“Sharjill Zam” really??? I’m actually afraid you might catch brains. I will expose your ignorant HATE. 

“Alex Kornfield” was at least funny. 

Straights, I LOVE YOU even if “SOME” of you don’t love and accept me. You don’t have to worry about being accepted or recognized. YOU ARE. We, are not. That’s why we march and fight for rights.

Sorry to preach, this just made me outraged. This hate was brought about for The Proud Whopper- a 1 week promotion in San Francisco for their pride. 

No more soapbox. 


THIS IS FOR REAL: One Burger King restaurant in San Francisco is selling the “Proud Whopper” through the week of SF Pride. It’s exactly the same as a regular Whopper, price and all, except it comes in a rainbow-tastic Pride wrapper that reads “We Are All The Same Inside” when you unwrap it. All proceeds are donated to a foundation providing scholarships to LGBT students. Get thee to 1200 Market Street! (via USA Today


The Proud Whopper is a regular flame-grilled Whopper, but it’s wrapped in rainbow paper inscribed with the message, “We are all the same inside.” Sold at this years Gay Pride festival in San Francisco. 

All proceeds from sales of the burger will go to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT college-bound, high school seniors graduating next spring.

Check out the video reactions below


SJW assaults several pro-life protesters, is detained by police

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ICYMI: Burger King Proud Whopper

Burger King introduced a new Whopper for San Francisco Pride 2014, with message inside the wrapper states “We are all the same inside”.

Personally, I am impressed by such move by a big chain like Burger King and I believe it does matter a lot. I applaud Burger King for this and I gotta admit too, I have never expected a burger would make me cry. :)

People are getting mad at Burger King because they have wrappers over their burgers with the words “Proud Whopper” over it with a rainbow design and the words “We Are All The same Inside’ on the inside of the wrapper. Honestly, I think it’s amazing. I especially love how many people are getting pissed off by it and saying they aren’t eating Burger King anymore.

#BurgerKing Supports #LGBTRights With #ProudWhopper And ‘Be Your Way’ Campaign

For now, The “Proud Whopper” is available exclusively at the Burger King restaurant located at 1200 Market Street in San Francisco through July 3. Meanwhile, proceeds from the sales of the sandwich will be donated to the Burger King #McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT college-bound high school students who graduate next year.

We’d like to suggest that everyone across the country contact their local BK franchise to ask them if they carry the “PROUD WHOPPER” - when they respond with “no” for an answer, kindly recommend they tell management you want one and to ask them what they’re waiting for. REMEMBER - BE NICE - let’s turn this into a mini-campaign to send a message to corporate that our patronage and our money does count. (◕‿◕)

whenever any person or company voices their support for the LGBTQ+ community some people go ape-shit instead of appreciating the support 

we will not get anywhere as a community if we continue to turn down support from anyone or any company that isn’t LGBTQ+ 

you aren’t helping you’re just being a little pissbaby about things shut up
'When People Sit Down To Eat A Hamburger, The Last Thing They Want To Be Thinking About Is Two Guys Having Sex'

Burger King’s “Proud Whopper” made headlines and won the praise of a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights organizations, but one notoriously right-wing source isn’t having any of it. The American Family Associa…


Burger King just debuted the “Proud Whopper” — but not all LGBT people are celebrating

For those of us in the LGBT community, there are waves of emotion resulting from this type of inclusion: simultaneous disgust and delight at being pandered to — knowing that these corporations just want our money, but with the realization that these corporations in turn realize that the “pink dollar” is powerful.

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Happy Pride 2014

They have my fav fast food (veggie burger) too!

SURE wish I had one of those crowns!

Burger King has concocted yet another way to have it your way: a gay pride burger.

The Proud Whopper, as it’s called, comes wrapped in a rainbow colored wrapper with this inscription: “We are all the same inside.” It will be sold through Thursday at one Burger King restaurant on San Francisco’s Market Street, that was at the heart of the route for last weekend’s 44th annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade.

Burger King on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. EST plans to post a two-minute video about the Proud Whopper on its YouTube channel.

“It showcases who we are as a brand,” says Fernando Machado, senior vice president of global brand management at Burger King. “It shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression.”

The inspiration behind the unusual burger wrap and video, he says, is Burger King’s localized efforts to put into motion actions that support its recently-tweaked slogan: “Be Your Way.”

The move also demonstrates BK’s desire to stay connected to its base of Millennial customers. Gay rights is an issue that reverberates strongly with many Millennials both inside and outside the U.S. Burger King also was a sponsor of San Francisco’s gay pride parade. Machado says that’s the first time Burger King has sponsored a gay pride parade in the U.S., though it may have sponsored some outside the country.

The downtown San Francisco Burger King sold “Proud Whoppers” last weekend, during the parade and also passed out some 50,000 rainbow Burger King crowns, that were worn by parade participants and spectators. The video, created by the Miami office of Burger King’s ad agency David, captures customers discussing whether or not the burger, itself, is different. At $4.29 it costs the same as a conventional Whopper. And, indeed, customers ultimately discover the only difference is the rainbow wrap.

All Proud Whopper sandwich sales, Machado says, will be donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT high school seniors graduating in spring 2015.

One gay rights activist says BK is doing the right thing. “Whenever a company comes out in support of gay people, it makes a difference,” says Jordan Bach, a consultant to corporations on gay rights issues and a GLAAD media partner. “But when it’s done right—when it’s done with a campaign that shows the company understands diversity and really believes in the profound acceptance of other people—that sort of marketing can change minds and hearts at the deepest level.”

For the moment, Burger King has no plans to broaden the promotion, Machado says, but notes, “we may consider something even bigger later on.”

As for the wrappers, he says, they’ve already become collectibles. “Customers were folding the wrappers and taking them home with them,” he says. Pretty soon, he says, they’ll probably show up on eBay.