Random Venezuela rant

Yesterday I was doing some Christmas shopping, basically new clothes and the odd college supply here and there, and all day I had troubles paying with my card, as terminals were slow as hell and many times rejected my card.

Well today I found out it’s because the fucking regime put a cap on business for electronic/card sales (don’t know the proper term for this), the equivalent of about 700 bucks a day, and once reached the terminal goes to hell and it’s basically luck if your card actually goes through, and that coupled with the poor state of the telecommunications infrastructure means there’s a fuckton of lines for paying stuff up, and you never know if you’re actually going to be able to pay.

And the worst thing is, there’s currently a critical lack of cash on the streets, with ATM lines that extend for hours and unbearable bank lines, mainly because thanks to the hyperinflation and the current useless bank notes in circulation (the highest ones, 100 BsF, being worth HALF A FUCKING CENT), means that you literally need bags of cash to pay for stuff, I seriously had to use about a fucking THOUSAND BILLS (mostly 20′s and 10′s, because that’s what I could get from the bank the other day) to pay for a fucking big-ass light bulb and some industrial glue, and I was forced to, because their terminal collapsed thanks to the above point!

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

The good news is, the government finally gave up and accepted our cash is useless, so this month they’re going to releases new bank notes, 500, 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 bills, alongside 10, 50 and 100 BsF coins, to replace all current currency in circulation, which by this point most of it had become obsolete, no one taking coins for the past two years, the two lowest bills (2 and 5) for the past year, and the 10 bill being seen as an insult to your face (sorry hardware store clerk!)

So yeah, business as usual, the country collapses around me yet life still goes on, gotta hand it to the Venezuelans, they really adapt quickly to terrible situations, hopefully someday they will be free of the tyranny of socialism/pseudo-communism, and the megalomania of its leaders. 

I do not take kindly to people who lie to me over and over. Even the smallest things add up, you swore that you wouldn’t do what you did. This is inexcusable.

No more retribution or pity from me. I am tired of the constant lying that has been happening even without communication. I am tired. I will not tolerate this from anyone else, ever again.

I gave you my good faith, and you turned around and used that against me. You never cared, and that is evident. I am tired of being used and neglected in your game. I am so incredibly tired.

what happened with yugyeom made me really angry cause even with exo there were photos of them in the bathroom (not in the stall thankfully) and now the members literally stand outside the bathroom door to block anyone from entering and invading the privacy of the other members. even at mama there was a photo of jungkook in the bathroom circulating. and not to mention the story of those fans who shaved their heads just so that they can get to enter into the male’s bathroom when idols are in there. it’s disgusting. stop doing that, just stop. what do you get out of that? idols are humans, they have feelings and they have boundaries just like you and i, them being an idol does not dismiss the fact that they should be treated with respect like every other human being you encounter in your life. 


REACTION: #2NE1 DISBANDMENT RANT. This just in: YG Entertainment got me fucked up. Here’s why.

Cool reminders about early UK punk

- No Mohawks! Absolutely no Mohawks in punk before the 80s, because no working class kid could afford that much hairspray, and DEFINITELY no leather jackets (…with the exception of Sid, of course.) The leather jacket/Mohawk/political patches formula didn’t get big until the middle class kids got into it (and no safety pin facial piercings, either).

- In the early shows, there were usually under a dozen kids who looked anything like “punk-” and when they did, it was a lot of bright colors, BDSM gear, smudged make up, and glitter. But most just wore jeans and tees.

- Most punks were really small, being British and in the 15-20 age range. Basically a bunch of baby beanpoles.

- Punks weren’t cool until ‘79 or ‘80; up til that point, they were basically targets for Teddy Boy (50s rockabilly fans) aggression. The beanpoles took a lot of beatings.

- Punk wasn’t some huge movement. Like I said before, there were only a handful of kids at every show who dressed up. They never looked alike. They never traveled in big packs, with the exception of the Bromley Contingent. They were just teenagers who loved the music and got creative with their looks.

- Most punks were white, since it was Britain and black kids had their own scenes with reggae and dub (though there was still a lot of overlap there), but most, not all- if you whitewash punk, Poly Styrene’ll kick your ass, and Don Letts will film it.

