Nixon’s downfall: Tapes #Watergate
Trump’s downfall: Emails  #Russiagate

What Nixon and Trump have in common #COVERUP #RogerStone


“AHHHHHH!” “Again with the door slamming!” “I told you to knock next time, jeez!”


“These look okay though, I don’t know how they’ll taste but I guess I’ll tell the other club members that we have some cupcakes…”

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“Hey, everyone!”

“Uh, we have some cupcakes here, I don’t know how good they are, I didn’t make them, but I thought I should let you guys know…”

So apparently Trump wants to ban (banned??) the words “transgender” and “fetus” from hospitals, along with the phrases “according to the facts..” and “according to science..” all of this a week after he recognized Jerusalen as a capital when he had literally everyone telling him not to.

Still think Clinton would have been equally as bad?

A Stark Choice for Presidency! (Tony no one knows what that means)

Let it be said that Tony Stark was one petty son of a bitch. He always was, ever since he was six and some jackass Rockefeller claimed that he looked better than Tony ever could. 1.) No he didn’t. 2.) Tony got on the front cover of Vogue, so there’s that. Pepper still thinks it’s ridiculous. So being this petty wasn’t really a problem for Tony. 

Backtrack a second: Justin Hammer was boasting about how obviously he was going to win the role of school president, come on, who else was there? Well then Tony got annoyed and basically said “fuck you I’m going to run for president.” Or something along those lines. 

“Why are you so bad at making decisions?” Pepper asks as they’re in Rhodey’s room, coloring in posters. “Besides, he has a much more understandable last name.” 

“But no artistic skill and literally no brains,” Tony says. “No one really likes him, Pep-Pep. Not even Bruce, who is literally nice to everyone. Well, except for the old gym teacher.” 

“Coach Ross deserved it,” Rhodey answers, coming back into the room. “He was an ass who tried to hand Bruce on a silver platter every single time he did something that Ross thought was wrong.” They all mutually agree. “But yeah, I agree with Pepper, we can’t do a lot of stuff with your name.” 

“I’m literally the best, just put that,” Tony says. “Or don’t, whatever. I’m the Stark choice. Stark means ‘clear’ or ‘strong’ or something, right?” 

“Not sure, but not everyone will get that reference and you know it,” Pepper says. “Pass me the green Sharpie.” 

“If you use green Sharpie on my posters I will literally not talk to you for six years,” Tony says seriously. “I thought we agreed red and gold contrast with the school walls and provide a visually pleasing experience.” 

“That was all you and Rhodey, I’m not the total geek,” Pepper says, rolling her eyes. 

“We were totally right though,” Rhodey answers. 

“This sucks,” Tony mutters. “Why did I do this?” 

“Because you hate Justin Hammer more than assuming leadership of your school,” Pepper says. Which is true. 

As it turns out, people heard that Tony Stark and Justin Hammer are running against each other. This is news, really serious news. But everyone knows who’s going to run. 

One Steve Rogers offers to create aesthetically pleasing posters. “I’m good with charcoal and paint,” he offers. 

“Steve, that is literally the best, thank you,” Tony says. “I’m gonna kick his ass with these posters. After school we can buy all of your supplies.” Steve freezes. 

“I already have supplies.” 

“Yeah, but those are yours, I’d feel guilty of you using them on political posters,” Tony says. “Besides, I’ve seen the ones at school, and we seriously need a new set, so you can donate them to the art room after we’re done with this.” 

Steve looks apprehensive, but nods. “Is it alright if Bucky comes with us? He really has a head for political cartoons and posters and stuff. He’s a nut for those.” 

“Sure!” Tony says, probably too quickly. It’s not like he’s been subtly staring at him during Calculus 3 or anything hahahahahahaha and then texts Rhodey about the situation in all caps. He hopes Steve can’t tell. 

Bucky is wearing his leather jacket, looks bored, and Tony cannot believe that his stubble still looks good–maybe even better–up close. “Hey,” he says. Steve smiles. 

“Lead the way, Tony.” 

The car ride is semi-awkward for five minutes before Tony starts talking about the new sci-fi movie that’s coming out. Steve thinks it sounds good, but nothing to rave about. 

“I wanna see it,” Bucky says. “They put a twist on a traditional trope. It bends the rules, from what we’ve seen.” 

“I know, right?!” Tony says. “I mean I’m a total slut for traditional sci-fi movies, but this one takes the cake. I wanna see it.” Bucky nods. 

Tony just lets Steve get what he wants. “Get what you paint with or use charcoal stuff,” he says. “Only the most quality for quality posters.” Steve nods and starts picking stuff out. 

“Thanks,” Bucky mutters. “The punk usually doesn’t pick this shit out for himself. And I know you’re letting him keep it.” 

“I told him he could donate it to the school, but don’t you dare let him,” Tony says. Bucky grins. 

“You’re alright Stark, might even get my vote.” 

“Might?” Tony says. “Oh please, you know I’m the best candidate, and Justin hates you. What do you mean ‘might’?” 

“I like to be swayed, consider it an advantage that you know this,” Bucky says with a shrug, grinning. 

Oh, it’s on. 

Well, the race to the presidency thing. 

(And possibly wooing Barnes, but that’s a whole other concept Tony is gonna think about later.) 

The New Deal

Inspired by my own “Darkiplier for President” post, that I reblogged earlier. It’s blatant wishful thinking on my part regarding our current man in the Oval Office. If you don’t like even the slightest illusion to politics in your fic, then don’t read.

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The president was giving a State of the Union speech live to the American public. He didn’t see the shadows and black smoke creeping behind him and blocking out the light from the windows. He was too busy talking to the camera, chest puffed out and preening.

It was his first such speech, as giving a State of the Union address required that the current president be in the Oval Office for at least one year.

And what a year it had been.

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