Chris x Violet

Chapter 2

Later that night me and the girls got ready for a night out. I decided to wear a white backless dress with nude heels with my hair curly. This was our last day here and I wanted to have a memorable experience. But being here in beautiful Barcelona was amazing and I’m glad I came here with my family.

“Ella are you done?” I say to my sister.

She comes out her room and I smile at her. She was wearing a red dress that showed her cleavage and her hair was up in a bun.

“Well don’t my sister look hot!” I say walking towards her to fix her makeup.

“Hey where’s Sarah and Ali?”

I look at her and scrunch my nose up trying to think of what they told me. “Oh yeah well Sarah is coming but Ali left an hour ago back to Chicago.”

Sarah comes in the room and smile at me and my sister. “Hey girls, Ready to go?”

“Why did Ali leave and not say bye to me?” Ella says grabbing her purse.

“Dude she left for a perfect reason, She landed the job. They called her earlier and she booked a flight. When we leave I’m flying to Chicago to celebrate with her.” I say grabbing a water bottle and my purse.

“I want to go!” Ella and Sarah says in unison.

I look at them both and shake my head no. “Sarah you have classes and work, Ella you have work and also you have classes so no! I’m going because I don’t return back to school yet, I start in two weeks.”

We leave the room and head downstairs to catch a cab. We get in the cab and I tell the driver where we are going to. I look over to Sarah and she looks sad.

“Sarah what’s wrong?”

She looks at me and laughs. “Is just we are all so busy and we leave so far from each other. I’m going to miss you girls!”

I poke her chin and smile. “Listen, We have been best friends for 9 years now, Whenever I have free time I always go and visit you or Ali. It doesn’t matter how far we live, I’m always here for you girls!”

“Can you girls not do this now, Seriously let’s go dancing and have fun. We do leave tomorrow morning!” Ella says with a serious tone.

Twenty minutes later we arrive to the club and we head straight to the bar. Ella orders a martini, Sarah orders vodka and I order whiskey. We start jamming to the music and I pull Sarah to the dance floor. We start dancing and moving to the beat. We call Ella over to dance with us and she comes. This is what we liked being with each other and laughing, Having fun.

A moment later I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see that it’s the guy from the beach.

He smiles at me. “Hi big head.”

I laugh and poke his chest. “Hi small hands.

He laughs and looks at me. “Do you want to dance with me?”

I look at Ella and Sarah then at Chris, I go to say no but Ella interjects. “She would love too, By the way your freaking cute!”

“Thank you.” He says smiling.

I look at Ella and shake my head no. “Aren’t we suppose to be hanging out together?”

“Violet go and have fun, Look at him girl!” Sarah says eyeing Chris.

“GO!” Ella says in a serious high tone.

I roll my eyes and look back at Chris. “You better be a good dancer.”

He smiles and grabs my hand. We get to the middle of the dance floor and I get lost into the music. I start moving my hips on him and he spins me around pulling me close to him. He grabs my waist tight and I look up at him, His eyes were so blue and his cologne was intoxicating. I look down at his lips and I can feel him looking at my lips. The music stops and I pull away.

“I need to get some air.” I say turning away from him. I walk towards Sarah and Ella. “Hey I’m going to get some air.”

“Can I join you?” Chris says from behind me.

I look at Ella and she smiles mouthing the word Go to me, I smile and grab Chris’s hand pulling him outside with me.

“Hey wait hold on.” He says and I see him walking away. A moment later he comes with another guy.

The guy walks up to me and he smiles big. “Hi I’m Scott, I’m his brother.”

“Oh hello I’m Violet.” I say shaking his hand.

“Well Chris was right, You’re gorgeous love.” He says and I look down blushing.

“Alright that’s enough, See you later.” Chris says pushing Scott away.

We start to walk towards the beach and we hear Scott saying “Use a condom kids”. Chris face gets red and I start laughing.

“I’m sorry about him.”

“No it’s okay.” I say still laughing. “Are you here with your family?”

“Yeah I am, We came here to spend sometime together before I get busy with work.”

I look at him and smile. “That’s nice, Where do you work?”

He looks at me confused. “Wait you don’t know who I am?”

This time it was my turn to look at him confused and I stop walking. “Uh No?!”

He crosses his arm over his chest. “Huh well that’s nice.”

“I’m confused now.” I say giggling.

“Well have you heard of Captain America or Snowpiercer?” He asks looking at me.

I start to think hard and I’m lost. I don’t really watch TV , Well I do but not really. I spend my time reading or studying, Sometimes I go for a run or spend time with family. I watch movies but is from the old time. I like romance movies from the 40s.

“I’m sorry but no I don’t. I promise I don’t leave under a rock but I’m usually studying or working. When I watch TV I’m usually watching movies from the 40s , I like the old romantic movies.” I say looking at him.

He smiles and we stop to seat on the sand. “Forget I said that now I feel like a cocky prick.”

I start to laugh and look at him. “So your an actor?”

“Yeah I am, That’s what I do for a living.” He says in a serious tone.

“That’s great, You should be proud of yourself.”

“How about you , What do you do ?”

