Puppet Play

Beware when playing puppetmaster,
It could very well end in disaster.
The puppets will tire of your control;
Heads (and I can’t say whose) will roll.
Porcelain marionettes can shatter,
Causing blood to gush and spatter…
And whose do you think it will be?
The one pulling the strings with glee.
Shadowy manipulations
Often lead to devastation.
If I were you, I’d quickly cut ties
Before your puppets start to uprise.

The little porcelain puppet -
please stop it, stop it!
“It won’t go back
in its box,” I crack.

A smile painted on
so horribly wrong,
and through all our lands
each of its tiny hands
going “clink, clink, clink!”
(And how many hands, d'you think?)

Stop it, stop it.
This dreadful puppet!

Whimpering, I stammer,
“I know, a hammer,”
and promptly smash it to bits.

Yet here still it sits!
No worse for the wear,
giving us its kindly stare.

Stop it, please stop it.


We just uploaded a new video!

                                                             even though i’m not finished with the game , my stubborn ass just yelled at me to make a new p5 rp blog ! I plan on making the blog soon once the theme is up and follow everyone back , so please reblog / like this if you’d like to interact with phantom thief aka akira kurusu ! ! ! he’s a precious boy that just wants to hang and help people , also can turn from a cutie to this smirking , devious looking motherfucker in like 5 seconds. 


Turner Ups European Investment, Reveals ‘Gumball’ Puppets at Annecy (EXCLUSIVE)
Turner said it has ramped up investment in European production by 30% in the past year and has also taken its biggest international original, “The Amazing World of Gumball,” in a new direction, wit…
By Stewart Clarke

Yay! Gumball’s getting a puppet episode! I wonder who will make it