So can we like…start normalizing the idea that not everyone dates or has their first boyfriend/girlfriend in junior high or high school?

There are plenty of people who go into college with little to no dating experience. There are tons of people who go into college having not had their first kiss yet. It’s not wrong; everyone experiences things at a different pace, and that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured into doing things you’re not comfortable with at the time just because you feel like you have to fill some sort of “quota.”

i guess it just really bothers me that most people laughed at gaga before and never gave her a chance because she was different even though her music was amazing they just saw freak with funny costumes and mocked her but now that she has intentionally surrendered to dressing in simple outfits everyone’s falling for it like “wow this chick is actually talented!!! haha who would’ve ever guessed” like… we all knew this before… you just couldn’t get past how she looked to hear her before cause you’re a boring idiot…

Those of you who demanded an apology from Harry, even though he did not do anything wrong, I hope y'all are real happy now, although imho you don’t deserve that and you don’t deserve his apology, especially seeing your shitty behavior and how quick you were to turn your back on him and to judge him so harshly without a context to his words.

No matter how hurt you felt, you didn’t know what was going on, you didn’t wait for an explanation, you just lost your shit and rendered the tags and twitter and the comment on that YT video a toxic mess, and he deserved better than the disgusting bulshit he got, especially from so called “fans”.

He’s always been so kind to us and spoken so openly and so well about LGBT+ issues and about Magnus and bisexuality, yet you who call yourselves his fans… it took you less than a second to turn your back on that, to forget all of that, to disrespect him and to accuse and/or attack him.

Y'all don’t deserve the respect this man has for you. Y'all don’t deserve the apology he gave you despite him having done nothing wrong.
And he didn’t. If you have trouble understanding that, then you’re part of the problem here, not him, because you have clearly no idea how the adult world works, yet you are quick to judge. He was doing his job, he was under contract and he was respecting an LGBT+ organisation’s decision in how it wanted to run it’s own event.

Ultimately, I hope that at least some of y'all learned something from this, but I fear that Harry’s kindness and apology just made you feel like you were justified in doing what you did.

You were not.

I guess I could get alot of creeps with pictures like this (even though I don’t really show shit), but I already get reblogged on porn blogs and shit anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I post.
I just think it’s a nice look and I’ve seen plenty of cis-girls post alot “worse” without anyone caring, it shouldn’t be any different just because I’m transgender.
I shouldn’t need to cover up more than any other girls just because some people can’t keep their damn fetish in check and treats every transperson as a sexual object.

It makes me sick, but it’s not like I can do anything about it except block those people. As I’ve said before it’s fine to have a fetish of course, but hell, don’t bring it on random people.
Go watch some porn or whatever, but act like a normal fucking human being and don’t just assume people like me give a shit about your fetish.

I’m transgender. Not a sissy, faggot, abomination or some damn sexual object.
I’m a woman, that’s it. Just like any cis-girl but with worse luck and I shouldn’t have to be sexualised/a fetish just because of who I am.

Why I’m Bitter about Frozen

The reason I’m bitter about Frozen is because there were so many things Disney could have done with it, but they focused too much on breaking cliches and being unpredictable that they ruined any chance of it being good or coherent.

I’d have been just fine if the Duke was the real villain. If he’d rallied a party of people not just from his own court, but from Arendelle as well, against Elsa because of her powers, and those people were to turn against their own queen because she was different and strange, and it would take Anna’s help and Elsa herself to convince them otherwise. If the people came around to see that her powers weren’t evil, but beautiful and unique, that would’ve been enough to thaw Arendelle.

I’d have been fine if Elsa were more of an antivillain. If she were allowed to be bitter and jealous of her sister for leading a normal life, not confined and always having to be on guard because of her magic. Bitter and angry at her parents who told her to bottle up her sorrows and keep her powers under a tight seal, hiding her emotions and unable to tell anyone, even her own sister! That would’ve added so much pathos and emotion to Let It Go.

I’d have been fine if we had Anna/Hans and Elsa/Kristoff like what was very blatantly in the original plan, because they are two different kinds of men with very different backgrounds, but they can both reach out to and relate to these sisters. They could both be someone to support them and rely on them with. None of this nonsense where Elsa, shut out from everyone for most of her life, is touted as “revolutionary” for never having a prince, and Anna is shunned and scolded and talked down to for daring to want love in her life. And definitely not this bull where Hans, the nice, gentlemanly, charming guy, was secretly a conniving sociopath all for the sake of a surprise villain, while Kristoff, the grumpy, antisocial, gross, rude loner, was the “right guy” all along.

