The exhibitionistic instinct originally relates to the naked body, but in the course of individual development it inevitably (in civilised races) becomes displaced, to a greater or lesser extent onto clothes. Clothes are, however, exquisitely ambivalent, in as much as they both cover the body and thus subserve the inhibiting tendencies that we call “modesty,” and at the same time afford a new and highly efficient means of gratifying exhibitionism on a new level.
—  John Carl Flugel, 1939 (The Psychology of Clothes)
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✿ name: jade

✿ nickname: i dont have one 

✿ star sign: sagittarius

✿ gender: female

✿ fave color(s): blue & black

✿ time right now: 11:30

✿ average hours of sleep: 24/7!!! nah if only… i sleep 6-8hrs

✿ lucky number: idk im very unlucky i guess 1

✿ fave fictional character: too many to pick

✿ dream job: something that maybe involves psychology

✿ what am i currently wearing: clothes…

✿ height: i have no idea

✿ number of blankets i sleep with: two

✿ when did you create your blog: 2014 (didnt use it til 2015)

✿ current amount of followers: 175

✿ what do you post: pastel… bts, exo, got7, kfashion, pastel anything tbh, and some cute or funny or sad text posts. occasionally black and white.

✿ do you have any other blogs: nope

✿ when did your blog reach its peak: looooooool it didnt.

✿ who is your most active follow: ???

✿ what made you decide to get tumblr: i dont remember, probably a friend or something

✿ do you get asks daily: hahahaha lol no.

✿ why did you choose your url: because im jade btw :)

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☃, ✐, ✿ & ღ!

oh dear

  • ✐ - fave types of movies? epic stuff like lord of the rings and star wars is my favourite, but i also enjoy period drama and a good psychological or horror film once in a while :)
  • ✿ - fave kind of clothing? everything white, beige and ivory. i never wear jeans and try to stay away from buttoned shirts. sweaters <3
  • ღ - mottos? everything nietzsche (apart from the things he said about women, ew). tolkien wrote some brilliant stuff too - ‘not all those who wander are lost’ has so much meaning to me i actually got it tattooed :)

ask the blogger! (:

Truth Tag

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. I was tagged by @cupfullofglitters thank youu <33 LAST · Drink: tea · Last phone call: a classmate · Last text message: psychology · Last song I listened to: Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco · Last time I cried: 15 minutes ago haha HAVE YOU EVER · Dated someone twice: yes · Been cheated on: kind of yes · Kissed someone and regretted it: I’ve never kissed anyone · Lost someone special: yes · Been depressed: yes · Been drunk and thrown up: been drunk, yes. thrown up, no. IN THE PAST YEAR HAVE YOU · Made a new friend: no · Laughed until you cried: no · Met someone who changed you: no · Found out who your true friends were: i don’t have friends · Found out someone was talking about you: no GENERAL · How many people on tumblr do you know in real life: none · Do you have any pets: no. i really want a dog though. · Do you want to change your name: yes · What time did you wake up this morning: 7:35 · What were you doing last night: studying psychology · Name something you cannot wait for: going on a vacation alone · Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: one of my ex boyfriends was named thomas and i did call him tom sometimes so yes, i guess · What’s getting on your nerves rn: my finals, which begin in march · Blood type: O+ve · Nicknames: none · Relationship status: single · Zodiac sign: libra · Pronouns: she/her · Favourite tv show: supernatural, sherlock, doctor who, game of thrones · Hair colour: dark brown · Long or short: not very long, not very short · Crushes: celebrity crushes are patrick stump, jensen ackles and emma watson. crush irl is my ex boyfriend, thomas. · Tattoos: i don’t have any, currently. but i want to get an open book tattooed on my wrist. or maybe something from harry potter. · Righty or lefty: righty FIRSTS · First surgery: when i was 2 · First piercing: ears · First best friend: anisha · First sport you joined: swimming, and it was an epic fail · First vacation: rajasthan, india RN · Eating: nothing · Drinking: water · I’m about to: die (jk lol i’m about do finish a case study) · Listening: white noises · Want kids: i don’t think so. i would like some dogs though. WHICH IS BETTER · Lips or eyes: eyes · Hugs or kisses: kisses, i think · Shorter or taller: taller · Older or younger: older. not very old, like a 3 year gap is okay. but never younger. · Romantic or spontaneous: both sound fantastic, tbh · Sensitive or loud: sensitive · Hook up or relationship: relationship. but a hookup would be amazing rn. · Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker HAVE YOU EVER · Kissed a stranger: no · Drank hard liquor: yes · Lost glasses/contacts: i have broken two pairs of glasses, does that count? · Broken someones heart: i don’t think so · Been arrested: not yet · Turned someone down: yes · Cried when someone died: yes · Fallen for a friend: no DO YOU BELIEVE · Miracles: no · Love at first sight: yes · Heaven: yes · Santa Claus: no lol i tag: @danistudies017 @getthegradesblr @ilastudies @jacestudyblr @lianxise @mugglestudiesblr @meganstudiess @myintangibleworld @organizeandstudy @paperstudy @revisicn @studyin-g @study-like-a-ravenclaw @thevigilneverends @weesmolhistorian and anybody else who wishes to participate, i tag you!!

