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Hi! I like your blog and this will be my first question about Shadowhunters but! I notice, that many peoples on blogs/pages critizice and condemned Shadowhunters and they gave this serial no more than 45% ๐Ÿ˜จ I just misunderstand it! I thought, that it's favorite serial of many ppls and they won awards for new popular serial etc. and some ppls critizing actors and characters like Clary or Simon! Can you please tell me situation of popularity this amazing serial? Thank you and sorry for mistakesโค

Hi, thank you. And uff, I don’t know if I’m the right person to answer this. The show is not perfect, like nothing in life ever is. But the cloud of negativity that’s been floating over it lately doesn’t really represent how the show really is and how the fans perceive it. There will always be loud individuals that will voice their opinions, especially the negative ones, so I wouldn’t rely much on what you read on tumblr or other sites (I don’t even check other sites). In my opinion the show is loved by much more fans than you would assume based on the negative feedback the show’s been getting lately, but as I said, just a few negative and very loud people are enough to shake your confidence in it.

If you haven’t watch the show and want to give it a try, I definitely think you should. It’s a really cool fantasy show with great characters that are easily relatable and you’ll start to love them really quickly. It has some great lgbt+ and poc representation which is always a plus, so you should definitely check it out.

Just keep an open mind and don’t listen to other people’s opinions, be smart enough to create your own. If you like it, great. If you don’t, that’s also cool. We’re all here to have fun anyway. Hope you have a great day!

still meaning to return to blogging here more, even though im completely clueless as to who/what i am or am not even familiar with anymore on here as far as Lokean community goes or anything…i’m of course sure the nearly 900 of you are likely half dead blogs or pornbots i missed blocking lol but

i made a huge huge HUGE breakthrough with Loki on my personal growth and I feel so so good about Everything so I’m less stressed now about how this community [tumblr pagans in general] can be. it really fucked me up before, thats why i disappeared for my health but i mean it this time i really wanna blog more ❗ idk how soon ill be back to talking AS much so if i were to get messages again dont hold your breath for me to respond quickly rn unless you dont care when i respond or not. but yeah :) i was struggling for awhile but as usual Loki saved my ass ~ ~ ~

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HELLO do #8 top 5 fave things to draw!!!

thank u i love u

1. SCENERY i love 2 draw scenery

honestly the greatest tragedy of my life is that my comic (yes, im gonna plug it as much as i plug @cambionverse everywhere sorry followers) mostly takes place inside of a house

2. hidden gasters, which is like a hidden mickey but instead of the disney mouse you use goop dad from the skeleton game. i like to draw them really tiny. see that glowing waterfall drawing up there? he’s on the little cat-tail plants above the bridge.

sometimes i also put him in reflections

or in shadows

hiding things in ur art is highkey a skeleton game thing and it was hard to break the habit when i was working on the cover for synchronicity. so i hid something in that too, near the upper right. MOST of the enochian in the bg is what’s on claire’s legs, but SOME of it says something else.

3. this garbage skeleton

4. this snarky bodysnatching ghost kid

5. this creepy flower motherfucker

ONLY the creepy version. not as fun when he’s not scaring you shitless.

I do love me some fic research –> x (amazing, just… yeah) & x (so flirty and fun!)

@severeminx@victuri-oh-nice & @otayuriistheliteralbest, if you have time to watch the videos, what would you guys prefer for our boys?

If any of you, lovely peeps, also wants to participate on the decision-making, please do :D

also: happy women’s history month to every trans woman
you’re constantly erased from history and pushed out of women’s spaces but you belong there and you have always been important parts of history.
let’s not forget trans women this year.


Michael: Lindsay is the soldier we need on the battlefield.
Jack: she’s the drunken master!
Michael: she’s dropping grenades into enemies’ tanks by accidents. ‘oh sorry, did i kill everyone?’

Lindsay’s luck in Let’s Play Worms W.M.D 3