i realize that mcelstuck has the ability to get really bad really fast and im trying to keep an eye on yall to prevent this (hanhan is too) and shipping (outside of moirallegiance since thats a special case) is definitely out of the fucking question and if i see any of you doing it Especially after youve been told not to youre spiritually kicked out of the fandom, real person shipping is uhhhhhhhhhhhh not cool

Admin Note:  I have uploaded all the full convention panel videos I have.  I will be posting some clips in a bit but I’d like to thank the person/s who went to so much effort to bring their convention experience to you.  Please leave your thanks on this post.  These have been a real gift to the fandom.

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Last month when TWICE had a fan meeting, there was a fan that was talking to SN, and she was like "(his name) are you happy?", and he was like, "what do you mean?", and then SN SAYS "B/C I SAW YOUR TWITTER THAT YOU'VE BEEN SAD LATELY" LMFAO

She probably knows the ONCE masternims better than they know all of Twice XD Sana is the real fandom masternim here. She’s probably stalking all of the major Twice Twitter masternims rn as we talk 


well, I,

i made a helpful diagram for everyone 

Friend: i don’t think yoi is a good anime

Me: i don’t think you know what you are talking about 

I hate fandom police. You know the ones. The ones who go on about how you’re not a “Real Fan™” until you’ve bought all the albums/Learned all the songs/memorized all the dialogue/been to all the cons/cosplayed all the characters/whatever else.

Like, maybe let people enjoy things instead of belittling them for not having had your exact experience???