OKAY SO… According to the Memorial Day SU special, when the trial was occurring, Yellow diamond was PRETTY PISSED when Zircon accused one of the diamonds of shattering Pink diamond. She looked alarmed that anyone would think that and seemed PRETTY defensive. And based on Zircon’s explanation, it seemed very likely that it wasn’t Rose who shattered Pink. Geologically, diamonds are very strong and would not be able to be broken by anything but another diamond. To suggest that a Rose Quartz would have the power to even DAMAGE a diamond is a bit extreme, even using her gem weapon (her shield). Given the assumption that the weapon Rose used a sword without any gem abilities (the breaking point as Steven said, but in a precious episode, Bismuth said Rose wouldn’t use it) The only sword that Rose actually used was “designed to destroy the physical form, but never the gem”, so that makes it basically impossible for Rose to shatter Pink with a mere metal sword. For her BY HERSELF to get that close to Pink along with getting her to stop and step out of her palanquin she would have had to be in her entourage and Rose Quartz’s are soldiers, not protectors for diamonds. They are on the same level as Jasper’s as I’d imagine and the Jasper’s are soldiers. IN ADDITION!! NO ONE! SAW! ROSE! APPROACH! NO ONE!!! SAW!!! HER!! NOT EVEN THE SAPPHIRES, WHO HAVE FUTURE VISION!!! NOT EVEN HER PEARL WHO LITERALLY LIVES TO SERVE HER!! It would’ve had to be someone who she and her entourage trusted. A Rose Quartz, WHO HAD NO BUSINESS BEING THERE, would’ve been suspicious. ESPECIALLY SINCE SHE WAS ALREADY A KNOWN REBEL! So I’m just sayin’ the evidence points toward it not being Rose, rather, I believe Yellow and White shattered Pink. As mentioned earlier, Yellow seemed very defensive and angry when it was suggested by Zircon that a Diamond shattered Pink. I think that, upon seeing that Pink was getting attached to Earth and that her own gems were forming a rebellion to save the Earth, Yellow and White started to feel Pink would turn against HomeWorld as well and join their rebellion. They felt threatened by Pink and the rebellion forming beneath her. White (who I assume is the highest power in HomeWorld) probably felt extremely threatened at a rebellion and the possibility of being overthrown, so she probably spoke to Yellow of her concerns. However I don’t think they spoke to Blue about it because she seems to have been VERY close and attached to Pink. Even to the point where she went back to earth to the place where Pink was shattered to mourn her. She cares about Pinks gems and refuses to shatter them, but just keeps them bubbled. Based on this, Yellow and White probably wouldn’t have told Blue about their plans to shatter Pink, as it would break her heart. Now onto the idea that Pearl (or a Pearl) shattered Pink, I feel that even though they are “disposable” one would not be used to shatter a diamond nor have a power to shatter one. Also we know pearls cannot shapeshift, as it would serve no purpose to them. So I kinda have thrown that idea out the window. But regarding the Pearl we know, I fully believe she was White’s Pearl, who turned to the rebellion. In a previous theory I made, I claimed that based on her color scheme (the white body and pearl with pink hair) she was under White Diamond, but after meeting and siding with rose (and probably getting poofed at some point) she regenerated herself with pink hair to show her allegiance or love to Rose. Based on her body color, her original hair color would be near the color of her skin (white) and it wouldn’t be pink. I believe, Pearl siding with Rose and joining the rebellion was just a further reason for White and Yellow to feel the need to shatter Pink. Because of this I think Pearl feels responsible, hence her reaction to the mention of Pink’s shattering. In conclusion, I don’t know exactly how the shattering occurred, but I believe it was White and Yellow Diamond, who then threatened the gems involved to keep the truth hidden to further turn the rest of HomeWorld and Blue against the rebels. So there’s my Theory.

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If Disney Channel Could

Bring Back These Shows/Movies

•That’s So Raven
•Kim Possible
•Even Stevens
•The Proud Family
•Tru Confessions
•Lilo And Stitch
•Brandy And Mr.Whiskers
•Phil Of The Future
•The Buzz On Maggie
•Dave The Barbarian
•The Thirteenth Year
•Don’t Look Under The Bed
•Smart House
•Up Up And Away
•The Color Of Friendship
•Stepmother From Planet Weird
•Hannah Montana
•Cory In The House
•The Famous Jett Jackson
•Mom Got A Date With A Vampire
•Phantom Of The Megaplex
•The Ultimate Christmas Present
•The Luck Of The Irish
•The Poof Point
•Get A Clue
•The Scream Team
•Eddie Million Dollar Cook-off
•The Cheetah Girls
•Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior


Wolfstar Oneshot

So, yes. Yes, I can! Some people asked me to write about this, and I remain my word that you guys can feel free to work on my headcanons, with the only condition that if you warn me if you do. This is the my first attempt to write a fanfiction totally in english. I’ve never been farther than my headcanons, because it’s not exactly easy to write in another language, but it was funny anyway. So don’t be hard on me, hahaha. Probably a native speaker will do it far better than me! But since I apparently don’t have the power within me to deny anything you guys ask me…Here it is! I hope you like it, and thank you very much for your ask!

