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All I need (1/1)

A view into the life of the Lightwood-Bane family a few years down the line.
aka. 100% family fluff

For @softmagnusbane
Beta’d @matthewbane
(also on ao3)

It had been a long day and by the time Magnus was done with his last house visit, it was later than he had hoped it would be. Suit jacket folded over his arm, he walked out of the building and was immediately met with the blinding New Zealand sun. He rolled his head back and forth a few times, trying to work some of the tension out of his shoulders before throwing up a portal to take him home.

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{ mischief managed } ~ marauder’s playlist

playmoss // spotify


We’re Going To Be Friends - The White Stripes // 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins // This House Is A Circus - Arctic Monkeys // In One Ear - Cage The Elephant // The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance - Vampire Weekend // Last Living Souls - Gorillaz // Time to Pretend - MGMT // The Kids From Yesterday - My Chemical Romance // Heroes - David Bowie // Unstoppable - Foxy Shazam // Brother - Gerard Way // The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy // Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds // Ooh La La - Faces // Right Before My Eyes - Cage The Elephant

playmoss is still having issues with youtube so i’ll be putting most of my playlists on spotify now as well

I love how quickly white people start crying when you say something as controversial as, “don’t use a holiday that is important to my culture to perpetuate negative stereotypes that will ultimately harm my culture” directly at them because we all knew they were already doing it.

The lengths you are so desperate to go to in order to make it sound like that statement shouldn’t be said are just ridiculous. White comfort is not as important as you all think it is. If you’re not a racist that’s being disrespectful, sit down. This isn’t about you. If you’re passing around an image of a white boy with a mustache, poncho, sombrero, and some tequila, then this is about you. If you’re hosting a “Cinco de Mayo” party without any actual Cinco de Mayo being part of your party– especially if it’s just an excuse to get excessively drunk and act like your racist idea of a Mexican, then this is about you. If you’re making money on Cinco de Mayo and you don’t even know what it’s about, this is about you.

What? We’ve got a racist pumpkin in the white house that wants to depict us all as lazy monsters that somehow manage to never work and suck off the government’s teet to fund our booze habits while also taking all of the jobs away from “Real Americans” and you thought we’d be alright sitting quietly in the back while people perpetuate the stereotypes that make a man like that possible on Cinco de Mayo of all days?

Eating Habits
  • Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the first house; Jupiter in Aries; Aries on the second house cusp: Prefers warm or hot food. Might like spicy food. A special preference for meat, especially mutton. May enjoy leeks and onions, or flavour their food with mustard and chilli.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the second house; Jupiter in Taurus; Taurus on the second house cusp: Is likely to eat large meals. Prefers warm food. Likes meat, especially beef. May enjoy apples, pears, berries, sweetcorn, cereal, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, or beans.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the third house; Jupiter in Gemini; Gemini on the second house cusp: Likes eating small snacks throughout the day. Drinks a lot of water. Enjoys dried fruits, peas, broad beans, and the like. May enjoy the taste of citrus. Is prone to eating issues or disorders.
  • Jupiter trine the Moon; Jupiter in the fourth house; Jupiter in Cancer; Cancer on the second house cusp: Likes food to be safe or familiar. Often enjoys sweet food. May really love milk. Probably enjoys eating fish, but not meat, and a lot of watery fruit and vegetables.
  • Jupiter trine the Sun; Jupiter in the fifth house; Jupiter in Leo; Leo on the second house cusp: Likes fun or childish food. Is adventurous with food. May love the taste of honey. Enjoys rice, cereal, meat (especially red meat), grapes, and iron-rich food. Probably really likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the sixth house; Jupiter in Virgo; Virgo on the second house cusp: Usually not a big eater, but healthy. Drinks a lot of water. Is prone to eating issues or disorders. Enjoys vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and celery. Fussy eater.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the seventh house; Jupiter in Libra; Libra on the second house cusp: Likes their food to be attractive and well-prepared. Might like very sweet food and puddings. Enjoys berries, apples, pears, grapes, beans, corn, and cereal. Likes subtle, elegant spices.
  • Jupiter trine Pluto; Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the eighth house; Jupiter in Scorpio; Scorpio on the second house cusp: May dislike sweet food. Either very healthy or very unhealthy. Enjoys red meat, garlic, and strong tastes.
  • Jupiter in the ninth house; Jupiter in Sagittarius; Sagittarius on the second house cusp: Can eat in excess. Often prone to drinking problems. Likes meat, especially game. May enjoy grape-fruits, raisins, and onion or leek based foodstuffs. Probably likes soup.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter in the tenth house; Jupiter in Capricorn; Capricorn on the second house cusp: Usually a healthy and regulated eater. Often enjoys meat, potatoes, and stock foods which are hearty yet not unhealthy. Is likely to need a lot of starch in their diet.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter trine Uranus; Jupiter in the eleventh house; Jupiter in Aquarius; Aquarius on the second house cusp: Likes unusual food. May enjoy apples, limes, and peppers. Often enjoys preserved fruit; likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Neptune; Jupiter in the twelfth house; Jupiter in Pisces; Pisces on the second house cusp: Likes light, soft, and airy foods. May have a sweet tooth. Not a big eater, but not prone to eating disorders. Might enjoy the tastes of melon, lettuce, cucumber, or pumpkin.
funny-ish halloween / fall 'incident' aus:

because bad stuff happens sometimes.