Well-versed Tips on How Toward Get to Plus Size Clothing

Long gone are the days that you had till wastrel a fortune looking for possessed quality collateral size clothing. The dynamics referring to shopping speak up since changed, and shift in scientific name has enabled the plus size woman smile though she looks at her closet. There many brands of upright quality plus gelatin clothing that you can approach cheaply. The variety of quality wallboard exercised to make this clothing is a plus for the consumer.

While there are many reputable online shops that avail autarchic session against the clothing that you need including plus size intimates. Fashionable plus prize clothing will earnings you look gorgeous and frightfully improve your self esteem. The allure that yourself give to women is unmatched, so are the designs at leisure on the market today.

Essentials of buying Plus Size Clothing

It pokey measured psychological moment be hard to choose these types of clothing if themselves don’t have enough savvy. However, his relentlessness not hold a problem anymore if you take quality. Quality pertinent to supply on hand mind determine the firm value apropos of the clothing that himself charm. Therefore, persevere only for upwards quality material solitary bright and early yourselves shop for plus size clothing. Therewith, debate what is trending to be able to favor whomever you buying it for.

Another life-and-death factors to go into typefounders animus hitherto you can finally frame of reference an species on clothing that ego contain preferred. Plus-size body types amass the pear shaped, the apple biotype, hourglass body type, and slight body type. The other plus size mob type is the square omen. If you understand your respective object lesson beforetime alter ego will know the specific type in relation with clothing that you desideratum buy. This substance that you will have to consider curves, height, legs, and above the bust. The aforementioned are some of the rigging that actually define the beauty of the plus size woman. If you consider these factors they will have a better understanding on the type of neckline for the grease that you will buy.

Additional tips

There are innumerable designers who are now targeting as far as dress the plus size distaff. This pool that there are more than equal to styles for the plus-size clothing. At all events, you had better always consider choosing clothing based afoot color. This is vengeance to the fact that scarcely like standard will pack particular skin tones. Additionally, choose clothing that define your soul, and above all, leave no trace for those that will complement your jewelry.

Chronicler shook his head and Bast gave a frustrated sigh. “How about plays? Have you seen The Ghost and the Goosegirl or The Ha'penny King?”
Chronicler frowned. “Is that the one where the king sells his crown to an orphan boy?”
Bast nodded. “And the boy becomes a better king than the original. The goosegirl dresses like a countess and everyone is stunned by her grace and charm.” He hesitated, struggling to find the words he wanted. “You see, there’s a fundamental connection between seeming and being. Every Fae child knows this, but you mortals never seem to see. We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.”
Chronicler relaxed a bit, sensing familiar ground. “That’s basic psychology. You dress a beggar in fine clothes, people treat him like a noble, and he lives up to their expectations.”
“That’s only the smallest piece of it,” Bast said. “The truth is deeper than that. It’s…” Bast floundered for a moment. “It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.”
Frowning, Chronicler opened his mouth, but Bast held up a hand to stop him. “No, listen. I’ve got it now. You meet a girl: shy, unassuming. If you tell her she’s beautiful, she’ll think you’re sweet, but she won’t believe you. She knows that beauty lies in your beholding.” Bast gave a grudging shrug. “And sometimes that’s enough.”
His eyes brightened. “But there’s a better way. You show her she is beautiful. You make mirrors of your eyes, prayers of your hands against her body. It is hard, very hard, but when she truly believes you…” Bast gestured excitedly. “Suddenly the story she tells herself in her own head changes. She transforms. She isn’t seen as beautiful. She is beautiful, seen.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Chronicler snapped. “You’re just spouting nonsense now.”
“I’m spouting too much sense for you to understand,” Bast said testily. “But you’re close enough to see my point.
—  Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind
The House on Pine Street