This oneshot was based on this post, and was requested by this beauty here somethingwittyandironic

Title: Don’t Play Games With Me
Rated: M (some snogging and swearing)
Pairing: Wolfstar and Jily

His hands slipped around Sirius waist and he not so discreetly pulled the boy closer, their side bodies touching lightly. They were standing in the common room, watching a couple of blokes playing chess. Remus and Lily on the other hand were sitting on the floor, next to the fireplace. Between the two pairs there was a very crowded common room, full of excitement and noise. However, it didn’t stop Remus to lift his eyes up, aiming at James and Sirius a sidelong glance. He looked away quickly when realized that Sirius reciprocated the gaze.

‘You’re jealous’ Lily pointed casually, her eyes still fixed on the book she had been reading. There was a long moment of hesitation before Remus tried very slowly.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

‘Well, that’s the evidence I was looking for,’ she closed the book and turned to him, a meaningful smirk on her lips, ‘you fancy him.’

An open-mouthed Remus stared at her, as if he had never seen her before. ‘Damn, Lily. I…I’m not that obvious. You, on ther other hand…’ and it was true that Remus already knew about Lily’s growing interest on a certain bespectacled boy. His smile was triumphant when Lily’s startled eyes met his. ‘Well, that was the evidence I was looking for.’

He flipped the page of his book, knowing very well that the subject was not over.

‘Did you told him?’

‘Of course not, Lily’ his giggle was so amused as possible, “but you’re going to tell him yourself if you don’t stop being so obvious.’

‘So do you, my furry friend.’

‘Oh god, you’re spending so much time with Sirius, aren’t you?’ he closed the book, his smirk vanished. ‘Besides, it’s kinda different, don’t you think? James is a boy, you’re a girl. Besides, he is so obviously crazy about you since fifth year… Just go there and snog him already, okay?’

‘Well, I wish I could. But…what do you think that is about?’ her head leaned slightly at James and Sirius’ direction. Sirius head was resting on James’ shoulder, and for Merlin’s hairy balls, he was nuzzling James?

 ‘I…I don’t know. It’s been a while since they are acting like…this.’

Remus eyes turned to the pair once more. He had been trying to figure out what the hell was going on between they lately, but failed miserably. Sometimes James seemed to be a little unconfortable with Sirius’ touches, but other times he was the one to hug the other boy from behind in a very embarrasing way, and then Sirius was the one who seemed to be tense.

Lily managed a shaky laugh ‘Well, I’m afraid this mean something then’ but her voice was unreliable and Remus immediately knew that she worried about that possibility.

‘Okay, I guess it’s time for us to figure it out,’ he lift up from the floor, his eyes fixed on the boys who had just started to climb the stairs to the dorm.

Lily stared at him, biting her lip nervously when the three boys disappeared.


‘Gods, Prongs! He was staring at us!’ Sirius sharp voice crossed the room, and Remus stopped at the doorway to listen. Not so very polite, he knew, but then James’ voice sounded as harsh as Sirius’ did and he surrendered to the curiosity.

‘So was Lily! Merlin’s ass, she’s certainly thinking that I’m a bloody shirt-lifter. No offenses, mate.’

‘Well, you have started this!’ Remus felt the giggle in Sirius voice this time, and frowned. What the hell that stupid arses were up to this time? ‘You can give up any time you want, Mr Prongs.’

‘I’m not going to lose a bet with you in my life, cut it out,’ James voice was determined — that kind of determination that did not promised anything good from him.

‘So stop bitching about it.’

‘At least you’ll acquire something! At his point Moony probably realized you’re a poof, and that count points in your favor. I don’t think that Lily thinking the same about me will help me anyway.’

Remus froze, his heart pounding so fast against his chest that he could feel it against his skin. He stepped away, stumbling on his own clothes as he run back to the common room.

They were just playing then. It was all about a fucking bet…as always.



 ‘You are the devil.’

 ‘I know. But this is a game for…four. They deserve it.’

Remus tangled their fingers tight together through their way to the Potions class.

‘Your hands are soft for a boy’ Lily teased.

‘Don’t be envious’ Remus chuckled.

‘Shut up. They are here.’

Their eyes met at the same time; Sirius and James’ sliding down an inquisitive gaze to Remus and Lily’s holding hands. Sirius eyes widened and James frowned at them. Lily smirked shyly, strengthening the tight on Remus soft hands and Remus knew he was blushing but it totally worth it because Sirius’ face was priceless.