I look at him then I look at the ocean. “Well don’t judge me but I’m a pornstar. I need to get by you know?”

He looks at me with his mouth open and I stare at him. “So… Wait really a por-pornstar?”

I couldn’t hold back my laughter and I fall back laughing hard and hitting his back. “Dude you should of seen your face.” I say still laughing.

He smiles and pokes my side. “Nice one, Okay you got me there.” He says laughing.

“You looked so scared by that, Oh my god that was good!” I start to laugh again and he blushes.

“I like your laugh. It sounds innocent and pure.”

I look at him and nudge his shoulder. “No seriously I’m in school studying Meteorologist, It has to do with space.

He looks at me impressed. “That’s awesome, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to that stuff. I feel like I can sit for hours just talking about that. What made you choose that career path?”

“My Dad, As a kid I always sat out on the grass looking up at the sky and I was always curious. I always asked what’s up there or what does it really look like up close, Science always was my interest and I have this obsession with knowing about space and Climate change.” I say looking at him.

“That’s really impressive. Do you like camping?”

“I love camping.” I say laying down on the sand. “Seriously I love it, That’s where I feel like you can see how bright the stars are, It might sound silly but that’s the reason why I like camping also you don’t have connection on your phone so is nice just to see what’s around you and completely forgot about your cellphone.”

We stay laying down and I start asking him questions about why he chose acting and we share our most embarrassing experience as a kid and a teenager. We talk about our favorite food, Our favorite book and what we love most and what we disliked. Talking to him felt natural, I felt like I knew him for so long. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or shy. It was just nice.

“So where do you live?”

I look at him and poke his cheek. “I live in Salt lake city Utah and you?”

“I live in Boston MA.” He says with pride.

“Let me guess, Obviously you’re a Patriots fan?”

He sits up and looks at me smiling. “Yes I am why is there a problem little lady?”

I laugh pushing him back down to lay next to me. “Calm down and no there’s no problem, I think they are a great team.” I look at my phone and notice the time it was already seven in the morning and my flight was at ten am. “Shit my flight is pretty soon, I’m sorry but I have to go.

“No wait already but… Um I mean yeah okay I’ll walk you back.” He says getting up and fixing his shirt. “Before I forget can I have your number?”

I smile and grab his phone from his hand and I put my number down. I hand it to him and I stop walking.

I look at him and smile. “I need to grab a taxi but I had fun, This was nice to just and talk about real genuine things.”

“Yeah it was really nice, I feel so comfortable and happy talking to you.” He looks at my lips then back at my eyes. “This is going to be foward but may I kiss you?”

I get closer to him and I put my lips on his. His lips was so soft and he knew just the right way to kiss me, He grabs my face and I put my arms around his waist. He deepens the kiss then he let’s go. I open my eyes and I see him smiling from ear to ear.

“I should get going now.” I say to him and he nods his head. “Don’t be a stranger okay.” I walk to the taxi and wave at him goodbye.

He stands there seeing me leave and he touches his chest. He pulls his phone out to call her, The line rings twice and she picks up. “You peaked my interest so no I won’t be a stranger.”

To be continued :)

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last screenshots for now: the first shot was taken almost nine months ago, and was the first screenshot i ever took of rook & maccready together. :,) the second was taken a few hours ago, and is the most recent. 

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anonymous asked:

Imo, antis are so much nicer than larries. I've seen larries turn on each other, I got sent anon hate when I said an opinion that was a little different from the popular opinion. It always felt like walking on eggshells when i expressed joy about other ships. Big larries are awful to their anons if the anon says one wrong thing. There are no polite disagreements. I've never seen this behavior from you or other prominent antis.

Honestly the whole of current Larrie is a performing arts degree for the most part.

Whenever you see Big Larries openly fighting over something is when you get to see how much bullshit this fandom really is, how even the community is this fragile performance piece, and how many of them are just dying to have excuses to turn on each other.

There’s like nothing real about this fandom. The jealousy they have over Briana/Danielle existing in these boy’s lives is also jealousy they have over each other because they want to believe it’s really them alone that Louis/Harry are performing their love affair for and only them alone who truly understands them and therefore who Louis/Harry truly love for that reason. 

I totally agree - as a former Larrie it was always eggshells. You knew you couldn’t express doubts about a new headcannon, a new supposed “sign” the boys were sending, or a new supposed theory of events. You couldn’t even try and defend the women or enjoy other ships publicly. You couldn’t befriend Antis, you couldn’t reblog from certain 1D bloggers who were known to be non Larries, or even certain Larries who had expressed doubts. 

It was ridiculous.

Well, Gravity Falls is ending. I’m sad, but I 100% support the creators in their decision to conclude the show on their own terms.

Gravity Falls has been such a huge influence on me as an artist. Because of GF, I got excited about animated television, which I’d love to help make someday. I’m thankful for this show and everyone who contributed to it. And I’m grateful to this awesome fandom, especially those of you who followed me because of my GF art. YOU’RE THE BEST! *hugs*

So rest assured I’ll follow this fandom to the ends of the earth! I will continue to enjoy drawing things for you guys. <3

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