in celebration of legendary leiomy’s birthday (april 27th), we highlight a brief chronology of her influential creation: the 360 dip

  1. ff performance @ pocc ball 2006 - its first appearance
  2. vogue fem @ rumble ball #2
  3. team performance @ rumble ball #23, feb 2010
  4. ff performance @ va awards ball, march 2010
  5. lss @ gmhc kiki halloween ball, october 2011
  6. ff performance @ rumble ball #21, december 2011
  7. leiomy @ red bull music academy festival, may 2014
  8. judge solo @ jj-street baltic session, october 2014
  9. show @ bbb paris club, may 2015
  10. fq performance @ vogue nights, august 2015

Edward: “Alphonse, no! [A nearby suit of armor falls over] No, dammit. You won’t take him too. Give him back! He’s my brother! Take my leg. Take my arm! Take my heart, ANYTHING, YOU CAN HAVE IT! Just give him back! He’s my little brother, he’s all I have left!” (FMAB, Ep. 2)

That Ed could still bond Al’s soul with his own blood, while he was bleeding to death, is symbolic of the very essence of brotherhood (for me).