I’d have been fine if Elsa and Anna’s parents were portrayed and explicitly meant to be abusive, even despite trying to be loving and supportive. They already were, but if the narrative had recognized that fact, it would’ve been so much better. Sometimes parents are deeply flawed individuals, and their ways of trying to help a child only makes things worse. Why must here be such a dichotomy, between loving, caring parents who raise well-adjusted children, and hateful, ugly, abusive monsters who never cared for their children at all? Disney needs to recognize that you can love your children and still end up hurting them.

But they didn’t. They didn’t do any of those things, because they were far too focused on nuancing a movie while dumping on all the previous movies. And while the hype was fun while it lasted and I was caught up in that hype, it died off the more I pondered it over. And they ruined what could have been a perfectly good movie.

And I’m bitter about that.

athanatosora  asked:

So I saw your tags in that Naruto moms and kids post - what do you mean by regardless of how you feel about the ending? Is there a post that you made about your thoughts on the ending? B/c honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with the ending, and it's only because I think the kids are damn cute that I was able to resolve my not-so-happy thoughts on the matter. I really want to know your thoughts on it.

Oh man


This ask has been in my inbox tantalizing me for over 24 hours and let me tell you I have thought a lot about this. I feel a rant a-brewin’ so batten down the hatches we’re about to go for a wild ride.

I really feel like the ending of Naruto (as in, chapter 700 exclusively) was adequate. But that’s it. It honestly shouldn’t have been included at all - chapter 699 was pretty much perfect the way it was, what with the whole conclusion of the “Sasuke plz come back” arc (which, frustratingly enough, ended with him fucking leaving again), and the fact that “PEACE HAD BEEN RESTORED TO THE LAND” and whatnot. (My opinions of Kaguya and the ass-pull that that whole clusterfuck was notwithstanding - but that’s a story for another time)

Really, we should have never seen any pairings. We should have never seen any children, or any progression of the story whatsoever with new characters and new baddies and new problems because obviously people are gonna want to know what happens next. Granted, it’s more of a knee-jerk reaction; one of those “train wreck, can’t look away” kinds of things. Even if you really could not give less of a crap about the Boruto anime, for example, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re checking in on it every month when the new chapter is released. That’s the boat that I’m in right now, and a lot of the others I talk to on Reddit about the whole “next generations” universe are doing the same. It’s… almost a morbid fascination at this point. I have zero expectations. 

But I can tell you explicitly the reason why Kishimoto ended the series the way he did. He knew that there was going to be a continuation. Because you can’t just let a successful series like Naruto drop. (At least, Shounen Jump can’t just let it drop.) It’s what’s happening to Dragon Ball. It’s what’s happening to Star Wars now with all the big new mainstream films, and it’s what’s been happening to all the Marvel/DC/whatever comic book movies for the past umpteen trillion years. (Amazing Spider-Man 2, anyone?) Kishimoto’s having his intellectual property milked like the massive cash cow it is, and it’s honestly kinda sad to watch.

And I can tell the poor guy is tired. Hell, the entire reason he wrote the Boruto movie the way he did was because he himself felt like Naruto did with his son - he was working all the time, never around, always busy, and his family (or, at least, he felt like his family) was suffering because of it. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to see how ridiculously overworked mangaka are, and Naruto’s development was no exception.

Here’s Kishi’s schedule during peak Naruto production, for example:



That’s fucking suicide. Full stop. Fifteen years of that? Good lord.

It’s for that reason that I view “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” almost as Kishimoto’s cry for help. It’s his way of asking forgiveness, almost, from his fans. But it’s also him saying, “Yeah, okay, so I’m done now. This is my last hurrah. I’m so damn tired of this same damn universe and the same damn characters. I want to try something new. So I’m gonna blow you away with some badass fight scenes in a new movie with a plot that’s really nothing special, but still heartwarming, and then go start work on my next massive ridiculous project retire. Please don’t be too mad.”

That’s, essentially, my macrocosmic opinion of the epilogue/Boruto universe/Naruto ending. It’s a forced deal, because there’s a demand for Naruto content and the supply is fast running out. The manga lost its shine after the Pein arc, and it’s very sad to see how exhaustion and overexertion to meet deadlines can turn around and bite someone in the ass and sap all creative freedom and expressiveness out of something. Because that’s what the ending is: forced.

But in terms of how I felt about it as content to be consumed alongside the whole… that’s a whole other story.

