The reed does not care what the wind thinks of it, it only graciously bends out of the way. That is why it does not beak.

The reed does not worry what the storm clouds do above it, for its roots are deep and centered and cannot be washed away.

The reed does not fear the bright sun. For it is surrounded by a forest to shade it from the heat.

Rizzy was changing and it was never more evident than out here in the desert where sand was known for stripping a man of everything. Or perhaps it was never more evident because he finally was allowing trust into his life and the rewards were impossible to ignore. He laid awake, going over the litany that was suppose to bring his mind peace over and over again but it seemed to help less each time through. He cared what they thought, felt what they did, put himself in danger for them and no amount of repetition would change that.

Bending pliant to the wind, staying deep within the earth, and refusing the sun with the protection of others were the pillars of the Unbreakable Reed. A life that he was no longer required to live, but without those skills what was he? Who was he? Could the monk find his balance and be both at once?

the first time you see him cry - c.h.

hi all!! this is the twentieth installment of my ‘firsts’ series with Calum. there will be more blurbs to come, and I hope you enjoy this one!! :-) follow the tag anarchyaustralia firsts if you want to be notified when a new blurb is posted!! (see all other ‘first’ blurbs here)

“You should come out with us,” your roommate encouraged, giving you her infamous puppy eyes from where she stood by the front door. She and some friends were going out for the night, grabbing some food and drinks before attending a local concert, but you didn’t feel like attending. You were already dressed in your pajamas, your favorite movie on the TV and a bowl of ice cream in your lap.

“It’s okay, really, I’m just going to stay home. Have fun and be safe, my phone’s always on.” She smiled at your words, grabbing her keys from the bowl on the kitchen counter.

“Night!” With a wave she was gone, her high heels clicking against the floor before she closed the door behind her.

This wasn’t the first night she’d tried to get you to go out and do something with her. At first she tried to just get you to go out for a scoop of ice cream, then another night she suggested going to watch the sunset from the big hill in the park. Every time she asked you to go out you said no, stating that you had too much homework or that you were too tired. In reality, though, you were mostly worried about missing a phone call or text from Calum.

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For rarepair friday can I request Tango/Dex - sharing a bed or trapped in a small space?

The first time it happened, they were on a roadie, short one bed, and it was an accident. It ended up being Tango, Dex, and Chowder in one room, and Dex could never say no to Chowder’s puppy eyes.

He had figured Tango would be the type to move around a lot while he slept, to kick his feet and steal all the covers for himself. Dex had readied himself for restless sleeper Tango.

He wasn’t.

Tango went to bed curled up, facing the wall, and when Dex woke up again, he was still in the same position. Still curled up. Still facing away. Breathing so lightly Dex could only barely hear it if he strained to listen.

It was Dex who had moved.

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AU in which Norway owns a small Retail Nursery and Denmark starts a bakery that just happens to be next door. I have many notes for this one, but here’s a few.

Main Notes:

- Denmark bought the empty space on a whim. Norway turns a blind eye at first, but soon goes over to complain about the noise that Denmark’s renovating is making. Not the best first impression.
- Denmark brings Norway a basket of his baked goodies as an apology for the noise and Norway instantly regrets being such an old man about it because Denmark looks like a kicked puppy while apologizing. (Norway instantly falls in love with Denmark’s baking too)
- On the day of his opening, Norway brings Denmark a Wandering Jew plant as a congratulatory gift. He was sure it would be thrown out, but wanted to give something back. Denmark gladly displays the plant on the front counter and takes care of it to the best of his knowledge. (He soon learns he doesn’t know jack squat about plants)

Smaller Notes:

- Iceland works at the shop during the summer and on some weekends.
- Denmark brings in a basket of baked goods every morning for the two brothers to snack on throughout the day.
- Norway talks of his plants like real people. Using They/Them/Their or if it’s one of his personal ones, by name or “pronoun”. Weirds everyone out, but Denmark finds it strangely cute.
- Denmark consults Iceland whenever he wants to know something about Norway he doesn’t want to ask him.
- Iceland turns into a consultant about love for the both of them at some point. He doesn’t know anymore than they do, but acts like he knows what he’s saying.
- That poor plant Norway gave Denmark is growing incorrectly (AKA straight up, making it fall over) which makes Denmark confused because it looks different from the ones in Norway’s shop. Norway eventually teaches him how to pinch it back.

