i can’t believe they had maggie finally admit to alex what she went through as a child and i have to put up with this stupid love triangle instead of explaining further what LGBT children go through every day. Like, I love that they gave her such a realistic and relatable backstory but please, don’t have her drop that bomb and then give the storyline like 3 minutes… Its just too important to let slide… the LGBT community deserves better. 

Can I be super negative for a second?

I am super disappointed that the ACOTAR series is being made into movies. I don’t think they will work as films at all.

Sorry if people are super excited for them.

The way that my brain reads books is completely in movie form (like most people probably). I provide camera angles, position the characters like I’m setting a scene, and when I think back on a book I revise or consolidate to what would fit best in movie form. (Do people do that?? idk. Like when I heard HP7 and Mockingjay were being split, I automatically knew where they would put the break and people thought I was crazy, but I digress)

When I heard that TOG was being made a show I was thrilled because you CANNOT put those series in movies. It’s too much material, especially later on in the series obviously. But with TOG, it is made for the big screen (or you know, little screen, whatever). Set pieces, grand finales, characters overlapping and puzzle pieces fitting together, action packed, etc

But that’s not how acotar is at all. If anything, it COULD work as a series as well, but with difficulty.

You could argue that Thorns and Roses could be made into a movie but I think it would be hard to make it have the right flow. Not to mention, Sarah throws a wrench in the narrative when Feyre goes UtM, it’s a complete mood shift, and UtM would eat considerable screen time. So everything else would be abbreviated- but you know, it’s Tamlin so that’s not too bad.

Then acomaf happens. You guys, acomaf will never work on a big screen. No way, no how.

1. It’s LONG. It is the slow burn of all slow burns. Movies don’t deal in slow.   Consolidating that slow burn into a movie would cut out INSANE amounts of character development.  As a reader, you love each of those moments between Feyre and Rhys, and how it helps Feyre SLOWLY heal and trust him and love him. And there are a million of those little moments. And with the highly sensitive nature of her healing from abuse, good luck putting all that in 2.5 hours without botching it, rushing it, or cutting out all but 5 scenes which will just make me so sad.

2. It’s introspective. There are a whole lot of things that happen in this book that don’t play out in the open. Not to mention that this is not an Action book like TOG, it’s a Feelings book. There’s a lot of sensing and thinking and internal monologues and reading others’ thoughts. When you are reading acomaf and every other conversation is happening internally down the bond, it makes sense. You know what you get when you put that on screen? annoying voice overs and characters staring at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time. There is absolutely no time for all that shit- UNLESS…

3. When you think about it, the whole book is already set up EPISODICALLY. Look, I’ll even give some of these episodes titles:

The Wedding. The Night Court. Locked In. The City of Starlight. The Bone Carver. The Court of Nightmares. Summer. Starfall.  Do you see where I am going with this? Call me, Netflix.

Basically I have a vision for how this is going to go and I don’t think a movie could ever do it justice and will probably make everything seem really contrived and rushed. Lastly, and just because I’ve been burned too many times by the film industry. I’ll give my predictions:

“Are you #teamtamlin or #teamrhysand? Retweet your favorite acotar man!”

White Rhysand. That’s all.

Side characters with any depth? What’s that?

Subtlety and and character-led story telling? What’s that?

every time i see some edit a fantaken, crop their logo, paste their own logo onto it then say “don’t crop my logo and give credit if using” i get so pissy lol sis….. fam…… it doesn’t work like that buddy pal. you can’t take someone’s shit, disobey their rules and not even credit them, and expect people to do the same for you. all your ‘hardwork’ doesn’t mean anything if you’re taking someone else’s hardwork, trashing it and trying to build your own reputation from something that isn’t yours to begin with. your ‘hardwork’ is none existent if the hardest part of it (aka paying money to go to concerts, paying money to get equipment to take those hd pics, waiting hours to see your faves, going to the airports, flying overseas to other concerts your faves will have) didn’t even come from you.

Story of How a Show I Once Loved Has Caused Me Deep and Flaming Anger

I hate how this show, a show I used to love has been turned up on its head. Today we were promised a “sanvers-centric” episode and all we got was about 5 minutes total - if that. I know there are people out there that just LOVE Mon-El but seriously? How much does Kara actually know about him? Nothing. Except for maybe the fact that he enjoys club soda. We heard and saw the depth of Maggie and Alex’s relationship. Alex knows all about Maggie’s little quirks and enjoyments and now we know about Maggie’s rough past. They have a developed and layered relationship. And here’s Kara and Mon-El, no build up, no true love, just basic white straight guy getting what he wants because he’s a white straight male. How is this show supposed to set a good example for the audience it’s targeted for (I’m pretty sure it’s one of CW’s only fully family friendly show) if it shows a guy dominating and succeeding in getting what he wants? The fact that a layered and deep relationship is thrown to the sidelines for this BS is actually homophobic. A strong relationship was set up, simply to queerbait the audience. It’s true. It’s true and it’s sad. This show, Supergirl. A show I used to love and respect for its immensely strong feminism and powerful themes. It’s awful because part of me wants to stop watching it. There are some of you out there who are probably thinking “wow, stop watching a show because you hate one character? That’s ridiculous”. It is so much more than that. Thank you for hanging in here with me. Unfollow me, block me, I don’t care. I guess I’ll see you next week for lack of a better option.

