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Dear non-natives,

Native people are united in many ways but there is no such thing as a collective “native culture.

A DNA test saying you have native blood does not mean you’re native. Blood does not give you a claim to the hundreds of native cultures that exist. Blood quantum as what determines who is native is a settler colonist idea. Stop.

If you take a DNA test and it comes back saying you have some native blood or if you find out you had a native ancestor and your response is "how can I profit off this” then you’re a piece of shit. You don’t give a fuck about native people and it’s obvious.

I get so many messages asking how people can get a tribal card to get scholarships. If you’re one of these people then I have zero respect for you. You have no problem using native claim for profit while you could care less about native struggles.

“But I have a lot in common with native culture” no, no you do not. Again, there are hundreds of native cultures, not just one. Your fascination of the more popularized aspects of only a handful of these cultures does not give you a connection. Thinking something is cool is not a connection. Blood quantum does not give you a connection.

I’m using this message I got last night as example but this is something I deal with a lot.

#dearnonnatives we can always tell when you love our cultures but could care less about our peoples.


Whether or not a dog is called an omnivore or a carnivore doesn’t matter much. What matters is what you’re feeding.

Dogs evolved from animals that ate mostly animal tissue in a feast/famine style, with very little subsistence on plant matter, usually for special reasons like grass to scrub out parasites. Compared to wolves, dogs only have 3 different genome regions dedicated to the catabolism and utilization of glucose and starch. This mutation allowed them to thrive in human settlements. But… it bothers me when this fact is misconstrued for a particular side (traditional pet food vs raw feeding).

Dogs can and do use glucose and starch for energy. This is an undeniable fact. Whether or not a large amount of these nutrients (say, 50%-90% as is found in most kibbles) fed over a long time is bad for a dog remains to be seen. But generally, does your dog thrive on mostly corn? Does your dog thrive eating nothing but wheat and rendered-to-death chicken byproducts? Certainly I believe different dogs can tolerate shittier diets. Dogs are hugely varied and some are just garbage guts. I’m not defending folks who feed crap food, but I’m just saying: Use your dog’s body to tell you if it’s healthy. Shiny coat? No flakey skin? White teeth? Steady stool consistency? No excessive gas? Clear eyes and ears? Strong nails? Steady energy? Not over or under weight? Good muscle tone? Awesome.

For some dogs, they do best on raw diets. Some dogs do excellently on raw and kibble and everything in between.

It doesn’t matter if a dog is technically a carnivore or an omnivore or an “opportunistic omnivore” or whatever. Look at what nutrients a dog can utilize. Look at their digestive tracts. Look at their body health. Adapt what you feed with knowledge of good research, not funded by dog food companies, and constantly watching your dog’s reactions to foods. Choose nutritious ingredients no matter what they are, plant or animal. (Gonna go with white potato, or sweet potato? Chicken or venison? What has more nutrients? What does your dog do best on?)

Dogs are the most varied animal on the planet. There isn’t such a thing as “the best dog food”. Experiment. Research. Watch.


“I want my electric lasso. I would slice people in half. I would let my psychopathy out once and for all, and people couldn’t do anything about it ‘cause I would have a laser lasso and if you come at me, I’d slice you in half with it!”

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I think he might like a little reminder anyway, just to be safe. All this talk about dark versions, sam and gabe... Gabriel flirting with you now. It hits hard. *insert dirty hitting hard jokes here*

 You know what, anon. You’re absolutely right.
It is time for me to talk about how much I love Raúl…..

So, beware y’all: long freaking post coming your way.

But where to begin, I mean, what is there not to love about Raúl? For starters, have you SEEN his eyes?



Then, you have his smile. Because, Jesus Christ, does this little piece of heaven has a million dollar smile.

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from his lil smug smirks

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to his hearty laughs, because tell me you are NOT able to listen to him laugh with just looking at this:

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go ahead lie to me….

