Classic Blankets | The Purl Bee

Every time I look through the Purl Bee website I wish again that I could knit! I freakin’ love both of these blankets, but especially the multicoloured striped blanket. Doesn’t it look so warm and comfortable? Perfect for wrapping up in during those cold nights in front of the TV or when reading a book. Oh man. SOMEONE KNIT THIS FOR MEEEE!

DIY Easy Braided Friendship Bracelet Tutorials from The Purl Bee here. For pages more of summer friendship bracelets go here. There are several tutorials in this post for the following bracelets:

  • Doubled Basic Braid
  • Single and Double 5 Strand Braid
  • 5 Strand Dovetail Braid
  • 7 Strand Braid

Striped Cotton Cowl | The Purl Bee

Even though I still don’t know how to knit, I love sharing the projects for y'all who do! In fact, I think I need to hunt someone down to make this for me because I love it so much! I especially love the coloured yarn threaded throughout. I wish that it wasn’t Summer coming up… horrible, horrible Summer, but I can still wear this next Winter!

DIY Diamond Pattern Friendship Bracelet Tutorial from The Purl Bee. This is just the diamond pattern flipped to the “wrong side”. This is not a beginner project, but rather for someone who has made a few friendship bracelets. This Purl Bee post only has pay patterns (I kind of felt misled after reading their post and clicking through their link to find a pay pattern) but you can google “diamond pattern friendship bracelet” or go to this Purl Bee page here for the free diamond pattern. For a huge archive of friendship bracelets of all kinds go here.


If you are wanting to give something other than sugar based treats this Easter, a sewn rabbit is the perfect substitute. There are tons of cute patterns out there, but these three are by far my favourites. How adorable are the little jackets on the Purl Rabbits?!

Stuffed Menswear Rabbit | Martha Stewart

Hoppy The Scarf Rabbit | Lark Crafts

Purl Rabbits | The Purl Bee

DIY Knotted Cord Fabric Friendship Bracelet Tutorial from The Purl Bee.

These bracelets are made braiding 5, 7 or 9 stands of Chinese Knotting Cord. The fabric is bias tape which you can buy or make. The Purl Bee’s Liberty fabric tape is so pretty but very expensive. It’s 7/8″ wide before folding for bias tape to give you an idea of the size. 

For more friendship bracelets of all kinds go here or see these roundups - links top to bottom.