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It had been a week of fear for The Batter
Zone four had stopped.
An entire Zone, dedicated to years of nightmares and torture.
-Suddenly just..  stopped.

Needless to say; It didn’t sit well with The King at all. The overwhelming anxiety and terror were enough to keep him up at night. He loved Michael and Batiste, to no end, but spending time in the study would be more useful and sleeping in a bed with the two of them right now. But getting up would most likely wake one of them. . It wasn’t worth the risk he supposed.

With a sigh, Prowler forced his eyes closed.
Sleep is what he really needed, not another restless night.

For some reason Batter found himself sitting up. Though he wasn’t entirely sure why.
Nor was he even awake.

The man stared down at the two beside him in a daze, watching as they slept for what must of been ages. White eyes then shifted to glance at the door before finally he got up and left the bed.
He knew where she wanted him to go.

((Happy Munday~ Went to the Renaissance Faire in Larkspur this weekend! Pulled out my Il Lupo gear and a half-assed attempted at manga-version Eren’s makeup because it was oddly fitting… Contacts are Dollyeye Brown and aren’t too vibrant in anything but DIRECT SUNLIGHT aka this))

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