Eternal Steel and... what should I name Hancock’s?

So I was quite proud of myself. After months of self-doubt, I finally bit the bullet and mixed up fragrances for Maxson and Hancock.

The result? Fucking perfection. I based these on their coats. Both involve tobacco and booze, but that’s where the course alters. Maxson’s has leather, cold steel, rich bourbon and vanilla tobacco, a touch of ozone from laser rifles; an interesting mix of warm and sharp notes. Hancock’s has a hint of grape mentats, a touch of gunpowder, and a pleasant blend of musk, patchouli, and amber (all sweetened with a bit of caramel) because damn, that’s an old coat.

Show me some interest and I’ll reopen my Etsy shop. I’ve sold fandom-based perfumes/colognes for years, and before closing it, I did have scents for Danse (”power armor grease & testosterone”, indeed), Valentine, MacCready, Piper, Nuka Cola (and cherry as well), Fancy Lads, perhaps a few other things. If I’m being honest, they tended to sell out immediately.

I had already made base notes for things like hubflowers, tarberries, etc., and had a Cait fragrance in the works. I suppose Deacon will have to be limited to products like body butter, because he’d be fragrance-free, right?  ;)

Encourage me if this sounds like fun. Got any good ideas for companions I haven’t mentioned here? Please let me know!!  :)

hufflepuff!percy because @percyyoulittleshit put this idea in my head uvu. the next match is hufflepuff vs. gryffindor and annabeth is torn between who to cheer for tbh


social media demigod style: Annabeth Chase.


David Tennant with Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke (and often Billie Piper too)
The Doctor’s family from Season Two

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Fo4 as terrible infomercial actors



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Preston, Sturges, and pretty much any settler-

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Can u do a one shot where andreil have a daughter and it's like her first day of school or something domestic like that pleaseeeee

hello lovely anon, i have attempted to grant thine wish. also on AO3

send me prompts :)

Still mostly asleep, Neil rolls onto his left side, bringing himself further into Andrew’s space. He snakes out a cautious hand, expecting to run into King’s soft fur where he often sleeps in between them. Instead, he is met with empty space, right up until his hand accidentally brushes Andrew’s ribs. This incites only a small flinch, whereas years ago, Andrew would have startled awake on high alert, reaching under his pillow for an ever-present knife. The progress makes Neil smile.

He continues his search in the dark for his absent cats, as he has now also noticed the lack of Sir’s weight at the bottom of the bed. He sits up, eyes flitting to the door that they now leave cracked open at night. It is almost completely ajar.

“Hi,” comes a small voice from the far side of the room, making Neil jump slightly in surprise.

He sits up and looks over at the small armchair in the corner to see Piper curled up with both missing cats asleep on her lap. She has dragged in her favorite navy blue blanket, a gift from Renee the previous Christmas, and made herself a rather comfortable-looking nest.

Neil glances to the clock on the bedside table. It reads 5:47am.

“Hey, Pipes,” he croaks out. “What’s up? Is everything okay?”

“Mhmm. Couldn’t sleep. Too excited.” That excitement is clear in her voice, but she’s trying to keep quiet so the three still sleeping creatures in the room won’t be disturbed.

They discover that her efforts were in vain as a muffled, “Why would you possibly be excited for school?” comes from beneath the covers somewhere to Neil’s left. Andrew pulls himself up into a sitting position, mirroring Neil and moving closer to him, their shoulders touching as they gaze at the little girl who has unintentionally woken them both.

“Daaaaad, you know how important a good education is these days.”

“Yeah okay, sure, but you’re six years old. Ivy Leagues aren’t going to judge your grades from kindergarten,” Andrew insists. “And furthermore, it doesn’t really matter, because any day now the zombie apocalypse is going to make higher education obsolete.”

Neil can’t hold back his smile as the two launch into the argument they have at least once a week. She may be six years old, but she’s smarter than the two of them combined.

