part of my life for so long, I can almost guarantee that there will always be a piece of me that feels something for him. That’s okay. He was a part of my life, and he’s a memory I will carry with me. He will help me realize what I want and what I don’t want in the future. 

7. I am worthy. I am worthy of love. I am worth of being wanted. I am worthy of a boy who treats me like a princess, but also doesn’t excessively obsess over me. I am worthy of someone’s time and words of affirmation. 

8. Time really does heal all wounds. Day 1 felt like I was dying. Day 10 felt like I was mending. Day 20 felt like I was my own person again. Day 30 felt like I was on top of the world. Time changes people, places, and emotions. Time can turn all the bad into a whole lot of good. 

9. I don’t need people to complete me. I’ve said it at least a million times, but I’ve learned it more than anything in these 30 days. People don’t complete me. I complete me. He’s just there to make me happy. 

10. I can look forward to the future. I no longer have to worry about what he’ll be doing in the future and whether or not it’ll involve me. I don’t have to worry about seeing him every time I go home for break. I don’t have to worry about where he fits into my puzzle. I can look forward to a future revolving around me. I can look forward to a boy who treats me like pure gold. I can look forward to summers with my best friends. I can look forward to a future filled with the people who care, and he may or may not be there.

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write //#132 // and next month will be even brighter 

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Yes, you are right on all those counts. Still personally I prefer Infinity, but that's besides the point. But was there more promo done in the UK to make it more successful there? The boys tweets are not just for the US. Anyway, you are 100% correct in that they did NOTHING to promote it and it really makes me sad. I have only recently become a fan (and I'm from a much older demographic). It still blows my mind that they have so many amazing songs that weren't released as singles.

they’ve always done better in the uk than they have in the usa. and their last performance of the song was done there, and they announced the single on the tail of that. so, i think a combination of those factors is why it’s doing better over there than it is here.

but, you’re completely right that they have always chosen absolutely horrible songs for singles. it’s very disappointing and it’s a huge reason as to why they’ve never been able to change their image or widen their demographic.

So I’d like to walk you through a metaphor here.

A few weeks ago, I broke my ankle. My options were either to let it heal on its own, and limp permanently, or to get a complex set of permanent metal implants.

As I signed the consent forms, I was scared and bawling my eyes out. After the surgery, I cried and screamed and the pain was unbearable.

Not one person questioned my decision to go through with the surgery, because it was understood I would not want a limp for the rest of my life. My emotions never brought my consent into question.

So why is it that my emotions about a medical process were respected and separate from my choice when it was a limp for the rest of my life, but if a woman has emotions tied to a medical procedure and doesn’t want a baby for the rest of her life, or the high medical risks of pregnancy, it’s grounds to question the validity of her choice?

A woman can be sad about her abortion and still know it was the best choice for her. Just like I sobbed as I got ready for surgery.

And tonight has been the night I fell in love wit MCR. Again. For the hundredth fucking time.

I am currently sighing as I pull out all of my MCR merch. I guess it’s time to re-watch the documentary. Time to re-read the biography. Time to re-listen to all the albums. Time to cry myself to sleep every night for the rest of my life. Again. I sigh.

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Hey, I'm starting T this year at 18 yrs old and I was wondering if it would increase my height at all? Most of the cis guys in my family are taller and I'm not as tall as I would like to be. Would T help with that or am I stuck where I am for the rest of my life?

There have been mixed answers to this, some saying yes, others saying no.

I have been told by all the professionals in my life that t does not change your height, and that is the experience I have had too. Any growth you may experience could be attributed to you just growing as you would without t. If you have finished growing then no, t won’t make you taller, but if you still are growing you potentially could but no one has proven that t will influence that to my understanding.

Height is something a lot of us struggle with. I’m 5'3" on a good day and it has taken a long time to come to terms with my height and how I feel about it. I promise it gets easier and you will find loads of other guys (both cis and trans) who are your height or shorter. I made a video on my personal channel about dealing with dysphoria I can’t change so you can check it out here:

Height dysphoria is also a topic that is actually coming up on our channel in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for that!


Ps: I spent all weekend with a friend of mine who is my height and we spent a lot of time at the camp we were at with me on his shoulders to make one giant goalkeeper/wizard so being short can be hella fun if you let it to be :’)


Exciting news tumblr! I got engaged this weekend! I know it’s going to sound super cheesy, but I am absolutely ecstatic right now. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend in the whole wide world. Never thought this day would come. There was I time when I never thought anyone could love me even half as much as he does. Now I can’t imagine life without him.

What I Wrote When I Was Drunk...

so I got intoxicated last night and I was listening to sad music when I wrote this…. 

I’ve never met you…yet my heart skips a beat every time I hear your name

I’ve never spoken to you…yet the sound of your voice is so comforting and familiar 

I’ve never held you in my arms yet you hold my heart in your hands… 

I know if you were someone else… I would fall in love with you all over again…

You could be walking down the Street… or working a day job and when our eyes met I would fall for you like the first time I laid eyes on you from my computer screen ….

You may never know who I am…. but this one sided love can continue from my computer screen….

In my heart I know if I am lucky enough to meet you I will remember that moment for the rest of my life ….even if you won’t…. I never forget the moment I met the person who started a fire in my heart… the one who will only be mine in my head…and on my blog… 

Our love will always exist behind my computer screen and it will spill out of my heart with every stroke of my keyboard… 

if i were a...

i was tagged by @caelestis-onus (thank u! you’ve tagged me in a few things + i promise i will get to them omg; also, i agreed w/ so many of your answers on this & you’re so poetic i love it)

if i were a month, I’d be November. I love the autumn colors, the cooler weather, + the leaves!!
if i were a day of the week, I’d be Saturday, a day that holds infinite possibilities 
if i were a god or a goddess, I’d be Artemis. im such a moon person honestly 
if i were a verb, I’d be Write bc thats all i want to do for the rest of my life (does that count?? its a verb so)
if i were a sea animal, I’d be a SEA TURTLE. (i love turtles ok,,) personality wise probably an eel tho bc i look soft and innocent but ill electrocute you :)
if i were an object in a living room, I’d be that family picture everyone pretends to hate but secretly adores. u know the one
if i were a gemstone, I’d be an Opal (birth stone, aye~)
if i were a flower, I’d be a Daisy.
if i were a kind of weather, I’d be stormy skies and cool breezes (my absolute favorite days honestly)
if i were a colour, like a dark grey/blue stormy color
if i were an adjective, I’d be Observant. trust me, i might not talk much but i see + hear everything ok
if i were a fruit, I’d be an apple (i guess?? idk really)
if i were a sound, rain hitting against a house!! or a bonfire crackling, oh yes
if i were a hogwarts house, I’d be Slytherin.
if i were an element, I’d be Fire
if i were a word, I’d be Astrophile (a person who loves the stars + astronomy)
if i were a place, I’d be the ocean (ironically, ive never been to the ocean)
if i were a taste, I’d be the taste of water bc im plain (but good for you) :))
if i were a scent, I’d be fresh linen (oh god im such a loser but i love that smell ok) or cherry blossom aka my favorite candle scent 
if i were an object, I’d be your favorite pen
if i were a body part, I’d be the eyes, the window to the soul (my lame attempt to be deep)
if i were a song, I’d be Paradise by Coldplay (dont judge me ok, idk why everyone hates coldplay)

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Yesterday was super lousy for me, so obviously the best way to stress relieve was to draw Pap in different outfits for the rest of the day.

We all like to imagine him being cute and stylish if he wore normal clothes, but I think realistically, he would probably have a closet full of nothing but Ed Hardy and random metal band t-shirts that he thought looked cool. :B