Now that we have The EmCee there, can we talk about how freaking talented he is? I mean he began with this little roles here and there on Broadway. So there’s pictures and videos of him SINGING HIS LIFE AWAY, because DEAR GOD DOES THIS MAN CAN SING

  • Grease in 1992 (which there are no pictures/video of it but he talks about him crashing a van on stage during it here)
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show as Riff Raff (here you have him singing Time Warp)
  • Cabaret as The EmCee (here he is singing Money, my personal favorite)
  • Taboo as Philip Sallon (cry a bit with my favorite one Petrified)
  • Tick Tick Boom! as Johnny Larson (Why is he so amazing?)
  • Evita as Che (here)
  • Leap of Faith as Jonas Nightingale (here)
  • Please, let us not forget ROBERT, BOBBY, BABY, BUBBI in Sondheim’s 2006 revival of Company

And so many more than I’m completely missing because I’m just so excited to be talking about him. 

We also have him killing it in TV shows like NBC’s Hannibal as Dr. Frederick Chilton who I LOVE WITH MY ENTIRE BEING MY POOR ILL-FATED BABY

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Also in the whimsical series Pushing Daisies as Alfredo Aldarisio a.k.a. the world’s biggest cinnamon roll.

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And the show where probably most people noticed him for the first time Law and Order S.V.U. as Rafael “Show-me-how-you-like-it” Barba

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Like seriosuly??? This man is literal perfection, and whoever’s against that can FUCKING FIGHT ME.

This has been a PSA about how much I love Raúl Esparza. 
Thanks for reading.


Can we talk about Waverly’s coming to terms wiht her sexuality, and how she and wynonna both handled it. 

I think this was one of the big things that we tend to forget about, Waverly did this on her own, she came out to herself before anything else and she never had that moment of no i’m not straight. This is something so easy to look over but when you look into it more you realize what that means, it means that Waverly grew up knowing that it was ok what ever her sexuality would be, she knew that her family would love her. Waverly had Wynonna who wold not care if she was with a girl or a guy and who just wanted the best for her little sister

THIS IS SUCH A BIG THING THOUGH rather than her being scared of her sexuality she embraces it head on like it makes things click into place. Her coming out arch was not one of huge emotion but it showed her figuring things out, it was treated more like just any other romance it was given screen time it was given a slow growth.

We see that in the show wayhaught faces homophobia and you see Waverly deal with that head on she doesn’t stand for it she is strong and Nicole is the same in that they gave this romance a different flare to it, a different way of coming out and getting together

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Do you not ship Stony at all now? :) No judgment, since I'm unsure about them after Civil War...I've not seen you post anything with just them recently -- it's usually Stuckony or evil!Steve. On a similar note, how do you bear with not blaming Bucky, too? I want so badly to enjoy his character, but he played his own part in CW, and I get so pissed at him, too, alongside Steve. Urgggh I'm just so sick of people hurting Tony, even if they didn't mean to, you know? I want him to be happy so badly!

I still ship Stony (I like fanon Steve. It’s canon Steve that I am thoroughly disgusted with) - for example, a lot of my age play fics are just Tony and Steve. But, people know that I am 10000% DONE with canon Steve and so I’m getting a lot of commissions that play on that.

As for Bucky… I guess I just think Steve was worse. For one thing, Steve was a major hypocrite: he ragged on Tony for keeping secrets in AOU, all while he was keeping a HUGE secret from Tony. And secondly, Steve can pretend all he wants that he didn’t tell Tony the truth because he was “protecting Tony”. That’s bullshit. Steve was protecting himself, because a) he didn’t want to have a painful conversation, and b) he thought that Tony would stop supporting his (useless) search for Bucky. That’s not protecting STEVE that’s being selfish as fuck.

(I also get super pissed when it comes to Steve’s attitude towards Wanda and the accords. Wanda is not a child; she’s a dangerous adult who willingly sided with Hydra (and wtf even was Steve even doing trying to a parallel between him and Wanda?! NOT THE SAME THING YOU DUMBASS) and mind-raped several members of the team. As for the accords, Steve’s biggest excuse was “these people might have an agenda”. Newsflash, STEVE had arguably the biggest agenda out of everyone in the whole movie: all he cared about was protecting Bucky.)

