Conservative Science: Diagnosing the Republican Brain
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‘We all know that many American conservatives have issues with Charles Darwin, and the theory of evolution. But Albert Einstein, and the theory of relativity?’

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UP w/ Chris Hayes: The psychology of polarization.

I’m blogging this discussion again due to the fact that I just started reading Chris Mooney’s The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science - and Reality because I find this conversation, about the polarization of politics, featuring the aforementioned author, awesome and enlightening.

Also, although I’m only one-fifth of the way through this book I can’t get enough of it. It’s a downer in a way because I too, subscribed (literally, this idea has consumed most of my mind the past year) to the Enlightenment-born idea and principle that reason will undermine un-reason; one day, all will be well and lovely with a society based on reason and facts because refutation of myth, with cold-hard facts, is the antidote. I’m excited to read about how we can use this information, to in fact, move. to. a. more. enlightened. society. Damn, there I go again. (Mooney, suggests in this video, that the first step would be to accept this truth about our brains, and go from there. The problem, conservatives are disinclined for many reasons, to do this.)

Anyway, the reality is that our brains don’t work that way: motivated reason, confirmation bias, and the “primacy of effect” reigns supreme in our evolved brain.


If you love psychology, sociology, politics, biology, genetics, I highly recommend this book.

Also, watch this discussion!

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2. convert to “OCEAN”

  •  Openness to experience – (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious) = Intellect - (non-curious vs. inquisitive)
  • Conscientiousness – (efficient/organized vs. easy-going/careless) = Orderliness - (Organized vs. unstructured)
  • Extraversion – (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved) = Extroversion- (social vs. reserved)
  • Agreeableness – (friendly/compassionate vs. cold/unkind) = Accomodation - (accommodating vs. egocentric)
  • Neuroticism – (sensitive/nervous vs. secure/confident) = Emotional - (limbic vs. calm)


Start on pg 64.

The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers are the Most Misinformed
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‘Authoritarian people have a stronger emotional need for an outlet like Fox, where they can find affirmation and escape factual challenges to their beliefs.’

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Political Beauty Pagent

One day, in a feminist philosophy class, I made the comment “Men have pressure to dress nicely, but women have pressure to look nice”, inferring that men are under pressure to wear the proper uniform of a suit, but women are supposed to constantly look attractive. Our makeup should be done, we should be thin (but not too thin), we should dress properly, our hair should be done, and through this, people still judge us on our appearance. Some people did not agree with this, so I will spend this reflection response arguing in support of my point.

The first point in favor of my statement is that, while the media may criticize men for their actions and opinions, you will never hear a newscaster comment on man’s choice of hairstyle, suit color, or weight. That would be a waste of time, of course. The media instead focuses on their ideas, the content of men’s statements. Women, however, are treated differently. For example, when Hillary Clinton visited Bangladesh in 2012, there were multiple news stories written about her decision not to wear makeup. The media chose to waste time and space commenting on her appearance instead of the purpose of her visit or what she accomplished while there. If we type “Michelle Obama” into Google, the 3rd and 4th suggestions are “Michelle Obama height” and “Michelle Obama arms” - both related to her appearance. The previous two were “net worth” and “biography”. There is nothing directly related to her many accomplishments as First Lady. In contrast, when “Ben Carson” is typed into Google, the first 4 suggestions are “wife”, “views”, “polls”, and “news”. Three are related to his accomplishments. The appearance of “wife” is interesting, but that leads me to my second point.

The media relentlessly mocks Ben Carson’s wife for not being pretty enough. In fact, the only thing I know about Mrs. Carson is that she is mocked for her appearance. I find this quite ironic, because it’s not like the Republican male presidential candidates are studs. No one looks at Donald Trump and thinks, “Man, that is one good-looking fella! Look at that toupé! I’d tap that!” No one looks at Ben Carson and says, “Those droopy eyes are making me fall in love with neurosurgery all over again.” However, we see no articles criticizing their appearances. (There are articles criticizing Ben Carson for always looking like he is about to fall asleep, but I believe that these articles focus more on his manner of being than his physical appearance). For this reason, I find it extremely ironic and sad that the media finds it worth-while to mock the wife of a presidential candidate for how she looks.

Now someone has made a case for Bernie actually being able to accomplish things with a Republican congress and my brain is all mixed up again and I don’t know how to feel

but I just saw someone comment that they think Trump supporters will sooner vote for a radical socialist than a woman 

and I just like

I just

y’all really just don’t understand how people in the Bumfuck, Nowhere places will feel about socialism, huh? Like, zero comprehension

I’m tired

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#Repost from @revolutionary_mindset - General Motors has a plant in Flint, Michigan and noticed immediately that the water was bad. The water was destroying the car parts they were making and the machines used to make those parts….😒

Republican Ben Carson's Campaign Is Imploding Before Our Eyes

Republican Ben Carson’s Campaign Is Imploding Before Our Eyes

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Asked how he would handle an aggressive Russia under Vladimir Putin during last night’s Republican debate, token brain surgeon Ben Carson opined that the former KGB agent turned dictator is running “a one…

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#FlintWaterCrisis #clean #water #FlintWater #Flint #Michigan #blackpeople #lead #poison #poisoning #poisonous #poisonous #poisoned #humanbeings #humanrights #environmental #racism #genocide #brain #damage #legionaire’s #disease #suffer #generations #Republicans #ARRESTSnyder

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