THIS IS FOR REAL: One Burger King restaurant in San Francisco is selling the “Proud Whopper” through the week of SF Pride. It’s exactly the same as a regular Whopper, price and all, except it comes in a rainbow-tastic Pride wrapper that reads “We Are All The Same Inside” when you unwrap it. All proceeds are donated to a foundation providing scholarships to LGBT students. Get thee to 1200 Market Street! (via USA Today

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WATCH: The Moment These Diners Got The Burger King ‘Proud Whopper’ Riddle

Burger King have released a new video that observes customer reactions to a special ‘Pride’ burger released at restaurants in San Francisco.

The Proud Whopper was unveiled earlier this week to send a message of LGBT equality to diners to coincide with San Francisco Pride. However, a couple of things weren’t immediately clear – just what is the Proud Whopper? And how is it different from the standard Whopper? Read more.


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People are getting mad at Burger King because they have wrappers over their burgers with the words “Proud Whopper” over it with a rainbow design and the words “We Are All The same Inside’ on the inside of the wrapper. Honestly, I think it’s amazing. I especially love how many people are getting pissed off by it and saying they aren’t eating Burger King anymore.

#BurgerKing Supports #LGBTRights With #ProudWhopper And ‘Be Your Way’ Campaign

For now, The “Proud Whopper” is available exclusively at the Burger King restaurant located at 1200 Market Street in San Francisco through July 3. Meanwhile, proceeds from the sales of the sandwich will be donated to the Burger King #McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT college-bound high school students who graduate next year.

We’d like to suggest that everyone across the country contact their local BK franchise to ask them if they carry the “PROUD WHOPPER” - when they respond with “no” for an answer, kindly recommend they tell management you want one and to ask them what they’re waiting for. REMEMBER - BE NICE - let’s turn this into a mini-campaign to send a message to corporate that our patronage and our money does count. (◕‿◕)

whenever any person or company voices their support for the LGBTQ+ community some people go ape-shit instead of appreciating the support 

we will not get anywhere as a community if we continue to turn down support from anyone or any company that isn’t LGBTQ+ 

you aren’t helping you’re just being a little pissbaby about things shut up

“We’re all the same inside” minimizes the oppression LGBTQ people have faced and continue to face because of cisheterosexist society insisting that everyone ought to be “the same.” Many LGBTQ people have faced abusive reparative therapy at the hands of people who want everyone to be “the same.” It also others those LGBTQ folks who are aren’t content with assimilation—who want more than just the right to marry and be seen as “normal.”

I want my differences as a queer person to be liberated and affirmed, not erased. Not dismissed with “We are all the same inside.”
The main thing I want to talk about in this post, though, is my experience as former employee of Burger King, and how it shapes my reactions to hearing about the Proud Whopper. Burger King may be using the Proud Whopper to exploit the LGBTQ movement in order to make a buck or two, but this is nothing new for them. In fact, Burger King has been exploiting LGBTQ bodies for years.

You see, one place where we are definitely not “all the same” is inside of our wallets. LGBTQ people (especially if they are trans women and/or people of color) are disproportionately affected by poverty because of the various, overlapping oppressions they face.
How much do you think Burger King pays the queer people who work for them?

I’ll tell you how much I got paid when I worked there: $7.25 per hour. Minimum wage laws vary from state to state, but I can tell you that most Burger Kings are paying their workers as little as legally possible.

I’ll also tell you this—unless a Burger King is in a state where the law states otherwise, they can legally pay employees under the age of 20 what is called a “federal training wage.” This can be as low as $4.25. Though I personally do not know anyone who was getting paid that little, I did have an 18 year old coworker, working to care for her family, who was making only $7.00.
That’s even less than the federal minimum wage. Minimum wage is abysmal enough, and some Burger Kings won’t even pay their employees that.

Do you know how many teenage LGBTQ people are homeless because of rejection or abuse from their families? And here Burger King is paying some of these kids less than minimum wage, and still trying to convince us they care about LGBTQ communities.
What will the Proud Whopper do for Burger King’s LGBTQ employees? Will it help the gay couple who met while working in the kitchen together afford their wedding? What will it do for the queer college student who can’t come out of the closet because hir parents—who help hir with the school bill that ze can’t afford on only her BK salary—would cut hir off? How about the trans woman who works front counter? Will she be able to afford hormones now, even though Burger King won’t give her enough hours to qualify for health insurance?

If Burger King really cared about LGBTQ communities, if they really wanted to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ people, they would pay their employees a livable wage.

They would pay the people who wrap their sandwiches in rainbows, sweep rainbows off the floor, unclog the rainbows that some jokester tried to flush down the toilet.

The people who stand for 8 hours straight or more, sometimes with no break, because rainbow Whoppers need to be made.

The people who have to run to the back of the store and strain their back to retrieve a new box of rainbows when they run out up front.
The people who get yelled and cursed at and called “faggot” or other slurs when rainbows don’t get to customers in time.

Until those employees are making a livable wage, I don’t think I can see The Proud Whopper as anything more than an attempt for Burger King to exploit LGBTQ people even more than they already do.
Keep your rainbows, Burger King. I don’t trust you with my liberation.

Feminist 'clump of cells' who works at Burger King forgets that 'we're all the same inside'

Feminist ‘clump of cells’ who works at Burger King forgets that 'we’re all the same inside’ @createdequalnet

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Burger King recently started a limited-market campaign around the Proud Whopper, which included the underlying message “We’re all the same inside.” It was supposed to be a show of support for San Francisco’s gay community, but it could also serve as Burger King’s stealth pro-life campaign. Since Burger King employee Victoria Duran of Columbus, Ohio seems to think that the unborn are just a clump…

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The Proud Whopper is a regular flame-grilled Whopper, but it’s wrapped in rainbow paper inscribed with the message, “We are all the same inside.” Sold at this years Gay Pride festival in San Francisco. 

All proceeds from sales of the burger will go to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT college-bound, high school seniors graduating next spring.

Check out the video reactions below