I mean, I get pissed at both of them for reacting against Tony. BUT, Bucky was just trying to defend himself. He had no context for Tony’s history with the arc reactor; what we saw as a cruel and potentially triggering event for Tony was, in Bucky’s mind, a way to stop the armor from trying to kill him. Steve, on the other hand, took it WAY too far. You can see by the end of the scene that Tony has stopped trying to defend himself, yet Steve continues to wail on him with the shield?!

TL, DR: canon Steve can go crash another plane into the arctic.

I wanna say that I really hate this ageist shit pulled on Mickie, because you see it everywhere, like after their twenties women are frowned upon or mocked for doing a lot of things and what the fuck, honestly, what are people supposed to do after a certain age? Vaporize? Stop existing? So kudos to Mickie for being like I’m 37 and I can own it any day against anyone, even if it’s only another storyline 

why are there all these posts going around like “don’t judge people based on what they ship!! Shipping doesn’t reflect a person’s character! uwu” ?? like… I feel as though I’ve been transported back to 2012 fandom hell. Are y’all seriously saying that we as a community should turn a blind eye to incest and pedophilia ships??? you do realize that doing this just normalizes it, right? 

If you get your rocks off to shipping kids with adults, or with their own siblings, then fuck yes I’m going to judge the shit out of you!! like wtf?! That’s disgusting! If you support pedophilic and incestuous ships, then unfollow and get the hell away from me! I don’t care if they’re fictional: it’s still fucking gross!!! like why is this a controversial statement? I hate this website

introvert: *reads*

society: you must be lonely. go outside and socialize!

introvert: *draws*

society: what are you doing inside on such a nice day?

introvert: *creates*

society: why are you wasting your time with your pointless delusions?

the struggles of an introvert in an extroverted society

Want to know why I am the personification of George Costanza? Because only he could donate money harmlessly to someone in need and be blocked for it.

And even in this situation right now I am faced with a classic George Costanza™ moment. Request the money back and look like an ass? Make a Tumblr post about it complaining? Obviously I’ve already chosen one of those two.

Another day in the life.

“For years Jerry! I watch those donation posts fly by, but I was too busy, or couldn’t spare! And for once, I try donating for the first time, and would you know..!


“Blocked Jerry! Blocked?!”

“You got the block…”

“Why do I get the block?”

“I don’t know, when you get blocked there’s nothing you can do George”

“I could ask for the money back!”


“I can’t?”

“Refund a donation? No one refunds a donation”

“I can’t do a refund? Says who? Who writes the rules!? Who?!”

“The same people who made you pay a quarter for extra ketchup, life not fair George, you get blocked, and you get no refunds”

“That’s the last time I donate, why spend when you can’t refund”

“Sometimes I wish I could request a refund on you”

I have a lot of opinions on Supergirl and Sanvers after the last episode, but it’s going to take me a little to get my thoughts together and make a post.

I will say this though, the most upsetting part of the inevitable breakup of sanvers is the huge amount of hateful homophobic people who chanted every week for Sanvers to be gone because they didn’t want their kids seeing it get to feel like they won. I’m not saying that lgbtq+ characters can’t go through breakups in shows, but, and I hope I’m wrong, I don’t see them giving Alex another love interest. This is just going to validate those people I saw all up and arms saying they were not allowing their kids to watch supergirl anymore because of Sanvers. They get to say “see kids, a marriage between two women can’t work.” And that THAT is what hurts me more than anything. It is just bad hurtful writing and the CW continues to show how much they have no interest in truly supporting us and just want to use us for views.

In light of Jensen’s tweet and everything that has been going on the past few days, I just want to say, me too. 

(This is not related to SPN, but I read a post of a good friend on Facebook and it left me speechless. So I wanted to share my opinion on the matter. If you don’t want to read a long rant about people being complete pigs, feel free to ignore this). 

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My amazingly awesome fellow-nerd sister lovingly indulged my porg obsession (something we lovingly share) by getting me a porg (that’s life sized! And makes porg noises!) for my birthday!

But now I’m faced with a challenge. My sister’s porg is cleverly named Smorgasporg (as in a Smorgasbord) and now I need an equally clever name for my porg, lest he feels not nearly as well loved as his cousin. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!