Avoiding enemy fire, he unclipped two cylinders from his belt. They fit together as perfectly as they had when he first constructed his lightsaber under the tutelage of Master Billaba, more than a decade and a half earlier … Today, upon activation, the lightsaber produced a blue blade that blazed brighter than it had at any other time in that decade and a half. The stormtroopers ceased fire, as did Sabine, Zeb, and even Agent Kallus. All beheld Kanan in stunned silence.

The Rebellion Begins by Michael Kogge. (Excerpted by The Wookiee Gunner)

After YEARS of not hearing – much less seeing – a lightsaber being ignited on screen, I have to admit that THAT particular scene gave me goosebumps.

It STILL does.

It was one of the most epic set-piece in this awesome series: Imperials on one side, the rebels on the other side… and Kanan between them, facing the Imperials, as if saying, “You shall NOT harm my family! You must first come through me.”

It was a Jedi spacedad protecting his spacefamily that he loved so much, even with his life. For he made his Jedi status known to the enemy, undoing more than a DECADE of self-imposed suppression of his identity, triggering an avalanche of ever-escalating strike back from the Empire.

And his willingness to sacrifice himself for his family would be made painfully evident episodes later, in “Call to Action”.

“Ezra, I will be right behind you.”

Excuse me, I have bunches of twigs in my eyes.

In order to exist, man must rebel, but rebellion must respect the limit it discovers in itself—a limit where minds meet and, in meeting, begin to exist. Rebellious thought, therefore, cannot dispense with memory: it is a perpetual state of tension. In studying its actions and its results, we shall have to say, each time, whether it remains faithful to its first noble promise or if, through indolence or folly, it forgets its original purpose and plunges into a mire of tyranny or servitude.

Meanwhile, we can sum up the initial progress that the spirit of rebellion provokes in a mind that is originally imbued with the absurdity and apparent sterility of the world. In absurdist experience, suffering is individual. But from the moment when a movement of rebellion begins, suffering is seen as a collective experience. Therefore the first progressive step for a mind overwhelmed by the strangeness of things is to realize that this feeling of strangeness is shared with all men and that human reality, in its entirety, suffers from the distance which separates it from the rest of the universe. The malady experienced by a single man becomes a mass plague. In our daily trials rebellion plays the same role as does the “cogito” in the realm of thought: it is the first piece of evidence. But this evidence lures the individual from his solitude. It founds its first value on the whole human race. I rebel—therefore we exist.
—  Albert Camus, The Rebel

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What would you say the most important relationships to Kanan mean to him. I honestly think Kanan's top four that define him the most are 1)the Force, 2)Depa, 3)Hera 4)Ezra (no special order). 1)Has impacted him his whole life and was there for him even when he didn't want it to be. 2)His guidance that gave his destiny a shape. 3)1# support that gives him courage to embrace who he is as a person/feel love/security. 4) Heals him of his pain/gives him motivation to become who he's suppose to be.

I agree with you.

He was shaped by the first three, but as the book “The Rebellion Begins” succinctly wrote, he was still in a shell.

And Hera had high hope that Ezra will be the one to coax him out of his shell.

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While completely capable, smart & brave on her own, AND seems to strongly suggest that more than Zaluna's basic respect, Hera's upbringing inclined her to hero-worship the Jedi. While unimpressed by Kanan's frat boy antics, she did see beneath the façade & something in her actions appealed to his "old dutiful instinct." Although she never expected to find one, I think Hera was deeply drawn to the heroic Jedi ideal & due to his attraction to her, Kanan then found himself trying to live up to it.

That’s an interesting take, Anon.

I’d rather not say “hero-worship”, but certainly Hera – having listened to how the Jedi came to help her people, of the sacrifice of Imma-Gun Di, of the heroics of Mace Windu, of Obi-Wan and Anakin and Ahsoka – had high expectations of Kanan.

Except that… the one Jedi that Hera actually met was… totally unlike what her father had told her.

And “Kanan trying to live up to it” was a very accurate statement. That would have colored the years they were living together before Spark of Rebellion, and that totally actually happened. Until a certain point that Kanan simply refused to cross.

The book The Rebellion Begins actually brought this ‘issue’ front and center; in the Prologue, Hera gently asked Kanan to do his Force scanning, and Kanan flat out refused. But when the crew picked up Ezra, one of Hera’s greatest hope in Ezra was, and I quote:

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Kanan and Ezra exchange looks. Perhaps more than just the Wookiees could be saved on Kessel. Perhaps Ezra could help break Kanan out of the shell he’d hidden himself inside for many years.

What was that line Kanan refused to cross?

His friends on the Ghost had accepted themselves, while Kanan had been the one who had not. He’d hidden behind the lie that if he revealed himself, he’d put them all in grave danger. But they were already in danger, going toe-to-toe with the Empire. His friends gave their all to the fight, unafraid of what they might have to sacrifice. They needed Kanan to do the same. He couldn’t fear what the Empire might do to him or them. The best way for him to protect their lives was to employ all the talents and skills at his disposal.

It was to use the Force.

This is why I’m mighty interested in stories between A New Dawn and Spark of Rebellion, because it will be an interesting – if heartbreaking – tale of discovery and self-suppression.

Today in history: August 21, 1831 - Nat Turner’s rebellion begins.

