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The Spring of 2011 was packed with a series of experiences and feedback from so many people. I was a year into this thing and realized I was progressing at a reasonable pace. I was able to be a part of the world of music through radio - the most inspiring medium I have grown up. Thanks to the wonderful response to my hard work, I wanted to find other holes that needed repair at CJAM, as well as the university.

CJAM 99.1 FM has a great reputation. It is run by and looked upon by many reliable, resourceful individuals. The program by volunteers who have been based there for varying amounts of time is also one of a kind, going above and beyond to serve the community of Windsor-Detroit, and now the world via the station’s website. However, the listenership from students is lacking in the environment which it is situated - the university.

We have reputable faculties representing the athletics and the arts, but the works of these departments - be it Shakespearean adaptations or Playoffs games - were consistently covered. Kieran Mackenzie was someone who looked after the Athletics coverage very well, but he had also become busy with other engagements beyond the university. There was no team of volunteer broadcasters after him to continue the coverage. I approached program director Vernon Smith and asked what to do about it, how should we change the format, how much coverage could we produce. Now was the time to revive Lancer Sports.

No one had approached Vernon about Lancer Sports for some months. The Windsor Lancers had become a CIS hot topic in the previous months, especially after concluding the season with the 2010-11 CIS Women’s Basketball Championships - the first for the program, the first time a host team won on home court. It was a remarkable spectacle which we had missed. It was a disappointment because that was a blatant display of just how meek the relationship between sports and broadcasting was at our institution. In the professional world beyond the academic walls, the market of broadcasting is a wide platform occupied by dominant departments such as news, sports, and entertainment.

Although we missed coverage of the games, Vernon said we would do better next sports season. We would provide better coverage for the community. Windsor is a city that has teams revered by the local community, but also by the world, as the Athletics is comprised of players hosts athletes from different from all parts of the world. Since we did not get to broadcast any of the games, especially the playoffs, we were a let down to the community. No one attacked us aggressively about it at that time as far as I know, but I know as a broadcaster we did not serve the local coverage which communities depend on from a medium such as radio.

One thing I wanted to provide on Lancer Sports was an interview component. We already had a half hour program scheduled to air weekly to discuss everything the Windsor Lancers were doing in the CIS, but I knew it would be best to extend it to an hour. Our school was now home to championship teams in varying sports based in the CIS and we had to reflect on this for the community. Although we had missed out, it felt right to generate some coverage that was just as good, and would alternatively be high quality programming, making up for the missed events.

Professor Dale Jacobs of the English Department at the University of Windsor had contributed an essay covering the Detroit Tigers’ 1935 World Series victory to the 2010-11 Windsor-Detroit Review. The publication was assembled by writers of all types - poets, authors, teachers, historians - and it reflected on significant, historically pleasing events to the Windsor-Detroit community. Although as a station emphasized on campus-community relations, it may have seemed unusual or paradoxical to be covering a sports franchise that gets maximum exposure on many mainstream outlets. Vernon normally would not have permitted it, but since it came from a colleague from the community, he agreed quickly with me and just like that, it was permissable.

I was eager to contact Dr. Jacobs because I had read his piece twice prior. The Quiet Men had so much within it. As a fan of biographies and history of sports, it was fun to read his research and report on an unexpected victory from a team which was overlooked, but they quietly came back to win the series and the championship. He agreed to come on and I was looking forward to asking him questions about his research and the types of places he went and found to make a part of his research. As a big sports fan and history buff, I would love to go on an escapade and along the way construct a reflection of the accomplishments which have unified communities, touching the human condition.

There are many Tigers fans on both sides of the border, so I knew a lot of people would be able to find this relative to their interests, to their lives. There are many people who love MLB and anything to do with the league, so there was hope that even my friends may be impressed by this and tune in.

Professor Jacobs discussed his love for the Tigers and his love for research as well. One of the biggest challenges he had found was trying to create a satisfactory look at history with minimal evidence. There was scarce visuals, minimal archives, and some news reports about the win. After all, it was an aged story by seven and a half decades, but still it was a remarkable feat for the culture of Detroit especially. Dr. Jacobs’ essay also covered the motif of the father-son bond and I asked how it had applied to him as he wrote to publish the essay and he told me about the bond with his father. It is an unspoken connection every occasion a father and son watch a baseball game together.

Dr. Jacobs and his father often watched baseball together. He said his father was often a quiet man during the games as well, and he realized that as he got older - that his dad was not a rowdy fan, but a quiet observer for his favourite team. That was perhaps the underlying double meaning that came through and it was very nice of him to be open and honest about his relationship. He was okay about being open about the personal connection with his father and I found it very respectable that he complied to this 20 year old’s bold questions.

I have always wanted to host a sports show where I can have a platform similar to that of James Lipton’s Inside the Actor’s Studio. A dimmed environment, shying from the stadium’s plastered big brands and shining lights, speaking candidly and personally about varying topics relative to the world of sport. Covering this story with Dr. Jacobs made me realize that sport in our culture today has the biggest emotional implications. To apply that understanding to bring our student athletes who represent the Windsor Lancers would be remarkable as well and I look forward to doing it.