When they left the dungeons, none of them had a single clue about what the class had been about. Some kind of awkward rivalry was triggered between them, and when Lily and Remus touched their hands over the table, James and Sirius leaned against each other shoulders, whispering something in a very disturbing intimate manner.

The following week went slowly.

Monday was all about the holding-hands game all day long. Hands closed together during classes, during dinner, fingers slipping along each others hands fondly.

Tuesday the hands started to raise up a little bit. Soft fingers on each others jaws and shoulders.

Wednesday was the ‘what the fuck is that, Lily is fucking feeding Remus straight through his mouth? Prongs, grab your fork.’

Thursday the hug season was opened. All kinds of hugs. Remus wrapped Lily in his arms and temporarily lifted her up off of the ground, making her giggle. James hugged Sirius and his chin rested on the top of the boy’s head. But the worst was by far the hug from behind, because Remus shivered every time he looked at them and all he could think was how desperately he wanted to be in James’ place.

Friday was not a good day at all. Because they started to kiss. Tender kisses on the forehead, lips gently touching their cheeks. How disturbing it could be?

Saturday things started to get a little bit out of control.

‘They fancy each other, oh God!’ Sirius muttered in despair, staring at Lily and Remus fucking cuddling in the couch.

‘Mate, we’ve started this. But I’d never imagine this…I mean, Moony?’

‘Hey, there’s nothing wrong about Moony, you arse. He’s so h—’

‘Oh god, shut up.’

‘I can’t bear this anymore,’ Remus muttered, trying so hard not to look at the two boys playing with each other hair just a few couches away. ‘I mean…They do like us, don’t they? I just…Damn, it hurts.’

‘Well, we’re talking about James and Sirius. Their pranks means a lot, apparently.’

‘Means a lot, yeah. More than our feelings’, he moved uncomfortable against the cushions.

‘Rem, do you realize we are doing exactly the same with them, right?’ Lily turned away a little to met Remus’ blue eyes. ‘We could finish this ourselves, you know.’

‘Not a chance. They’ve started this.’

‘Gods, you guys are so…Whatever, I can’t stay in this room any longer. You up to a walk?’

Remus nodded with a grumpy murmur and automatically held her hands as they leave the Common Room.

‘Fuck, where are they going?’ James immediately asked.

‘I honestly don’t wanna know, but to be more accurate I can’t live without knowing, so grasp your fucking cloak and let’s go.’


The corridor was desert. Their steps echoing on the walls, their hands still together. They occasionally strengthen the grip on their fingers, but it was just a silent way to confort each other.

‘Well, if you think about it, where is this bet going to? We’ve been holding hands, cuddling and all these couple stuff…The next step would be what? Bloody kissing?’

Lily giggled and shrugged. ‘Maybe? I can’t imagine James and Sirius making out though, it’s a little bit— oh, wait.’ Lily stopped abruptly. ‘That’s it! We can stop this cycle of nonsense if we reach a point that they don’t want to cross. So we win!’

‘Are you asking me to kiss you, Evans?’ Remus laughed, nodding his head in disbelief.

‘What, Am I that repulsive, you queer?’ she faked a outraged voice, lifting her hands to her chest. ‘That’s funny because considering you want to snog Sirius Black, I wouldn’t say you are the most selective person on Earth.’

‘Oh god, shut up!’

They leaned against the wall guffawing for a long moment, and when they turned to each other, both had teary eyes. ‘That’s a hell of a plan and I’m pround of you, but do you have any idea how awkward it would be to kiss my sister?’

Lily needed a moment to understand the words, but when she did, a fond smile spread across her face. Remus turned to her, a hand raising and combing her short hair.

‘Listen, I’m sorry I’ve put you into this, it was not a good plan at all. I should have encouraged you to just talk to James’, he leaned closer, resting his forehead on Lily’s.

‘No, it’s not your fault. But, Rem, maybe we should talk to them. I…I really like James, Remus. And you don’t lie to me, you’re crazy about Sirius.’

Remus blowed a weak laugh and nodded. ‘Yeah, I am.’

James and Sirius mouths stood open in surprise. ‘What the fuck? They were…They were kissing?

James rubbed his eyes behind his glasses as if what he was seeing was a mirage, but it wasn’t. The way they are leaning at each other, their foreheads resting together, the way they were smiling. Sirius moved by his side and suddenly James realized he was alone under the cloak.

 ‘Fuck, Padfoot!’ he muttered, but Sirius was too far away to hear.

Remus was the first one to see Sirius so determined walking up to them and he pulled himself away from Lily.

‘Padfoot what—’ but he had no time to complete, because Sirius grasped his arm not so carefully and dragged him away along the corridor, turning the first left and disappearing.

