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Since KK said they dont know if they want to continue the Skywalker Saga after 9, (atleast that what i think they said), Do you think they will actually let them go, or is she avoiding future spoilers for more movies in the future?

I think she’s avoiding spoilers, since if TLJ does reveal that Rey isn’t a Skywalker (which is what we’re now all expecting) it then becomes clear that Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is the only hope for the continuation of the line. And if he’s going to have babies, that raises the interesting question of who he’s going to have babies with. I’d say the prospect of Kylo Ren having a family also basically makes his redemption inevitable (since I don’t think they’re going to have daddy rule the galaxy with an iron fist and co-parent at the same time). In other words, it’s in their interests to remain non-committal. 


Keen2 Week Day 2: Favorite Support Moment

You didn’t really think I’d choose just one, did you? The thing with this season is that it as seriously been littered with support moments, and I couldn’t just pick one. They have been supportive, even if they don’t know the details, of their decisions to know their parents. They have steadied each other through moments of turmoil. Just a simple touch and a few words have made all the difference. Being there. Accepting each other. Knowing that they weren’t going through anything alone. These two have been each others’ rocks, and it has been beautiful. No. I couldn’t just pick one moment.


Keen2 Appreciation Week, Day Two: Favourite Support moment 

I have so many favourite support moments. It’s one of my favourite things about this couple, the way that they support each other. I can’t say it’s my over all favourite, but one that I’ve been just sort of giddy over is the way that they handled the lead-in to Tom searching for his parents and the whole Redemption arc. They could have downplayed their relationship, put it on the back burner, but they showed how fully she supported him through it, and it was such a fantastic parallel with the way that he stood by her during the whole Kirk fiasco. Yes, it’s nuts. Yes, it’s causing a lot of problems and is a bit terrifying, but I love the way Liz stands firmly by him and offers help in any way that she can. She doesn’t nag him, doesn’t huff about having to watch over Agnes all by herself while he’s off chasing down answers, but is fully supportive and loving towards him. Best yet, she assures him from the beginning that he doesn’t have to choose. He can find answers without having to but she and Agnes aside.

Contenders for my favourite support moment are:

in which Liz assures Tom that she understands and supports him, not just this vague idea of him that she’s come up with in her head,

where Tom comes back for her and really chooses her for the first time


in which she knew why he did what he did and fought like hell for him, yelling at Red, arguing with cops, and anything she could do to protect him, even when he probably didn’t deserve it.

These two show so much support for each other. These are just a few of my favourites. There’s also the conversation at their wedding, the way he chooses to stay in S2 to help her find her mother even though Bud is trying to kill him, the way he goes under cover for her to clear her name, and so many more… Seriously, someone stop me. I could go on. Have I mentioned how much I love how they support each other?


Keen2 Appreciation Week
Favourite Support Moment
Keen2 in Whitehall

For a long time Tom is who has been there for Liz, supporting her, giving hope, security. Seeing Liz giving supporting Tom has been a wonderful gift. In this scene Tom is in the middle of a war between his parents, he is staggering, but Liz is who makes him feel peace in the middle of the storm❤

I have a lot of feelings about that new episode of Rick & Morty and I’ll get around to drawing them, but first things first… Morty Falls is a show I would totally watch.