She barely came up to Ronan’s shoulder, but she was every bit as big as he, every bit as present. [trb]

It was amazing that she and Ronan didn’t get along better, because they were different brands of the same impossible stuff. [bllb]


New Politics played their single “Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)” in the supposedly haunted pool at the Rave in Milwaukee, watch here.  

Things that happened at the atl concert last night
  • Jack wears a bra on his head
  • “This is our favorite show of the Milwaukee tour!”
  • “This songs about Alex fucking my dad” -Jack
  • Vic dick pics
  • Fans came on stage during Time Bomb and Jack let one play guitar
  • Foreskin jokes
  • Jack and Zack shimmy 
  • “We’re gonna play a song we haven’t played in 2 years so we are probably going to fuck it up”
  • Jack licking/kissing Alex’s arm
  • Alex makes Jack switch roles in the band with him during Something’s Gotta Give but Jack refused to sing it because he said he didnt know the words
  • Jack took his shirt off for 5 seconds
  • Condom balloons
  • Alex shoving a tampon up his nose
  • Pray 4 Zayn
  • Pray 4 Jack