1.) Fionna - 120g (belongs to acottonheadedninnymuggins) (-19g, pooped, empty tummy)

2.) Toffi - 129g (-7g, pooped, empty tummy)

3.) Dewey - 308g (+6g, literally no idea how he gained 6g, hasn’t eaten or pooped since last update)

4.) Nessie - 1380g (-16g, huge poop, empty tummy)

Billy is gonna pick up some food for the noodles after work today.

dedicating the night to tumblr, netflix, the sims 3 and food :)

i’ve been so active lately between my 2 hour walks and going to my friends dads farm cutting down trees and cleaning up any and all branches and all the extra growth on all the old buildings. i need the break definately.

BUT to anyone reading… the reason we’re cleaning up the farm is because he has been doing these really awesome haunted walks in his woods the past few years and he wants to move it to the farm and eventually make it a public thing. with a haunted hay ride, corn maze, haunted houses and refreshment stand and a gift shop. it’s going to be so sick. he doesn’t think we will have any of that by halloween this year because there’s SO much work to be done still but we are planting a TON of pumpkins this year to sell. it’s pretty exciting. and i’m glad to be a part of it because i love fall and halloween so much lol 

teenageannabeth asked:

And after 3 times of the site going down, I have now spent $73 on that site. And I bought a really cool calendar too!

I bought everything on 4/13 after I panicked about the new update so I never saw the site crash, but I will tell you that I spent $80 and then I went back in and made it up to $120… I’m in so much trouble, I can’t even begin to explain,

* Pumpkin escaped the house last night when we got a delivery and booked it straight for the street; mom caught her right before she would’ve reached it

* in related news, Pumpkin is going to puppy boot camp the day before my birthday and staying for two weeks

* luckily, for part of that time, I will hopefully be visiting petepetepete and wogoat with bakelovenotwar

* my throat has felt like it’s closing for the past hour; I don’t seem to be anxious and I can breathe so I don’t know what this is but I hate it

* finished my taxes; did it myself for the first time ever because I am a spoiled baby

* I want to go to bed

* I want Jeff to go travel again

* Anna is off Friday, maybe Jeff will be, too

* a girl can hope