Everyone always says Anakin is a Slytherin and Padme is a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, but they are wrong. So here’s the way I see it.

Anakin = Hufflepuff,or Gryffindor, like, in rots he is just a very angry Hufflepuff.

Padme = Slytherin, if you have watched the clone wars you will understand, she is more of a Slytherin than Anakin.

Ahsoka = Gryffindor, no doubt.

Obi wan = Ravenclaw, maybe Gryffindor.

Luke = Hufflepuff, like his father, only a chiller type.

Leia = Gryffindor, like Ahsoka, I have no doubt.

Han = Slytherin.

Chewbacca = I don’t know?Hufflepuff?Gryfindor?

R2-D2 = Gryffindor.

C-3PO = annoying muggle.

Kanan = Gryffindor. ( I almost put him as Ravenclaw, but Gryfindor fits better. )

Hera = Ravenclaw.

Sabine = Gryffindor.

Ezra = Slytherin.

Zeb = Gryffindor.

Jyn = Gryffindor, I’ll need to see rogue one again to be sure.

Cassian = Hufflepuff.

Bohdi = Hufflepuff?

Chirrut = Ravenclaw.

Base = Gryffindor.

Rey = Ravenclaw, like Obi wan ( who I think is her father )

Finn = Hufflepuff.

Poe = Gryffindor.