Bts reaction to pictures getting leaked of them and their secret girlfriend

*None of the gifs are mine*

*Slightly suggesting*

Just a short reaction today as yesterdays took way to long but I still wnated to get something out, Hope you enjoy!

Jin: Oh now I can Finally post the cute pictures of us! 

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Yoongi: Oh god it is only a matter of time before they understand why I was always going to my room to “nap”.

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Namjoon: Hopefully this doesn’t ruin our proffesional image What Proffesional image.

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Jimin: This is great! now I don’t have to see all the other idols flirting with you all the time.

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Taehyung: So I can kiss you and not care who sees?!

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Jungkook: Now I can show you off to everyone and see their jelous looks as the see how beautiful my Jagi Is!

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Animation and Design tips from proffesionals

Hey guys, I just wanted to share some links of Youtube channels of proffesional animators and illustrators as a way to support their work and also as a way to thank them for sharing their knowledge. I hope you like them too :)

Aaron Blaise (animator in movies like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc../Illustrator)



Stephen Silver (Character designer in shows like Kim Possible and Danny Phantom)

Youtube channel

Web page


Scott T. Petersen (Animator)

Youtube Channel

Bobby Chiu (co. founder of Imaginism Studios, he has a lot of tips on his channel as well as class and painting demos)

Youtube Channel

Toniko Pantoja (animator)

Youtube Channel

Jesus Conde (Illustrator/ Concept Artist)

Youtube Channel

Tsaoshin (Illustrator)

Youtube Channel

Deviantart (with brushes to download O:)

Raul Treviño (comic artist, he gives tips for your career and show work process. His channel is in Spanish have english subs)

Youtube channel

YOU’RE FALLING FOR SOME BIG IDIOT → LISTEN ☆ an upbeat klance fanmix commissioned by @pavonem​!!

i. bad day // darwin deez ii. nemeses // jonathan coulton iii. teenage victory song // weezer iv. my year in lists // los campesinos! v. you’re falling for some big idiot // renard vi. cinnamon lips // ok go vii. problems // mother mother viii. rollercoaster // the bleachers ix. never gonna leave me // sia  x. video games // the young proffesionals xi. rail trail // halley labs associates

last amedot evidence post

here’s the final post about how amazing amedot is.

1. so, i forgot to add something from “log date 7.15.2″. that part towards the end, where amethyst shapeshifts into peridot, copies what she says then goes:

“but, it’s pretty hard to beat the original.”

peridot blushes like an anime character.

2. purple and green are the perfect contrasting colours.

3. even proffesional reviewers ship it.

4. amethysts and peridots are paired together perfectly in mineralogy, so are ruby and sapphire. it can’t just be a coincidence that rebecca made rubapphire canon, she was following mineralogy. why the hell wouldn’t she do the same with amedot?

5. “too short to ride”. enough said.

@amedotisdisgusting but of course, you’re probably gonna ignore all my three long ass evidence posts, and keep acting like “it’s abusive!!!11!!”

so amedot shippers, if you ever get told by someone that amedot doesn’t make sense, you’ve got shit to say to them, then it’s their move.


tagged by the beautiful @kangyoungblu :D so let’s get jiggy with it ps: i am also v tired rn if you couldn’t tell

What is your name: Call me Canono or Bee :P

A four letter word: Love…cheesy i know

A boy’s name: Aiden i don’t know anyone named that but it’s just rly nice sounding


Something you wear: clothes .-.

A colour: Purple

A food: pizza no this isn’t about day6 it’s just that pizza is rly good okay???

Something you find in your bathroom: Face wash

A place: outerspace, kidding that’s scary, a big park with a swing set

A reason for being late: the universe tried really hard to keep me away but failed

Something you shout: ‘YOOOO’

A movie title: Moana the first waterbender

Something you drink: water i’m boring i know

An animal: TIgErSsSS ฅ(⌯͒• ɪ •⌯͒)ฅ

A type of car: Saturn

Title of a song: Believe my lies- O.O.O

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name: Alicja (Alice)

nicknames: Alka

gender: dead

star sign: gemini

height: 179 cm

fave color(s): color of blood of the innocent on my hands violet/purple (idk the difference lmao)

time right now: 09:46

average hours of sleep: ughh no idea, it’s various

lucky number: 666

last thing i googled: purple (lol i wanted to check the difference i’m a loser)

fave fictional character: shitfuckdamn uhmmmmm Satan?

number of blankets i sleep under: 1

fave band or artist: holyshit it was Megagay but Mustaine is a dick so

dream trip: to a taxidermy store

dream job: at music shop/zoo/being an artist/being in a band/chocolate factory/brewery/being proffesional taxidermist/barista

when did you create this blog: lemme ckeck… okay no idea how to

what do you post about: everything. Art, bands, taxidermy, personal interests

what made you decide to get a tumblr: an old friend asked me to do this

do you get asks on a daily basis: I do not get ANY asks

what made you choose your url: my mind

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idontwannabehurt  asked:

Hi, I'm a psychologist graduate already, but to tell you the true I don't feel like one, because I haven't been able to work anywhere here in my country because a psy degree here is nothing! Even tho I'm staring my master this year I have totally lost all my dreams on being a great proffesional. I don't even try to behave like one anymore, since I'm working as a factory worker. I live in a third world country. Help me please!

Hey! I’m sorry you’re feeling so disheartened about your journey. It is often a tough and long path from deciding to be a psychologist -> actually having and using your degree the way you want to, so you are definitely not alone! It’s also true that in lots of places, you have to get a graduate degree + license of some kind to be able to practice, which can be a lengthy and frustrating process. I’m not sure what help I can offer, except to say that I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I get the feeling of wanting to move quicker and get to be who you feel you should be faster. I wonder if there might be anyone in your master’s program you could befriend and lean on? Having my cohort as a support system has been so huge for me during grad school. Take care :) 

Love Live! Sunshine!! ep 4

- Tree!Maru is super cute tbh
- I’m dying inside of too much cuteness from all those RubyMaru moments
- but I’m not complaining at all, I love them both so much
- Ruby the proffesional stalker
- Chika stop being a pedo pls
- Ruby and Dia copying μ's is adorable
- also Dia as ultimate Eli fangirl confirmed
- Mari as a gay trashlord confirmed too
- Third years formed a school idol club before too and you can’t tell me otherwise
-  RubyMaru is goals
- Maru is a cat. And I love it. And I just want to hug her forever, she’s best


Baekhyun || Proffesional

// Alex

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anonymous asked:

Hey babe! How do you deal with constant food thoughts? I'm 22, recovering from anorexia with a BMI of around 16, and it's all I think about. I'm currently eating around 2000 cals and moderately exercising if it changes anything :(

Hello gorgeous! I’ve suffered from various eating disorders so yes, the constant food thoughts is something I’ve gone through for a long time. It took all my thoughts and energy, it’s lately it has become better. I really do think you should maybe turn to a proffesional to get the best advice what to do to work on it xx