The very moment they were alone, Sirius shove the werewolf against the wall, pressing their bodies and crashing their mouths together.


‘Well, happy ending for some of us then?’ James took off the Invisibility Cloak, gazing at a frightened Lily who as still leaning against the wall. She startled at his suddenly presence, but then smiled. ‘You did know, didn’t you?’ James smirked, and Lily’s chest tightened.

‘They are not the height of discretion, are they?’

James giggled, his eyes glowing with something that Lily wasn’t sure about what it was, but that was certainly taking her breath away.

‘Why didn’t you tell me, Lils?’ he shot suddenly.

 ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

 ‘Because I’m a stupid arse, I thought you were aware of this.’

If there was something Lily was very aware of, it was his soft steps that were slowly vanishing the distance between them. She was not sure if she was breathing when James kissed her, his arms tight against her as if his life depended on it.


Remus wasn’t breathing.

‘You’re so fucking mine,’ Sirius muttered hoarsely, the sound dissipating under his breathe.

‘Gods, Padfoot,’ Remus was the one pushing Sirius against the wall now, one of his legs between Sirius’, rubbing the obvious bulge in his pants. Sirius gasped for air.

‘You’re a very possessive werewolf,’ Sirius chuckled, biting on the boy’s bottom lip and making his knees weakened. ‘The way you looked at me, fuck, Remus!’ he moaned, giving up the talk when Remus hands clutched his covered shaft urgently, and he pressed their mouths together once more hungrily.

 ‘Well, that’s disgusting.’

 They pulled apart as if each other’s body had burned their skin and looked startled at the other couple gazing at them.

James and Lily were holding hands, their lips swollen and matching messy hairs.

‘Did you just snogged my ex-girlfriend, Prongs?’ Remus teased.

James laughed.

Remus was not sure when exactly Sirius managed to reach his hand, but don’t hesitate more than a heartbeat to tangle their fingers tight.

‘Just as a matter of fact, Sirius, I hope you don’t touch Remus in front of me, because I’m a very jealous doe,’ Lily’s voice was so firm that Sirius and James frowned for a second.

‘That’s the expected, isn’t it? He’s my brother.’


The entire Common Room looked at them. Lily and Remus had been cuddling all over the place and James and Sirius were sounding really convincing with all that secret whispers into each other ears.

But when they entered the room that evening, the brand new couples holding hands, a shocked fifth year boy was the first one to talk. ‘Are you guys swinging?’

Peter needed almost a week to stop bursting of laughter out of nowhere.

This is what hell looks like.

My fears wise and my having to redraw all her fucking colors wise.

She’s got 5 hands to skitter around on on her top half and one hand to cover any naughty bits while her bottom half has the 8 support hands and 4 walking hands.

She usually just wraps all her arms together to but she can detach for trouble. While detached she can only travel so far from her body before the distance puts too much strain on the gems and she poofs herself. Poofing one half of her will cause the other half to destabilize to the point of poofing as well.

Her mouth is in the middle of all those nasty, de-boned arms and features a lovely eye where her esophagus would be meaning she can not eat even if she wanted to without shapeshifting.

She is comprised of 2 pearls, 1 ruby, 1 jasper, 1 amethyst, and a rose quartz~

Request: Can you write a one shot where Castiel is in love with the reader, but since he's an angel he doesn't really understand love so he goes to Sam and Dean and asks them to explain what he's feeling then he tells the reader how he feels after the boys explain it to him and she feels the same way? Extra fluff please! c:

*Third Person POV*

Castiel poofed into the bunker living room, looking around. He had startled Sam and Dean, but as usual, took no notice to it. “Is Y/N here?” He asked.

“No, she’s getting a shower.” Dean replied, looking at the angel like he had two heads, “What’s up?”

“I think something is wrong. She may be more than we expect.” Castiel said.

Sam and Dean both looked at each other, worried. Y/N joined the team only a few months ago, but they both loved her like sister. If she was actually evil, they wouldn’t know what to do. “Are you sure?” Sam asked.

“Not exactly. But every time I’m around her I get these funny feelings.” Cas told them.

“Like what?” Sam asked.

“My hands get sweaty, my stomach feels strange, and I keep forgetting what I want to say. It could only be magic.” Cas explained, fully serious. 

Sam and Dean both broke into huge, idiotic grins. “Cas, she’s not magic.” Dean said.

“Then what is she?” Castiel asked, tilting his head.

“I think you just like her, like, as in love.” Sam explained, smiling. 

Castiel considered this for a moment, then nodded. “What do I do?" 

"Tell her.” Sam and Dean said in unison. Castiel nodded at them, then poofed away. 

