RotE Alternate Trilogy Titles

The Farseer Trilogy, or, Nobody Likes Bastards But Hey, Wolves Are Awesome

The Liveship Traders Trilogy, or, Slavery Is Evil And Everyone Is Dragons Somehow

The Tawny Man Trilogy, or, No Witted Ones, No Hom- Whoops, Nevermind ilu

The Rain Wild Chronicles, or, Everything Is So Much Gayer Than Anyone Thinks It Is (all bigots to be eaten)

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy, or, No One Knows What The Hell Is Going On But It’s Not Looking Good

She stood, her bunched shirt clutched over her breasts, and faced the furiously spinning eyes of her dragon. Sintara was magnificent in her wrath … She nearly fell to her knees before her dragon.

Then she took a grip on herself and stood up to the blast of pure charisma that Sintara was radiating at her. ‘Yes. They are beautiful!’ she shouted. 'Beautiful and useless! As you are beautiful and useless!’

Finished that pic of Thymara telling Sintara just what she thinks of her present. For anyone who isn’t interested in the Robin Hobb books, I hope you like this picture of a dragon and a scaly elven looking girl.


a very incomplete Rain Wild chronicles fancast

(also it’s merely based on how I picture the actors so it might not be accurate at all)

(oh and I’m reading City of Dragons right now so don’t spoil me thx)

Thymara : Jessica Sula

Sedric : Finn Jones

(it fits perfectly come on)

Carson : Aidan Turner(ok you can laugh at me all you want BUT I CAN’T STOP PICTURING HIM AS A DWARF)

Leftrin : Rupert Graves

Alise : Rose Leslie

Hest : Wes Bentley ??

(can’t remember the dude’s eyecolour haha)

Rapskal : Robert Sheehan

Sylve : Elle Fanning

Dragon Haven

And also the end of Dragon Keeper because apparently I never wrote about that?? Brain what are you doing.

I guess it’s okay because there really wasn’t a plotty reason for splitting the two books up. (Similarly, how are there two more books? That totally read like the end of series!)

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about these books. They’re enjoyable and pretty good but just…not quite there.

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Week: 10-11/52

Book(s): 11,12,13/52

Dragon Keeper, Dragon Haven, City of Dragons, Robin Hobb

I’ve been wanting to read The Rain Wild Chronicles for years- these were the books I was waiting for a kindle to read, because I KNEW I would read them, but I also wanted to save money- not only that, but bookshelf real estate is at something of a premium in my world- I knew a Kindle was coming, I just had to decide when. 

Well, were they worth waiting for? Yes, I’d say so- I’m still reading the final book in the series and will probably be done with it in a few days- I’ll have to wait until august for The Fool’s Assassin (oh god, Fitz and the Fool? Together again? I can hardly wait)

In stark contrast to the rest of the books Hobb has created in this universe the rain wild chronicles focuses heavily on romance- every character, near enough, is coupled off, finds romance, falls in love- it’s almost as though, after years of denying Fitz Molly, and denying the Fool Fitz, she finally decided to indulge in an “EVERYONE GETS A BOYFRIEND” book, and I have loved it- I think if you were new to the series it might feel a bit much, but after NINE books with various amounts of drama and woe it feels nice to have a book that has pages which make me actively gleeful. Not to say the books are devoid of hardship or sorrow- as ever, it’s there. Much as the Liveship Traders gave us Althea and Malta- strong, fiercely independent, entirely distinct and individual female characters, and the books of the Six Duchies gave us headstrong and self-sacrificing Kettricken, The Rain Wild Chronicles has a slew of strong female characters, tinged with her characteristic tendency of writing very honest, naturally flawed, characters- there are no Mary Sues in Hobb’s world; the most gentlemanly and respectable of her characters can be a snivelling weakling and even the most snide and cruel villain has a shred of sadness or humanity. Hobb creates a living, breathing world that I feel I know as well as my own; the imagery she weaves is vivid and alive, her characters real people. I’m shorting the series, and her writing as a whole, to sum up three such worthy books in a single post, but it’s largely because I need to get back into the world she’s created and see what happens next. Read them, read them. Read all her work if you want a treat.

AAW Fandom Challenge — Day 1

(Note that I’m going to try and stick to media I’ve recently consumed because, honestly, I don’t feel like pulling examples from ages ago does not really count.)

Day 1/7A male character you see as asexual.

Rapskal from the Rain Wild Chronicles series by Robin Hobb. Yes, I know he actually has sex with two characters in the series, but hear me out on this. His descriptions of his experiences with his first partner (Jerd) seem to be mostly “she offered sex with me, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about”. No attraction there.

As for his actual love interest, Thymara, he does ask to have sex with her, but the way he phrases it feels more like it’s something they have to do than something he wants to do. This only changes later on in the series, when he’s begun mind-melding with Tellator who is very sexual (and also a little rapey). Rapskal himself, though? He strikes me as alloromantic ace.

Once the fortress had stood upon this peak, and within its walls a circle of black standing stones under the open sky had been a place of great magic. Tales told of how those stones had been toppled, their evil magic vanquished. Those same stones, the ancient runes on them obscured and defaced, now lay splayed out in a circle around his throne, flush to the grey flagged floor that had been laid around them. The black stones pointed to the five corners of the known world. It was said that beneath each stone there was a square pit into which the sorcerous enemies of ancient Chalced had been confined to die.

City of Dragons, by Robin Hobb.

This is so cool, though - I have a deep craving for Chalced backstory now. What happened? Which enemies, were they Elderlings? Did this happen after the catastrophe at Kelsingra? What was going on in the Duchies at the time, what kind of timeline are we talking about? Presumably those black stones are the same as the Witness Stones in Buck, so do they still work? Hypothetically they should, even with the symbols scraped off. Though given what happens at the end of Blood of Dragons, it might be a moot point - what would still be standing after the dragon attack? Can dragon acid melt through memory stone?

And now he was down to one useless daughter, a woman of near thirty with no children of her own and a mannish way of thinking and moving. A thrice-widowed woman with the ill luck never to have borne a child. A woman who read books and wrote poetry.
—  The Duke of Chalced thinking about his daughter in City of Dragons. I swear, as soon as I read that last line I knew I was going to like her… XD