How to Win Over the Signs:

Aries: Aries are adventurous people. They want someone who loves action and is always ready for adventure. Natural born leaders they want someone who will follow their lead so if you’re also a headstrong person be ready for some debates. This is great (if it doesn’t get violent in any way shape or form) because they love a good debate. To win them over, be yourself.

Taurus: Taurus enjoy people who aren’t afraid to splash around and enjoy the good life. They like to be treated but it isn’t about how much you spend on them. Quality is better than quantity. Plan a nice picnic and treat them to a beautiful day that’ll make them feel beautiful. Make them feel safe, the safer they feel the more they’ll open up. To win them over, be yourself. 

Gemini: Keep the conversations interesting with a Gemini. If they start to feel bored they’ll give up on you. They enjoy a stimulating conversation and debate once in a while (same as an Aries tho, if it’s violent, it’s not healthy). Know your facts! don’t try to outsmart them if you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ll look like a dumbhead. Research everything carefully so you don’t get caught with your tail between your legs (is this even the right expression)? To win them over, be yourself. 

Cancer: Cancers love approval tbh. They want to be loved by everyone so if your potential bae is a Cancer, show them how much you care. Again, this doesn’t have to do with money, you can simply shower them with compliments. However, don’t add cream to the tacos and go overboard, they’ll start to get wary of your intentions. Tell them they’re beautiful and all that jazz. To win them over, be yourself. 

Leo: Leos love to have fun and people who are funny. Crack a couple of jokes in their presence. They love compliments and when you splurge on them. To leos, actions speak louder than words. Show them how much you want them. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t like compliments. Continue to shower them in compliments. In this case the tacos will never have too much cream. To win them over, be yourself.

Virgo: Virgos can be very private and reserved, so understanding is the key. Just because they’re not straightforward with their feelings doesn’t mean they don’t have any. Be nice and sincere with them and don’t force them to open up. They’ll do this with time. Be patient with them because in the end it’ll pay off. To win them over, be yourself.

Libra: Nothing is too good for a Libra. They love to be showed they are cared for. A libra is there to be admired and they love it. They have many interests so the conversations won’t go dull at any moment. Show them you are a person with taste, dress nicely and treat them to nice dinners or whatever once in a while. To win them over, be yourself.

Scorpio: Listen to Scorpios. They want to know that they have your full attentions so put down your phone when you’re with them. Never be fake with a Scorpio. The relationship will end before it even got started. Scorpios are proud and stubborn so if you get into a little tiff with them, be respectful. They are naturally curious so take them someplace you love and they’ll ask you questions. This is a great way for you to be comfortable, the scorpio to learn more about you and for you to learn about them. To win them over, be yourself.

Sagittarius: Fam, they talk a lot. Keep the conversation going by asking them questions. There’s a thin line between being interested and being nosy. Try not to cross it. If you do, don’t dwell on that aspect of the conversation more unless they want to keep going. Respect their privacy and their independence. They’ll feel closer to you if you ask them for advice or tell them something in confidence. To win them over, be yourself.

Capricorn: With a capricorn, you might have to be the first to start the conversation. They’re naturally pretty reserved so if you start talking to them first, they’ll feel more comfortable. They don’t show their feelings right away if they like you so be patient with them and the outcome will be great. To win them over, be yourself. 

Aquarius: Talk a lot with an Aquarius, they love talkers. Give them time to get to know you. Be a friend first with them. However, if you are afraid of being “friend zoned” by them, keep being flirty. The most important thing is to give them shoulders to cry on and someone to keep their secrets. To win them over, be yourself. 

Pisces: Confide in a Pisces. They will feel closer to you. Pisces are very interested in the world of art and like supernatural shit. give them a topic on either and i swear they will have a lot to say (i speak from experience). Also they love compliments, tell them they look nice. They love sentimental shit so remember important dates and be thoughtful. To win them over, be yourself.

octvaiablakes asked:

Hi, I guess im in the year below you, im from england too! And im planning on taking bio, chem and maths (not sure about physics yet) for my a-levels! I was wondering if you had any tips/could tell me some resources I should use in this final year! And if you have any time, a list of stationary i.e. fineliners (and pretty much whatever helped you)! Sorry for bothering you! i'm just really worried!

Hi! If I’m correct, you’ll be going into yr 11 this september? 

ok, so here are my tips:

1. dont leave things to the last minute - i know this is well repeated but it is so true! if you get a homework, try to do it the day you get it or at least a day or two after so you don’t feel pressurised in the end! plus, your quality of work will be much better!

2. revise early - i admit i did some overnight cramming for some of my actual exams (but not all) and i wish i worked harder for them! lucky for you, you get to learn from my mistakes and that is to revise continually over a period of time and to avoid cramming as you may blank out!

3. have a folder for each subject/one for maths, science and english and one for the others - this way you’ll be organised and it’ll be easier to revise with! i got myself 3 ring binders (for a really good deal in whsmith) in the beginning of the year for english, maths and science, but in the end i didn’t really have a folder for maths as i mainly had a revision guide. so what i did was use one for science (as i took core and additional so there was 18 units), another one for geography, english and little bits of rs, and the last folder (yellow colour, can’t find the link) wasn’t really used much!

4. know your learning style - if you’re visual, use symbols, colours, arrows, speech bubbles or even make small comics (that’s what i did for science)! if you’re style is audio, then listen to podcasts and etc. there’s also a kinesthetic learning style. take the test here if you’re not sure.

5. know your goals - sure gcses are scary, but in the long run, they don’t massively matter! on the other hand, if you were planning to be a doctor, i suggest you work hard for your exams as universities usually prefer if you had a minimum of 7 A’s. don’t leave it too late to realise your potentials!