*Normal POV*

You sat on your bed, hair still wet, reading. You had nothing better to do, but you just couldn’t focus. You had to keep rereading each line. It wasn’t that it was a bad book, it was pretty good, but you had other things on your mind. Well not things, more like person. Specifically Castiel. Ever since you’d joined the team, you’d just been amazed by him. You loved how he just popped in everywhere, never understanding why people kept telling him to stop. You loved how he saw the good in everything. But most of all, you loved how he viewed the world. He was amazed by it, and thought everybody should be. 

“Hello Y/N.” The voice from your dreams said, making you jump. 

Smiling, you said, “Hey Cas. What’s up?”

“I like you.” He stated. 

Still smiling you replied, “I like you too.” Of course you felt way more than just liking, but you could never tell him that.

Now Castiel smiled, and said, “Good. Now what do we do?”

“What do you mean?” You asked, usually at this point he’d poof away and go find Dean.

“Sam and Dean told me that when two people both like each other they do things together, like eat and see movies.” Castiel explained. 

You stared at him. Castiel was describing dating, you knew that for sure. So, did that mean when Cas said he liked you, he meant that he liked you? Finally! “Wait, Cas. You like me, as in, you want to date me?” You asked, wanting to be totally clear.

“Yes, that’s what I said.” Castiel replied, tilting his head he added, “Was I not clear?" 

"Cas, you were definitely not clear, but it’s okay.” You told him. 

“Do you like me in the same way? I’m confused.” He stated.

You laughed and moved closer to him, “Cas, I’m in love with you!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms around him.  To your surprise, he hugged back. You wondered who taught him that, but decided to save it for another time. “How long have you had these feelings?” You asked, just needing to know.

“Since I met you.” Cas confessed, then, looking embarrassed he added, “I thought you were evil.”

You stared at him, trying to figure out if this was some sort of pick up line he was just messing up, “evil?”

“Whenever I was around you, I felt different. I was nervous and I thought it was because you cursed me.” Castiel explained, looking at his feet. 

You choked back tears. It was the nicest thing anybody had ever said or felt towards you. Slowly, you put your hand to his chin, and made him look you in the eye. Then, you moved your lips towards his. He closed the space. 

Your lips crashed together, his were soft and strong. It was everything you’d ever dreamed of. 

(I hope you like it!)

There's no kill like overkill

This is only from a story I have heard during an OOC-break during a LARP-adventure. 

A relatively new player had been pestering a high level mage for almost the full weekend and near the end of the con the mage snapped.

“Hey, GM, I want to transmit all of my remaining energy!” she said.

“Well, who’s the target and more importantly, why now?” the GM wanted to know.

The mage pointed to the player, while the GM wanted to know if the mage knew what she was doing.

“Yes, I know, every mana point I want to transmit results in one point of damage and I have still about 3000 points left.”

This left the GM speechless, but since he knew the mage well from a number of occassions he went along with it.

After some rituals and stuff the GM turned up on the annoying player, who was in the middle of an IC-conversation, and tapped him on the shoulder to get the attention, then said ‘Poof’ and made an exploding gesture with both hands.

“Poof?” the newbie said, confused.

“Yes, ‘poof’, 3000 damage points direct.”

“Does… that mean I’m dead?”

“More than dead, yes. Extinguished, soul totally shattered and you can’t be resurrected by any means, there’s simply nothing left of you.”


Never piss off arch mages…

I know it’s been said, but both Lapis and Jasper were abusive.

Jasper was the one that was desperate for Lapis to fuse in the first place, yes, but Lapis CONTINUED to hold Jasper down as Malachite. The question is, why? She was surrounded by water anyway, so if they were to ever break free, Lapis could just easily destroy her. Jasper was by no means “sweet” to Lapis during their time as Malachite, but Lapis flat-out admitted that she liked taking things out on Jasper, even mentioning earlier that she “missed” Jasper. She took her anger from the past out on Jasper by KEEPING them as Malachite. Again, if Jasper were to break free, Lapis could just easily poof Jasper at that point, as they’re so far out in the ocean and they’re surrounded by water. It’s more along the lines of Jasper starting it and Lapis continuing it. Now Jasper is desperate to become Malachite again for power. She LOVED being with Lapis because she felt that only she could handle Lapis’ “power”. Lapis, of course, realizes that they should never fuse again and says in a concerned tone, “No!”. It really is great character development for her. While Lapis liked being Malachite after a while, she’s trying to break free of it so she can’t hurt Jasper anymore. Jasper is too deep into it and WANTS to fuse again because not only is she used to it, but it gave her a huge surge of power, kind of like Pearl and Garnet becoming Sardonyx.

They were both wrong, and the way the situation was handled was great. It’s been said before, but the ending of Alone at Sea is the perfect way to describe an abusive relationship to younger viewers.

Disney Channel Original Movies: An Experience

I live my life my one rule: You’ve either seen almost every single Disney Channel Original Movie or you’re not allowed within 500 feet of my Even Stevens Themed 30th Forever 29th Birthday Party.

