1960s Civil Rights Era, Bob Adelman

For those unfamiliar, Bob Adelman was the iconic photographer behind many of the thought-provoking, historical photographs of the Civil Rights Movement. 

A photographer and protest marcher, he spent a considerable amount of time fighting for justice and equal rights. His images capture groundbreaking moments, such as student sit-ins, Freedom Riders, the March on Washington and other significant events in Black history.

“Black lives matter. Latinx lives matter. Trans lives matter. Native lives matter. Disabled lives matter. Muslim lives matter. ”
“Donald Trump: Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay”
“We stand with Standing Rock”
“Gay rights are human rights”
“Refugees are welcome here”
“Her body, her choice”
“Global warming’s fucking real”

This is some dialogue from tonight’s NYC rally that spanned for dozens of blocks up until Trump Tower.
Tonight I witnessed a mass of determined young people from different races, genders and backgrounds unify and stand up for each other. We are fighting for a future that is selfless and inclusive, and everything Trump’s regime is against.


Day 2/3: Johnson City, Tennessee

Today, just seconds before I came to join our second demonstration on campus, a freshman at our school, East Tennessee State University a freshman by the name of Tristan Pettke came up to my fellow protestors and taunted them with bananas, brandished a paper sack with the Confederate Flag, and carried around a noose. He called one protestor a nigger and handed out bananas. He was detained by public safety and onlookers demanded his mask be taken off before he was taken away. Though his actions deserved harsh repercussions, protestors remain calm while met with such heinous behavior. Tumblr, I ask of you to boost the heck out of this. We have been peaceful the entire time and to be met with such blatant racism is disgusting. Very proud of our president for taking immediate action and the good news is that he will be charged with civil rights intimidation and I spoke directly to our university president and demanded expulsion. For now, Tristan is suspended. I’m hoping for nothing worse tomorrow after what happened today. We might be waking people up on campus, but being in the South, the actions like today are to be expected and are nothing new.


1,000 students declare Syracuse University, SUNY ESF a ‘sanctuary campus’

About 1,000 students and community members declared Syracuse University and neighboring SUNY ESF a “sanctuary campus,” safe from the hate that they say fueled the 2016 presidential election.

A protest on University Hill, in the form of a walk-out starting at 3 p.m., grew from a couple hundred people holding signs on Shaw Quad to around 1,000 people chanting as they marched across campus.

The message of the protest was to let immigrants, people of color, members of the LGBT community and others know they are welcome on the joint campus formed by Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Protesters were motivated by the election of Republican Donald Trump, but the protest also addressed other issues including the Dakota Access Pipeline and Black Lives Matter.

Some extremely common lies used to turn the public against a protest

“Most of those who were arrested at the protest about this local issue were not from the neighbourhood”
Very often untrue. Outsiders posing as ‘concerned local citizens’ does happen but this is almost entirely a strategy of white supremacists. Anarchists and other left wing radicals don’t use this stategy as it runs counter to their goal of winning over the people.
Some ways the police manipulate statistics:
- defining ‘the neighbourhood’ in extremely narrow terms
- assuming all those arrested who did not give their address are outsiders
- just plain making up statistics.

“The road block prevented emergency services from doing their job”
Almost always untrue. Road blocks pretty much without exception allow ambulances to pass. When police report this some likely explanations are:
- ‘emergency services couldn’t pass’ just means ‘the police couldn’t pass’
- the police organized a blatant trap, driving an ambulance to the blockade followed closely by lots and lots of riot cops, and the blockade didn’t fall for the obvious trick.
- it’s pure fiction

“A mindless mob destroyed it’s own neighbourhood.”
Just not what protestors, rioters or mobs do. Some reasons you may hear it:
- protestors entered local stores to get essential supplies to defend themselves against police violence
- protestors destroyed windows close to protest lines because that is much safer than waiting for a rubber bullet to smash that window and send glass flying everywhere
- locals damaged businesses known to collaborate with the police
- locals destroyed surveillance equipment
- locals accepted an amount of physical damage to their neighbourhood in the struggle and their efforts to clean up and repair the next day were not covered by the media
- the police send people into the protest whose only intention was to cause mayhem and reck the neighbourhood.
- More fiction

There are way more like these and different police forces and governments have a different set if them that they use often. Know some? Reblog and add!

  • Roger Taylor: Obtained a BSc (Bachelor of Science) qualification in Biology
  • Roger Taylor: Has O-Levels in English Literature, English Language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, French, Maths
  • Roger Taylor: Has been playing the drums since the age of 12
  • Roger Taylor: Has written a collection of Queen's greatest hits. Including 'Radio Ga Ga' and 'A Kind of Magic'
  • Roger Taylor: Is a multi-instrumentalist and can play over 4 different instruments
  • Roger Taylor: First Queen member to start a solo career
  • Roger Taylor: Uses his music to express his opinions and views
  • Roger Taylor: Also uses his writing as protest against political issues
  • Roger Taylor: Promotes and raises money for AIDs awareness
  • Roger Taylor: Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001
  • People: Oh the drummer who's in love with his car LOL.