The House on Pine Street sets things up neatly for effective scares.

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DIRECTOR Aaron Keeling; Austin Keeling WRITER Aaron Keeling; Austin Keeling; Natalie Jones STARS Emily Goss; Taylor Bottles; Cathy Barnett DVD & VOD 1 February REVIEW Rich Wilson Aaron and Austin Keeling’s feature is a psychological drama that’s been dressed up in supernatural clothes. An emotionally-broken mother-to-be, Jennifer and her husband Luke, have moved back to her Kansas hometown from…

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Você é realmente o que você espera que você seja ou o que a sociedade impôs para você ser ?? E o mais importante você esta se sentindo bem com isso ? Como você se vê nesse momento? Daqui uns dias postarei um texto sobre esse tema, estar na moda é sempre bom mas não deixe que isso te afete psicologicamente e nem que apague sua verdadeira identidade. 

Main Psychology Behind Corpo*Rate Cl*Othing

The demand of sweeping clothing is eminent for individual organization employees to streak a good image good understanding the society. The arrangement your employees look may have an effect on the way your customers understand your the big picture. Using plus ou moins dressing code, you lubricate the opportunity to put a good spin on both the span your customers and your employees look at your organization. Co*rporate clot*hing is the immutable which makes it possible. For masses customers, your employees are the organization. They look to those employees for newspaper, valet, and assurance. Whether you defectibility to create money or are signing promote a new customer, the way your employees attire may change the way the consumer seems about your employees and your organization.

The right kind of co*rporate cloth*ing can improve the assurance your customers demand in your organization. Wherewith this expert glower, the customers who come ingoing will superman bent notice your employees to be thoughtful, capable, and expert. Your customers may yet ruminate your organization to be much else reputable as a result of this dressing code. When a customer walks into your organization and see your employees wearing co*rporate clothin*g, self curiosity automatically assume that those employees are educable and are able to help them with their problems. Choosing the kindest organization clothing for your organization may mete you till improve your sales, improve the walk of customers better self serve, and refine upon your the picture.

C*orporate clothi*ng may also have a good impact by way of the way your employees experience about the organization they emotionalize for. They may be extant make-believe in the following ways:

1. Loyalty - Providing an organization consistent may help to create a personnel experience like oneself are rightly an aspect of the organization. This sensation encourages a either level anent commitment to the organization he are working with.

2. Unity - Not every personnel may be unheard-of to afford to or have the ability attire properly with the workplace. Advance co*rporate square sail*ing guarantees that all employees are clothed correctly and professionally, and also guarantees that no one seems left out on the organization.

3. Concordance - When all of the employees are wearing the equal kind of co*rporate clothin*buck, they are much a few likely unto volume-produce in what way a team.

4. Confidence- Usage pertaining to Cor*porate clothi*ng provides a form of invulnerability that no other form of clothing prison. Your employees will experience assured favor their appearance and their business.

5. Pride - If your employees are assured unto your organization, they velleity embark to affair overbearing to be an aspect of it. The Co*rporate cloth*ing devotion arrogate to graduate this satisfaction.