Disney Channel Original Movies are probably the most important films of our generation. Not since the Honey I Shrunk A Something Franchise has such a dynamic group of films been released with such a significant purpose and life-fulfilling goal. I’ve seen every single Disney Channel Original Movie going up to 2004, because I decided early in life to substitute meaningful relationships with inspirational films about handicapped soap-box racers and mother’s with particularly awful dating habits.

Sure, maybe I have the sex appeal of a crouton, but at least I got to experience The Poof Point twice eleven times. These movies have become a part of who I am. They are my Lord Voldemort; my past, present and future because I’m still going to be yelling Zetus Lepedus when I’m 78 years old entering the part of my life when peeing takes 48 minutes and the only thing that gets Turnt Up is my hearing aid.

Granted, some DCOM’s are better than others, but all of them hold a very special place in my heart along with melted cheese and people who don’t include me in Group Texts.

In Destiny’s Child terms, “Brink” was the Beyonce of Disney Channel Movies to Kelly Rowland’s “Zenon” and What’s Her Name’s “Smart House.” My Team Pup N’ Suds T-Shirt will be hanging wrinkle-free in my closet when my future wife finally hands me divorce papers for refusing to stop rollerblading around the house yelling “SOUL SKATERS.” 

You’re also not going to convince me that ProtoZoa from Zenon doesn’t deserve an entire section,-no, REALM, inside the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. “SuperNova Girl” is the only thing that makes my heart go Boom Boom besides cute, quirky girls holding a steaming, hot plate of Totino’s pizza rolls. And don’t get me started on “The Galaxy is Ours,” because it is a revelation, and the most important song in the alternative/hip-hop/space rock genre after the theme song for Space Jam.

On an unrelated note, while writing this I slowly realized that“Double Teamed” is not only one of my favorite DCOM’s but also the only one I need to Google Image with Safe-Search On.

I’ve grown with these films. I know more about Disney Channel movies than I do about my ancestry. I could be German and not know it, but I know every single word of the spell in “Halloweentown.” I’ve seen Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge more than I’ve seen myself eat a vegetable.” And that sounds sad, but not as sad as missing out on the second greatest wizard-magic franchise for the 9-16 year old demographic.

You know that Disney Channel affected your life so much when you come to the conclusion that you wouldn’t be able to say, “I, Do” to someone who sighed and rolled their eyes after noticing you were watching Johnny Tsunami .

You know that Disney Channel is the most important element of your childhood when you’ve gotten detention for shouting “PHANTOM OF THE MEGAPLEX STRIKES AGAIN” in the heat of a very real fire drill during your Sophomore year of High School.

You know that Disney Channel is embedded into your soul forever when the only Spanish phrases you remember after 3 years of foreign language credits are from the movie, “Gotta Kick it Up.”

I’m almost positive that Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off is the reason I said no to drugs.
I know deep down in my heart that Step-Sister from Planet Weird could have been better, but that didn’t stop me from watching it every Friday night while everyone else was being “popular” and “dating.” Sure, we deserved a better third installment to the Zenon franchise, but at least we got a trilogy from our favorite STELLAR space girl MAJOR. 
There’s countries out there that still have yet to put a fake girl into fictional television space… and that’s unsettling. 

We were the definition of blessed and we should never forget that. We had the pleasure of growing up with not one, but TWO Ryan Merriman adventures. We not only watched him act, but dance, sing and experience the onslaught of advanced Irish puberty.

The Luck of the Irish taught me to not be ashamed of who I am and I’m not. I’m a DCOM’er, a Brink lover and a proud owner of The Thirteenth Year on DVD. I may not have a girlfriend, a steady flow of income or any semblance of sexual dexterity, but at least I got to experience Shia Labeouf before he became everything that Louis Stevens would have hated. 

To put it simply, Disney Channel Original Movies weren’t just great… they still are.

Okay!! So this is going to be the last thing i’ll say on the subject of women with body hair for a while because i’m bored of this rudimentary conversation and i’ve received maybe 500 million different messages with this exact same “argument.” A lot of folks are using the tired response to me challenging the idea that women must modify their bodies to be deemed acceptable in society with the phrase “it’s just preference” as if just writing the word “preference” is a magic spell that wards off critical thinking and suddenly makes my entire point poof out of thin air. ohhhh, its a preference, guess that means it cannot be examined!! damn, preference-zoned again!!!!!!! 

