For anyone wondering what’s going on, someone (I guess) recorded a Hamilton bootleg and posted it publicly on Tumblr, AND tagged it with “Hamilton” - I do not support this, especially since LMM checks the Hamilton tag, and has spoken out against a bootleg, and has been so generous in his interactions with fans. I encourage everyone to NOT seek out this bootleg, and if you do (dont) - don’t share it, don’t post about it, don’t make gifs or screen caps from it. I realize this is a controversial subject but please be considerate of the creator (LMM, /human sunshine/)’s intentions.

…there’s something in the saga of Bucky Barnes that resonates. If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t escape some horrible piece of your past, he’s a character for you. If you’ve ever been expected to measure up to an impossible standard, he’s a character for you. If you’ve ever had to sit and wrestle with your demons in silence because, for one reason or another, you just couldn’t speak up about them to anyone—here’s Bucky Barnes. 

He’ll match you ghost for ghost, burden for burden, demon for demon, and he’ll still get up again the next morning. He’ll make fun of himself sometimes, and he’ll play the hardened cynic, even though he’s really got a squishy romantic heart that’s far too close to his brittle surface.


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“…I don’t mind if you throw magic at me. That…pure foreplay.”

Of Imps and Queens by looselybound (@looselyboundagain)
from The Trouble With Emma

Collaboration with @bgmoth who is an absolute joy to work with. Visit her tumblr. Like all her things.

full sized version can be downloaded from dA [x]

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J'ai une petite annonce et demande à vous faire. Parmi les liens que j'ai tissés ici sur tumblr, beaucoup se sont fait avec des anglophones. Toujours désireuse de pouvoir faire partager la langue et culture française, j'ai parlé de Kaamelott à quelques de mes abonnés anglophones. Parmi eux, @jellyfish415. Une fille top et extra, ma beta reader que j'aime beaucoup. Après l'avoir bassiné à mort à propos de Kaamelott, elle a décidé de voir ce que ça donnait quand j'ai trouvé le Livre I sous-titré anglais via un lien sur un post tumblr. Et maintenant elle est EN-CHAN-TÉE ! Elle adore et est devenue fan. Alors mes amis, accueillons-la comme il se doit dans notre communauté, chouchoutons nos amis anglophones qui se mettent a Kaamelott et chouchoutez cette merveilleuse personne :D !

I have an annoucement and request to make. Among the friendships I have made here on tumblr, a lot of them are with english speakers. As I’m always eager to talk about French, France and its culture, I talked about Kaamelott to some of my english speaking followers. Among those, @jellyfish415. An amazingly awesome girl, my beta reader who I love so much. And so, after I harassed her a lot about Kaamelott, she decided to see how it was when I found all of Livre I with english subtitles via a link on a tumblr post. And now she is sucked into it ! She loves and she became a fan ! So, dearies, let’s welcome her as we ought to, we must pamper our dear anglophones who begin watching Kaamelott and please pamper this wonderful human being !

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I have been waiting since 2013 for this book, and now it is finally in my hands! 3 years ago, I came home from school to find my mum had decided to try and cheer me up with a new book; Out of the Easy. I devoured it down immediately. And then for a second time. A week later I brought Between Shades of Grey, which I loved almost as much. All Ruta’s books have been so emotional, and beautifully written and I know Salt to the Sea will be just as good!