First of all there’s the pairings. Now, I’m not gonna get into shipping wars, because that’s just a waste of everyone’s time, but I have to agree that several pairings were pretty blatantly just fan-service. They had no development, had no buildup, and are just… like… not there for any other reason than to produce children through which the lens of Shounen Jump’s money-generator can be focused. It would have made sense if the relationships had been developed more in the actual manga. It would have made sense if there had been some sort of emphasis towards romantic relationships in the canon storyline, because there sure as hell wasn’t. (And yes, I am aware of the fact that this is a general criticism of most manga/anime endings in general. But you know what? Good. Because this whole last-minute, “Shit! Better start pairing my characters off ASAP” thing runs rampant and needs to be stopped.)

And relationships in Naruto are everything. They’re the foundation of Naruto’s ‘power’, so to speak, and give him the tools he needs to stop those in his world that are both evil, and alone. Naruto’s relationship with his father showed him that there’s more at stake than just one’s one blind rage, and to forgive the events of the past. Naruto’s relationship with Jiraiya taught him loss, and how to love someone like a son would love his parents. Iruka’s relationship with Iruka taught him how to learn, how to be accepted, and that there are good people in the world that are worth fighting for. Relationships in Naruto are what drive the damn plot, after all. Naruto’s relationship with Sasuke is, when not the focal point, pretty damn close to being the main plot of the story. Sasuke is Naruto’s foil, and represents everything that Naruto could have been. It directly gives Naruto something to compare himself to, and serves as a good grounding point for himself, for the others in the series, and for us - the readers. And in the end, Naruto is able to ‘tame’ Sasuke too. The fact that Kishimoto didn’t bother to go into more depth when he paired the characters off with one another is a bit… bizarre. And that alone tells me that it was forced.

And… just… everything about Naruto himself in the epilogue/ending/whatever is wrong. There’s none of the spirit, or the spark, or the creative, innovative, determined drive to get shit done that there was for 699 other chapters. It’s like he abandoned his principles. Instead we see a tired, sad, and (for all intents and purposes) lonely man stuck with a job he hates in a world that’s too dull for him. As @rei-scarlet mentioned in this lovely post about the “The Day Naruto Became Hokage” OVA, “seeing our ball of sunshine turn in that guy with the bad haircut is not easy.” He’s just a shell of what he could be, tumbling along until the sweet embrace of death lulls him into blissful insignificance. And yeah, I get it - it’s a more realistic approach to things, because that’s how most people feel about their lives and their jobs and their families towards middle age. But… am I the only one who fucking read the other 699 chapters that preceded it?! The entire fucking point of Naruto was to show that there’s a strength to do the impossible ‘underneath the underneath’. That there’s bonds and friendships everywhere - some physical and some metaphysical. That being with family, even when they’re gone and no longer around, is important. 

Yeah, that manga? It ended with the MC just bailing on his family, sleeping on his couch all the time, and just generally being a massive fucking hypocrite. Because of course that makes god-damn sense.

Naruto was hopeful. Sure, maybe it was unrealistic - what with the fancy ninja magic and the plug-and-play, USB port eyeballs… but that’s kinda the point of fantasy, right? To be a bit of an escape, and to give us something we can point towards and say, “Hey, you know what? I want to live in a world like that. Where friendship is important, where bonds are important, where never giving up and always being faithful to who you are is important”?

Come the fuck on.

In that sense, the epilogue spits all over the thousands upon thousands of frames of character development and worldbuilding that came before it. It doesn’t make sense under the framing of canon, and feels forced. 



I will say that Boruto is probably one of my favorite characters. (And that’s not just because my fanfic pretty much revolves around him.) Kishimoto, while terrible at a lot of things when it comes to character development, did a fantastic job in creating Boruto’s character. He made sure that the kid wasn’t a total Naruto clone, gave him his own strengths and weaknesses, and made him nuanced and individual

In general, manga artists (and writers in general) tend not to be all that creative when it comes to creating children for their main characters towards the end of the story… and at first glance, Boruto is most certainly a clone of his father, right down to the hair color. And that also tends to be the case with MC’s children - they almost always favor the personality of one or the other, never an independent person or a combination of their two parents. Shikadai and Chouchou, for example, are almost identical to their parents in almost every discernible way, and that’s a real shame.

But upon further inspection, it turns out to not be the case with Boruto at all.

Imagine a Naruto that’s reasonably intelligent, emotionally flawed, a bit power-hungry yet too lazy to work for it, and surprisingly arrogant. Imagine a Naruto that grew up under the shadow of his frequently absent father, with everyone holding him to these ridiculously high expectations. Imagine a Naruto where everything in his life has been handed to him on a silver platter, even though he doesn’t want it to be. Imagine a Naruto that’s jaded, lonely, and confused with what he wants to do in his life.

