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I'm not sure if anyone has already asked, but where did you get the SU charms done?? they look so good :'^)

I got them done in a local charm printing service (I live in Indonesia)! If you’re looking for good places that take international orders, I think Zap Creatives is good (and so much better in quality I think)!

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Will you ever use picarto for streams?

I do actually! It works much better for me and the quality of the stream is higher. I think it’ll become my main streaming media

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Hey, I'm thinking of moving to London this year and I was wondering if you like the city, if you think it's worth moving to

I was born here and lived here my whole life. I used to really love it and never thought I’d leave. I fucking hate it now tbh. Mostly since having to support myself financially. It’s a great place don’t get me wrong but it is beyond expensive and unless you’re financially comfortable its fucking stressful. There’s also a housing crisis going on and rent is crazy. Every time I move house its increased by so much and not for a better quality of living. That being said it is a good city in ways. The transport is generally great, there’s lots of things to do all the time and there’s a nice mix of cultures and people (depending on what parts you’re in). All of my friends who weren’t born here love it. I think if you’re ok on the money side or can get a job that pays the London living wage or can find a place where you’re not paying £700 pcm for a shoe box then its great. If you’ve never lived here or been here lots its an exciting place. Maybe try it short term before committing to a long term move.


“Let’s go out to the island for the whole day. Just the three of us!”

“Sure. Beats trying to catch up on three years of school work. We can race around the island again. Maybe Sora will finally win and he can share a pa- mmpth!”


How They Sleep at Night (Butler Headcanon)
  • Alberto:Traditional. He usually comes to bed later then you, and leaves a few times at night to attend to the prince's usual mischief. So he tries to leave a bit of room between you, just so if he does leave it won't disturb you. But he adores it when you cling to his chest. Your fingers curling into his shirt. "You're way too cute sometime."
  • Claude:Attentive. He's a very light sleeper, and he requires little sleep. So for a majority of the night he attends to you. He sleeps curved around you, a hand gently guiding your head back onto the pillow, his fingers massaging away any cramps that might lead to a stiff neck. "Who knew you could be this clumsy even in your sleep?"
  • Jan:Snuggly. He doesn't sleep very much, and whenever he does it is almost never a deep sleep. But lately he's found himself having a much better quality of sleep. He wraps his arms around you, pushing your head into his chest as he rests his chin on your head. "You always smell so good, come here."
  • Louis:Simple. He always had to have some sort of contact with you. Either you have to hold his hands, or your face is buried in his chest, or your back pressed against his front. As long as you were touching him he was fine. "Mon Cherie, you are always so warm in the morning."
  • Luke:Wild. Throughout the night he lingers between restlessness and exhaustion. He treads through the water uncertainly tossing and turning until he feels your hands on his back, your face snuggling between his shoulder blades. "Don't let go of me when you sleep."
  • Yu:Affectionate. He needs you close. He holds you close to his heart. As if you hear his heartbeat all throughout the night you'll understand that his heart only beats for you. As if by holding you close he can always protect you from anything that will hurt you. "Sleep easy, my little princess."
  • Zain:Broad. He always sleeps on his back. And whenever you wake up at night and see him, you can't help but see him as such an amazing human being. He is like an ocean, the steady breaths like tides that draw in and out. And in that moment you swear he could hold entire universes inside himself if he wanted. "Why are you staring at me like that? Come back to bed."
  • -SKY

This is the first piece of fan art I’ve ever done… so of course it had to be Harshaw and Oncat!

(I’m not completely satisfied with how this turned out, and after redrawing Harshaw’s face 17 times several times I decided it was never going to come out they way I imagined him.)

FINALLY back at my college apartment (for a while again at least) and just NOW got the chance to check my mail and my custom TOON CHROM (beautiful art hella courtesy of honnojis btw!!) and AHHHHH I’M SO HAPPY 😭



I’m excited to announce my Steven Universe post cards are now FOR SALE on etsy! I completely re-did the background art so everything is 100% my own and I’m so happy with how they turned out! Unfortunately I had to get rid of the box and the trimmed edges for cost purposes but the quality of these will be much better and actually mailable! Or just hang them on your wall that’s cool too! There’s packs of 6, 12, or 18 available featuring the 6 designs above, but before I submit them for printing I want to make sure you guys are still interested in purchasing so I don’t lose money. They’ll be made about a week after I have at least FIVE orders. So spread the word, I hope everyone who asked finds their way back!