The boy released hundreds of paper ravens to the sky
“today is a day that will be remembered”
and he grinned at the sky as the ravens floated away on paper wings.
He laughed as the birds fluttered against his cheeks.
Away, he rode, wheels on the board beneath his feet spinning rhythmically against the pavement
Headphones in, music blasting a vivacious song
He felt as free as paper ravens on the wind,
His feathery pale hair, just a bit too long, tickling his cheekbones, face stinging with the speed of his trip downhill.
He was so alive, more alive than he’d ever felt.
“today is a day that will be remembered.”
—  “He was more when he was alive.”
(m.b, a Noah Czerny poem)
I’m sorry but Lesbian Pynch

Eve Parrish x Rosheen Lynch forever. 

  • Tween Rosheen deciding to grow her nails long and sharpen them into points to stab people. Stabbing her own palm when she punches someone instead. Adult Rosheen with a lifelong nailbiting habit. 
    • Eve giving her a nail file every birthday, Christmas and Easter. Rosheen smirking like it’s a dirty joke every goddamn time.
  • Tween Eve learning to apply eyeliner so subtly that no one can tell she’s wearing it. Adult Eve, with Rosheen’s encouragement, adopting a gentle but noticeable cateye. 
    • Rosheen – never one for this girly shit – dreaming soft brushes, pigment in a thousand shades, powders with strange powers that even she can’t figure out but which Eve does. Eve completely killing it at Halloween every single year.
  • Rosheen dreaming Eve all kinds of adorable things to wear: 
    • a tiered skirt that keeps her legs magically cool in summer
    • soft skin-tight silvery pants that repel grease
    • a beanie that plays classical music in her ears while she studies (and renders the rest of the world inaudible)
  • Eve growing out her hair from the uneven pixie her mother hacked off once a month. Never cutting it, so that every time Rosheen sees her after another semester, it’s dramatically longer. 
    • Rosheen spending untold summer hours putting Eve’s flaxen hair in complex braids. Eve letting her weave fresh-picked flowers into them, even though the pollen sticks and makes her sneeze.
    • Rosheen dreaming her a mood-ring headband that changes the color of her whole head of hair; Eve getting pissed that it turns basic yellow when she’s happy, then cheering up when her irritation turns it orangey– which turns it back to yellow again.
    • Most of the time, it makes her hair midnight purple and blue. Eve, bent over a physics problem, her forehead wrinkling between purple eyebrows.
  • Rosheen and Eve turning the Barns into a farm animal sanctuary/wildlife rehabilitation center. 
    • Eve, who is better than Rosheen at attracting and comforting timid wildlife, developing a knack for finding wounded birds and critters. 
    • The farmhouse kitchen filling up with blanket-lined “hospital shoeboxes” which Opal obsessively monitors.
    • Chainsaw, ambassador raven, clacking to all the other ravens that the Barns is a safe place and to come eat with their injured friends.
    • Opal leading schoolchildren on guided tours when they start letting field trips visit.

An incomplete list of things Rosheen Lynch has dreamed:

  • a collection of brass knuckles shaped like various animals and flowers
  • a strap-on dildo that stays flaccid until ‘activated’
  • boys clothes that fit her
  • a puzzle box that reads and interprets animal communication
  • tin whistles that imitate bird songs
  • a motorcycle helmet that looks like the Cheshire cat’s head and grins when the wind hits it
  • flat boots that make it look like she’s wearing heels from the back
  • contact lenses that give her night vision
  • a vibrator perfectly shaped to fit Eve (that never needs batteries)
  • little wind-up fairies that sometimes do housework
  • Daine Sarrasri’s bow