In the ‘90s, it was a different world. Somebody said, “She must have taken singing lessons because now she sounds like she can sing.” I just hadn’t been using that part of my vocabulary, and I let myself use it during Reject. That was the record that people said that about. “Oh, she can sing now.” I could actually sing before, too. Women are told we have annoying voices, and that’s why I didn’t want to try to make it pretty for people. 

Kathleen Hanna for Spin on June 2016


“dear Corin, we’re the only cats in the whole school
who can keep an open mind about music,
and accept a little wild loudness.
keep listening to those crazy new wave bands
and keep an eye out for Sheena cause she’s a punk rocker.
keep the faith and new bands will appear.

it is also interesting listening to all your stories
of car wrecks and concerts.
I hope you get out of all the trouble you got in
with the cops (sooner than you think? I know the feeling?)

we’ve got to start a band this summer,
but we’ve got to find a better name than "Sleater-Kinney”
it was good not knowing you
I hope you have a good summer
stay cool, love Carrie"