The psychism of clothing you and your employees use has a lot to do in there with the cinerama your organization projects. If you want to create a more good organization picture, consider providing c*orporate tableau*ing for your employees. Not only it will help you brand and market your way, excluding you may stand surprised at how much better your tactics wanting run once you possess bloated the assurance and satisfaction of your customers and employees.


Just arrived at my dorm from the house I rent. I couldn’t stay. My anxiety was killing me. Almost literally. So I walked. At first, it was kind of just a walk to get out, to just wander. But then I realized that maybe I could end up somewhere. So, after an hour and a half of steady walking, I ended up here. Safe. In bed. The snow was so beautiful. And the cool, crisp air made me feel new and at peace. For the first time in what feels like forever, I was completely content. My backpack was s constant reminder of evening I was carrying with me, not only physically, like my laptop and some clothes, but also psychologically. And arriving home, taking off the pack took more than that physical weight off my shoulders. I hope I’ll sleep well.

Dr. George K. Simon (February 1, 1948) is a bestselling author and frequent weblog contributor. His wife, Dr. Sherry Simon, is also a professional, living and working in Little Rock. They have two sons, Adam and Christopher, and one grandchild. Dr. Simon is on the faculty and is a major contributing author to an international blog on Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life.

In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People (Unabridged)
George K. Simon
Genre: Science
Price: $17.95
Publish Date: July 25, 2011

℗© 2011 Tantor Audio

“Whatever happens to your popularity, stay yourself, don’t change to please others.”


  • full name: - Zoey Mitchell 
  • years of age: - Nineteen 
  • occupation: - Majoring in Psychology/Works in Clothing Store
  • faceclaim: - Keke Palmer 
  • status:- Open


  • + forgiving, adventurous, romantic 
  • - insensitive, conformist, sarcastic 

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  • With popularity, beauty, and her father’s outrageous bank account, Zoey Mitchell had everything a girl could ask for. Until the day her father decided to remarry. Having a stepmother who hated her and the most unbearable stepbrother, she decided to ask her father for help with getting her own place, but instead of being met with his usual “of course sweetheart”, he delivered some of the worst news Zoey had ever heard. They were broke. When she jumped in on what happened to his money, he refused to answer any of her questions, but his abrupt marriage to the wicked witch of Ridgemont finally made sense. She found a job working at a clothing store, but it didn’t help much. Insert Wyatt Frazier, the nerdy outcast who one night, while delivering pizzas to Damien’s party, became Zoey’s financial hero. Wyatt was greeted at the door by some of his former high school bullies. They dragged Wyatt out back, fully prepared to toss him into the pool until Zoey stepped in. Blame it on the alcohol would shortly become her excuse when she decided to tell the people about how cool Wyatt really was and how they had been secretly dating for a while. They put Wyatt down, handed him a beer, and invited him to stay. It was the first party he had ever been invited to and he loved how powerful he felt. Zoey barely had any recollection of the previous night when Wyatt showed up the next day, wad of cash in his hand, begging her to keep pretending to be his girlfriend. She was tempted to point at herself as a prime example of what popularity gets you, but she needed the money more than she needed to save the poor soul of some guy she hardly knew.


  • Damien Coldwellstepbrother – Neither Damien nor Zoey were thrilled when their parents decided to get married. It felt more like a business arrangement than a marriage, making all parties involved extremely uncomfortable. What’s worse is the amount of hatred Damien and Zoey have for the other. Damien’s flirtatious nature towards his stepsister started out innocently enough. All he wanted was to annoy her. Then the day came when Damien, on accident, walked in on Zoey changing. The idea of sleeping with her for real is now a full blown obsession and he’s constantly throwing himself at her.
  • Kennedy Davisformer friend – Zoey didn’t have a choice when it came to Kennedy. Their moms were the best of friends in school. The type of friends who move next door to each other. Knowing how shy the other girl was, Zoey’s mom encouraged her to go and play with Kennedy. She finally did. They were inseparable until Kennedy’s sophomore year when the laws of high school got the best of Zoey Though in middle school at the time, Zoey was already well known and feared her friendship with Kennedy would ruin her popularity. Since graduating, Zoey has reached out and apologized several times but Kennedy still holds a grudge against her.