Last night around midnight there was a heavy rainstorm with a lot of lighting, which took down the lights about half an hour later.

It’s 10 am now and the lights haven’t returned, so I’ve got no water, no gas, and the heat is terrible.

My cell phone is on its last legs, so let me take this opportunity to say one thing: FUCK COMMUNISM!

Can we please, please stop attacking each other for the way we enjoy our fandoms?
Fiction, and fanfiction is a way for a lot of us to get away from the hardships in our real lives. It’s where we can forget our problems and stress, where we can just focus on and get lost in our favorite characters and stories!
We can create more diversity, feel included and involved. We can explore more difficult experiences we face and traumas we went through, where we can safely explore our sexuality and emotions, it’s our coping mechanism, our source of happiness and hope when things aren’t going so well outside. Fiction is such a powerful and important tool that i don’t have words to describe it. 
We don’t have to agree on everything, our opinions don’t have to match. Our differences and diversity is what enriches and enhances our fandoms. It’s so easy, and so simple to just let each other be. Don’t like, don’t read. Ship and let ship. If there’s something you disagree on, either discuss it politely or scroll past. Don’t try to force your point of view on someone else. Use appropriate tags and warnings and don’t go looking for an argument just for arguments sake. Simply enjoy the parts of the fandom you want to, and don’t get upset because there are people who do it differently than you.
I’ve seen so many aggressive, shaming posts and call outs lately and that’s really upsetting. I swear, if we could just try to be more respectful and understanding, it will make all of our fandom experience more positive and beneficial. It costs nothing to be nice and understanding to each other, we should try it more.

Here Comes A Thought

So, the latest Steven Universe episode really got to me. Not only was the animation stunning and the music was beautiful, but the message was the thing that got me because I’ve been going through some stuff lately.

What I got out of “Mindful Education” was this: everything will be ok.

For the past few months, my emotional state has not been the best. There has been a ton of drama in my family and amongst some of my friends. I ended up in the middle of it. I thought that this is just the way the world works, that this happens to everyone and I have no reason to complain or be hurt. I tried my best to hide my pain with smiles and laughs. But it didn’t really do much to help

This episode has taught me that thinking about it will hurt, but it’s the best way to deal with it. If you ignore it, it’ll only get worse and you’ll just dig yourself into a deeper hole. Once you think about your problems and deal with them, all of a sudden they seem manageable, at least for me.

Once I realized this, I was happier, more or less. They problems are still there, but I am able to handle them better now. And now I know that any problem you may have will not be the end all, be all. If you’re sad now, just know that things will be better. Happier days are ahead.

You may not know it, but you have support in your life, whether it be your friends, family members, significant other, or others who are close to you. No one is alone on this earth, even though you may feel like it. Believe me, I’ve felt alone multiple times. But I opened up to my mother and my roommate, and let me tell you, I felt a lot better when I let everything off my chest. Talking about it made me realize that I was over analyzing a few things and that I could deal with these problems.

So, if any of you need to talk to me about anything, feel free to message me. I’ll do whatever I can to help you through anything that is troubling you.

I’m here

Shipping SU stuff

I feel the need to address something important.
Ships and rumors.
It’s either you love the ship or hate it. It’s all up to you. Just don’t place hate on someone for liking a ship you do not like. It’s as easy as that. You don’t have to agree;Just give respect for the person.

Now rumors.
There has been a rumor going around that Amethyst will be in a relationship that the end of season 4. I have no proof on who started this rumor, but I seen someone talking about it on IG. Back to the rumor.

I ship Pearlmethyst with all my heart so it’s obvious I want Amethyst with Pearl. But, if it does not happen and Amedot happens, I will not attack anyone. This includes Rebecca Sugar or anyone working on Steven Universe. I will not attack the very people that created the show I love to pieces because of a ship.

It’s not my show to be angry about the path the creators choice to go in.
If Rebecca Sugar wants Amethyst with Pearl.
If Rebecca Sugar wants Amethyst with Peridot.
That’s cool too.

I will not be angry or hold any sort of grudge toward Rebacca Sugar or any of the writers.

I will continue to support the show and the creators because I adore the show. My opinions of the show will not be tainted by my ship not becoming canon.

