• the 9th doctor: no rose, we can't save ur father we cannot change the past.
  • the 10th doctor: introduces harry potter to william shakespeare.
  • the 11th doctor: brings van gogh to the present.
  • the 12th doctor: plays an electric guitar on a tank calling people dude during the middle ages.
Reasons why Newt Scamander is exactly like Doctor Who


Appearances: Most noticeably, the facial expressions of Newt and Doctors 10 and 11 are very similar. Their voice patterns are also very similar, the muttered monologues to themselves and the halt between speech where there shouldn’t be one. They are also both somewhat socially awkward, acting slightly out of place. 

Possessions: Newt Scamander owns a very special suitcase, more than Mary Poppins-esque at the very least. His suitcase contains its own miniature world, where a menagerie of beasts live in wildly different climates. It’s almost, bigger on the inside. I couldn’t help but notice the parallel between itself and the Tardis, a time traveling ship that is infinitely big

Companionship: The Doctor often picks up humans from Earth and takes them on adventures so marvelous that its almost magical. Newt Scamander does something rather similar to this during the film, he unintentionally brings a no-maj (muggle) into his wild beast chase. This companion often leaves the series with their memory wiped and living comfortably, just like Kowalski being obliviated and getting his bakery. 

Empathy: The Doctor and Newt Scamander both have a deep empathy for non-human beings. During the series, the Doctor often stands up for and protects aliens from ignorant and fearful humans. The plot centers around Newt advocating for his beasts, saying they’re misunderstood and are really quite friendly. They both are able to communicate at some level with these non-human entities unlike anyone else. 

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So how do I get rid of them if I don’t have them?
How do I distance myself if they’re already so far away?
The problem wasn’t finding them the problem is fangirling
The problem isn’t their absence, the problem is that I’m not there with them.
The problem isn’t that I’m dying without them,
The problem is that they can’t save me.

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