Teen Wolf Stiles x reader x Derek Ch.3

“So, how was your day, __?” Stiles asked, his usual goofy grin plastered on his face.

“Oh, nothing much. Just tried to kill a hot specimen with fangs, claws, and, oh, oh! The best one is that I had a beard,” __ answered, matching his grin, yet hers was fake. “What do you think happened, Sherlock?”

“Well, I totally know how Derek feels. Scott here.” He gestured to him, readjusting his backpack strap. “Tried to kill me like just ten times in a row now. So, it’s cool.” His tone was as sarcastic as ever that it made __ chuckle. Scott, though, was like a lost puppy, eyes only trailing Allison like he knew no direction without her. With that, they headed towards their first period.

“Here comes the torture, guys! Let’s all enjoy it together,” she said, slapping both of them on the shoulders, grinning like a madman.

“Hello, shy __ come out of there. I miss you,” Scott said, flicking her forehead.

“Did he just…” __ questioned in disbelief.

“Yep. He just made a joke. Run for your life __.” Grabbing her wrist, Stiles and her took off.


“Do you smell that, Scott?” __ turned to look at her friends, puzzled.

“What? I don’t smell anyth—oh, wait… it smells like death,” Scott said. Then his eyes widened at the sight of something, so the rest two turned to see Derek, sweat visibly covering his face.

Maybe he’s the one smelling like death, __ thought. Either way, they had to help him since he helped __ when she needed him, and Derek always helped Scott. Closing her locker, she sprinted towards him, put his arm around her shoulder for support while Scott and Stiles watched. With her free hand, she angrily ushered them to come and help her carry him to Stiles’ car.

“Why does my baby have to take every hit?” Stiles complained.

“Because you’re the only one who has a damn car,” grumbled __.

“Oh, she’s angry.”

When the trio got Derek into the car, he was still not looking good, and not healing. They asked him, and all he answered was wolfs bane. Both __ and Scott looked at him like he was spitting gibberish, only Stiles knew what he was talking about.

“Really, guys? Am I the only one who’s interested in myths that aren’t myths anymore?” Stiles deadpanned, looking disappointed with the both of them. All he got was a shrug.

“We can’t take him anywhere but the animal clinic,” Scott stated as a matter of fact.

“Y-you need to get me the bullet the same bullet,” Derek whispered, barely holding on.


Scott left to take care of the bullet, which left Stiles and __ with an almost dead Derek lying on the table.

“Did you tell him what I told you?” Derek asked, eyes fixated on __’s.

“Tell him what?” she asked.

“That he’s the trigger.”


“You know, guys, Stiles is still here, and Stiles hears like any human being. So don’t ignore Stiles,” Stiles stated, frantically throwing his arms everywhere. “So what does he mean by trigger?”

__ grunted, glaring at Derek. “He told me that when he mentioned your name while I was werewolf, I stopped moving and just stared at him. My guess is that it’s like when Scott feels protective over Allison,” she finished. “Happy now?” she grumbled.

“I think I know why,” Stiles said, staring at __ in a soft gaze, which he rarely did and it was out of character. __ just hummed.

“She’ll turn twice a month,” Derek said, making heads snap to stare in disbelief at him.

“What?” they both said in unison.

“Her,” he pointed at __. “Twice a month.”

“So I have to turn twice and have my period?” she asked.


“Stiles, hand me a paper and a pen.”

“Why?” Stiles asked.

“I’m writing my suicide note.”


Scott got the bullet, but not after some dramatic effect starring Derek falling down like a sack of potatoes, Stiles’ first time… punching something, and __’s worried expression planted all over her face while cradling Derek in her arms, just propping him. Stiles took notice that Derek was probably the first person she dared to care about besides him and Scott for a long time ever since it happened. He even dared to smile, but felt a pang of jealously hit him, which caused him more confusion. Stiles shook his head to get rid of such thoughts, thinking it’s just his teenage bundle of hormones playing hide and seek with him.