- UK punk started in gay and drag bars (one of which, The Ranch, in Manchester, is still open!), and there were tons of female punks. Poly, The Slits, Souxie and the Banshees, Soo Catwoman, Debbie Juvenile, and beyond- there was no room for homophobia or hypermasculinity.

- Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired of seeing UK punk represented as a bunch of big white men in Mohawks and leather jackets throwing punches at each other. Punk belonged to the poor kids who spent their whole lives being told they were nothing but factory fodder, and punk made them realize that if they were trash, then being trash was awesome. It was about equality and empowerment, about realizing that they deserved more than society threw at them. Don’t take that away from them.

(Sources include both of Johnny Rotten’s autobiographies, The Filth and the Fury, Passion is a Fashion/a biography on the Clash, Bernard Sumner’s autobiography, an article on Manchester punk by a journalist who came of age there, and several other photos and articles I’ve stumbled across.)

One last rant, did you know corner stores, street vendors, and many other small business are dying in Venezuela? Wanna know why?


Most of them only take cash, and as prices and inflation go up, each day cash is worth less, to the current point that you need those bags of cash to pay for anything, and since people nowadays pretty much save it for emergencies/absolute necessities, there’s simply too few people willing to use it in frivolous things.

And you might say “well, why don’t they get a terminal then?” They try, holy fuck they try, but the process is long and tedious, and banks simply don’t have enough machines to meet demand, and that, now coupled with the collapsing telecommunications network and the government-imposed caps, means not even cards are a safe bet for keeping your business afloat.

Such is life in socialist Venezuela.  

Listen, don’t follow your idols into the bathroom. Don’t do it, that on it’s own is just downright creepy. Can’t someone take a piss or shit in peace? If you do happen to stumble into them in the bathroom, that IS NOT an invitation for you to pull out your phone and start taking photos or a video or fucking record from under the door??? I can’t even think of words that can accurately describe just how inhumane that is. Do you think the door is there for style? Do you think that your hands were meant to pass that door if someone is occupying a stall? Do you think the bathroom is suitable for you to take photos of people? Would you like someone to take recordings of you, with or without your knowledge while you’re in the bathroom? Yugyeom is probably gonna be disgusted and scared to use public bathrooms again. Why would you intentionally make someone uncomfortable for possibly the rest of their lives when they have to pee??? There are unspoken boundaries that every human being has, including idols. Don’t cross it.


12x07 | Rock Never Dies

I have no idea what the writers are trying to achieve with scenes like this, though I’m pretty sure it’s not the following:

1) Sam complaining about Dean playing “Words With Friends” while he’s been doing research makes him look like a dick. Since when does Dean have to do research 24/7? Besides, Dean seems to be the one who takes care of the cleaning, the laundry and the grocery shopping most of the times, so why wouldn’t Sam do a bit more research instead? But most importantly, if Sam wanted Dean’s help, he should have said so, rather than passive-aggressively hiding in his room or whatever it is he’s been doing.

2) It looks like Sam’s classist attitude from the early seasons is back in full force. “A game that went out of style five years ago”? Who cares about that? Only the kind of jerks who’d sneer at home-made EMF meters, I think.

3) Sam’s back to judging everything Dean takes enjoyment in as stupid. Because Dean’s stupid, so obviously he can only enjoy stupid things. What happened to the Sam who had a grand time LARPing or watching the wrestling match in Beyond the Mat?

4) When Sam finds out Dean’s playing against Mary, he immediately jumps to the worst possible conclusion - why??? Are we to believe that Sam’s opinion of Dean is really that low? Plus is seems so hypocritical considering that apparently Sam can’t even be bothered to text her even once a week to ask how she’s doing. Dean’s the only one making an effort to build a relationship to Mary, and all Sam does is tell him off for doing it wrong?

5) Of course Mary beats Dean, because the game is too intellectual for poor dumb Dean. And because the show is so fond of the trope of establishing a strong female character by making them beat Dean in some fashion.