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Jason “The flight is the best part of the entire trip” Grace

Leo “I can and will turn anything into a pun” Valdez

Hazel “ask me about my Feminist and Social Justice Agenda” Levesque

Percy “I take hour long showers and am not even sorry” Jackson

Annabeth “books are better than people and you cant tell me otherwise” Chase

Piper “I have a secret stash of lipstick in my sock drawer” McLean

Frank “On Wednesdays we wear Stop Animal Testing Shirts and Pins” Zhang

Will “ lol I love Nico :)” Solace

Reyna “who needs a relationship when you have too loyal metal dogs” Amirez de Arellano

Nico “i dont care if mcdonalds is Crap for your health if its delicous” Di Angelo

AU where the media really follow Piper, and obviously latch onto her relationship with Jason. So during an interview, she gets asked about him, and as a joke answers, “He’s my gal pal.”
Using charm speak, ofc, so in the tabloids, he’s always “Piper McLean’s Gal Pal”
And he gets asked about it, and like it was a joke, but he didn’t know, so Jason tells the press something like,
“Well, I think Piper called me that to make an important point about heteronormativity. You see, because we’re a male/female couple you assumed that we had a romantic relationship, when if we were the same sex, given the same evidence, you would have assumed we had a platonic relationship.” (And he just keeps going)
And Piper’s watching Jason’s interview, cracking up, but also like nodding along, because it makes a nicer story than her primary motivation of “fuck with the media”, and that all of her rants about women’s rights really taught him something

Also in this AU, they get married and Jason takes Piper’s last name, and there’s just a boatload magazines with pictures of Jason grinning with “Mr. McLean” or “The New McLean” printed on the cover, and a quote reading like, “I’m just so happy she actually married me, I’m just amazed.”
And again he’d get asked about changing his name instead of her’s, and he tells them something about the system and how it reflected a time when women were property, etc.
Piper, again nods along, when her real main reason was Piper Grace sounded dumb but Jason McLean didn’t.

This is rlly small and as ugly as my face…but take it….take my trash….

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Hey I saw that your inbox was open! So how about the companions react to Sole asking "Will you hold this?" And holding their hand. (don't judge my fluff obsession) Thank you! 😎👌🏽💕

OK, its finally done! Thank you for asking! This was a lot of fun to write. (No judgement here!) A big HUGE thanks to @mustinvestigate for editing and all that jazz. It wouldn’t have been half as good without their help. 

Snackcakes, I think this was what you had in mind, but I did do a romanced Deacon and Nicky, because well, they need some lovin’, okay? ;) I hope you like it, and for everyone else, my inbox is OPEN and I would love to write some more reacts!


Deacon blinked behind his dark sunglasses, the action catching him off-guard. Their hand was sure and firm, rough calluses brushing the back of his hand. When was the last time someone had looked at him like this? Instinct telling him to run away, he opened his mouth with a quip at the ready.

“Anything for you, sugar,” he replied, blessing the fact that his eyes were hidden. Instincts could take the back seat; SoSu was different.

Now, it was SoSu’s turn to blush, but mirroring their companion, they shot back.

“Oh, really? Not too heavy for you? Because I might have some work later that’ll have you sore for miles, honey.”

“I can handle anything you throw at me, doll.”

This continued for a while, eventually dying off into other topics, but for some reason neither of them let go.


“Uh, you got something for me?” Nick asked, glancing down at their intertwined hands questioningly.

SoSu’s hands were warm, wonderfully warm, and Nick’s nerve complex picked up even the small cut on their middle finger.

“It’s just that, Nick, nothing else,” they said, unwavering.

Nick couldn’t meet their stark human eyes as he slithered out of the grip. It wasn’t right. SoSu was wonderful, the best partner he’d ever had. They couldn’t be wanting anything more than they already shared. Not with him.

“You don’t want that, SoSu.” The sooner it was said, the better.

