Today’s RAD CREATIVE is Oakland-raised, NYC-based photographer and documentarian Brittani Sensabaugh.

 “My Overall Mission is to Document Communities that have been forgotten and people who feel they have no voice. I Shoot to bring awareness towards the individuals living inside and Outside these areas by showing that WE all share the same Struggle and Love.”

Shout out to Brittani Sensabaugh, a talented Black photographer, who devote her truly stunning and powerful works to Black people. Representation matters.



How to know if you’re a perfectly innocent specimen:
*name is Jillian Holtzmann*

This is a view of the tall smokestack from the physical plant through what remains of the roof of the boiler room on North Brother Island.  Most of the buildings I visit have been abandoned for decades, and show a mix of damage from the elements and human interference.  But the Island is a special case; abandoned over half a century, it is nearly inaccessible, and therefore, human interference is minimal.  Thus, it is a wonderful place to study the ravages of the elements alone - and this photograph demonstrates the havoc that water can wreak upon a roof that is not maintained.

Print available here.