got bored and doodled dhmis until my whole canvas was filled
I even made up some little rules for myself, at the top
I didn’t sketch any of these either, and I had no references to look at. this is all by hand and muscle memory! <33

Imagine: meeting Jefferson at a deal and he can't stop looking at you.

Yesterday Regina had called you into her throne room and explained that you would be accompanying her to an important meeting.  Apparently she is meeting The Dark One today.  Regina didn’t ask you to come for protection, no she had that covered, she asked you to come because she wanted to show you off.  You had only just recently accepted her offer of employment in order to escape an earlier job that had gone wrong.  Regina had heard that Rumpelstiltskin was bringing his own lacky to show off and refused to be out done.  

That means that you get to spend your day trudging through the Enchanted Forest besides the Queen’s carriage.  Lucky you.  Your thoughts are laced with anger not to mention the heat, bugs and humidity are not helping your mood.  Suddenly the carriage pulls to a halt, you place a hand on your swords hilt, sensing trouble.  You see a girl close to your age has fallen into the road, the driver had stopped in order to avoid hitting the girl.  But if we pause for much longer Regina is going to lose her patience and kill both the girl and the driver.  You can’t let that happen.  Not because you would hate to see two people die, that isn’t good either, but because then it would just be you and Regina.  Even though you respected her and she you, you still did not see eye to eye on many things and often argued.  However when others were around it was easier for you to bite your tongue.  

You hear movement inside the carriage and it spurs you into action.  You rush over to the girl and help her up practically dragging her into the forest, out of sight of the Queen.  Regina opens the door and yells at the driver, “Why have you stopped?”

“N-no reason, my Queen.”

“Then get moving!”

The royal carriage moved on down the road without you, and you let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding.  You drop to the floor sprawling out on the dirt and leaves deciding you would stay here and rest a while.  You can always catch up to the carriage, there were still a few more miles before the Queen reaches the meeting place.  But your rest didn’t last long before you realize the girl was still standing next to you.  You had expected the girl to run away, normally commoners thought anyone aligned with the Queen was to be feared.  You take a closer look at the girl she’s tall with brown hair and dark eyes, the most striking thing is her red hooded cloak.  You reach your hand up towards her from your position on the floor, “Hello, my name is Y/N.  I am feared across the realm as an assassin who never fails.  What is your name?”  Realising how comical you must look causes you to smile.

She doesn’t hesitate to shake your hand, “My names Ruby.  I have heard of you, I just never expected someone like you to work for the Evil Queen.  Don’t you usually assassinate people like her?”

You prop yourself up on your elbows as Ruby sits down so we are more or less on the same level.  “Normally, yes.  But right now I am in some trouble and I need her help.”

“I see.”  That was all she said no judgement or anger just acceptance.

“Most people get angry at me and start yelling, and all you have to say is, I see,” you couldn’t help but wonder at her thoughts right now.

“Everyone gets in trouble as long as you stay true to yourself that’s what matters, and it seems your doing just fine.  I’m sorry it’s none of my business, I should go.”  She rushes to get up and on her way.

“Wait!”  Ruby stops just before she disappears into the trees, “I need to know, why you think I’m still true to myself.”

“Because you saved me and you’re here right now instead of by her side.”  With that she vanished.

You lay down for another minute or two thinking about the strange girl who thought you were still you even thought you had never even meet before.  Maybe the world wasn’t as cold and cruel as experience had taught you.  Well that was until you remembered you needed to run at least two miles to catch up to the carriage before the Queen noticed you were gone.

You made surprisingly good time for running through a dense forest trying to hurry to meet at least two lethal killers.  When you arrived in the designated clearing Regina was already standing outside of her carriage and Rumpelstiltskin and his cronie had yet to arrive.

“Where were you?”  Regina seemed on edge probably because she was a little nervous about seeing The Dark One, and that made her furious.

“Taking care of something that needed my attention.  I am back now and I wanted to tell you that I passed them on my way here and they will be here soon.”  This was of course a lie but she needed something to keep her busy.

Lucky a few minutes later you could see Rumpelstiltskin and another man appear in a cloud of purple smoke.  As they walked closer you moved to stand beside Regina.  Rumpelstiltskin was as you remembered scaly and shiny and not to mention creepy.  The man next to him was none of that.  He was handsome, cute and well all in all very attractive.  You could vaguely hear Regina and Rumpelstiltskin skipping all unnecessary pleasantries and getting straight to whatever business they had discuss.

You tried your best to ignore the conversation.  In your line of work although knowledge is power you knew it could also get you killed.  The only other things to focus on is the trees, leaves, and the man in front of you.  But even though he was cute the trees were more interesting.  But even so every time you looked at him he seemed to be staring at you and even when you catch him he won’t look away.  This goes on for a while until you eventually snap, this punk need to be put in his place.  You take a half step towards him before remembering Rumpelstiltskin and The Evil Queen were still ironing out the details in their newest deal.  

Not quite daring to interrupt you back step and simply engage in a staring contest with the man across from you.  He surprises you by looking down at his feet when he sees your angered expression.  You continue staring hoping to make this guy as uncomfortable as possible.  It doesn’t work in the least, and you can tell when he looks back up at you and there is not even a hint of discomfort on his face.

“- Y/N, she is an assassin from Agraba.  She has never failed and is employed to me.”  When Regina said your name brought you out of the small staring contest.

“Never fails, hmmm,” The Dark One turned to you.  “Do you think you could kill me?”

“I would never accept a request to go after someone so powerful.”

“I heard you killed the genie of the lamp.  He is quite powerful.”

Although you seemed to be caught in your own lie you decided to continue playing to his ego.  “He was not nearly as powerful as you, Dark One.”

“Indeed.”  Rumpelstiltskin turned back to Regina and you tuned out the conversation once more.  You resumed looking at the leaves for the remainder of the discussion, all the while feeling that idjit’s eyes on you.

Once everything was over you told Regina you would be back at the castle in a few days.  When she asked for an explanation.  You stood there silently hoping she would just leave.

“Answer the question, Y/N.”

“I need to go find some thing.”

“What would this elusive thing be?”

“My sanity!”

Regina rolled her eyes, “Just be sure to get back.”  She had seemed to decide it would be easier to let you have your way than try to force at this point.

When Regina disappeared into her carriage you stuck your tongue out at her, in a moment of childishness.  Rumpelstiltskin laughed at your little show before he and the man with him left in a cloud of purple smoke. Once they were gone you began walking aimlessly through the forest.  Great plan right?  Wrong.  Not ten minutes into walking you spotted the man that had been with Rumpelstiltskin.  He was alone now and was leaning against a tree he seemed to be waiting for something, or someone.  Maybe he was waiting for you.  Why, you had no idea but you were too cautious to simply walk in front of him, and too curious to walk away without finding out what this guys deal is.  

So you did what any good assassin would do.  You silently crept up behind his tree and swiftly reached around, knife in hand, pressing the blade against his throat.  

“Are you following me?”  you question.

“I was in front of you how could I possibly be following you?”

“All I know is that there is no such thing as coincidence.  I should never run into you in a forest this large just after meeting you not twenty minutes ago.  So why are you here?”  you press your knife against his skin for emphasis on your last sentence.

“I wanted to be able to talk to you without the threat of being burnt alive.”

“Who said I won’t Barbie Q you?”

“Me, now that that is settled.  Hi my name is Jefferson.“

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