ok but i love that kendra calls garreth “relentlessly” attractive. like i’m just picturing someone begging garreth like “please, your highness…just give up…stop being handsome…you need a break from ur dashing good looks…please…”

and garreth just shakes his head sadly and runs a hand through his hair, showing off his muscles, as he looks off into the distance

“no,” he says. he knows his duty. he must be the Prettiest of All The Pretty Boys. the guards fall to their knees and weep at his beauty as he passes. he wears his burden with pride, though it weighs heavily on his shoulders. he will not yield




A plethora of Obi-Wan/Satine historical AU portraits!

(if I’m going to draw them repeatedly anyway, might as well involve some historical costuming practice while I’m at it, right?)

From the top:

Medieval AU (~12th century) - He’s a Templar, she’s a princess who opposes the Crusades. Given the eventual fate of the Knights Templar, this thing writes itself, right?

Musketeers AU (1630s) - Swashbuckling, courtly intrigue, seems legit.

Napoleonic Wars AU (early 1800s) - French aristocrat and British officer - he helped her escape France during the Revolution, now the war with Bonaparte is keeping them apart.

Victorian AU (turn of the 19th century) - He’s a philosophy professor, she’s a wealthy suffragette (this one might not be totally angsty as long as absolutely no one has tuberculosis).

WWII espionage AU (1940s) - CYOA if the cassock is a disguise or if he’s actually a priest for maximum angst and forbidden love. (Not sure if she’s holding forged papers or code books - basically, spies.)