Things other than the actual content of the show that make no sense outside of tjlc

• Mark and Steven saying that TPLoSH is both their favorite movie and that it’s one of their biggest inspirations for BBC Sherlock.
• Mark and Steven being as excited as they were for the waterfall scene.
• The fact that Mark and Steven have explicitly said they lie about major plot points, when all they’ve really talked about is not doing johnlock and the baby.
• The LGB surveys BBC put out right before making Sherlock.
• Everyone on the show and the commissioners really, really liked the pilot, and only remade it so it would be longer and more polished.
• The writers going on and on about LGBT representation, proving that queerbaiting is not an option for this show.
• Amanda accidentally saying that they’re bringing a “hus- wife for sher- john” (damn she did that)
• Arwel posting elephants nonstop when they clearly know that we know what the elephants mean, so either they’re queerbaiting (which they aren’t) or they’re planning to address the elephant in the room
• “love conquers all”

I should have been more daring [with The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes].

I have this theory. I wanted Holmes [to be] homosexual and not admitting it to anyone, including maybe even himself.

The burden of keeping it a secret was the reason he took dope.

Billy Wilder, on his original intent for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Reference Notes:

  • Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have stated TPLoSH was used as their main inspiration and “template” for Sherlock, and Gatiss considers Wilder to be one of “the best screenwriters in the world”. [x]
  • Related quote on Wilder’s experience with censorship and TPLoSH here: [x]

(Quote from ‘A Foreign Affair: Billy Wilder’s American Films’ (2013) [x])

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The fact is, Watson too preferred the silences or the friendly arguments of Baker Street to any attraction London had to offer - a circumstance in which he is at one with his adoring readers. Each man preferred the company of the other and was glad enough, no doubt, even to see a client leave the premises.
—  FromThe Private Life of Sherlock Holmesby Vincent Starrett.

Maybe between doctors and detectives, it’s unusual”Clueing for looks in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Also, Nikolai is channeling the spirit of the Mofftiss in this exchange.

John has just danced away from Sherlock in Sherlock S3, without the “slightest, remotest chance” of “going home” to 221B … while Sherlock leaves the party early and alone. 

Keep in mind that Sherlock has pretty much told us everything about how he feels about John in S3. 


Watson: What’s going on? What happened to the girls?

Nikolai: Why, do you not prefer it this way?

Watson: What way?

Nikolai: Sure you don’t have to pretend. Mr. Holmes told us everything, about you, and him.  

Watson: About me and him?

Nikolai: Come on, no need to be bashful. We’re not bourgeois … maybe between doctors and detectives, it’s unusual … but in ballet. *shrugs* It is very usual. 

Watson: What are you saying?

Nikolai: Caprice of Mother Nature … look, Misha, Boris, Dimitri, Evgeni, Sergei … *considers* …. Sergei, half and half …