'When People Sit Down To Eat A Hamburger, The Last Thing They Want To Be Thinking About Is Two Guys Having Sex'

Burger King’s “Proud Whopper” made headlines and won the praise of a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights organizations, but one notoriously right-wing source isn’t having any of it. The American Family Associa…

“Sharjill Zam” really??? I’m actually afraid you might catch brains. I will expose your ignorant HATE. 

“Alex Kornfield” was at least funny. 

Straights, I LOVE YOU even if “SOME” of you don’t love and accept me. You don’t have to worry about being accepted or recognized. YOU ARE. We, are not. That’s why we march and fight for rights.

Sorry to preach, this just made me outraged. This hate was brought about for The Proud Whopper- a 1 week promotion in San Francisco for their pride. 

No more soapbox. 



The Proud Whopper is a lovely sentiment, and regardless if Burger King is doing it “for the money” or “for the controversy,” the positive message is still being delivered.

However, do major companies and fast food chains really need to broadcast their opinions in the first place? Is it necessary, or expositional?