The exhibitionistic instinct originally relates to the naked body, but in the course of individual development it inevitably (in civilised races) becomes displaced, to a greater or lesser extent onto clothes. Clothes are, however, exquisitely ambivalent, in as much as they both cover the body and thus subserve the inhibiting tendencies that we call “modesty,” and at the same time afford a new and highly efficient means of gratifying exhibitionism on a new level.
—  John Carl Flugel, 1939 (The Psychology of Clothes)

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what kind of things do you like? what are you interested in?

Thinking and thoughts
The human psyche

I could actually go on and on and on


During my junior year of high school, I plan to pay more attention to my writing. I completely avoided it sophomore year and I honestly miss it. I’ve also finally 100% made up my mind about what I want to major in: Psychology. So, hopefully, I can talk to my counselor about changing one of my electives to AP Psychology.

Also, my cousins and I are planning on starting a clothing line! We’re hoping to get everything together by next summer so I’m also going to be focusing on that.

We wanted to start a project completely independent of our parents help and we’ve always been interested in fashion, so we were like lets do this! We may be a bit in over our heads, but hey *shrugs* it’s worth it. #AfraidoftheDark

Just because a male and female character kiss does not make a movie sexist. Claire had a powerful corporate job, why would she have safari clothes with her? It is a psychologically proven fact that close proximity and high adrenaline leads to feeling heightened attraction (ie kissing ect.)!! Was Owen a slightly sexist character? Yes a little. But let’s all be honest with ourselves, if you have ever worn heels and tried to walk in dirt it is hard. You can’t blame Owen for looking at her like she’s crazy when she told him she was going with him. Could the movie have been better? Sure. Was it bad? No. I’m going to start unfollowing people who talk about it constantly because v is honestly b irritating v and not something I want to see on my dash. If you don’t want to be in unfollowed please tag it so I can block it.

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Clearly Kryptonians have low key hypnosis abilities

I’ve always wondered that. Because I think I read it in Blackest Night but to summarise;

Clark apparently wears clothing two sizes two big, slouchs and hunchs over and wears those glasses. So it’s to do with how he carries himself and how he presents himself so he has to be doing something mentally so that people don’t notices through those slight changes to his character that he his the same man.

Because we know that Clark is also regarded to be handsome and attractive, considering his exploits with women and he can’t always be in those clothes. So I think he lowkey uses basic psychology to change peoples perception of who he is but must also use something else so people don’t notice that he has the same nose, same chin and same lips as Superman because someone has got to either think ‘Familial link to superman because of similar facial characteristics that are usually hereditary’ or ‘HOLY SHITTING HELL, IT’S SUPERMAN’

And as we’ve seen from Batman; people will try and cash in on your secret identity or stick you in a city size prison to hopefully die. An from Green lantern we can see that people can recognise you from your basic face structure. So it would make sense that he somehow warps peoples perception of Superman by making his face appear different or Clark’s face different because those fucking glasses ain’t fooling anyone; Especially someone who’ve had sex with and has seen EVERYTHING -looks at Lois Lane and co-

Idk Superman has never been one of my favourite superhero’s anyway.

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List 10 things you love then send this to the last 10 people who reblogged you. Xx

1. God
2. Family and friends (includes TSwift and pets)
3. Clothes
4. Baking and cooking/Food Network
5. Psychology
6. Pastel colors
7. Music
8. I love doing random things and whatever comes to my mind when I want to.
9. Old cartoons/Grey’s Anatomy/binge watching
10. Antiques

Summer to-do

Become more flexible
Learn Anatomy
Read into that psychology textbook I found on the side of the road
Make clothes
Make Patches
Make “Boyfriend” Jacket
Try Makeup looks on my friends
Be part of a creative process
Find romantic company

The Blues in my wardrobe

The Blues in my wardrobe

Good Morning, everyone. In preparation of a photo shooting today, I checked my wardrobe, where I found only blue dresses. So I asked myself, what is wrong with you, my girl, that you have only blue clothes? I googled and found out, that I must either have a great need for peace and harmony myself or (since I am wearing this color to be seen by other people) that I want to communicate the feeling…

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Clothing and makeup and hair and all of that so much indicates the kind of person you are inside and the person you are presenting on the outside. Sometimes they are in conflict, and sometimes they are the same. That psychology of the exterior informing the interior is just so interesting.