__’s eyes bore into Derek’s for the first time that he was spooked by her gestures, but appreciated them nonetheless. But her acts were so out of character since the other day she was acting all shy and wouldn’t even meet his gaze. Yet here she was, staring at his soul, and her eyes were wide-open as if in a trance.

“You’re okay, right,” __ repeated over and over again.

“Yes,__, I’m okay.” Derek stared back.


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AU in which 10k and the reader find a puppy

The little dog runs out of the field, and at first, you and 10k are convinced it’s a Z. Its missing one eye, and one of its front legs. You frown, pulling out your gun, about to give the poor little thing mercy.
Then it barks. It sees the two of you, and its tail gives a few wags, and then its limping its way towards you.
“Is it-is it alive?” You ask. The little dog-a snow white Pitbull-stops right in front of you, its head tipped up. It gives a small bark, and lets its tongue hang out of its mouth.
“I think it is.” 10k says, inspecting the puppy. It can’t be more than 6 months old. Somehow, it survived whatever happened to it.
You kneel down, looking the dog over, looking for some sign that it’s a Z, and coming up blank.
You sit down, and the dog waddles into your lap. It plops down, and rolls over, its 3 paws in the air. Its tail thwacks against your leg, and you can’t help but laugh. You rub its belly, and 10k sits down across from you, watching the dog with a soft smile.

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Dodge the dog was the theme of my long run today. Our neighbourhood is doggy heaven with the beach, forest and many parks right on our doorstep. It was freezing cold with quite a stiff breeze blowing but it never deters the runners and dog walkers. My first doggy encounter was with the cutest puppy with huge feet and the bluest eyes, he tangled himself in my legs and wanted to run up the hill with me. I convinced him to go back to his Mum and Dad. I ran down to the beach and wanted to check out the tide from the track and was met face to face by an enormous white dog with one black ear. Once I made it on to the beach I literally crashed into a mid sized white bitzer who then wanted to run and jump all over me leaving some fur and sand on my tights. I have always been a bit scared of dogs but I think I am becoming desensitised. 14 eventful kms done.


don’t think ‘e likes y’ much. ‘ 

though robb’s expression manages the same kind of
solemnity of his father, there is amusement twitching
at the corner of his mouth, kindling in his eyes. the pup
sits on his lap, bigger every day, nipping at theon’s fingers
when they come close. now, he imagines it doesn’t hurt
much. he is only a puppy, even if his teeth are sharp. he
isn’t trying to tear off his digits. one day, though, he’d be
able to swallow theon’s arm whole. 

not that robb wants that. for all his jeering and
jesting, theon is still his best friend. and gods
know what else. grey wind lets out a menacing
little growl, ears flattening against his fuzzy head. 

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“I bit my lip. Will you kiss it better?” He pouts, giving her the best puppy eyes he could muster.

Send my muse one of the following to see how they react! (Fluffy) {x}


         Thanks to Prompto, Kairi found out what a host club was. Nerd. The premise behind it, the idea of a group of chivalrous young men so good at first dates they got paid for it, drew a snicker or two from her.

         The only interruption from the marathon had been the dramatic arrival of Merlin, who finally came out from hiding to storm in, looking imperiously at the both of them, trying to figure out how on earth they could think it was acceptable to be in his house.

         ❝ Merlin, c’mere bud. ❞  she whispered, bending down at the waist wiggling her fingers invitingly. Merlin deigned to come over, the entire time doing his best to appear he just happened to be heading towards her, planning on going over there anyway, thank you very much. She grinned, and when she got close enough, scooped him up, plopping him on her lap beside Killua and leaning back against the couch. Big mistake.

         ❝ I bit my lip. Will you kiss it better? ❞

         There he was. She expected teasing Prompto to show up at some point. Maybe the arrival of his own cat one-upping him and stealing all her attention triggered it. Eyes narrowed at the blond’s cheesy move. He just cracked a positively evil grin at being caught, nearly ruining the supposedly pitiful puppy stare, knowing her well enough by now to assume what reaction he’d draw from her. 

         Fine. Fine, Prompto. Did he expect flustered refusal ? Ha, two can play at that game.

         The kiss only lasts a few seconds, rather chaste, and soon she pulled away. There. Totally platonic. She went straight back to ignoring him, instead lavishing attention on the kitties.