What I'm hoping to see in season 4 of OITNB:

•Poussey and Soso end up together
•Maritza and Flaca fall for each other
•Pennsentucky and Boo rule the world
•Norma tells bitches how it is
•Alex finds a really hot new gf
•Piper realizes she’s a fucking idiot
•Stella and Nicky come back
•Lorna divorces that guy from Boston or whatever, to marry Nicky.
•Daya gets out early and is allowed to take care of her daughter.
•Chang is still funny af and finds a new friend that’s like exactly like her.
•Sophia gets justice.
•Somebody catches the chicken.

hufflepuff!percy because @percyyoulittleshit put this idea in my head uvu. the next match is hufflepuff vs. gryffindor and annabeth is torn between who to cheer for tbh


I’m a dad. I mean, I’m already a dad, but Rose grows up and she’s you. That’s wonderful. I mean, I suppose I thought that you’d be a bit useless, what with my useless genes and all.

Jason “The flight is the best part of the entire trip” Grace

Leo “I can and will turn anything into a pun” Valdez

Hazel “ask me about my Feminist and Social Justice Agenda” Levesque

Percy “I take hour long showers and am not even sorry” Jackson

Annabeth “books are better than people and you cant tell me otherwise” Chase

Piper “I have a secret stash of lipstick in my sock drawer” McLean

Frank “On Wednesdays we wear Stop Animal Testing Shirts and Pins” Zhang

Will “ lol I love Nico :)” Solace

Reyna “who needs a relationship when you have too loyal metal dogs” Amirez de Arellano

Nico “i dont care if mcdonalds is Crap for your health if its delicous” Di Angelo