Some other pics I took at the Dreamworks expo, some of my personal favorites.

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All these sketches are watermarked and they all have tiny micro signatures on the art itself not just by the side of the sketches which you can visually see. to erase the signature is to destroy the entire art. please dont steal.   

The Prince Of Egypt is an amazing film. film animation is visually stunning as well as the music. Dreamworks pushed the practice of animation and jump leaps. you dont even know how happy I am with these sketches! I always try to get close to the style as possible and im just so happy I was able to! I mean look at my Moses! he looks so cool! hahahaha ;_; this took me along time to do. believe it or not sketches take a long time as well.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Okay, the original concept art for Dreamworks Animation's The Prince of Egypt does show a whale behind the wall of water in the parting of the Red Sea scene, but after researching the species that actually live in the Red Sea, the animation team ultimately decided to use a whale SHARK in the scene. Whale sharks do not eat people, however; they're filter-feeders and would much prefer plankton to the pharaoh's army.

The Prince of Egypt - Zootopia AU

Ibex!Moses, Jackal!Tzipporah & Oryx!Rameses

since long time ago I want to do this AU, I really want Moses (and his family) to be an Ibex or some types of Capra. So I have to make Royal house of Egypt become house of Ruminant because it will make more sense if Moses was accept as an adoptee. (Ibex is a goat and Oryx is an antelope, maybe they’re just rise as close as brother)

and I have saw a concept art of Zootopia about goat(bull?) god(?) that rule ancient world and influence behind modern Zootopia. yah, that’s sound cool idea.

And Tzipporah… I choose Jackal for her and the Midians because her nature and some more reasons. Sorry for Gershom and Eliezer that your parent can’t breed here but I think development of their relationship will be more interesting :)