• “you baked pumpkin & pecan nut cookies for fall at the office and i didn’t want to be rude because you’re cute and i kinda like you but i have a nut allergy & now i can’t breathe” au
• “we go to the same coffee shop everyday and i was staring at you as i got my pumpkin spice latte and tripped over someone’s bag and now i’m about as red as your lovely bobble hat.” au
• “for some reason this pumpkin patch is on a hill and i know it sounds crazy but can you help me catch my runaway pumpkin before it kills someone.” au
• “i wanted to really embrace the fall spirit so i raked my leaves into a big pile and have been jumping around in it for ages and your moving truck just pulled up beside my house, so hi i’m your new not-weird neighbour.” au
• “i am freaking out because i went into the school hall to find my friend but accidentally knocked down the pyramid of cans for the can drive and you’re the cute president of the charity commitee please don’t hate me.” au
• “so my friends abandoned me in this corn maze and I’m claustrophobic and you seem like the type of person who can navigate things – help!” au
• “so it’s my turn to bring in snacks for halloween for my son/daughter’s preschool but i forgot the ice-cream to go with the pumpkin pie and i’m having a minor breakdown sorry.” au
• “we turn up at the same halloween party seperately but wearing coordinating costumes and now everyone thinks we’re dating, but i’ve never met you before today hi!” au
• “you’re running the hot chocolate booth at the fall fair and in my nervousness at seeing you i accidentally knocked the booth over. how can i make this better?” au • “i was camping with my friends and got lost in the woods but i’ve seen you reading under a tree – you’re lost too – and i suppose this isn’t terrible as long we’re not eaten.” au
• “you showed up at my fall cabin to ask for directions but i’m humble and lonely so i let you in for apple cider and candy corn and i don’t want you to leave.” au
• “we’re both shopping on black friday and i’ve seen this scarf that i really like that you want too but don’t think just bc you’re gorgeous i won’t fight for it (maybe feat. mall security.)” au
• “i extinguished the fire on your silk shirt – i mean who wears silk to watch a bonfire – and i’m lecturing you as i try to find you something to wear at my house.” au
• “scrap needles, i lost my phone in this haystack and i don’t know you at all but please help me find it.” au
• “my friend invited me to spend thanksgiving with him/her without telling me about their gorgeous cousin and i promise i’m not this needy and alone…most of the time.” au
• “i’m sorry i kicked you in my scared haze in the haunted house, can i do something to make it up to you?” au

anonymous asked:

Can I request some poly roadrat (with female s/o), Reinhardt, and Lucio fall/Halloween HC? Thank you!

i dont know what everyone does for halloween but where i live we usually go to a party in downtown and just drink, a lot, the saturday before halloween so i’m going to use that as like their own party


-neither of them are necessarily used to cooler weather so you get to start picking out the cutest outfits for them
-Junkrat almost always takes off his jacket or shirt at some point though
-a lot of late night/creepy dates
-went to a corn maze once and junkrat got lost, it took over two hours to find him because he wouldn’t stop running around
-Roadhog is the one that wants to go pick pumpkins
-Junkrat makes the worst pumpkin
-Haunted houses end up with you sandwitched in the middle of the two giant men, not that you’re complaining
-Roadhog is the immovable leader in the haunted houses and Junkrat is the scared pissbaby in the back who almost punches a dude
-The two already have halloween costumes, James calls them Dr. Junkenstein and his Monster. so you throw together a Bride of Junkenstein costume together
-You go to a party in town
-Roadhog can’t keep his hands off you
-Junkrat ends up eating you out against a building, no one sober enough to care bothers you three with Roadhogs glaring
-too hungover for the overwatch halloween party but you three go for the food
-you and junkrat pass out on the couch


-fall is his favorite season so it’ll always be nice around him
-he loves to go on hayrides
-will put his arms around you on the ride and just hold you, super contently
-has even more of a reason to constantly hug you or hold your hand
-takes you on dates in the forest since he knows you love to step on the leaves for the crunching sound
-the best time of year to drink, won’t even notice if you gave him a pumpkin spice flavored beer until he’s downing it and spitting it out halfway through
-will put drink you at the street party
-has to carry you home, bridal style, because you threw up and passed out outside of a bar
-still loves the hell out of you though
-even kisses you goodnight
-only wears his costume to the overwatch party
-he guys too drunk to walk after drinking with his buddies so you end up having to sleep on a cot with him there


