Orange is the New Black Interview - Taylor Schilling and Piper Kerman (by heyuguysblog)
Taylor Schilling on Alex as Piper's "fundamental love" and playing an unlikable character - AfterEllen
The actress on why playing her "Orange is the New Black" role makes her want to cry.

“I think Piper is quite intrepid and there’s a sense of a dramatic shift in the way that she keeps trying, in the way that she is unabashedly being herself and not knowing what that is”

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Wait a second what about sad Jason/Piper/Leo headcanons after Leo's 'death'

actually, i have a fic of leo’s death, but let’s just write that off as me drawing attention to the last fic i wrote bc i haven’t written one in forever when i probably should lmao

anyway, this is gonna be sad, why would you

i’m gonna write it as if he really did die just saying

  • piper and jason can’t accept it at first and they walk around the ship aimlessly as the days pass on their way back to camp, frank thinks they resemble the roman spirits that walk around new rome, except 100% less lively
  • neither of them cry until they get back to camp
  • piper breaks when she sees the hephaestus cabin, looking to see that there brother made, but finding nothing a number six count instead of seven
  • the first tears appears when she see the light fade in their eyes and they don’t stop for awhile
  • jason breaks down when they have an official ceremony, he cries so hard that he needs to lean on both piper and percy for him to stay standing
  • piper and jason stay together for a long while after his death, and by together i mean physically together, they didn’t leave each other’s side most of the time
  • piper snuck into jason’s cabin
  • they scheduled similar camp days
  • they taught classes together and ate together
  • but there was always a gaping hole in their day to day activities because leo wasn’t around
  • piper had salvaged a celestial bronze bolt from the argo ii, from a place she knew he’d had worked on himself, and strung it on her necklace, it sat against her collarbone and every now and then she brought it to her lips and kissed it
  • jason did the same
  • they visit the memorial that was put up weekly and make sure the flame there is always burning brightly
  • they make jokes in his honor and have made it there job to make people smile
  • piper and jason aren’t too sure if there ever would be someone who could replace leo, no never replace, but for now they each other and they remember him as their hearts heal
  • piper and jason still cry, and when they do they hold each other until it ends, but the ache is fading to a numbness, and the old saying of  “time heals all wounds” seems to be holding true

alternate ending

  • one day, when piper was visiting the memorial alone bc jason was to busy training campers, she feels–as she gazes upon his name etched into the stone–the bolt on her necklace begin to buzz and warm, and it grows and grows until it’s practically burning her skin
  • then she’s running and running and running, bolt in hand, it’s burning heat igniting her bones, and she can’t be crazy, she can’t be imagining things
  • she nearly collides with jason, he’d been looking for as well, and he is in the same state, cheeks red, breathing heavy, grasping the little piece of metal in his hands
  • and as they open both their palms, piper nearly cries out in joy, because they’re glowing bright red and she knows, somewhere out there, leo is still alive

ok i wish i could make this longer but i can’t really think straight, i hope this was alright though, not as sad as i hoped, but i hope i did the request justice

i can’t do sad things lmao when i write my books my readers are gonna be pissed bc no one will die

someone’s gonna have to force me to kill my characters bc i can’t even kills rick’s

If My Friends Were Dogs

Me- Obviously I am the greatest kind of dog: a golden retriever. I am loyal and happy and I shed absolutely fucking everywhere. I am majestic and adorable and everyone loves me and I know it.

Jessilynn- smallishdeer always imagine J as a Border Collie. She’s sorta fluffy (in the BEST WAY!) and always happy to see people (well, mainly me) and she’s cute as hell and you can hang out with her for HOURS and never get bored even when you’re doing nothing but snuggling (spooning.)

Avery- wakeupsloe She’s a pitbull. She doesn’t look like one or anything, not even close. But she’s tenacious and she stands her ground and is strong in so many ways. Sometimes she gets a bad reputation for being unpredictable, but is usually just a huge softie.

Marcus- carefulandothercliches is a pug. Not even cause he loves pugs!!!!! He’s just so lovable. He’s so goofy. He’s fun to be around and he makes you laugh even though he’s just being himself. I mean, I’ve never met a pug I didn’t like….

Stephen- unbeatonkeaton bro you’re a corgi. Literally EVERYONE fucking loves you. You have a HUGE personality. For some reason corgis always look like they’re smiling and I’ve never seen you without a huge grin on your face. You’re the life of the party no matter where you go.