“What if I do, Nick?” they asked, bumping his fedora up so that he couldn’t hide from their gaze.

Nick pondered the information, staying silent for a long time. SoSu just sat down beside him, and waited, fiddling with the fabric on their sleeve.

He glanced over to where they were sitting. They were nervous, that much was clear. They were fidgeting, and not looking at him, their target of uneasiness. His lip twisted as he contemplated the next part. Nick had honed this skill, and it had saved his life many times over, but he hated using it on his friends. He went into stand-by mode and reviewed his recent memories.

There they were. Smiling as they laughed at one of his witty comments. Wincing in pain as they suffered a bullet wound from a trigger-happy raider. He tried to focus in on the little moments. The ones that didn’t make sense. He wondered at what he found, and was amazed he didn’t see the signs sooner. They were all there, clear as day. The question was, what did he do with it?

When Nick rose from his brume of thought, he only asked SoSu one question.

“Are you sure?”

Nick’s golden eyes pierced through SoSu and when they replied, his extensive investigative skills wouldn’t let him believe any different than their complete honesty.

SoSu loved him, and damn him if he didn’t love them, too.


“Ma’am/Sir, I am not sure why this is necessary for our current operations,” X6 said, making a point of not looking at their hands.

“Come on, Sixie, you know this is completely necessary,” SoSu said, looking up at him with that irritating glint in their eyes.

“Please do not refer to me in that manner, Ma’am/Sir” X6 replied, heat creeping up his neck. “I need both of my hands to -”

SoSu leaned up and kissed him, and X6 froze. But also, he stopped talking…at least until their lips left his.

“I find that- that I do not find these actions completely unnecessary.”


“Blue, uh, that’s real cute,” Piper sputtered. “R-real cute.”

SoSu smiled and squeezed her hand, sending chills running up her spine. Now, Piper could handle a whole basket of angry people, been threatened more times than she’d taken breath. However, when faced with the trials of flirting, she was no match for - well, anyone.

“Come on, Pipes, got nothing for me? A witty comment? Well-time sting?”

“No, but…” she said, rearranging their hands. “Are you always this hot? Your hands are on fire.”

SoSu smirked.

“No! No, I just meant - the temperature! Not that I mind, but - Oh, you know what I meant,” she finished, ungracefully.

“Uh huh.”

Piper’s cheeks burned hotter, but she didn’t say anything more to avoid embarrassing herself further. What she didn’t say was that she enjoyed holding SoSu’s hand, but she wouldn’t open her mouth anymore, so she just relished the moment, memorizing the feeling of their hands intertwined.


“Oh, yes, what is it that you are giving me?” Curie said, bringing their hands up to her face. “Is this some kind of metaphor?”

SoSu giggled as they watched Curie puzzle over what the gesture meant. The synth looked quizzically at their hands and SoSu as she tried to understand.

“Will you hold this…” Curie said slowly. “Will you hold - Oh! Is zis one of those lines that Madame Cait loves to use? What did Monsieur Deacon call it? ‘Smooth moves’?”

At that, SoSu burst out in laughter, having to retract their hand from Curie’s grip to hold their stomach. Curie fell deeper into her well of confusion.

“Oh, SoSu, I still don’t understand your human mating rituals. It is such a complex thing.”

SoSu just winked and said: “Don’t worry. I’ll teach you.”


“Uh, very funny, boss,” he said, sliding out of the embrace. “You’re getting almost as savvy as me.”

SoSu flexed and inflexed the hand that had just been holding MacCready’s.

“Oh ho ho, little man’s got a big ego.”

“Little man? Little man? I can shoot better than you on any day of the week.”

“Doesn’t say anything about your stature, Mac.”

“Pfft, like you’re any better, SoSu.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“Stupid mungo.”

“What the hell is a mungo?”


“Uh, General?” Preston said. “We need to focus on this settlement.”