Put all that together and you have Boruto. When you sit Boruto and Naruto down side-by-side, they’re both loud, boisterous, flagrant, adorably egotistical, headstrong, and yet very emotionally sensitive - despite what they’d want you to believe. For this reason, they tend to butt heads a little - with Boruto doing most of the butting and Naruto being none-the-wiser to it.

Still, despite all of that, he holds Naruto in extremely high regard, and strives to make him proud. It makes him feel whole - like he’s doing something right in his life, even though he’s not entirely sure what it is that is right. Should he break the mold and be someone different? Or should he do what everyone says he should do and become Hokage like his father? (Of course not, lol)

That’s Boruto’s struggle. Not wanting to be acknowledged or loved like Naruto wanted, but rather wanting a purpose in life. He’s got the raw talent, he’s got the skill and the ability… he just has to overcome his own personal hurdles before he can make something out of himself.

Boruto’s nuanced. That is why I love his character so much. And why I’m writing a story revolving around him, honestly.

So that’s characters. I’m mostly okay with the kids on a subjective level - they’re all pretty damn cute, after all, and Boruto is a little fiery clone of his grandma with an inferiority complex big enough to crush somebody to death. That can make a fantastic story if executed properly, and I largely think that given the circumstances, that’s what the movie was.

But the biggest problem I see with the Boruto manga, and the ending, is the power scaling. Good lord. Because I know they’re not gonna go the sensible route, and it’s gonna go full Dragon Ball again. Hell, it was even implied in the newest Boruto manga chapter that Boruto is going to surpass Naruto… and I don’t honestly think that’s such a good idea.

How can they pull of power scaling without it turning out like crap? I kinda already talked about that here, if you’re interested.

So yeah, anyways, long story short (because I have literally spent two days writing this and it’s starting to turn into an incoherent mess) is that I feel as though the manga should have ended at the scene where Naruto is giving Sasuke back his headband. Yeah, I know - Naruto wouldn’t have technically become Hokage at that point, and I bet that Kishi felt he had to make Naruto the Hokage as endgame, but it was kinda already stated early on that Naruto had already become “Hokage”. As in, he was acknowledged. Maybe have Kakashi slip in a line at the end saying that he was grooming Naruto to be his successor, maaaaybe add that shot of Naruto wearing his Hokage outfit looking out over the village at the very end just as a kinda teasery end… but that’s it. Full stop. No epilogue chapter 700, no Naruto Gaiden, no Boruto, no “The Day Naruto Became Hokage” (seriously, fuck that thing - made me so angry when I first read it)… just end the damn thing already.


Special thanks to @blackkatmagic and her fantastic reblogs in helping me see the light, because damn - yeah, I am not a fan of the ending now.

@ Smarks bitching about Roman Reigns vs Rusev in HIAC being the ‘match nobody wanted’/’borefest’.

The exact same shit you said during Roman/Big Show.

The exact same shit you said during Roman/Bray Wyatt. 

Both matches exeeded expectations and were contenders for match of the night on multiple sites.

Let’s make it three in a row, because I like my chances and I like his chances of proving you wrong. You know. Again

(And again and again and again)

Glenn's death is cannon


Daryl is a show added character and Abraham is a prolonged that lived longer than the comic timeline. THEREFORE the both of them dying was something that was going to happen. Glenn dying wasn’t a race thing, again he does in the comics. It wasn’t something that wouldn’t have happened if Daryl didn’t attack; it was going to happen anyways. Glenn. Was. Going. To. Die. No matter what.

I get if you’re sad, upset and angry about Glenn’s death. But if you actually thing that this show was going to end with all of its original members in tip top shape. Sounds like more of a you problem.

not that i don’t love all the stuff happening around percy and the twins because i do, really, it’s super great, but i do hope we start seeing more character-oriented stuff for the rest of the gang

like, keyleth obviously has a future grudge match coming up with raishan and that is going to be siiiiiiiick–but maybe she learns something new about her mother? maybe grog has another run in with the herd or–god forbid–another cursed item? maybe scanlan and the gang return to find kaylie newly arrived in whitestone? 

my point is is that i don’t immediately expect them to take on the big bad in the next episode (hopefully) so there’s going to be a little time in between–not much, but those three (and pike. oh poor pike) haven’t had a lot of character focus in a while, especially not with the mega-death of percy and the explosion of perc’ahlia into canon, and i want my children to thrive

ashura-kais  asked:

Another funny thing is about Shin Megami Tensei, is that most fans literally only remember a handful of their favorite demons in the 20+ years that the series has existed and literally no one remembers their type matchups. In Pokemon if you can't name all 700 Pokemon consecutively and remember their type matchups then apparently you aren't a true fan.