I also look forward to bringing Dr. Jacobs back to the program. Since the last time he was on air, he has visited Cooperstown because he is interested in furthering his research, publishing more about the sports culture of Detroit. I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

The Quiet Men
I am the quiet man
These are the silent men
Struggling together
Mouths stifled by hands. Alas!
Our muffled voices, when
We plot together
Are empty and infertile
As seedlings under torrid sun
Or artists’ brushes in broken hands
On our blank canvas
Mind without direction, desire without will,
Abandoned direction, strength without force;
We who once stepped
With young eyes, into adulthood’s desolate realm
Forgive us -- if at all -- not as hopeless
Atavistic souls, but only
As the unready boys
The quiet men.
Ours is a sad country
This is machine country
Where the young candles
Are farmed, where they enter
The engine of a greedy man's rule
Under the eyes of a hungry wolf.
Is theirs like ours
for Earth’s fellow ants
lying curled
in the night when we are
crying with hope
futures that may survive
shape cells to free sails.

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finding a way home | kat & zach


For the last week Katherine had been trying her hands on dating, or more accurately series of dates with not so potential bachelor Denver could offer. After what happened with Zach, her parents had been unusually quiet and stopped sending men her way, and it’s been almost two months since they broke up, so maybe it’s time for her to move on. But with the bet she has with Zara, Katherine didn’t want to just flirt with some guy at the bar, bring him home and kicked him out, she actually wanted to have something real this time.

Tonight, she went out with a nice man, actually the nicest of the bunch. He was a New Yorker who just moved in to Denver recently, they bonded over their love of New York and good red wine, but not even that can hide the fact that Katherine didn’t feel any spark with him. But when he asked if he could dropped her off, she agreed, maybe she’ll even give him the second date. Pulling up in front of the building, he opened the car door for her. “We should do this again sometime,” he said to her which she replied with a nod, “Yeah, of course, text me and we can arrange something,” she smiled and let him pressed a small kiss on her cheek before went back to his car and drove away.

Katherine turned around about to walked into the building when she spotted Zachary there. “Hey,” she called out, a little awkwardly, she didn’t know what he would think about the scene before. “Just got back from work?” she asked him.

I feel a lot of pain reading about Qandeel Baloch quiet honestly. Men (and some women) have been saying the nastiest shit all over social media about her and “women like her” and how their death/murder is to be expected. Men don’t do any reflection on their own role in all of this. This isn’t the first case like this and sadly it won’t be the last. It’s out culture of misogyny and male entitlement that gives men the freedom to commit such crimes. We allow men to enact these types of crimes, acid attacks, physical, emotional, and psychological violence. May Allah bless her soul and keep other women who are viewed as disposable safe from male violence.

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Taylor has given her heart (which is very big) to pricks like Jake, Harry, John and Calvin. They have all hurt her very deep and it hurts me as a fan because I know that Taylor loves with all her heart. You are right because CH knows how she ticks and all her insecurities. All the other men kept quiet while Calvin is actively trying to make her feel bad. What is consolation to me is all her loyal and true friends like Selena, Gigi, Karlie, etc who love her and encourage her. Great support!

I’m just glad she has a great support system and that she’s such a strong woman.

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What do you headcanon the sexualities of the Axis and Allied?

I never thought about it a lot for any Hetalia characters. Although, some are somewhat obvious (France likes any lovely person, Hungary seems wooed by men especially with the meca stuff).

And well, sexuality I think is preference in itself while orientation is by specific sexes/genders? (Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m checking a dictionary right now).

If I had to decide…

APH Veneziano:
He wouldn’t be closed off to the idea of a male lover (HRE), but he has a stronger preference for women (as seen in his flirting). I would guess bisexual?

APH Romano:
He’s flirty and open with women but more serious and quiet around men. Mostly heterosexual?

APH Germany:
Last I heard, he was uncomfortable with talking to women unless it involves work or someone like a student to them. But then again, he wasn’t necessarily closed to the idea of the misconception at Buon Valentino… Bisexual?

APH Prussia:
He seems to lean towards attraction to women than to men? Or I’m not sure. I would guess heterosexual unless proven homosexual, but that’s my guess.

APH Japan:
He’s uncomfortable with relationships in general? He likes 2D girls over 3D girls. He freaked out when he dreamt about being in bed with Greece. I would call him something else not even about gender (or legality), but I’ll just call him asexual of restraint right now.

APH America:
I would take this time to joke about the south and ‘cousins,’ but… He hasn’t really shown any interest in relationships at all? But he orders condoms like it’s nothing? I would say heterosexual but I don’t know.

APH England:
Like America, I would make a joke about the royal family, but… He was caught reading erotica, and he has had arguments about the linguistics involving “French ______” (maids, letters, kisses, etc.). He might be homosexual, but I wouldn’t know.

APH France:
Hands down bisexual/pansexual/human-sexual. I don’t know what word to use, but pretty much likes anything. Would add to the same category Japan’s in but won’t mention it.

APH Russia:
Well I really don’t know what to say about him. Would add to the same not specifically said category as Japan and France but… His country if by real standards is seeming to be more against homosexuality, due to the power of the church + gov. I would guess that I don’t know.

APH China:
I think he would have a preference to either, but women specifically. I guess bisexual but I have nothing on him.


Christiana, I want you by me naked, I want you by me naked,
But all I got is broken
And I love you, like poverty loves diamonds,
Like quiet men love the mountains
And I am better broken, oh I am better broken