Kristian- melodicparanoia let’s face it. We all know you’re a hipster. A lovable hipster. What’s more hipster and stylish than a Boston terrier? You’re talented in more ways than one and hanging out with you is always a good time. You’re cool to chill with one on one, and in a group setting you rock and just make people smile. You’ve really started to perfect your own sense of style and unique individuality and you make it seem so effortless.

Emily- wildflowerkitten Lemme tell you bout this honey right here. She is definitely an Australian Shepherd. Imagine like the most naturally beautiful thing to ever grace your presence. And it’s also really approachable. That’s her. She’s always up for an adventure and makes you feel comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing. She makes things exciting!

Olivia- simpleandrose you’re like the prettiest Australian cattle dog to ever have existed. So full of energy and so positive and compassionate and go with the flow. You know your limits and you do what you love and you’re growing increasingly more adventurous every time I check up on you! I imagine you traveling everywhere and always in the sun.

Alec- the-real-bozle if you were a dog you would be a Borzoi. Partly because you’re tall and angular, but mostly because when I think of that kind of dog I always think that it’s like if art was walking. And to your core you are an artist and it’s what makes you so unique because you’ve got your own style and you’re SO talented and passionate about it. You’re really good at telling stories and you’re so kind and you never ask too much of anyone.

Mary- mary-and-piper you’re not a dog. You’re a cat. You’re independent and you don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of you. You’re affectionate with people you REALLY love and you don’t take anyone’s shit. You ignore the basic bitches and you do you and you’re focused (like on the red dot.) And also you’re very soft. Seriously have you felt your hair lately? Kitty.

Tbh I’ve been thinking about this all damn day and I’m so glad I finally got it out and into the world so you guys know what we would look like if our squad was a bunch of puppies.

It is Season 7 of Orange Is The New Black.

Piper has been released from prison but her flourishing crime syndicate is butting heads with Kubra’s international drug ring. Due to Alex’s death in Season 4, she has spiraled onto a path of revenge that involves breaking her inmates out of jail. Red’s affair with Healy takes a turn for the worse when Katya gets pregnant. Nicki, Claudette, and Stella get released from maximum security when Caputo, now the new head of the MCC, wants to review their cases. Taystee and Poussey live together outside. Morello and Vincent have their second child. Brooke’s the leader of the black community. Suzanne gets a publishing offer. Luschek dies of mysterious circumstances. Sophia finally gets the respect she deserves but Michael goes to jail. Larry’s writing career is ruined when he is found guilty of plagiarism and fraud. Also Polly’s baby is Larry’s. And it’s ugly. Bennett cuts off his other leg in reparation. Pornstache is freed and tries to hurt Daya. Vee is alive. And the donut guy dies in a car accident. A horrible one, with an explosion. because fuck that guy

In honor of Taylor Schilling’s birthday, here’s an old drawing I did of Piper ☺️

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❝Leo – what is this?❞ The sight of Prue didn’t just confused Piper, it shattered the pieces she’d so hard tried to seal. It felt like an open wound, one that would never really heal. But the sister’s hadn’t been able to summon her like with Grams and their mother, they’d  tried – several times. It couldn’t be Prue. It wasn’t possible. This wasn’t real. Realizing this, Piper could feel the tears well up in her eyes, the truth crushing the little bit of hope it raised. 

I believe in science. I believe in evolution. I believe in Nate Silver and Neil deGrasse Tyson and Christopher Hitchens. Although I do admit he could be kind of an asshole. I cannot get behind some supreme being who weighs in on the Tony Awards while a million people get whacked with machetes. I don’t believe a billion Indians are going to hell. I don’t think we get cancer to learn life lessons. And I don’t believe that people die young because God needs another angel. I think it’s just bullshit, and on some level, I think we all know that… Look, I understand that religion makes it easier to deal with all the random shitty things that happen to us, and I wish I could get on that ride, I’m sure I would be happier. But I can’t. Feelings aren’t enough. I need it to be real.
—  Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black


Lyra would try to hide her laughter because she thinks piper is joking (after all silver often dismiss her “superstition” stuff whenever he’s around to hear it) but only to realize she’s very serious which puts lyra into an awkward position because she has to explain that all the stuff she said aren’t really. real

pipers only response is “does that mean if i step on a crack your back won’t break?”

which makes lyra laugh because she didn’t even tell this one to piper