Ugh, I hate that it’s actually “required” for people to remember all 700+ Pokémon in order to be a “true” fan. It’s such a pretentious way of thinking because we’re assuming that people need to have no lives in order to remember all of them. Like hell, I’ve been around since Pokémon was first released, but I can’t remember them all if I have school and work to do, geez. 

I’ve never played Shin Megami Tensei, but if that’s that case then holy heck, people really need to calm down. “Even babies can play Pokémon now” my butt. 

anonymous asked:

The thing that I don't understand is why Jace decides to call himself Herondale. Like, I have a friend who was adopted when he was 8. He manteined his biological parents name until he was 18 when he took the one of his adoptive family. Once he told me that he loves is biological family and parents, he feels a special bond with them but they're not the ones who raised him. It's not the same for everyone, I know it. But the explanation of CC for Jace it doesn't have sense at all??!!

ANON I LOVE YOU I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY WITH EVERYTHING YOUVE SAID the fact that Jace decides to be Jace Herondale instead of Jace Lightwood makes absolutely no sense at all to me either it’s dumb and the reasoning she gave was weak af

And for that matter I also have a huge issue with Clary deciding to be Clary Morgenstern???? Like I could understand going back to Fairchild instead of keeping Fray (or you know maybe taking the last name of the man who raised her??? Clary Garroway anyone??? Or if she had to have a shadowhunter last name, Clary Greymark?) but what I can’t understand is her voluntarily taking the last name of the asshole mass murderer who contributed some genetics to her

Like CC makes it v clear that she doesn’t consider adopted family really family which is shitty enough on its own but then to make both of her protagonists take the last names of their shitty abusive bio dads….(okay we don’t know if Stephen was abusive but we do know that he specifically was a Piece of Shit)….like it just doesn’t make sense. I get that she wanted to do some poetic shit with Jace being related to Tessa and Will but like???? Why is his connection to some family that he knows nothing about but used to be kind of cool more important than his connection to HIS FAMILY, the family that raised him and loves him and is right now in Jace’s lifetime really cool? Why would Jace choose to have a different last name than his siblings who he loves? Than the family he considers his?

What does Herondale give him? A house he’ll never use? A weird great great great great great grandma who would have loved him just as much as a Lightwood? It’s bullshit it’s stupid and it pisses me the fuck off

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One of the things that really pissed me off about that fight is after Neeley left is Justin, who heard the whole convo of Jason telling krys and Neeley about Scott campaigning against Whitney and terrorizing Danielle, was just like "nah beaux idk what she was on about just now she was wrong" like???? I thought he was cool at first with it but now I def think he still so salty about Dani going for Shane instead of him

i agree. justin is a complete disappointment for me - not only because of how he doesn’t take up for his own people, but because of how he sees all these fights happening yet still blames danielle and neeley for them. i don’t know why he stays defending these white people so much when they don’t give a fuck about him in the slightest. they’re literally targeting him for next week and he’s so far up their assholes and thinking they love him for his humor when that’s the farthest thing from the truth. danielle takes up for him after monte’s racist comments, he talks shit about her to the plastics. neeley takes up for danielle after scott’s bullying, he talks shit about her to the plastics. he’s fake and disloyal as hell, and i’m ready for him to leave since he clearly doesn’t know right from wrong.

Okay. It’s nice to get reassurance. November Sweeps are coming up, so this news doesn’t surprise me at all…But it speaks to a bigger point:

A television writer shouldn’t have to tell us that (more like troll us), they should show us. That’s their job. “Keep watching” is a teaser for when secrets are kept, when couples aren’t together, when cliffhangers grab you and you’re dying to know what happens next. 

That’s an appropriate time to use “Keep watching.”

Currently, Fitzsimmons fit into none of those categories. The secret was outed last week, and sure–there’s still fallout from that, but right now–there’s no high stakes. 

We were promised at Comic Con a sexier show and I don’t what happened to that promise, but I feel cheated.  It’s not even that I wanted a racy show or hot sex scene, it’s that we have video footage of them promising to give it to us.

My point is: tweets don’t sell your show.  Your show sells your show. I want to see my couple that your show (not your tweets) made me pine for and wait to get together, actually be a couple on your show. Why you wouldn’t let them be one, and even fulfill your comic con promise is beyond me. 

So, we’ll keep watching and maybe we’ll see our favorite couple actually be a couple in November. Maybe, I’ll regret writing this post next week or in an hour. Maybe out of this secrets storyline something wonderful will happen: a meaty storyline, a great kiss, a sexier scene, a personal conflict that adds to both Fitz and Jemma’s relationship and gives them screen time together.