Let me lay it out real quick but only quickly because I don’t have enough time for this shit:

fucking. literally i have said many times that it is ok to have your preferences. i’m not here to take all the things you like away from you. i’m not the police or your mom or an evil witch locking you in a tower. honestly it’s like you people aren’t even bothering to read what i’m writing before proverbially shitting out of your mouth: 

the point i’m making is that it’s important. to. analyze. your. beliefs. this is CRITICAL!! think about WHY you believe what you do, because i can promise you that almost all your “preferences” are man made, and i can promise you that many of these beliefs are neither necessary nor beneficial. 

if you continue to live your life without stopping to take the time to sort out which of the concepts you’ve been taught are potentially harmful then you will continue to live in bigotry and ignorance. point blank.  

for those of you who say it’s not about women, well, first of all, youre wrong. it doesn’t matter if you personally find ALL hair gross whether it be on men or women or otherwise because as a large-scale societal norm in america it is heavily expected that a girl remove her body hair or else face ridicule and shame. i don’t care if you ALSO don’t like hair on men and it truly d o e s n t matter because a man will not be insulted, harassed, and physically assaulted for having body hair like a woman will. 

this is not the same as preferring people with brown eyes over green because people with green eyes are not forced to feel ugly and undesirable. they do not have to go out and get contact lenses that make their eyes itchy all day. i find it so interesting that so many of you act as if by suggesting the idea that women don’t have to shave/wax/epilate i had somehow victimized you, like i were holding you down and forcing you to like hairy chicks as if that’s the craziest fucking notion. newsflash: your preferences are forced upon girls every single day!! 

im not asking you to have sex with a hairy woman!! i don’t fucking care if you want to have sex with me!! what i’m asking you to do is wonder why it is that you find hairy women repulsive and ugly. stop acting as if these unexamined beauty standards - your “preferences” - aren’t socially mandated!! stop acting like these “preferences” aren’t deep-seated in misogyny and forced upon young girls, stop acting as if girls are not made to feel inadequate for growing hair because WE ARE!! stop acting as if i don’t get stopped in the street and harassed for being a girl and having hair in places that hair grows naturally!!! stop acting like i don’t get hundreds of messages on this site berating me for having the audacity to have underarm hair!!!!  stop acting like i’m not actively being punished for having a body!! stop equating “femaleness” with bareness and for the love of god stop regulating/confirming the concept of femininity!

maybe even with your “preferences” you would never do that. maybe your personal preferences would never hurt anybody. maybe you just like hairless girls! ok! that’s fine! good for you! but as a social construct, it IS some bullshit, and you must acknowledge it or you are a part of this social construct.

and OBVIOUSLY hairy girls are not the biggest issue here!! this entire post ties into all kinds of toxic beauty standards including ones that oppress women of color, trans women, disabled women, fat women, etc. not thinking about the societal norms you were raised around is a powerful vessel for oppression. you aren’t just “not attracted to black girls,” you have internalized racism. you are bigoted, whether you want to be or not. and you will continue to be unless you agree to analyze some of your personal preferences.

long story short,  just!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here, have a sweet and hopefully funny little piece inspired in part by @penandinkprincess ‘s ask from yesterday.

It wasn’t until Emma reached for her glass and accidentally knocked it over for the third time that Killian realized they had something of a problem.

Emma Swan was drunk.

She apologized profusely to Granny, who had at first been amused – because Emma Swan getting tipsy at her counter was not something that happened every day – but was now skating toward lovingly annoyed. “I’ve half a mind to make you wipe up the counter yourself, girl,” she said, her no-nonsense tone cutting through the rum-induced haze in Emma’s mind enough to make her sit at attention. “One more spilled glass and I’m cutting you off.”

“Sorry,” Emma repeated, her cheeks flushed as Granny wiped a rag over the counter to sop up the spilled drink. The woman gave her a curt nod, accepting her apology, and ducked out back to put the glass in the wash.

Emma turned on her stool and smiled sheepishly at Killian. “I think I got us in trouble.”

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My thoughts on Bismuth

When I’d first seen Bismuth in Lion’s pocket dimension, I had my doubts about them being a gem. 

Source: Lion 3: Straight to Video

First of all, Bismuth is a metal, not crystalline. It’s white and brittle, but may have a pink tint because of oxidation. Immediately, we see Bismuth is somehow related to Rose. SU does a lot of things with colours and aesthetic that relate to specific character. So at that point, I thought Bismuth might be a weapon, similar to the sword, or a key, similar to the one in Serious Steven.

But my thoughts on Bismuth had changed because of the new Crewniverse Promo Art.

Source: Steven Crewniverse

Steven is holding Bismuth, which means they’ll become relevant in the show rather soon. Given the very clean and colourful metal we see in Rose’s bubble we’re looking at Bismuth grown in a lab. But that’s not really an issue anymore since all the gems in the show have perfect cuts and are well-polished. 

What I’d like to draw attention to, is why we have a metal character who serves as a gem. My very spoilery friend has seen clips of Bismuth, and told me they’re wearing an apron.

