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Native American Man Assaulted By White House Official For Wearing A Redskins Shirt - Chicks On The Right

News 9 reports that Barrett Dahl, an autistic student at the University of Oklahoma and proud member of the Choctaw Nation, was visiting Washington, DC on a school trip when White House staffer William Mendoza approached him at a Pow Wow.
“He comes to me and calls me the name weetard not retard, weetard. ‘You’re a weetard for not understanding Redskins is offensive,’” Dahl explained. “Where are you from? You’re so stupid and uneducated. You don’t understand Redskins is offensive? And I tell him I’m from Oklahoma as I’m very proud to be and that’s when he spits on me.”

More liberal tolerance on display..

If it weren’t for hypocrisy, libtards would have no standards at all.


Time Machine Video of the Week

The Redskins - Keep On Keepin’ On (1984)

The Redskins were a 1980s English band, notable for their left-wing politics and catchy, danceable songs. Their music combined influences from soul, rockabilly, pop and punk rock.

I ain’t found what I’m looking for
I ain’t found what I’m looking for now
But I’ve found something
And I’m going to change em

Keep on keepin’ on yeah
‘Till the fight is won
Keep on keepin’ on yeah
'Till the fight is won

Can’t remember such a bitter time
The Boss says jump! The workers fall in line
I’m not down, but I’m feeling low
The whip us into line
With the threat of the dole

Time & time when the workers rise
The fightback’s stabbed by a neat backstab
& the papers lies
Leaders lead us into blind retreat
One by one we take the money
Ten by ten we face defeat

Keep on keepin’ on yeah
'Till the fight is won
Keep on keepin’ on yeah
'Till the fight is won

The bosses make us pay for their crisis
They blame us for daring to challenge things
Keep on keepin’ on now
Keep fighting daring yeah yeah yeah
'Till the fightback begins

I ain’t won what I’m fighting for
Full-timers backslide to the cries of sell out!
We’ve got to get the reins in our hands ourselves
Stand firm! Hold tight! And fight!

The bosses, they hit
While we’re taking it
In turns to spit
Divide & lose now aaarrhhhhhhhhh!
No point in fighting anyway (no point)
If we don’t win the day (hold tight)
No point if we don’t shoot
The bastards afterwards

Keep on keepin’ on yeah
'Till the fight is won
Keep on keepin’ on yeah
'Till the fight is won

It is better
To die on our feet
Than to live on our knees
If we fight as one
Then the fight is won
Til that day we’ll keep keeping on yeah

Keep on keepin’ on yeah
'Till the fight is won
Keep on keepin’ on yeah
'Till the fight is won

Keep on keepin’ on oh yeah!
K-e-e-p I’m keepin’ on yeah!
Like a red machine
We gotta keep a keep a stay out
Maybe 5 or even 6 months yeah
7, 8, 9, 10 and if it takes a year
We got to last a year

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There's a band named "Me Chinese", and a campaign to get them kicked off NYC shows

This is the band currently known as Me Chinese… Somebody noticed a Florida band called “Me Chinese” on the CMJ lineup and has since been getting the word out on social media that this band with a racist name exists…


It’s interesting - though there a couple of big differences between us (the Slants) and them (Me Chinese). We’re actually all comprised of Asian Americans and re-appropriating a term in a way that’s following the tradition of decades of activists.

They’re a mostly white band using something that isn’t a part of Mandarin curriculum, it’s actually derived from a slur (“Me Chinese, me play joke”) - and their defense, that Chinese are the world’s ethnic majority and should be able to “handle it,” is a bit tenuous.

It just kind of reminds me of how we get compared to The Redskins, even though the intent, background, and actual interpretation are quite a bit different. That, and power and privilege…but that’s a much longer, much more complex path.


the redskins - kick over the statues

..another great redskins video..

Jeremiah Goulka on Republican Blinders and the Redskins

Blinder 2: The Messengers

A big reason why conservatives don’t like change is the people who push for it. Just look at who’s complaining about the Redskins name.

There are Native Americans protesting the name, like the Oneida Tribe’s “Change the Mascot” campaign. To a Republican, that means this is, ipso facto, the usual, tedious, “race-card” stuff and another instance of the obsession with identity and victimization. In my Republican days, I would have asked, “Can’t you Indians or Native Americans or whatever you want to be called these days see that making your group identity the most important part of your existence denies your individuality? You sink or swim on your own in our meritocracy. How can you thrive if your mind’s on the reservation?” (Not that I knew any Native Americans to ask, of course.)

Then there are the cadres of academics (liberals!), foaming at the mouth about “narratives” and “oppression,” glorifying relativism, preaching white guilt and feel-bad history, and denying Objective Truth. The American Psychological Association says that such team names promote negative stereotypes, making little Indian kids feel bad about themselves. Boo hoo!

There are also the activists, those unwashed Occupy longhairs who get off on feeling offended for other people, “fabricat[ing] outrage,” creating a “manufactured controversy.”

There’s the feared “Liberal Media.” A handful of newspapers, the alternative rag Washington City Paper, and several liberal outlets like Slate, the New Republic, and Mother Jones now refuse to use the Redskins name, instead inelegantly referring to “Washington’s football team.” Most don’t even cover sports, but they can’t miss a chance to pontificate!

Singled out for the most angst was sportscaster Bob Costas—for speaking out against the name during a Sunday Night Football broadcast. Glenn Beck’s response was to call him “senile” and a “sanctimonious piece of crap.”

And then there are the politicians. Guess which team’s jersey they’re wearing? There’s the Washington city council (no Republicans there, of course!) getting all righteous with a unanimous resolution urging that the team be renamed something non-offensive. There are Democrats in Congress lining up to do their bit by pushing a bill to strip the very right of a team to trademark its name if it’s offensive to Indians!

Worst of all is the “Trinity of Evil,” the “Socialist Trifecta”: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and above all President Obama. They’ve all come out against the Redskins name.

See a common thread here? Democrats. Liberals. Progressives. Minorities. The Left.

The other team.

These messengers could say that the sky is blue, and the natural Republican inclination would be to think that they were lying for partisan gain. The Enemy is relentless, implacable, and vast. It must be stopped.

To read the rest of Goulka’s article, visit Guernica Daily.
DeSean Jackson Takes Aim at Eagles For 'Persecuting' Him
DeSean Jackson and the Eagles didn't have the happiest of breakups. What breakup is ever really happy? The Redskins wide receiver talked on his new BET show, "Home Team," about the way the Eagles treated him based on his background. "When I was released by the Eagles, I felt they tried to paint a picture that definitely wasn't true," Jackson said. "It was a slap in the face coming off one of my best seasons in the NFL. It's like, bro, the Eagles tried to blow me up. That's cold how they did me."
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Redskins - 16 Tons (by HanseMod)  

this is my fuckin night :)


The Redskins - Keep On Keepin’ On

This band gets nowhere near enough respect. So hard to pin into any particular genre. So versatile, a mix of punk, Oi!, reggae, soul, rockabilly, ska, hell, some songs have bluegrass. Awesome stuff.


The Redskins - Unionize

Holy fucking 80s punk….<3

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Redskins - Lean On Me (Vinyl Version) (by HanseMod)