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Hi! First of all I LOVE your blog, it's so pretty and you're a great writer! If you're still doing ships I'd love one with a blurb on how we spend our time. (: I'm Asian-American and I have long, wavy black/brown ombre hair, I'm skinnyish and I wear a lot of dark/grungy clothing. I love music, writing, psychology and ghosts/aliens/etc. I'm super quiet/introverted sometimes but when I'm with friends I love going out and partying. Thanks! <3 My question: What's your favorite hair color on Mikey?

Aw, thank you! :) Red or black, but his hair is always great.

  • BFF: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael
  • Ship: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael
  • A song from my playlist that you and your ship jam to: Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.
  • Mini blurb on how you met OR how you spend your time together:
    “Babe,” Mikey’s voice crooned.
    You looked up from your laptop and asked him what was up. You had a deadline to reach with your publisher and your boyfriend wanted attention.
    “Can we go out tonight?” he asked, throwing a cushion up and down next to you. “You need a break from writing.”
    “Mikey, you know I have to get this chapter done. The publisher has been breathing down my neck for it.”
    He sighed heavily and sat next to you, he pulled the laptop in front of him.
    “What are you doing?” you questioned as he opened your web browser.
    “Well, if we’re going to sit here and write a book, we need pizza.”
    You leaned over and kissed his cheek. “I love you.”
    “You better,” he said with a smirk.

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The economic crisis in Greece has created record levels of unemployment, leaving jobless parents unable to provide basic necessities for their children.

Two out of every five children in Greece are currently living below the poverty line, and more than 25 percent of Greeks are unemployed.

Currently, SOS Children’s Villages is providing critical support to 1,150 at-risk families—including 2,260 children—at seven community centers around Greece. At these centers, families receive:

  • Psychological support for parents and children
  • Material goods such as food and clothing
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  • Educational assistance to children, including children with disabilities
  • Referral services for issues related to medical care, legal concerns and social services.

Donate now to stand in solidarity with children and families in Greece.

I saw the @natgeo #endpoverty hashtag challenge, seeking photos that represent what povery means to me, this is one of the photos I’ll be submitting. I took this photo a few years ago, before I had really begun my journey into photography. This is Sonu, he’s a severely autistic teenage boy who was abandoned as a child and as a result will live at the Integrated Institute for the Disabled in Varanasi, India (IID). While he is mostly a happy young man, he doesn’t get the care he needs due to the lack of funding and high volume of need at the IID. Other than the medical, dental and psychological care that he lacks, the basics such as clean and untattered clothing, a varied and nourishing diet and soap are things that he frequently goes without. Living in poverty is absolutely awful, particularly for people already living with a disability that makes getting along more difficult for them. via Instagram

How formal clothes can impact our psychology

What we wear can be a form of self-expression, but how much do your clothes reveal about you? A recent study finds that wearing formal clothing can actually enhance your ability to think abstractly. Heidi Grant Halvorson, social psychologist and author of “No One Understands You and What To Do About It,” joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the study.

Fashion Tips : How to Dress like a Fashion Model

[ad_1] Clothes have a profound effect on us psychologically. Choosing the wrong color makes you look sick and ghastly. Worse, it spoils your day as the color of your clothes can affect your mood. First of all, you need to consider your skin tone, eye and hair color. It is advisable to try out clothes in different colour and get a close friend or family member to see if a particular color suits you. If possible, try to get as many colors i…More Info at Our Site ‘Improving My Golf Game’