okay but consider

carmilla isn’t angry 

she’s scared


because she drank lophii’s blood, she’s powerful, but she’s also primitive, feral 

and laura wants to help, but carmilla knows that if she takes another step closer she’ll kill her

because it’s a warning, and she wouldn’t warn anyone if she actually wanted to hurt them

stay away from me. i will kill. 

Primitive handmade black rag doll - circa early 1900s. It looks like her face and body were sewn from stretchy stockinette fabric, perhaps harvested from an old sock.

anonymous asked:

Where did the skeleton image with text originate?

Hi there!
Thanks for your interest! It’s always nice when people send me a question about my work.

The Story behind the Afterlife Skeleton Avatar:

While searching for free 3D meshes on the web, I found a nice basic skeleton model, but I’m honestly not quite sure anymore which one it was. Normally I only work with very primitive, self-made 3D meshes, but the skeleton was an exception.

I imported the Skeleton mesh into Blender and then created a height map for the background-mountains-mesh. Then I exported a 720 by 576 pixel frame of that scene, added a gradient sky and put some stars on top of that.

I then had the idea of an afterlife dimension, where ‘ethereal’ skeleton avatars meet each other between their ‘lives’ - similar to normal people meeting on weekends. This led to the written text on that image, which is set in the “ModeSeven” typeface as far a I can remember - or a very similar bitmap-style typeface (happened months ago, not quite sure anymore).

From there I exported a 20 seconds video of the final still, to a VHS VCR via a Canopus ADVC110. 

While playing back that video on the VCR, I routed the video signal though an old glitchy video processor / mixer to add some analog texture, and from there back to digital, again via the ADVC110.

After posting the Afterlife Skeleton Avatar, I suddenly discovered, Skeletons are quite appreciated on tumblr.

Generally spoken, 99% of the work I post on my tumblr, was generated, made, photographed, edited etc. by myself.

So, sadly there is no unknown 1990s game or animated movie about Afterlife Skeleton Avatars out there - maybe I should setup a crowd funding campaign to change that.

Ok there’s gonna be a few different versions of these! Check out @munktiki to get info to sign up for the newsletter that’ll keep you updated. There’ll be the colored and classic version with and without theme tap top.. I designed the totem on the top to look like a primitively sculpted icon made by cultists that may or may not be generationally bred aquatic fanatics. I’m really excited about this and the preorder is going to be easy to do. They’re already being made so it’s not going to be some ridiculous wait. There will be prints, shirts, stickers, etc.. Of the art and more that I created especially for this project. It’s going to be killer!


“In 20 years time when people ask my grandchildren who they are, they’ll say, it is rumored that we used to be Africans long ago… The conquest, the defeat of Africans throughout the years, urbanization, miseducation, politics and especially religion have made Africans think that their own heritage is backward and primitive and savage and barbaric and heathen and pagan. In fact the colonials don’t have to do the job any more, it’s Africans that do it for them!”


Via the Music For Maniacs blog (and WFMU), here’s a handy collection of Lou Reed’s pre-Velvet Underground work. If you’re not familiar, get familiar! 

1. Jades - Leave Her for Me
2. Jades - So Blue (time-1002, 1958)
3. Lewis Reed - Merry Go Round (1962)
4. Lewis Reed - Your Love
5. The All Night Workers - Why Don’t You Smile Now
6. The Beachnuts - Cycle Annie (1965)
7. The Beachnuts - I’ve Got A Tiger In My Tank
8. the Hi-Lifes - Soul City (1965)
9. The Primitives - Sneaky Pete
10. The Primitives - The Ostrich
11. The Roughnecks - You’re Driving Me Insane

One thing that apparently exists, but has never emerged as far as I know is a late 1964 rehearsal tape of the Primitives (featuring Reed, John Cale, Walter DeMaria, Tony Conrad and Jimmie Sims). Historic stuff that deserves to be heard! Tony, are you out there? 

Stop Killing Me
  • Stop Killing Me
  • The Primitives
  • Lazy 86-88

The Primitives - “Stop Killing Me”

The Primitives are perhaps best known for their classic song “Crash”, but before they recorded 1988’s Lovely, they had released a ton of noisy pop gems on small indie label Lazy Records (later forming the compilation Lazy 86-88). The label was also responsible for releasing Ecstasy and Strawberry Wine, two of My Bloody Valentine’s pre-Isn’t Anything EPs.

The Primitives were formed in Coventry, England in the mid-80s amidst a crowd of noisy UK pop bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Flatmates, and the Shop Assistants… just to name a few. With a blend of 60s pop sensibility, distorted guitars, Tracy Tracy’s ultra-sweet vocals, plenty of bubblegum, and Ramones/Buzzcocks-influenced pop-punk, the band released great songs like “Lazy”, “Where the Wind Blows”, “Thru the Flowers”, the rockabilly-fried “Buzz Buzz Buzz”, and “Across My Shoulder”… before hitting the big time, so to speak, with “Crash”. Even Morrissey helped to boost their profile by wearing a t-shirt featuring the band’s Stop Killing Me single. Their success was short-lived, however, leading to the band’s dissolution in the early 90s.

After a long hiatus, the Primitives reformed in ‘09 and began playing numerous gigs. They’ve released a new EP in 2011 called Never Kill a Secret (which contains “Rattle My Cage” and the title track) on Fortuna Pop, their first release since 1992.