what pissed me off the most about this week’s ep isn’t even the fact that we got only 7 minutes of sanvers in an episode that was supposed to be sanvers centric and even winn and his girl got more time. it wasn’t even the fact that it was pretty much just another episode of keeping up with mon-el and not supergirl. but it was the fact that when kara was faking that she doesn’t like mon-el she was actually making valid points. she was making valid points about why they can’t be together and yet at the end of the episode they got together. because apparently when a girl says no it just means that you have to try harder to get her. (which reminds me wasn’t the point of this ep to show that no means no?? but like they keep doing the opposite with mon-el so i’m really confused here…) the great feminist show that supergirl was in season one is really gone. and as  much as i love season two for sanvers and alex’s coming out i’m really sick of it. because kara’s relationship with mon-el is inherently toxic and yet they keep shoving it down our throats. the great feminist show is telling girls that when they think they don’t like a guy they actually do and they just gotta think harder about it. like him even though he is not good for you for so many valid reasons.

whenever i say “this fandom doesn’t deserve liam” please keep in mind that i’m 100% serious.

liam is such an interesting person. he’s kind, he’s sensible, he’s caring, he’s sensitive, he’s mature, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s talented… and what does he get in return? the majority of this fandom calls him boring because they fail to take a closer look at his personality. he’s being called extra for being able to hit notes nobody else in one direction could even hit in their dreams. people call him dumb because he misspells words sometimes or makes jokes not everyone gets. 
do you know when everyone i follow blogged about liam? when he posted those shirtless selfies. or tweeted happy birthday to harry. but besides that… nobody seems to care about him. not even on his own birthday.

i’m sick and tired of pretty much all non-liam stans only caring about him when it’s convenient to them. i can’t stand all this fake excitement about solo liam when most of you didn’t even acknowledge the song snippets he posted or the fact that he’s already worked with people like pharrell and some of the best producers/songwriters out there. please start treating liam the same way you treat the other three boys. if you really love him as much as you all claim you do, then start projects for his debut single like you did with this town and just hold on. support the idea of solo liam as much as the idea of solo harry if you’re really that excited. but i already know most you won’t and i’m keeping my eye on every single one of you. i know who’s fake, you can’t fool me.

ok but am I the only one who is not only pissed but hurt that apparently alec and magnus did have sex and they chose to glaze over it unlike their apparent need to flaunt jace and stranger girl in the same fucking episode, i’m not calling homophobia but that’s exactly what it is. i was really holding out hope that they would clear it up this week but they just cemented the fact that alec and magnus did take that step and they didn’t bother to give it nearly as much screen time as it deserved. don’t know about you all, but i am tired™.

Wiishus new video

So in @wiishu s new video she said that she was being told she was undeserving of the amount of subscribers she has because shes seen as just jacksepticeyes girlfriend which is why i wanted to say this: I cant believe shes getting negativity having Jack in her videos. Yes, the whole reason I found her channel is through Jack but I subscribed for her and her alone. I subscribed because I like her content and I think shes a really cool person and great artist. Shes one of the reasons that I have the courage draw and post my drawings online - something that i have always been too nervous to do as Im terrified people will laugh at me for being crap. Shes my inspriation and she deserves every single subscriber and so much more.

Humans are the most idiotic creatures on the planet; that’s why I don’t write much about them.

Me, after a friend asked me why I wrote about supernatural creatures.
It is easy for me to say this. I do find the good and hope for the best for humanity but multiple times do I see stupidity and ignorance at its finest dripping from the mouths of the human race.

We only care about the bad a person has done and barely praise the good. We revel in the idea of punishment and damnation but don’t consider the idea of forgiveness and enlightenment. We claim one thing expecting it to mean another, twisting the words to match our ideas.

We don’t care if someone learns from their mistake; we wish death upon them for even thinking about their mistake. We don’t care if someone begs for forgiveness; we demand their lives.

We treat people who we believe are beneath us like monsters and the bigotry of this idea spawns from both the conservative and liberal sides of the idealistic wall.

Only when you open your eyes and understand that human beings are human beings no matter what will you learn how to properly react to any situation; fictional or not.