To me, this could be a sign that Bismuth is a blacksmith. During the time before and early on in the Rebellion, gems were still using traditional weapons like metal swords and shields. There is a clear indication then that Bismuths, and possibly other metal-based characters were in charge of those weapons. 

This hearkens back to my Gem Abilities post about how abilities are something designed, and they serve a specific purpose on Homeworld. During the production of metals, something akin to metal-bending, or metallo-kinesis (for lack of more accurate terminology, I shall use an Avatar reference), in the same way we have characters with hydro-, pyro-, and electro-kinesis.

They would create weapons to hand to the gems for battle. Considering the gems were no stranger to war-faring and a conquering race, weapons would be high in demand once they were finally popularised. This would increase the production of beings who were adapt with metallurgy, and who better than metals themselves.

And by extension, their summoned weapon, should they have one, would likely be a hammer.

There have been theories that the gem who poofed Lapis in Same Old World was Bismuth. Given the structure of the gem, I would agree that it was a Bismuth.

Although I have a feeling we’re dealing with the same character here, because we have a very unique looking character. And SU doesn’t take that lightly. It’s something to appreciate that all the development we’ve seen so far have come from a relatively small cast of recurring and consistent characters.

My one big concern is, why would Rose bubble a gem and hide it away without telling the other CGs? This means that there was something personal between Rose and Bismuth for her to separate her from the rest of the gems the CGs were rounding up in the bubble room. At the same time, I bring back the fact that Bismuths can have a pink tint, and I’d say she and Rose have a history together.

It’s not altogether difficult to assume that metals ranked lower than gems, and that something awful poofed Bismuth, to the point that Rose thought they were corrupted and had to be bubbled. Perhaps given that circumstance, it would be safer for Rose to keep Bismuth somewhere else, somewhere safer, like in a secret pocket dimension. Because Rose wouldn’t bubble someone “until Steven was ready.” Rose believed all life had a unique and worthy experience, even those below her rank and stature, like Pearl was. She wanted every living thing to have a chance and be treated with respect. Something must have happened for her to believe the best choice of action was to bubble Bismuth, and I think this was it.

About the hypocrisy in Rose Quartz’s policy on shattering: 

Some people seem to be up in arms about why Rose was so vehemently against using something explicitly made to shatter Gems, the Breaking Point, to the point of poofing one of her own close friends in Bismuth, when it has been recently revealed, from a Homeworld Gem eyewitness, that Rose herself shattered Pink Diamond. People are calling her out for her hypocrisy, which I won’t deny. Her actions were hypocritical. But maybe some aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

Maybe the trauma from shattering a Gem, a Diamond, her Diamond, no less, is what caused her to be so anti-shattering in the first place. Like, she saw what shattering a Gem was like, how it felt to literally crush someone out of existence, and she decided that she didn’t want any of her soldiers to feel that ever again. 

Sure, you might retort that some of the Crystal Gems might have wanted to know what it’s like, to make that decision for themselves, but I’d return with this: as the leader of the group, it was up to Rose to make the rules that would achieve what she believed to be the best for everyone. This meant compromises, this meant sacrifices, and this meant generalizing and not accounting for every single possible situation. This is how it goes with real life laws as well. You, by very definition, can’t decide what’s best for everyone, but as a leader, it’s what you’re expected to do.

I’ve known many a soldier in my life, and only a couple have actually killed someone. When I was younger, I asked them what it was like, how it felt to know they took out one of the bad guys for good, and to my naive self’s surprise, their responses weren’t pleasant. They all retracted, telling me that it was one of the worst experiences they’ve ever had. Even if the shot was clean, even if it was in self-defense, even if it was for the greater good, they never felt right about ending another person’s life.

This whole arc that seems to be aiming to make us question ours and the Crystal Gems’ blind support of the actions taken during the rebellion by Rose Quartz is very interesting to me. It’s important, as parallels can easily be drawn to real life, and our sometimes unquestioning support of our political leaders leading us into wars we have no business fighting, on shores far from our own, while the media keeps us blind to the consequences of these wars.

Now, one could argue that maybe Rose Quartz is being set up, that she didn’t actually shatter Pink Diamond. Maybe somegem shapeshifted to look like her, and shattered Pink Diamond in her place, something Rose Quartz herself would never do, as the Crystal Gems have told us time and time again. Maybe the Gem that Rose shattered wasn’t actually Pink Diamond, but a facsimile of her, a plot they came up with to gain support for the rebellion by making it look like they took out a hugely powerful leader. Maybe Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, and the Crewniverse is just setting us up before they pull a huge 180. Who knows.

Now, I myself am not fully on-board with any of these theories, I’m just throwing the possibilities, if not plausibilities, out there. Like I said, I’m not using this as a way to excuse Rose for shattering Pink Diamond, I’m just saying that maybe it was the catalyst that inspired her entire philosophy when it came to the Crystal Gems and their combat techniques.