マクロスΔ 2ndアルバム Walküre Trap! | Macross Delta 2nd Album Walküre Trap!

Release date: 09.28.16 | Pre-order: Amazon

Track Listing:
1. 絶対零度θノヴァティック | Absolute Zero θ Novatic
2. 破滅の純情~Mikumo Solo~| Hametsu no Junjou
3. ワルキューレのバースデイソング | Walküre Happy Birthday
4. God Bless You
5. 風は予告なく吹く~Freyja Solo~ | Wind Blows Without Notice
6. Hear The Universe
7. Silent Hacker
8. おにゃの子☆girl
9. 涙目爆発音| Namidame no Bakuhatsu-on
10. Absolute 5

***Links contain spoilers!

((Happy Munday~ Went to the Renaissance Faire in Larkspur this weekend! Pulled out my Il Lupo gear and a half-assed attempted at manga-version Eren’s makeup because it was oddly fitting… Contacts are Dollyeye Brown and aren’t too vibrant in anything but DIRECT SUNLIGHT aka this))

Nerdy Fact 1583: Prior to its cancellation, Sam Raimi had planned for Spider-Man 4 to feature a montage of title hero fighting C and D-list villains, including the Prowler, the Shocker, Stilt Man, a ”onesie-wearing” version of the Rhino, and Mysterio, who would’ve been played his good friend by Bruce Campbell.