It should be the same for all of us.
We shouldn’t let ships divide us.
We all love Steven Universe.
Spread love
Not hate.

some things you should know about schizophrenia

God I don’t even know where to begin.

okay so let’s start with the fact that schizophrenia is a spectrum. there is a range of symptoms and it’s different for everybody. For example, I have a schizo-spectrum disorder called schizotypal personality disorder. stpd for short.

let’s also touch on the fact that hallucinations are also not the only symptom of schizophrenia. it would really only take a quick google search to figure that out but I mean. some people wanna act like they know everything without even knowing the basics.

next, you don’t always automatically know that someone is schizophrenic. a lot of us can function just fine In society without people knowing that we’re schizophrenic. (this is in no way knocking schizo-spec people who can’t function and have to be very open about their disorder. you are still valid and not a stereotype. I love you.)

lastly, our disorder is not inherently bad and evil and in need of curing. while some parts of it certainly can be distressing, a lot of the stress of it comes from the people we interact with. you are the ones who comment on our “bizarre clothing”. you are the ones who make fun of our disordered speech patterns. you are the ones who call us rude when we shut down and can’t talk. (and don’t think we don’t hear you. you’re not as sneaky as you think) you are the ones who make it hard for us to function because our behavior is considered wrong even though it is harmless and can not be helped.

so yeah, this has been my long rant on things you should educate yourself on when it comes to schizophrenia. I mean no disrespect to anyone, and I am aware that this came off as harsh. I’m simply very frustrated right now over the stigma. stay safe guys.

Emison rant

as you all know, I have wanted emison to be together more than anything ever but I’m a little upset. I do not want them to finally to get together in a random hook up situation like 5x05. of course my heart would love that scene but in their overall progression, I don’t want to see Ali get jealous that Paige is back and then make a move, implying to the audience that it isn’t as genuine or honest as we know it is or should be. does that make sense? it’s just frustrating, I want them to organically talk about their feelings and naturally get together not just an angsty moment late at night from jealously and stirred feelings that leads to them not mentioning it again. I want Alison and Emily to be the reason Alison and Emily get together. nothing else. they deserve that, we deserve that.


ranting monkey ♡ 160825
episode eight / bts @ kcon la


just a couple of random thoughts about this whole Johnny and Amber saga that keeps spiraling down the rabbit hole (no pun intended)….

-Why are people so convinced that he fucked her up all the time? like there is no real evidence. The pics she released don’t really prove anything. no cuts, no swelling no bruises…looks like she could have done any of that with makeup.  If a grown ass man were to chuck an object at your face as hard as she said he did- don’t you think your eye would be black and blue and puffed out? not just a little rosy pink around the edges…

-she wanted to donate all $7mil to charity…so why does it matter that he did it for you? the thing is that she couldn’t have donated the full amount without getting herself into tax trouble, so this way they will get all the money…so why make a fuss? oh riiiiight.,. cuz it means YOU don’t get to keep any of the money.

- I really take offence to the thought that if I don’t side with her I am victim shaming and not supporting women (or whatever the argument is)…Just cuz she and I both have a pair of titties doesn’t mean that I HAVE to side with her. I am using my brain, being objective and deciding FOR MYSELF which side I fall on. Does it matter to Johnny or Amber what I think? Fuck no, they don’t give a shit about me, but I care about it, and I know what I see, and the startling LACK of evidence allows me to use my common sense and know that not everything is as her camp says it is. If he had been proven guilty I would have felt bad for her and what she went through…but 1+1 didn’t seem to equal 2 here..
I have always liked Depp’s movies, and will CONTINUE to like and see his movies. I can see that he is a dude that has put himself out there for his fans, visiting sick children, and inspiring millions to be true to themselves. That speaks louder then anything else.

honestly like call the midwife is just such a pure show???like, wholesome, relatable characters who have flaws and aren’t perfect and make mistakes who are played by the greatest cast possibly to have ever graced the bbc???and the storylines are all rly historically accurate and emotional and there’s no sugar-coating, everything is exactly the way it would’ve been back then but are still relatable enough to the viewers???and also not to mention the fact that we’ve now had a healthy lesbian relationship portrayed for two seasons now and neither of them have died yet(touch wood)and they’re actually, like, living together(with a bunch of nuns but still)and they are portrayed as a normal couple who fight regularly and don’t always agree and aren’t just there to keep lgbt fans satisfied or for a shock value storyline and honestly it’s just such a good bit of television 10/10 keep up the good work

I don't know why it bothers me so much

But people always assume that I’m going to get married someday. “You’re a girl, when you get married you’re going to understand.” If I reply with, “I don’t want to get married,” I am met with, “you say that now, but when you meet the man of your dreams blah blah blah.”