6. only buy what you need - stationeries. what can i say? they’re addictive! but sometimes, you may think you need this and that when in the end you didn’t really use them at all! if you know you will be using it a lot, then by all means get it! but do think twice before buying something you are unsure of.

7. stay healthy - when coming up to any deadline/exam, you may be tempted to splurge out on some junk food etc which is okay once in a while, and let’s not forget not going out in days because you may be revising! but do have in mind to still be active as not only will it be good for your body, it’s also good as a stress-relief! have a laugh and dance to that song that’s been stuck in your head!

8. have enough sleep - one of the worst things is not having enough sleep. you can’t concentrate and you just can’t function! having at least 8 hours of sleep is a must, especially before your exams as you will feel way better and can memorise things better!

9. use your time wisely - you’ll get half terms and end of terms, which tempts us to just relax, but it’s really a chance for you to get to grips with what you are still confused about so that you’ll be an expert in the end! revise older topics if you can so that in the coming month/weeks before the exams, you won’t need to worry about it so you can revise the latest topics!

10. do the best you can - lastly, you can’t do more than you already can. you’ve worked hard, you know your capabilities and what’s left is hoping for the best! the exams shouldn’t be too scary, as you have a really long summer to look forward to (another thing ploughing you through revision)! relax and take it step by step! good luck for the rest!

i hope these tips will help you (or anyone in the future)!

noodle-nut  So as you see here, in the middle, there are three triangles, which represents the leaders of Homeworld, which where the gem’s homes are. The leaders of Homeworld are White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond. 

But, originally, there was Pink Diamond, how? See this picture below from Sworn to Sword-

This evidence has shown that there was Pink Diamond as a Homeworld Leader. But let’s see further.

There were four poles, that has their Homeworld leader figures representation, but one is removed/broken/shattered. 

Watch this video, this has much better quality and will explain how Rose quartz is pink diamond, theoretically but very possible (its gotta be cause its makes very sense) 

So now you know that Rose Quartz is pink diamond, so Homeworld Leaders had a war against Rose quarts and her soldiers/crystal gems (Rebellion). Rose Quartz may agree that Earth should not be killed, so when she was on Earth, she created her own garden to grow her soldiers. 

Pearl is nicknamed, some lost defective pearl, which is actually true. It means that pearl was a protective sentry for Rose quarts. Their bond grew very strong, because she treated her like she was everything other than other leaders. Also Rose Quarts said, “My pearl, you’re wonderful” 

After the war, there are gem soldiers/friends are killed, leaving their shards behind, and also become corrupted gems, so thats why the crystal gems poof them (not killing them or break their gems or they will be exactly dead) bubble them so in the future they can be healed.  

On Wiki, GoldenKnight10 says, “My theory is that when the gems of gems are fully cracked, after a while they turn into monsters and their gems are fully healed and cannot be turned back by cannot be healed by healing objects but through pure friendship and the other monsters without gems are something left behind when they are turned into monsters or something from their planet.”

So remember this?

And also these?

So like garnet said, “These were the missing shards we couldn’t find!” Rose quarts originally found these shards and bubble it, so she knew it. So the missing shards were actually in where Peridot forcibly fuse them together/Cluster. Thats why garnet told them to poof them and bubble each one of them so they can heal them. So if you didn’t know, these were Garnet’s friends, that’s why she is so terrified, why do you think the cluster wasn’t attacking her? And why the crystal gems were so afraid when the shards escaped from the popped bubble? Because of Garnet. Like Garnet said, this is a punishment for rebellion. 

Did you know Rose quarts shape shifted a womb to create Steven, I know right thats disturbing.



7/17/15 Blackhawks Fan Convention 2015: “You and Jonathan have kind of a Convention tradition - a little dance-off. These folks, they love to see you score, they love to see the celly, but they also love to see you guys dance. Will we see the dance this weekend?” [X]

For peppersheart!


I got bored and this was the outcome of it  (~‾⌣‾)~. These are also the first pictures I took with my new camera. The picture quality is so much better but I still have to get used to seeing every single pore and wrinkle on my face ⊙﹏⊙. I’m also very sorry that I couldn’t manage my every day a post challenge. My best friend was visiting me and I wanted to enjoy every single moment with her ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟ ♡. 


Still recovering from AToTS, but drawing Fiddlestan always helps.

For anyone who can’t read my scribbles:

Fids: “Is it- is it functional?”
Fids: “It works! IT WORKS!” *clapping like a retarded seal*

The second picture is pretty much Stan dealing with the loss of his brother. Fiddles is there for much needed comfort.

I’ll post a better quality (and probably a coloured) version of the picture soon, when I get home. Until then, deal with it.


^ An Extra screenshot. :]

Screenshots from Polybridge! :D

Why is watching Jack build bridges so fun? XD I personally liked this game a lot better then Bridge Constructor. The art style is better and it just seems a lot more fun to play. You can tell how much Jack was into this game in this video too! Which I think makes the video more enjoyable. I like seeing Jack have fun playing the games he plays. :)

The previous video being of rather crappy quality, here a much better picture of my first wall sculpture! Woopdiwoop! 🙌


New Song/Music Video Premiere: “Gold Steps” - Neck Deep ft. Jeremy McKinnon

Yesterday we posted this track ripped from its premiere on Radio 1, however, today we bring you a much better quality version of the song along with its official music video! This is the second single from the bands upcoming album, Life’s Not Out To Get You, and it features a lil something from A Day To Remember’s vocalist, Jeremy McKinnon, who also produced the record. If you pre-order LNOTGYyou’ll get this track PLUS their first single “Can’t Kick Up The Roots” instantly!