When in Niagara Falls in late September I came upon a great quilt shop The Quilting Bee in nearby Fonthill where I purchased this delightful pattern for Penny Rug Christmas Stockings. The pattern is by All Through the Night Folk Art designs with a bit of Whimsy, Bonnie Sullivan, Salem OR. I had all the wools in my rug hooking stash to complete the projects. They are fully lined with a batik lining and I made colour coordinated braided loops for each. From top to toe they are 16" and 6" from heel to toe. This was my hand sewing project while out in Calgary.

Absolutely wonderful vintage 1940s quilt top - anyone know the pattern name? the best #VitnageFabrics with tons of novelty prints - cute juvenile prints with kittens, children playing, puppies, ducks, etc. wonderful florals too! $75 + ship US Only. Some hand some machine piecing - was probably a group (church?) or quilting bee project that was never finished. Needs a bath for some overal light age but no stains, holes or odors. A few areas on the edge (see bottom left above) are slightly damaged - nothing at all to the bulk of the quilt top. A great project! by sentimentalgoods

“Not just another rainy Friday” post is up on the blog. (Franklin’s BBQ, Pitch Perfect 2, Honey Bee Quilts and Coyote Yarns) link in profile.

Vote Frank for mayor

Vote Frank for mayor

Alma Coston wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on May 14, 2015:

We need a caring listener, good learner, hard worker and collaborative leader like Thomas Frank for mayor who will help a senior citizen who needs help with repairs on Neighbor Helping Neighbor days, or even bring his family to the Centennial Quilting Bee and learn how to and quilt a square from one of West…

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The feeling of determination is wonderful, but it can be ephemeral. It doesn’t necessarily last for more than a few days, unless you create an environment in which it will stick around.

Set up a daily session: If you have enthusiasm right now, that’s great, but what happens to your change when your enthusiasm wanes? The change withers away. The only way you can make something stick is to create a habit through daily practice.

Find actionable items for your goal, start small.

Give yourself an event…You can do the same thing … sign up for a sporting event if you want to exercise, or announce a date a month from now where you’ll be completely smoke-free, or join a quilting bee if you want to learn to quilt (you get the idea).