There are humans that deserve death, but most do not.

There are humans that are damnable, but most are not.

Education, forgiveness, and enlightenment can go a long way and that goes for both the sinners and the preachers.

I say this as a human being myself: humans are the most idiotic creatures on the planet and I doubt that much will change my mind.

So, @thatfeministkilljoy is engaged in a “debate” with people so obtuse it’s actually painful. Like, their jackassery is giving me a real life headache.

So, the idea she put forward is this: If we expect public restrooms and businesses to provide free toilet paper and hand soap, why don’t we expect them to provide free emergency tampons/pads. They are both public health issues and bare bones period products suitable for emergencies are fairly cheap. It’s a pretty reasonable question. It’s like the word “bossy” or manspreading; one of those deceptively “small” issues that shit stains love to pretend aren’t emblematic of deeper problems. “Can you believe feminists are so triggered over baby changing stations not being in the men’s room? Yeah, I’m gonna totally ignore the fact that they use it as a readily apparent example of how our society casually assigns gender roles even when it’s inconveniences people.”

Not these guys, though. They’re on some different level. They decided this IS a hill worth dying on, and they brought their terrible argument A-game. The one they love sticking to is that it’s different because period things are a “luxury” item, a recent invention that people who have periods have gotten used too, and it’s just




Have I got some news for you about how surprisingly recent toilet paper is and what people used for the majority of human history instead. I’ll give you a hint: it’s why we still only shake with our right hands. It’s almost as if we switched to the new thing because it’s more sanitary for us and the people around us.

And also, let’s point out that the US is alone on taxing them as luxury items, other countries say “America taxes tampons as luxuries” in the same half horrified tone they’d say “Japanese emergency rooms aren’t open on weekends” and “people willingly live in Texas”.

Then they go on to explain that restaurants offer tooth picks and mints but we don’t EXPECT them to as if their necessity level was the same as toiletries. Like, yes, if a restaurant mints or toothpicks we wouldn’t bat an eye but if they didn’t have soap or TP and expected you to use The Historical Method it would be the end of the restaurant.

A good chunk of other arguments could double as an argument against toilet paper in restrooms so that’s how I’m going to present them: “Or, y’know, you could take a roll of toilet paper wherever you go, like an adult responsible for their own hygiene, if you forget your roll or run out, that’s your problem for being irresponsible. Yeah, I’m gonna totally ignore the fact that this creates a public health risk all the same.”

So, this is the last part of my rant and I saved it for Special Mentions. First, special thanks to the fucking walnut who answered a completely different question. “Nuh-uh! Toilet paper isn’t free, businesses pay for it” this person typed by farting on their key board. Second, I really appreciate the MORE THAN ONE PERSON who suggested that people stuff toilet paper down their underpants like that was a real solution. I don’t even get periods and I can see that is a no-good-very-bad idea. It strikes me as an embarrassing, last ditch act of desperation, like, I don’t know

wiping your ass with your bare hand in 2017.

Repost of Saturday's rant ( it was all over the place)

Alright, before I go on I just would like to state that this is NOT a shipping post in any way, shape, form, or fashion. This is an ADULT post meant for ADULTS only. This is also a post about using basic common sense and judgement, especially those who are over the age of 25. So, I’ve noticed that after the release of the first promotional still for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. People noticed what looked like a bruise on the side of Rey’s forehead. People who hate Kylo Ren with a passion were quick to state that he was the culprit responsible for giving Rey that tiny bruise.(smh) They even went as far as to write posts hastaging “pray for Rey” and hashtaging “abuse”. So this got me thinking about the ROOT cause of all of this nonsense. I thought back to 1 year ago in February when word got out that JJ Abrams described or compared the interrogation scene in TFA as “vicious mind rape” as some tumblrinas like to call it. Now this is pretty old and like beating a dead horse but I have never fully addressed this until now.

So when I first heard about this, I could have sworn that this was something JJ may have said in an interview so I when went to googling it, I got nothing. It wasn’t until I posted a comment on a YouTube video that someone pointed out to me that this claim was made by a random person on no other than facebook. And I know what some of you are thinking “but Erika, she said her husband was dying and that JJ spoke to him on the phone and confirmed it!” No, that’s not what this very young I might add woman stated on her post. Here’s how it went; So on January 3rd, 2016 (two weeks after TFA opened) A woman whose name I will not give out, made a post on facebook stating that her dying husband got an advanced screening of TFA by Disney/Lucasfilm. She claimed that her husband was under the impression that the interrogation scene was a rape scene. She then stated that she had brushed it off as a result of him being disoriented by the medication he was on and that she in no way perceived the scene as sexual. She goes on to say that she called JJ Abrams personal phone herself and she inquired to the director about that one scene in particular and that he stated to her “ he was right, it was violent mind rape” her words.