The large slave rebellion took place in Southampton County, VA. Led by Nat Turner, rebel slaves rose up and killed anywhere from 55 to 65 white people, the highest number of fatalities caused by any slave uprising in the South. The rebellion lasted a few days, and then Turner survived in hiding for more than two months afterwards before being captured and executed.

The state executed 56 slaves accused of being part of the rebellion while white militias and mobs organized in retaliation against slaves, killing as many as 200 people. Across the South, state legislatures passed a new wave of repressive laws prohibiting the education of slaves and free Black people, restricting rights of assembly and other civil rights for free Black people, and requiring white ministers to be present at Black worship services.

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back)

Minding the Gaps: Annotated Finn Timeline (FE4 + FE5)

Part III: The Liberation Wars

776: Leif begins his rebellion against the Empire. Leonster is reclaimed but then besieged following the Second Battle of Alster, another disaster.

Leif began accompanying his not-parents on missions by the age of fifteen, while it seems the girls stayed behind even though both of them were capable of using swords and Nanna could ride. This is not holy war; it’s beating the crap out of pirates and brigands and presumably dispatching any actual soldiers of the Empire who stray into the area. It’s funding the war by stripping captured enemies of any valuables and selling off the loot. Leif doesn’t march grandly off into a Crusade; he stumbles into it, one step at a time, at times without realizing fully what he’s committed to. And Finn’s come down a long way in the world from being a potential army commander, given he’s mugging people and fencing goods at the pawn shop– which is remarkable given that elsewhere in Jugdral, Leif’s cousin Seliph takes a time-out to rebuke his army’s resident thief for stealing for the greater good of his crusade. If stealing for the cause is wrong, apparently Finn doesn’t care about being right on that count anymore.

Another thing he’s not is subtle. Given the reaction of Leif’s enemies, he’s obviously a knight and not some backwater militia man who happened to steal a horse. He’s wearing pretty much the same uniform he was back in Quan’s glory days, and far from operating undercover (which he might have in Eyvel’s company) he’s famous enough for his daughter to be an obvious kidnap target. If Finn ever attempted to scoot under the Empire’s radar, those days are done.

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Mind blowing revelation or completely false?

Okay, so you know how Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond? She totally doesn’t seem like someone who would do that, Rose Quartz would never shatter anybody according to the remaining Crystal Gems. So have this theory.

The reason why Pearl is so against shapeshifting and wont do it is because it will bring back memories of the time she shape shifted into Rose Quartz and shattered Pink Diamond.

We know a Pearl, especially a defective Pearl like our Pearl, is extremely attached to her master and will do anything for her, correct? Also, since Pearl was in love with Rose Quartz that might add to this a little more.

Pearl was worried that when Pink Diamond discovers the rebellion beginning in her court, she would shatter the leader. So, in turn, Pearl did it to protect Rose Quartz.

Or maybe, if Rose Quartz were to be shattered, only after she was shattered would Pink Diamond discover it was just a Pearl.

It explains why Pearl refuses to shape shift, why she has a Diamond’s moon orb, and why she looked so guilty when Eyeball Ruby told the Gems about Pink Diamond getting shattered. Pearl was scared because she knew the truth would escape eventually.

We know Pearl is horrible at lying, right? She looks like she’s struggling not to say something when telling Steven thag Rose had to do what she had to do to protect Earth.

There’s so much more evidence pointing toward Pearl rather than Rose Quartz.

And when Garnet was telling Steven about how Ruby and Sapphire met, she described Pearl as Rose’s “terrifying renegade”.

Pearl did it. Maybe.

Pearl would risk her own life and go against anything she’s ever known and even leave her home forever for Rose Quartz, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she did thay to make Rose happy and safe. It also explains how in “Roses Scabbard” when Pearl talks to a holo-Rose, Rose Quartz states that if they lose, they die and if they win, they can never go home. She also tells Pearl “you dont need to do this”. Or something along those lines. Suspicious, right?

Tell me what you think

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* im so sorry if its too late but this seems cool


your gem placement is on your throat and you dont have a weapon!

labradorite was a diplomat for blue diamond, used to talk rationally with other high-ranking gems. however, after the rebellion’s beginning, he decided to leave bd’s court and try to join the cgs, but never made it the entire way. instead, he wound up in a different part of the earth away from where the cgs where stationed, but decided to stick around


So, I wanted to take a crack at a Steven Universe Theory in video form, and I started with my personal favorite theory/headcanon of my own! 

I’ve always thought it would be a bit romantic if Rose and Pearl fell in love while Pearl was serving Pink Diamond, and that it was Pearl’s mistreatment due to her class and rank that stirred something in Rose to begin the rebellion. We don’t really know at what point Pink Diamond was shattered, or when Pearl joined the rebellion, but I think it would certainly explain some of Pearl’s attachment to Rose if she was there from the very beginning. 

I also think that if there’s a connection between Pink Diamond and Lion, it would make a whole lot of sense that Rose wouldn’t tell the other gems about some kind of experiment that would in any way bring Pink Diamond back. 

Obviously, any episode now this theory could fall to pieces, but if nothing else, it’s a lot of fun to theorize and contemplate! If you enjoy this video, do be sure to like and share it, if the response is strong, I may try to do more Steven Universe videos in the future!