SDCC17- Preacher Panel Compilation:
  • New mid-season trailer
  • Seth Rogen on making Preacher: “It’s like a childhood dream come true.” “People’s sensibilities have declined.”
  • Preacher Season 1 was always planned as a prequel (to comics)
  • Seth Rogen: “The dynamic between the three main characters … was the thing that we most wanted to bring to life.”
  • Dominic Cooper: “[Jesse] has a side that no one has seen yet. And I think we’ll see more and more of that.”
  • Ruth Negga on Tulip:  “I don’t think she’s ever tried to fit in.”
  • Ruth Negga on Cassidy and Tulip pulling away: “They’re like his sidekicks on a journey that they haven’t really signed up for.”
  • Joe Gilgun on Cassidy: “When he’s with Jesse and when he’s with Tulip, it’s almost like being in rehab for him.”
  • Joe Gilgun says Cassidy is giving redemption a go. Almost dropped a spoiler.
  • Seth Rogen says Cassidy will get more “vampirey” in the second half of the season.
  • Graham Mctavish on the Saint of Killers: “He is a man with singularity of purpose.” “The Saint carries love for his family with him as he kills mercilessly.”
  • Ian Colletti says acting without the mask made him feel "very naked”.
  • Arseface gets to spend more time with Hitler in Hell on this season.
  • Seth Rogen identifies Herr Starr as “one of the most badass men on the planet.”
  • The next episode dives into the Samson Unit and Here Start. 
  • An exclusive clip of next episode with Herr Starr was shown. 
  • Pip Torrens about Herr Starr: “He’s a highly therapeutic character to play." 
  • Seth Rogen about Ruth Negga: "Ruth was very instrumental in bringing the character to life." “ Ruth is Tulip and Tulip is Ruth.”
  • Ruth Negga doesn’t actually know how to drive which makes filming hard.
  • Ruth doesn’t know what a rutabaga is. Now the whole panel is trying to explain it.
  • Ruth Negga being confused about rutabagas.
  • Dominic Cooper based his accent on Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights.
  • Joe Gilgun: "I’ve turned into a bit of gigolo I think.”

Preacher Season 2 Official Comic-Con Trailer