I couldn’t articulate before why some of the pussy/uterus/genitalia signs at the women’s marches made me feel uncomfortable, and not just because they’re also trans-exclusionary, but I know why now.

It made me uncomfortable because it does the typical misogynist thing of equating womanhood to genitalia which I find to be such a white, cis thing (particularly in the West). Feminism IS discussions about vaginas, reproductive rights, and women’s bodies, that is very important… especially since historically, speaking about such issues have been taboo… however, it made me uncomfortable because feminism isn’t solely about these things. It’s about more than that. Womanhood is about being whole, it’s about more than our bodies.

I’m not denying that things like FGM (female genital mutilation), female infanticide, amongst other things exist because they do. However, when white women protest these things, they’re protesting women’s issues that are exclusive to them, and not the former. 

Feminism is not a single issue. I don’t want to hear cringe-y phrases like “pussy grabs back”. I want to know… what are we doing to assist women and children caught up in offshore detention centres, incarcerated black women in the US, the multiple of indigenous women who die in police custody… what about Palestinian women who live under occupation? The poor women who sleep on the streets and have nothing to eat… and even those who face domestic violence in their everyday lives. There are really a multitude of issues that face women that is more than just politicians regulating their bodies. Literally, thousands of Native Women in Canada go missing.

It is wholly important to have conversations on women’s bodies and their genitals because these are an essential part of feminism but in doing so, they shouldn’t be centralised to be only about that. It is possible to have such conversations in a nuanced way that do not exclude trans women or intersex people. 

Matt’s latest photoshoot ...

…was inspired by Italian fashion it got me thinking.

Magnus takes Alec to Italy for holiday. He of course wants to spoil Alec buying him a bunch of high fashion men’s suits, because he loves spoiling Alec. In all honesty though he is being very selfish and wants so very badly to see Alec’s body in the suits. He knows the cuts are going to be perfect once he has them custom tailored to Alec’s glorious form. Now how to get his Alexander to agree to this is the issue.

Alec protests at first, a lot, but then slowly relents as Magnus unleashes his killer pout and nuzzles into, Alec’s neck. When Alec feels Magnus breath hot on his skin and the way Magnus purrs his “Pretty please. You’re very sexy, Alexander, especially when you dress up for me” in his ear, Alec is all but sold. However when Magnus growls and nips his ear before panting “it turns me on”, Alec is a goner. 

Alec grabs Magnus’ hand and tugs him into the tailors shop instead of it being the other way around. Magnus just chuckles at Alec’s sudden enthusiasm for his idea. His plan is working. 

Once Alec’s suits are all done, Magnus picks them up; each day Alec dons a new suit, and much to Magnus’ pleasure lets him style his hair. Alec looks so dashing it nearly takes Magnus’ breath away. Magnus has to fight his urges to ravish the man in front of him before he undoes the entire sexy look.

They set off into the city on different romantic adventures every day. Magnus brings along his newest toy, the insanely expensive HD camera he bought because he knew Alec liked taking pictures of nature, animals and architecture. 

Magnus snaps candid shots of his Alexander when he isn’t looking. Beautiful images of Alec fixing his collar, or fixing his cufflinks and shielding his eyes from the setting sun on their way to a black tie event. His favorites are when he catches Alec hiding a smirk and when his snaps just as Alec closed his eyes softly after receiving a naughty compliment from Magnus.

On their last day in Italy Alec is sporting a fitted black, high collared tee under his all black tailored suit. He looks absolutely sinful and Magnus almost loses the last bit of control he has. It wasn’t enough that at the end of every date Magnus had attacked Alec the second they entered his private Villa. Alec looking like this incredible god in these suits was doing things to Magnus’ libido and he never felt sated. He always wanted more Alec. 

They’re out and about holding hands and Alec is smiling the whole time, he keeps taking photos of things he finds interesting and Magnus keeps inquiring why he’s smirking. Alec just shrugs and shakes his head.

They enter an outdoor art gallery and Alec leans in and rubs his stubble against Magnus’s jawline and he kisses just beneath his ear. He whispers “If you’re going to make me your model I might as well pose for you”. Magnus gasps and chuckles. He’s been caught, Alec knew.

“Alexander” Magnus whimpers as Alec kisses down his neck and places the camera back in Magnus’ hands. Alec leans again the bright white wall that blends perfectly with the stark floors so that you can’t see where one ends and the other begins. Alec’s black suit contrasts the stark white backdrop perfectly. He leans in and poses dramatically. It takes all his strength not to smirk or giggle at how silly he feels but he is doing this for his Magnus.

Needless to say they ended up staying an extra day in Italy, because Alec spent the full day wearing Magnus’s favorite suit on him, his birthday suit. They didn’t make it out of the Villa that day and ended up postponing their arrival back home. It’s not Magnus’ fault that Alec can rock a designer suit so well. 