-would rather stay at home and cuddle with you when it starts getting cold out
-drinks nothing but hot chocolate
-plays soccer on the warmer days with a few of the other guys
-favorite thing to do is jump in piles of leaves
-master of pumpkin carving
-has bonfires just to cuddle under the stars, and make s'mores,and have apple cider, and share blankets
-ok the cuddling is just a really good upside
-didn’t plan on dressing up for halloween but you make him dress up as a dog, to match your really cute cat
-he doesn’t drink
-he just makes out with you at the street party
-he’s gotta stop himself from going any further
-when you get home he gives you the best oral and the BEST sex you’ve had in awhile
-you almost don’t make it to the overwatch party because the two of you are too busy making out

A Halloween to Remember - Wally West x Reader

Originally posted by sixpenceeeblog

Requested by Anon - An imagine where you and Wally just go out and do Halloween things? Like a haunted house, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, scary movies? 

“(Y/N), wake up,” Wally prompted gently as you slowly woke from sleep. You glared at him, glancing over at the clock to see how early it was. 

“Seriously, Wally. It’s five in the morning,” you groaned before curling back under the covers. 

Wally ripped them off of you, pushing you to get out of bed. “Come on, (Y/N). We have lots of celebrating to do today.” You stumbled to your feet, swaying sleepily.

“It’s just Halloween,” you whined, trying to fall back down on the bed. Wally caught you before you could. “Nothing happens until tonight.”

“Babe, we have so much to do today,” Wally explained, scooping you up in his arms. He started to carry you somewhere as you tried to sleep on his shoulder. “We haven’t carved pumpkins, or got our costumes, or decided what we’re going to do tonight.”

“I’m sorry I have been so busy with training lately, okay?” you apologized, sensing Wally’s reasoning behind this. “But if you let me sleep, I’ll be yours all night.” You buried your face into his shoulder as he opened a door.

“Sorry, Babe, but we have to make up for lost time,” Wally commented before he came to a stop. You opened your eyes to find Wally and you both standing underneath the shower head. 

Wally’s hand reached for the faucet as your eyes widened with realization. “Don’t you dare, Wallace West.”

He just laughed as he switched on the faucet. Nevertheless, you almost killed him.

“Are you making a Flash symbol on your pumpkin?” you asked as you peeked over at Wally’s pumpkin. After you almost killing him for shower incident, you both had a quick breakfast and reluctantly sat down to crave some pumpkins to set in the front window of your apartment. 

“Yeah,” Wally answered, noticing the look you gave him. “What’s wrong with the flash symbol?”

“Oh, nothing,” you mumbled grumpily. You were still irritated with your rude awaking this morning. “But won’t it give away your secret identity?”

“Um,” Wally pondered, rubbing his chin. “Maybe they wouldn’t notice?”

You shrugged, humming to yourself. “Yeah, no one will notice.”

Wally stared at you suspiciously. “You are just messing with me, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t have woken me up,” you muttered, flicking a pumpkin seed at him. A playful smile grew on Wally’s face as you ducked from the mass of pumpkin guts that came flying towards your head. You popped back up to grin at him. “Oh, now it’s war.”

After cleaning up the mess, you both finished your pumpkins and moved on to finding your costumes for the night. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Wally called out as you finished sewing the last part of your costume. “What do you think of my costume?”

You turned around, smiling when he posed in his homemade fireman costume. “Ooo, handsome babe,” you complemented as you got up to adjust his suspenders. 

“You really think so?” Wally asked, his voice into a more sensual tone. He stepped closer to you, but you backed away from him.

“No, you don’t,” you warned as you picked up your costume. “I got to finish putting on the spots on my dalmatian costume.” Wally frowned at you before plopping down to watch you finish painting black spots onto your white shirt. He played with the ears you had just sewn onto a headband. 

It took a bit for the paint to dry, so Wally suggested watching a few horror movies. You weren’t thrilled by the idea, but submitted to it since it was still daylight. Wally insisted in watching all of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. You went to make bags of popcorn while Wally started the first one. 

“Can’t we watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown instead?” you asked as you carried two bowls of popcorn. The smaller one was for you, while the giant one was for Wally. 

“You’re not scared, are you Babe?” Wally teased, taking his bowl from you. You both plopped down on the couch as the opening credits started playing. 

“No, I just don’t enjoy blood and guts,” you replied, grabbing a blanket to cover both you and Wally before settling down to watch the movie. 

As the movie played, you scooted closer and closer to Wally. Wally noticed, getting a goofy smile on his face when you were practically in his lap. You made it through the first two movies with your face hidden beneath the blanket. 

