So I finally got ClassPass! Yay me!!! It’s a flat rate costs to attend almost 400 fitness studios around Los Angeles county, 3 max studio visits per month.

I got it for $50/per month for the first 3 months, then $100/per month thereafter. Considering the fact that it can cost an average of $30/class at some fitness studios, it’s a pretty good deal.

Tomorrow is my first class, a spin class at a studio in Redondo Beach. The day after I’ll take a dance class: PlyoJam (plyometrics + dance) class.

Gonna try to mix it up as I figure out my favorite studios, workouts and instructors. Can’t wait to take Barre, hot yoga, Zumba and eventually kickboxing, plus more…

Also another excuse to buy more workout clothes… 😜

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