here’s a helpful tip for those struggling with Amatsu in MHGen

you know those three ballistas positioned around the map? well, they are your best friend in this fight. I know that you’re fine, the fight seems pretty easy, until the noodle dragon pulls out his vortex of death thingy. 

here are some tips for avoiding this attack completely:

this first tip works for Hunters as well as Prowlers

make sure that you ALWAYS have at least one ballista ammo in your inventory. never use that one ballista ammo (one-shot binders work too). as soon as Noodles begins his vortex of death, run to the nearest ballista as fast as possible. then get in the ballista, using that ammo. DONT FIRE THE AMMO. this will keep you from getting sucked into the vortex.

this second tip works only for Prowlers

burrow using Right Bumper + joystick forward. that is all. (use B to go back to the surface again)

((Happy Munday~ Went to the Renaissance Faire in Larkspur this weekend! Pulled out my Il Lupo gear and a half-assed attempted at manga-version Eren’s makeup because it was oddly fitting… Contacts are Dollyeye Brown and aren’t too vibrant in anything but DIRECT SUNLIGHT aka this))

Saw this on Fathead’s website and immediately thought of sixpenceee

From the site:

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Nerdy Fact 1583: Prior to its cancellation, Sam Raimi had planned for Spider-Man 4 to feature a montage of title hero fighting C and D-list villains, including the Prowler, the Shocker, Stilt Man, a ”onesie-wearing” version of the Rhino, and Mysterio, who would’ve been played his good friend by Bruce Campbell.