So because I’m a girl I’m supposed to want a wedding?
Do you even know how gay I am?
Do you even know how much I really DONT want a wedding?
Even if I do decide to marry someone with a penis, still fuck you.

anonymous asked:

ITS LIKE, NO STOP, THAT IS NOT THE IMPRESSION YOU WANT TO HAVE. SHE DOESNT WANT TO FIGHT HIM SHE WANTS TO LOVE HIM,, AND APPARENTLY ALL OF THEIR PAST LOVE IS JUST GLOSSED OVER LIKE IT DIDNT HAPPEN?? WHY. WHY DOES THIS STUPID VERSION OF HARLEY EXIST. *phew* im sorry. just had to get that out. it was coming from a very toxic place, and i feel better now. sorry for springing this on you, but please tell me you don't support the new 52 harley, please tell me you can see through this bullshit. (3/3)

Alright, here’s my feelings on new 52 Harley. 

Short answer: I don’t like new 52 Harley.

Complex answer: My problem with new 52 Harley has nothing to do with Ivy or Hivy or any of that. My problem is that they just took Harley and the Joker and turned it into nothing. She beats the shit out of him and just leaves. There’s no real sadness or regret and it makes not a god damn bit of sense. She was with the Joker for years, she murdered and pillaged for and with him, she revolved her whole being around him, she loved him more than herself. If Harley was the same Harley, she would have had a much harder time leaving the Joker. She’d feel terrible, she’d question if this was the right thing to do, she’d feel something. In new 52 it’s like they tried to do the whole ‘finally leave your abuser yes this is good this is a good step towards your health.’ But in doing that they washed out alot of Harley’s actual character. There was no conflict within her. I understand that this was her finally getting to nail the Joker for all the shit he did to her but that doesn’t change the fact that she became a total psychopath for him or that she adored him. I feel like the new 52 Harley took classic Harley and put her through a shredder. This Harley doesn’t feel or act like old Harley. They kind of just..made her some super-adorable-squishable-cutesy mockery of Harley. This Harley doesn’t scare the shit out of me like old Harley. She’s not a badass who is a villain–this Harley isn’t a villain. She’s a domestic what-used-to-be-villain. It doesn’t feel the same. Harley was introduced to the comics and the universe as a raging, weapon wielding lunatic at the Joker’s side who brings mayhem to Gotham and is just as manipulative as the Joker–where’d she go? I feel like this Harley is all fluff with the occasional action to remind people that this is Harley. I’m not saying she should have stayed with the Joker and kept dealing with the abuse but–that’s kind of what she was made for. That was her dynamic. They were villains. They were not fluffy, normal, happy go lucky spaghetti eating on friday night people. They were fucked up villains who tortured other people and eachother. Madness needed mayhem and that was Harley to the Joker. My main issue is that new 52 Harley seems contrived. Hivy is fine, her relationship with Ivy is no problem it’s just the way it came about seems rushed and non-sensical. Harley kicks the shit out of the Joker, feels .00001% remorse (maybe) and goes to Ivy and so begins the la la la world and i don’t even understand the rest of new 52 it’s so…not Harley. I want like a whole arc of Harley trying to leave the Joker. I want it to be hard, I want her to think, I want something more than beating the Joker in his cell and then walking out with no problem. It didn’t do her or her relationship with the Joker any justice (ha). I feel like the new 52 Harley was created to please all the new-age comic readers who yeah, wanted this new ‘empowered’ Harley. But this isn’t empowerment. They made Harley look like an idiot with no intimidation. Their only hook is her beating the Joker and leaving him–besides that–meh. She’s not threatening anymore. She’s not dark. She’s not evil. They wrote all of that out of her with this. Empowerment is being able to create a female villain who can still be a strong, badass motherfucking villain even after she just ended a relationship that she put her whole life into. Empowerment is feeling that pain and becoming stronger from that loss of love. Empowerment is creating her own stake in crime, without the Joker, without anyone–to be the infamous Harley Quinn. It is not empowering to have her leave him for someone else and become some softy like she is in most of new 52. I want her to be her own villain and be more bad-ass than she was with the Joker–that’s how to empower a villain who just left an abuser. Make her more than her relationships. I’m really upset that Harley was thrown into the gutter in this comic–because they could have done so much more, given her so much more, and made her bigger than the Joker. What happened to ‘She was even crazier than him, and more fearless?’ –-I’d rather see that because if that’s the case she should be reigning over everyone and not be what she is now. It’s a mockery of all the potential and depth that Harley Quinn has to offer.

So long story short: i’m not happy with new 52 Harley. I’m disappointed and borderline offended.