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You are such a gift to this fandom.

#for real#i literally wrote a line about dooku stealing a book from the temple archives into my fic last night because of you

*sniffles* Thank you very much! I am happy to be a part of it.

(And I’m delighted that Jocasta vs Dooku is being given the recognition it deserves because it TOTALLY HAPPENED. I want to know every petty thing they did to each other.)

(I bet she totally doesn’t dust the bust of Dooku in the archives, ever. And she has no idea who defaced it that one time.) 

Well, Gravity Falls is ending. I’m sad, but I 100% support the creators in their decision to conclude the show on their own terms.

Gravity Falls has been such a huge influence on me as an artist. Because of GF, I got excited about animated television, which I’d love to help make someday. I’m thankful for this show and everyone who contributed to it. And I’m grateful to this awesome fandom, especially those of you who followed me because of my GF art. YOU’RE THE BEST! *hugs*

So rest assured I’ll follow this fandom to the ends of the earth! I will continue to enjoy drawing things for you guys. <3

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Wow. I have a pretty big YOI account on IG and that shit bang honestly makes me feel like shit. I dislike part of the YOI fandom so much right now- can't people just let other people ship/write/draw/etc. whatever they want? I thought the YOI fandom was all about accepting eachother's differences and stuff? It's just becoming toxic right now and that makes me feel so stupid for being part of the fandom..... Maybe I'd expexted too much from a fandom this big :/

anon.. that’s what huge fandom do..
there’s always some people who messed the kinship of the fandom.
you just have to deal with it and move on.
actually there is no such thing as “accepting each other’s differences and stuff” in every fandom. some people will support you, some will not, and some will stab you in your back
go outside of your hiding and you’ll see the real hell of a fandom

that shitlist thing is just some people’s preference of enjoying yoi. but I think they’ve gone too far by dumping literally every artists and authors in yoi fandom into their shitlist. dumping them into the shitlist also lowkey calling those artists and authors’ works “shit”.

it’s RUDE.

the amount of hardwork, backache, eye strain, digging for ideas, etc is tiring! they spent their days, weeks, months to create it so the fandom live. that’s…… if you ever create some artwork or fanfiction tho

they won’t reblog if certain art or fanfiction contains Yuuri wash the dishes, Yuri cuddling with Otabek, Mafia AU, etc.

don’t worry people outside that pure innocent yoi circle will still reblog and kudos your works. the scale is like 1:100000000000000000000000000000000000

I see they also hate seeing yuri have a kind of “feelings” toward ANY characters. they prevent yuri to growing up. in their opinion Yuri has to be a baby agape who can only chewing on pirozhki.

WELL DUH maybe you have to see the leaked comic book Kubo-sensei wrote for Yuri’s Welcome to The Madness.
it’s OFFICIAL that Yuri, who is written 15 y.o BEG TO COME ALONG WITH OTABEK TO THE CLUB.
HE LOVE WTTM BECAUSE IT’S EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS PERFECTLY. without those girly ballerina moves like in agape and in allegro appassionato he actually didn’t fond of.


in official Yuri is a rebel edgy teenager. he’s more mature than what you think. if Yuri was real, he would hate everyone who call him little kid.

the point is just keep doing what you like most. DRAW MORE, WRITE MORE. let those antis mind their own businesses. there’s still a ton of people in the fandom that will support you

Using pronouns is the hardest thing about writing gay fanfic.
You can’t even say “He put his arm around his shoulder.” Whose arm? Whose shoulder? Did he do some weird bone bending thing and put it around his own shoulder?

Friendly Reminder

Feyre has to pretend to be in love with her abuser for who knows how long

Cassian and Azriel still don’t know Feyre is their High Lady

Cassian’s wings are shredded

Azriel has a dangerous chest wound

Elain and Nesta have been Made into High Fae and will have to adjust to their magic and new bodies in likely a very short amount of time

Lucien felt the mate bond snap into place 2 seconds before being ripped away from Elain

Not to mention Elain is still engaged and likely still in love with her human fiancée

Lucien also has to remain with his abuser for who knows how long

The King of Hybern is going to be in the Spring Court and Feyre has to continue to fool him and hide the bond

Feyre is going to have to be in close contact with Ianthe who sold out her sisters and tried to sexually assault Rhys

Amren said that putting the two pieces of the book together would send a waking call to “older and more wretched enemies” so our babies will probably be dealing with that as well

Feyre and Rhys are separated

Feyre and Rhys are separated

Feyre and Rhys are separated


If You are a destiel shipper and still sad about 12x23
Here’s a few of happy things what happened in this season
12x03 Dean calls Cas “sunshine”
12x10 Dean sits on Cass lap | Canon that Dean is Cass human weakness
12x12 Dean calls Cas “handsome friend” | Cas says “I LOVE YOU”
12x19 The mixtape what Dean gives Cas
+they are actually husbands


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Fangirl problem #5

When you really want to contribute to your multifandom universe, but you don’t have any real skills.

  1. You suck at writing fanfiction
  2. You can’t draw
  3. You can’t come up with any cute Tumblr posts or memes
  4. You can’t even run any fan blogs because I mean you can hardly run your own confusing Tumblr.

So instead you just sit there, silently observing and supporting all those really talented people that actually contribute to your fandoms.

You guys are the real MVPs.

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Ryden - Neck kisses

Some of the many neck kisses

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Friendly reminder that “Larry” is a fandom concept. Nobody they know thinks of them as “Larry.” Harry and Louis sure as hell don’t. They’ll be together whether there are a million larries or zero larries. So stop asking them if “Larry” is real. In a fandom sense, it is and always has been. But equating “Larry” with their actual relationship is bullshit.

Friend: i don’t think yoi is a good anime

Me: i don’t think you know what you are talking about