SoSu twisted their lips up in an amusement as Preston chattered on about the location of the settlement, the grounds surrounding it, and finally marked it on the map of their Pip-Boy.

“Be careful, SoSu, this is a particularly nasty den of raiders.” he said, and they went on their way, just giving Preston a quick wave before heading off down the broken road with Dogmeat at their heels.

As Preston went on his rounds he mulled over their last conversation. Something felt off about their conversation. Had he told them everything they need to know? No, that couldn’t be it, he went over it all at least twice. They had known all they needed. What was it then?

He held his laser rifle close and absently rubbed the cold metal as he searched for anything out of the ordinary. His hands touched the glass of his firearm that was slightly warm from the laser stream. It was then when he remembered what had been wrong- no, right, about that conversation.

He tightened his grip on the weapon and thought that maybe, if he was brave enough, he might see if that offer was still open.


“Hey, hey, new kid on the block’s got style. Like it on you, SoSu,” he said, smirking.

SoSu opened their mouth, gaping at him for a moment, before shaking their head and smiling.

“Should’ve known I was messing with the master,” they added, looking at the ground. “Got myself into a duel with a the great John Hancock - who ever will win?”

Hancock raised his eyebrows and reached in his pocket for an inhaler of Jet. After taking a long drag, his eyes rested on SoSu.

“Ok, sunshine, you’re on,” he said, swinging their arms up and down. “HEY, GOODNEIGHBOR, I’M IN LOVE! I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS PERSON RIGHT HERE!”

SoSu blushed furiously, looking around and swatting Hancock on the arm, but all they got was a few annoyed glances and a small smile from Daisy.

“See? I win,” he said, eyes rearing for a challenge.

“Okay, okay, hotshot, I can do better…” they said and thought for a moment before yelling:


A small smattering of applause followed.


“Soldier?” Danse said, confused. “Do you have something for me?”

SoSu rolled their eyes and let go of the Paladin’s hand. They were back at the Prydwn, and had changed out of his power armor, intending to turn in for the night. Before he had though, SoSu had caught up with him, and just as he was detailing their mission for the next day, they interrupted and asked him to hold… Nothing?

“Oh, forget about it, Grognak,” they said. “Finish telling me what you had.”

Danse looked at her one more time, trying to figure out the meaning of what she’d just called him, before he shook his head and continued his schpiel. When he finished, he gave them a quick salute and turned away, intending to head for his quarters. Something odd struck him - it was the feeling of their hands against his, warm and alive, nothing like the cold steel that hugged him day and, more often than not, night.

He turned around to glance at their figure turning the corner. Only to see them looking right back.


“What’re you doin’?” Cait said, flustered.

“A little known thing called flirting.” SoSu said, smiling at Cait with their signature candidness. “I mean, I have studied under the best. Just being practical.”

“Well, I… umm…”

Sure, Cait knew how to flirt. Hell, she flirted easier than she breathed most days. Hearing it from SoSu though, that was a whole world away from what she practiced, edging into something she wasn’t sure she was comfortable with. At the same time, her heart pounded in her chest, a new energy running through her that she had never felt before.

“You know that you’re safe with me? Right, Cait?” SoSu said, breaking away from the contact. “If you’re not ready for this, I won’t -”

At this moment, Cait glanced around. Seeing no one on the road around them, she hesitantly reached, and felt her hand covered once again by the sure grip. Her heart pounded a little less now, and she felt the rest of her thoughts and worries fade away, if just for the moment.

If this is what love feels like, I think I’ve damn near found it.


“Yes! Human wants to test strength!”


“With brothers, we count on one -”

“Strong, stop -”

“Two -”





Mistress/Mister is a strange human. He barked and licked their face before scouting ahead for more danger.

Sometimes I look back at how involved I am in The PJO Fandom every day, and how I begin to be more invested with these characters lives than the real human beings next to me. I look back at the entire thing and say to myself,