Here’s the problem I have with this, one it was posted on facebook of all places and two, people last year were on here ranting and raving about it as if JJ Abrams himself presented it as the Eleventh Commandment etched in stone on Entertainment Tonight! When I heard it was a post on facebook I took it with a grain of salt. Also had this young woman’s husband had gotten an advanced screening then this would have been something set up solely by Disney and not JJ himself. Let’s say JJ was involved, then he’s not going to give out his personal number to ANYONE he doesn’t work with or know personally no matter what dire situation they are in and let alone to ask about one scene. At best he would have provided this woman with the number of his Personal Assistant. She would have called his PA and would have made the inquiry to said PA and they would have forwarded the inquiry to Mr. Abrams and he would have responded to her either via email or phone. Or she would have emailed JJ to begin with had he provided her with his personal email address.

But no this young lady claims that she just rang JJ up all willy nilly and he just answered like “Oh hai gurl! How you doin?!” An A list director like JJ more than likely wouldn’t have given out his number to her, nor would he likely be involved in the screening in the first place. Disney has many, many employees who could have handled this themselves without getting the director of the film involved who was probably too busy promoting the film during the time that the screening took place. My point is, you can’t take everything at face value because there is a possibility that this woman may have very well fabricated this. “But Erika who would lie about something involving their dying husband??!!” Oh you would be surprised.

I’m not saying that this person lied about her husband dying, however I find it hard to believe that she called JJ Abrams or even had his phone number to begin with. It’s not impossible that this happened but it’s highly unlikely that she spoke personally and directly to JJ. What boggles my mind is that people on tumblr were talking about it as if what this woman said just had to be true based on the fact that her husband was dying. We all would like to believe that most people would have compassion and morals but unfortunately not everyone does. For example a man in Texas where I hail from lied to the high school he worked for that he was dying of cancer. The school even ran a fundraiser for him. He took their money so he can travel to another state to clear up a pending legal matter, so yes people regardless of how good they may seem on the surface do lie. You don’t believe me then google “Texas Man lies about having cancer.”

Four years ago I was unemployed and wrote a screenplay. My unemployment ran out before I thought it would and I had to find work ASAP or I would have been living out on the street. I had gotten a job at an outsourced call center that would just hire anyone who came a knockin’. So in my training class the trainer all had us play a game and we all asked each other some questions and presented them to the entire class. One of those questions was “do you know anyone famous” one girl by the name of Brittney claimed that she in fact did. That she was the second cousin twice removed of actor and director Tyler Perry. She told the entire class this with the utmost certainty and naïve little old me thought “If she told an entire room full of people then it has to be true!!” So during our lunch break I plucked up the courage to ask her about contacting her famous cousin. She gave me an email address to one of his PA’s named Shondria. I emailed the PA in question my screenplay and got a response back the same day asking for my phone number which I provided. A day later, a woman by the name of Mickey called me and asked me for additional info because the screenplay was an adaptation and not an original. So I provided her with the name and email address of the author of the story and that she would forward my screenplay over to Mr. Perry and would stay in contact with me.

Two weeks later I got an email from “Shondria” stating that Mr. Perry read the screenplay and loved it. Weeks turned to months and months turned into a full year and “Shondria” stopped responding to my emails. I somehow stumbled upon a feature on my gmail account that enabled me to view the actual names of the people I was emailing. I discovered that the person that I was emailing all along was Brittney the girl who claimed to be Tyler Perry’s cousin. She may or may have not been lying about being related to Tyler Perry but she was definitely lying about knowing the people who worked for him. See where I’m getting at? I have receipts of my incident if anyone is interested and doesn’t believe me. And again I am not calling the facebook poster a liar, it’s just people could have taken that post with a HUGE grain of salt and not necessarily as a reliable source.

What really gets me is how I’ve seen a few so called hardcore Reylo’s who weighed in on this without reading the whole story and just taking people’s word for it. One popular blogger even went as far as to make a contradicting statement along the lines of “just because the director stated it was mind rape doesn’t mean that’s how it was written or directed, he was just answering the question of a dying man who was uncertain about his perception of a scene.” As eloquent as this blogger tried to make this statement sound, to me it made zero sense. If it were not written or directed as such then wouldn’t it have made sense for JJ to say no this was not meant to be perceived as a rape?? Common sense here folks. Bottom line this will come up again soon and we need to remember to take it with a grain of salt. Until Lucasfilm/Disney or JJ Abrams himself confirms that this was the subtext that they were using then try to categorize this as a rumor. As far as I know there has been no mention of any sexual subtext or any rape parallels discussed in any BTS footage of TFA or even in JJ’s commentary. This is just something that I felt I needed to revisit and commentary I should have made over a year ago.