Why are they wiping out ten years of character development for Sam? And why is Jared following this trend by making Sam extra bitchy? I want to like Sam, dammit, and they’re making it unnecessarily hard!!!

Rant time: Gun Control

“Guns aren’t the problem. Guns are inanimate objects. The problem is guns going into the wrong hands.”
I swear to god, it is so frustrating listening to Americans talk about gun control. I don’t understand what’s so god damn difficult about the concept.
I don’t care how responsible a person is, EVERYONE has the capability to be in a bad mood. EVERYONE is capable of being depressed. Mental illness can strike anyone at anytime, and all it takes is a few minutes of unclear thinking to make a BIG FUCKING MISTAKE.
Anybody can be the wrong hands.

I just love how Fiona was preaching about how Mickey was such a mess for Ian when she didn’t even look for Ian when he was missing. Mickey went to the club found him and saved his ass because he was doped up on pills. Then Mickey stuck by his side no matter what, came out for Ian, and tried to help him go to a clinic. Also he made sure Ian wasn’t arrested for taking the baby and gave him his meds. But yeah Mickey is exactly like Jimmy/Steve because all he does is think about himself. 🙄

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Wait why are ppl saying that jikook is fighting??

I honestly have no idea

Even as a general rule I wouldn’t assume that because we have a distorted few of these boys. It may feel like we know so much about them (especially BTS they really spoil us with content) but please remember that you only see a portion of them and their lives on camera. We don’t truly know them so…

Like I said, I don’t think they meant any harm but….for someone who remembers the early days of Jikook, it was a bit upsetting. Jikook used to be portrayed as a really dysfunctional relationship, and not just in fics. People who hated “Jikook” would use this portrayal and amplify it, saying Jungkook really hated Jimin, and Jimin was just a doormat for Jungkook to walk all over.

This is NOT TRUE but new fans who were entering the fandom at that time believed it because that was mostly how Jikook was portrayed. It took a long time, more than a year, to step away from that portrayal of Jikook and I think we’ve made great progress (us the fandom but also Jimin and Jungkook as well). I don’t want us to go back.

So please. Don’t assume anything. It may be more detrimental than you think. Besides, we as a collective fandom are already dealing with so much drama, we do not need to start in-house drama. We should focus on making this fandom more positive oriented! And not just with ships, but with all the members, fans, and other fandoms as well  ^.^ 

Chapter 513 reaction

The Minerva apology was needed and approved; Kagura stopped holding grudges. Grudges are not good for your health so that’s good- WAIT a second. WHERE IS HER INJURY?!?? SUDDENLY INJURIES DISAPPEAR?! HUH?!?? -.-

Larcade is out - Zeref…I swear to god if you don’t go save your son I will feed you to ANKHSERUM

Irene, STOP PLAYING AROUND OMG - Indifferent about your daughter? Okay that’s both fine and cruel - like your very own existence.

Apparently Erza’s family are just all Mary Sues, Former Queen of dragons? OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Walking plot device: STILL AN ANNOYING FACT.

Also I am starting a bet:

Irene or Erza will be the ones to defeat Acnologia.

Let’s see how our fellow Mary Sue And Mary Sue Jr. do.

The thing I like about my Venezuelan rants, besides being a way of venting my frustrations with my situation, is that they usually trigger all them hardcore edgy communists fucks in Tumblr!

Sure, getting insulted by them ain’t fun, but it sure is seeing them flip their shit with my words, specially when they go for the Not Real Communism™ approach, which in itself always proves the point that these populist systems are doomed to fail from the get-go.

I kinda miss being accused of not living in Venezuela though, as proving those idiots wrong is always a great exercise in creativity and hilarity.

To put it simply:



I don’t know why some fans think that they are entitled to over step any boundaries put in place to make sure that idols are safe and I don’t want to know!

They better cut this shit out now!

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Im poly and asexual, but my boyfriend is neither of those things. Im worried it's going to affect the relationship more then it already has, what should I do?

I’m also poly and ace and my partner is not ace and I think what works best is communicating! Seeing where your boundaries are and what you’re both comfortable doing and not doing.