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Happy month of Halloween, everybody! Time to start celebrating, and I’ve made some gifs from my favorite FNAF animations to help set the mood! Please go check them both out!

Also I’d like to apologize for the watermarks covering the animators’ names in the corners, I didn’t know the website I was using did that until it was too late. Please enjoy regardless!

anonymous asked:

Are there any alternatives to Pili? (since it's not subbed?)

There’s the JinGuang series (made by members of the same family as the Pili creators but are rival companies). That show has a lot less seasons with a shorter episode count than Pili, which makes watching it less intimidating for new fans. While most of them are not subbed either, someone has fansubbed the first 12 episodes of the season “ 黑白龍狼傳“ (Rough translation: Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf). The playlist can be found HERE. (Make sure to turn the subtitle captions on when playing the videos.) Their openings are amazing as well. THIS is one of my favorites.

Am I the only one obsessed with how the ML Staff took time to animate Chat Noir’s breathing? I mean, they could’ve thought, “Oyeah, everyone’s focusing on Marinette in this scene, even Chat Noir himself, so let’s just have HER move, and maybe throw in a few blinks for Chat Noir and call it a day.“


Okay, so they actually do make people breathe all the time, but I think I especially noticed it in this scene because you can see his whole torso for more than one second, and the breathing looks so natural and UGH I just love the attention to detail.


I fight like a girl. I fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim. I fight like a girl who’s tired of being ignored, humored, beaten or raped. I fight like a girl who’s been pushed too far. I fight like a girl who’s sick of not being taken seriously. I fight like a girl who doesn’t believe in fear. I fight like a girl who knows that you have as much power as she grants you. I fight like a girl who has a lifetime of anger, strength, and pride pent up in her girly body. I fight like a girl who fights back. [x]