“Wally, can we stop watching these now?” you begged as the creepy feeling of the first two movies still hovered around you. You shivered as he chuckled at you.

“Fine, we can stop,” Wally admitted, smiling when you sighed with relief. “I’ll put in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown now.” Wally didn’t admit it, but he was getting a little freaked out by the movies as well. 

“Thank you,” you replied as you glanced at the clock. “Do you want to get some lunch now?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Wally answered before speeding over to press a quick kiss to your lips. Then, he sped out of the house. Two minutes later, he was back with three bags full of fast food. 

“I always forget how nice it is to have a speedster for a boyfriend,” you complemented, kissing Wally’s cheek. He blushed before sorting out of the food as the menu of the movie played behind him.

After you both finished eating and watching the movie, you put on your dried costume and headed out to decide what to do. Wally and you got two invitations to Halloween parties, but they didn’t start until later.

 “What should we do?” Wally asked, slipping an arm around you as you both cooed over a cute little kid dressed up as the Flash. 

“I don’t know,” you replied, glancing at a group of little kids running up to a house for trick or treating. A light bulb lit up in your head. “We could go trick-or-treating.”

“You know I’m always game for candy, but don’t you think we’re a little old? No one would give us candy,” Wally argued as you smiled playfully at him. 

Grabbing his hand, you dragged him towards the house.“We won’t know if we don’t try,” you answered making Wally grin at you in response.

 About an hour later, you found yourselves with two plastic bags filled with candy. Apparently no one in your neighborhood cared about your age, thinking your couple’s costume was cute enough for some candy. 

Since it still wasn’t time for either of the parties you had been invited to, and Wally ate all the candy in typical speedster fashion, Wally insisted you both go to a local haunted house set up by some community group. You were uncertain, but Wally reassured you it would not be scary.

Wally was wrong.

It just so happens the theme of the haunted house was Texas Chainsaw Massacre. With the movies so fresh in your head, the moment Leatherface stepped out of the shadows with a chainsaw in hand, you and Wally both screamed your heads off. Wally went into hero mode, picking you up before speeding out of the haunted house. He didn’t stop until you both reached your house. 

Wally dropped you onto the couch before locking the door behind you securely. You were trying to regain your breath from the screaming and Wally’s speeding around. “I knew watching that movie was a bad idea,” you gasped as Wally hunkered on the couch beside you. 

“Yeah, I see your point now,” Wally mumbled, wrapping his arms around you. You both were silent for a moment before Wally opened his mouth again to speak. “Do you want to just stay here for the rest of the night?”

You glanced at him, trying to find any hidden meaning in his words. “Aren’t you the one who woke me up at five this morning to celebrate?”

“Yeah, well,” Wally began, blushing while rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “I might have changed my mind after seeing Leatherface.”

Rolling your eyes, you gave him a smile before getting up from the couch. “Alright, we can stay home, but I’m not watching any more horror movies.”

“I agree with you on that one, Babe,” he replied, watching you as you bent over to put a happy movie into the player. “But I hate to waste our costumes though.”

You turned to look at him, noticing his steamy look. “Don’t worry, Babe. We don’t have to waste them.” Suddenly in a blink of an eye, you found yourself in Wally’s arms and headed towards your bedroom. Years later, you would both agree it was a Halloween you wouldn’t forget. 

Things that happened to me on Halloween as writing prompts

Your seasonal dose of Haunted House AUs (˵◕ω◕˵✿)

  • This is my first time going through this house and this room is so dark I can’t find the entrance to the next one but you, a spooky scary zombie, point to the door and moan “Thaat waaaay” and I’m terrified, but thank you.
  • I’m the ‘murderer’ in the third room and you obviously hate scary things but your only response to me jumping out at you is “It’s okay, I’ve always wanted to die,” and is it out of character for a murderer to laugh this hard?
  • This is the last room on the tour and I’m terrified and high on adrenaline so when you jump out and scream at me completely in-character obviously the only normal reaction is for me to scream back, in your face, for at least two minutes.
  • You’re probably the cutest serial killer I’ve ever met, so when you start running after me with your knife all my cheesy ass can say is “You don’t need a knife to get into my heart,”
  • This is probably your third time taking the tour and every time you walk into my room you start singing “Spooky Scary Skeletons” and I know I’m dressed as a skeleton but isn’t that a little obnoxious?
  • We’re dressed as the same character and I know you work here and you’re trying your hardest to be spooky, but I’m obviously way scarier.
  • Hey, you’re the person who keeps bringing the haunted house staff pumpkin spice lattes as a joke and it’s cool that you left your number on mine, but I’m actually deathly allergic to cinnamon haha.
  • Look, I understand “fight, flight, or freeze” but what in the goddamn is “fight, flight, or hug the werewolf”

Hope you enjoy~