So is Marie from The Real World: St Thomas still interested in reality TV? I definitely feel like her and Robb would have been great TV for Battle of the Exes 2. I love St Thomas’s season and it sucks that hardly anyone from there do Challenges. I mean sure each of them have done like one challenge, but I love that season and I wanna see them moreeeeeeee. Instead of Are You the One pairs, why not Marie/Robb, Trey/Laura, or Swift/LaToya?

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Laura and the iguana she named Ingrid were the highlight of The Real World last night.  She’s just so adorable.  And she looks like Sierra Boggess, amirite?

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Be sure to check us out at MTV : The Real Brandon Brutality We recently had an opportunity to meet-up with Brandon Brutality from the hit show MTV :  The Real World St. Thomas for an interview and photo shoot.  


TL: Tell us a little bit about yourself Brandon:

Brandon: Well first off, I guess I’d start off my saying I’m a Boston/ South Shore boy. Music and writing have been such big influences on my life and really constructed me into who I am today. My taste in music and my tattoos say a lot about who I am. I am very scattered and a lot of my life in left incomplete. When I don’t know how to finish something, I just start something else. Hence, all the incomplete ink. Tattoos are so beautiful to me. I love looking at people’s art and especially tattooed couples. Although that may sound weird, I love seeing that love and beauty. As if being in a relationship was not hard enough doing it in a lifestyle people do not like or really know anything about; it adds a beautiful challenge to it. I love seeing people over come that. I am not sure what to say about myself. I am nothing and I am everything all thrown together. It all depends on the eyes you’re looking at me through. No matter what I say about myself, someone is going to hear or see something different. All I can say is I am more than what I seem. You’d have to really sit with me to understand. I am wild and fun and usually really vulgar (haha but I am sweet) I am a rockstar but only in my own mind. I like to rock out and do dumb shit. Have as much fun as I can and hope I don’t get arrested in the process.

TL: Tell us about your tattoos, where they’re located and most importantly, who your artist is!

Brandon: Talking about each tat would take so long, so I’ll pick a few. My Hollywood tattoo was for a nickname given to me by my brother. This is a nickname that everyone in my life uses even my parents. I went from goth to prep to whatever it is I am now and people didn’t know how to take that change. So one day while I was “all done up” as my brother put it. He said “hey hollywood you coming to play ball or what” after that it stuck with all his friends, then mine and my family. It showed progress and coming into my own. Then we have my celtic cross. This shows my faith and heritage. I love my praying hands. They’re tatted and have brass knuckles. It’s kinda my twist on coming to god as I am. My boy Lino did a lot of my work. Then Konkret Jungle in Columbia Maryland did my Virgin Mary tat. I am currently looking for an artist who is willing to really sit down and plan some ink and is someone who is actually around and easy to get a hold of lol

TL: You were/are on the Real World St. Thomas! Do you feel that your tattoos affected the way that people viewed you on the show or do you feel that they are more accepted now?

Brandon: I am not a fan of how I looked. I am fun, loving and out going. I think that by the end of the season though people didn’t see why we all got close. They saw that 6 people that I look like I have nothing in common with, really upset and bothered by me leaving and not being around. I think people out there will see that because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I am hardcore or crazy. We can be soft and sweet as well.

TL: Has the show changed your outlook on your tattoos or your style?

Brandon: Not at all. I love who I am. Although the show didn’t really show the real me. It did show at the end that I walked into a different world and I blended right in. Tattoos are not who I am. Just a way of expressing myself.

TL: We love to hear about who inspires our tattoo’d friends. Who / what inspires you (artists, musicians, tattooists, actors, etc)..

Brandon: Oh, man. Tommy Lee and Travis Barker are huge influences on me. They made me okay with growing up being a skinny guy. In high school, I was so insecure about it. I could never gain weight I was always thin. I also wasn’t into being preppy. They helped me come up with an image and a style and how to rock it. Rock and roll kinda took over my life. I love everything about the image. Especially the tattoos=)

TL: If it’s possible, tell us something that we don’t already know about you!

Brandon: I secretly love chick flicks.

TL: What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Brandon: one day I hope to be a writer. It’s kind of a pipe dream but it’s the one thing I really love doing.

TL: Finally, tell us about any upcoming tattoos that you have planned!

Brandon: Oh man. Honestly, I wanna be covered. I have a few more things to do to my sleeve. Then I think its time to finish my stomach and do something rad on my throat.

TL: Where can we find you on the web!

Twitter- BrandonKaneMTV
FaceBook- Brandon Brutality
FaceBook FanPage- Brandon KaneMTV
Instagram- BrandonkaneMTV

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