MBTI on the Roller Coaster

ESTP – the Hulk *ripppppprawrrrrrrrrr

ESFP – Just can’t hold their shit in can they?

ISFP – It’s not what you think, really…don’t look at me…

ISTP – They see me rolling they hatin/ Patrolling they try to catch me ridin dirty/ tryin catch me ridin dirty/ tryin catch me ridin dirty

INTP – 2 nerds here, but I gotta go with the Glasses – DAT fist pump is signature!

INTJ – *Bird dies on face…still sexy as hell.

ENTJ – “I don’t have time for silly games.”

ENTP – Method of ending call with psycho-ex, “Sorry wah wah I can’t hear you…god this ride is boring”

ISTJ – Stone cold fox.

ESTJ – “Obey me! Or I’ll strangle you!” 

ESFJ – “You’re ok kid, I gotcha I gotcha!”

ISFJ – Face of pure terror

ENFJ – Life of the party, I salute you!

ENFP – Rraww I’m a Philosoraptor! Hear me roar!

INFP – This is INFP coming out of their shell – put your hands up put your hands up!

INFJ – O god! This is good therapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!