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Hi Viria! I was wondering... What songs are you listening lately? What is the song that you can't stop thinking about? Haha idk why this come to my mind. You're my big inspiration (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡ Keep drawing, keep improving you're great in what you do.

Ahhh thank you, sweetheart<33

I keep listening to •Owari no seraph opening;

Autumnsong by Manic Street Preachers

Against the tide by Celldweller (because it makes me think about THAT PARTICULAR CHAPTER of But for me there is a storm and fuck do i love the pain); -

Change your mind by the Killers; (it kinda makes me think about kurodai)

Still Counting by Volbeat (holy shit this one makes me so pumped);

• Mumford and Sons’ “Wilder mind” as an album because god I love it so so so much.

“It was taken a few months before he died, in the courtyard of a recording studio in Wales. Richey was very fragile then and I thought the look would suit him and would make a strong cover for the feature. We’d initially taken some shots with the whole band but I wanted something more, so I just asked Richey to hold it (the statue). But then the more he held it, the more he hugged it, and then he began to close his eyes, he looked like he was very dependent on this female form. Nicky and Sean Moore walked across the courtyard in the background and Nicky shouted over to him: "You’ll do anything to get on the cover of the NME Edwards!” Which kind of broke the spell a bit, but I still got the shot.“ -Kevin Cummins
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  1. Holier-than-thou moral preachers who will try and tell you what to do and how to live and are very arrogant and think they know it all. At the same time they have zero integrity because they don’t even live up to what they tell others to do. They’re sat on a high horse, thinking everybody needs to learn from them. They hate responsibility and are lazy hyprocrites.
  2. Adventurous free spirits who love expanding their horizons by traveling and higher education. Very idealistic, very moral, always trusting in the good in people and the world and fighting for it. They never lose their optimism and are contagious in their carefree joie de vivre.

What you are here to celebrate
the eventual the last scorpion
held on your tongue (between
the sips of happy lips) as moons
were drowned rain. There no telling
the cultural value, any object held
still for the mind to wrap three talons
about and within, that raises our 
brackets above blue summer
pea coats. Why do we suffer to
move past suffering. The neighbors
look at my hair. It’s always happening
around my shoulders, a shadow of
sound crowing like three dogs without
a toy to desire. I heard your armpits
are carrying the cross. I heard the
anthills buzzing their message into
my sleep of making perfect sentences.
We tire of the cloth, our bodies
covered in dye, makeweight for the
exchange of vapor with vapor and
dust to make like bird migrations.
This too long torso that lifts the theory
that everything might come down if
we are on knees long enough
says I the sparkle preacher
why not speak it
two glass canoes through which
many images are reflecting
your face floating down river.

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Have you ever felt like you've been lead to read a certain chapter in the bible? Like Something keeps telling me to read about King David. I've started but have yet to finish. When I listen to preacher sermons they make reference back to King David. I'm like okay maybe I need to finish reading about him because what the sermon said related to situation in my life. I don't know what this is. Do you understand what this may mean? I'm still a Rookie Saint lol

All the time! There are times when I read the verse of the day on my bible app and I read the whole chapter and it speaks to my life. Or I’m in church taking notes and the scripture is just what I needed to hear. There are days I almost skip church and the the word I hear is right in season. It speaks to the relevance of the bible and how dynamic the word is. It’s amazing that a text so old can apply to so many things I’m going through.

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22, please! :) - BSC

22. Two miserable people at a wedding au

     Once Phil had made up his mind there was almost nothing that could change it. Phil had been in love with Gwen Lewiston since the age of twelve, and as he sat watching her exchange vows with her soon to be husband he decided that there were some people that weren’t meant to fall in love and he was one.

     Phil sighed, his eyes flickering around the room to land on a pair of brown eyes staring directly back at him. He had never thought of brown eyes as being particularly interesting, but the man’s eyes were varying shades of brown threaded together in an ever-changing tapestry. He raised an eyebrow as if to ask Phil what he was looking at. Phil felt his cheeks flame and he dropped his gaze to his lap, trying to focus on the preacher’s words.

     When he glanced over at the man again he was still staring at Phil. There was a definite smirk playing at the corner of his lips as he inclined his head slightly towards Phil. Instead of looking away, Phil raised an eyebrow in return, dropping a wink in the man’s direction. He was gratified to see the man blush, giving a wink in return.

     Phil rolled his eyes slightly, jerking his head towards the front of the room where Gwen and Robert were still speaking. The man nodded in agreement, miming falling asleep. Phil brought his hand up to stifle his laugh, trying to pass it off as a cough. The man looked pleased with himself as he grabbed his throat and bugged his eyes out, leaning sideways. He knocked shoulders with the woman beside him, who shot him a dirty look before returning her attention to the ceremony.

     The man shrugged as if to say what else can you do about it? Phil snorted, earning his own glare from the people seated nearby. He stretched his legs out as best as he could in the cramped space, wincing as he felt a muscle tighten. Unable to resist despite his best efforts, he found himself looking towards the man again.

     Clapping startled him out of his trance and Phil jerked to attention, beginning to clap. Gwen and Robert broke apart and Phil smiled, finding the motion easier than he’d thought it was going to be. Surprisingly he found that any remaining jealously had disappeared, replaced instead with genuine happiness for the couple.


      Phil looked up to see a pair of brown eyes staring unwaveringly back at him. “Hey,” he said, standing. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Phil.”

      “I’m Dan,” the man said, sticking out his hand. Phil shook it, Dan’s touch lingering in his a little longer than was maybe necessary. “After exchanging eye rolls with you it’s nice to finally have a formal introduction.”

     Phil laughed. “I feel badly about not paying more attention,” he admitted.

     “Robert’s my third cousin once removed or something like that,” Dan made a face. “We take family a little too seriously in my opinion.” He straightened with a smile, offering his arm to Phil with an exaggerated bow. Phil accepted it with a smile of his own, the two beginning to walk towards the doors arm in arm. “I’m glad I came though.”

     “Really? And why’s that?”

      Dan tugged the doors open, following Phil through them and into the cooling air outside. “Because I wouldn’t have met you if I hadn’t.”

      Phil rarely changed his mind once he’d made a decision, but as Dan slide his hand down to grip Phil’s; Phil lacing their fingers together, he couldn’t help but think that maybe there was a chance he was meant to fall in love after all.

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Zea, The Ohio Girl Who Stood Up To A Homophobic Preacher, Is Everyone’s New Hero

Sometimes, the loudest voice is the one that doesn’t say a word – just ask this little girl.

Zea, a 7-year-old first grader, stood firm in the face of hate over the weekend at a celebration of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. When a preacher began ranting at her through a microphone, little Zea quietly waved her rainbow flag and never backed down.

For more the brave and adorable Zea read on here.