Catholicism is not Christianity

“Catholicism believes in the traditions they hold being as sacred as the Bible they read.“In the supremely wise arrangement of God, Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the magisterium of the Church are so connected and associated that one of them cannot stand without the others.”(Vatican Council II) Jesus plainly says in the Bible that there are people whose hearts are far from Him even though these people claim to worship Him. He says that these people follow the traditions of men instead of their own Lord. (Mark 7.6-9) So from this, one can see a denial of a decree from Jesus Himself that traditions will take away from the word of God. Catholicism is based on a few things though: The Bible, Tradition, and the works that Catholicism has added. These traditions that Catholicism follows range from how they proceed with their church service to the kissing of the pope’s hand to catechism. With tradition defying God in Mark, we can also see it in Matthew: “Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition.” (Matthew 15.6b). Catholicism not only adds tradition to the Bible, but it also adds works.

In Catholicism, you are to work toward salvation, forgiveness for sins is through another sinner (called priest), and that the pope is the representative for God on earth. This is where Catholicism is denying sound Biblical doctrine again and the Gospel itself. The Bible clearly says how it is that a Christian is saved and from this salvation, reborn through Christ Jesus: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Ephesians 2.8–9), but from Catholicism we can clearly see a denial of THE GOSPEL. “The Sacrament of Baptism…Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life…through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn [born again] as sons of God…” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sec. 1213, p.342). Catholicism has added the Baptism as a requirement for, and the basis for, salvation when clearly Holy Scripture tells us that it is our Lord and Savior’s Grace alone by our faith alone that caused salvation. This isn’t the only work that the Catholic church has added to the Bible.

According to Catholicism you need to be constantly doing good works in your life to be saved but, from previous scripture, one can see this is Doctrinally wrong. To be forgiven of one’s sins, one has to talk to a priest and he can forgive them.“The forgiveness of God can be obtained only through the supplication of priests.” (Pope St. Leo the Great) A great question arises here as a Christian and it was asked in the Bible. “Who can forgive sins but God alone?” (Mark 2.7b) This is a great rhetorical question which also leads one to question priesthood as well, but the Bible has a distinct answer in just who priests are.“You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood… a people belonging to God…”(1 Peter 2.9, a referring to the Christians). The pope claims to be THE representative for God on earth, “The entire body of society is sick; all it’s most noble parts are infected; the very sources of life have been tainted. The one refuge, the one remedy, is the Pope.”(Pope St. Pius X), but according to sound Biblical Doctrine, one can learn something quite different. “he that hath seen me has seen the Father.” (John 14.9) Here, Jesus says that he is the form of God walking the earth. That if you have seen God, you have seen Jesus, and that if you have seen Jesus, then you have seen God. This would make him the representative of God, and God, on earth whom the pope claimed to be. Claiming to be the representative of God sounds mildly all right until you realize that it means you are claiming to be God.

When looking at the beliefs of Christianity compared to Catholicism, one can see the difference in the two. Denial of the Gospel should have been a key sign. Claiming to be the representative of God, a role placed only for Christ Jesus, should have been another sign. Traditions taking away from the word of God can be seen as yet another indicator. With these reasons out in plain sight with sound Biblical Doctrine to earnestly contend for the faith of Christianity, one can see why Catholicism isn’t Christianity.”

-Ryan Patterson


Thousands Protest Against Dakota Access in Front of White House
LGBTQ March On Washington Joins Forces With Major Pride Festival
Members of the community are ready to stand up for their rights in the Donald Trump era.

Day 1/3. Johnson City, TN

I go to a PWI in East Tennessee.  Today was my first protest. A group of us at school have been pushed to the breaking point after seeing hashtag on hashtag of innocent Black women, children and men being wrongfully murdered on a daily basis. We are tired and demand for Black Lives to be respected.

 One small voice can change the world. I’m tired of just reblogging, tweeting, retweeting, sharing, and posting about the social injustice that goes on around America and the world. Change and Justice is the only option, America. Quit ignoring what’s going on. 

little things that remind me of the hogwarts houses

gryffindor: bonfires, thunderstorms, general admission concerts, singing at the top of your lungs, rollercoasters, stage lights, the crunch when you step on autumn leaves, spicy herbal teas, butterflies in your stomach, red lipstick, messy hair, exploring a new place, watching horror movies with friends, horseback riding, sneaking out to a party, snowball fights, passionate kisses

hufflepuff: laughing until it hurts, iced coffee, puppy kisses, ice cream on the boardwalk, forehead kisses, tight hugs, protesting social issues, hair dyed pretty colors, flowy sundresses, football games, bright eyes, freshly baked cookies, gorgeous sunsets, saturday morning cartoons, bubbles, friendship bracelets, long bike rides, talking to the person sitting alone, lemonade on a sunny day

ravenclaw: french manicures, stargazing, new acrylic paints, ivy covered walls, falling asleep while reading late into the night, hot chocolate, theorizing, wool sweaters, puzzles, documentaries, freshly fallen snow, clean bedsheets, neck kisses, heated debates, ballpoint pens, meeting up with friends at a café, scented candles, your eyes lighting up when you finally solve a problem, the smell of books

slytherin: dark lipstick, the feeling of silk against your skin, the beach at night, driving with the windows down, big cities, sushi, the crease between your eyebrows when you’re concentrating, slanted handwriting, inside jokes, family reunions, standing ovations, French kissing, coy ponds, silver jewelry, champagne, constellations, getting a promotion, dancing all night long