About the hypocrisy in Rose Quartz’s policy on shattering: 

Some people seem to be up in arms about why Rose was so vehemently against using something explicitly made to shatter Gems, the Breaking Point, to the point of poofing one of her own close friends in Bismuth, when it has been recently revealed, from a Homeworld Gem eyewitness, that Rose herself shattered Pink Diamond. People are calling her out for her hypocrisy, which I won’t deny. Her actions were hypocritical. But maybe some aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

Maybe the trauma from shattering a Gem, a Diamond, her Diamond, no less, is what caused her to be so anti-shattering in the first place. Like, she saw what shattering a Gem was like, how it felt to literally crush someone out of existence, and she decided that she didn’t want any of her soldiers to feel that ever again. 

Sure, you might retort that some of the Crystal Gems might have wanted to know what it’s like, to make that decision for themselves, but I’d return with this: as the leader of the group, it was up to Rose to make the rules that would achieve what she believed to be the best for everyone. This meant compromises, this meant sacrifices, and this meant generalizing and not accounting for every single possible situation. This is how it goes with real life laws as well. You, by very definition, can’t decide what’s best for everyone, but as a leader, it’s what you’re expected to do.

I’ve known many a soldier in my life, and only a couple have actually killed someone. When I was younger, I asked them what it was like, how it felt to know they took out one of the bad guys for good, and to my naive self’s surprise, their responses weren’t pleasant. They all retracted, telling me that it was one of the worst experiences they’ve ever had. Even if the shot was clean, even if it was in self-defense, even if it was for the greater good, they never felt right about ending another person’s life.

This whole arc that seems to be aiming to make us question ours and the Crystal Gems’ blind support of the actions taken during the rebellion by Rose Quartz is very interesting to me. It’s important, as parallels can easily be drawn to real life, and our sometimes unquestioning support of our political leaders leading us into wars we have no business fighting, on shores far from our own, while the media keeps us blind to the consequences of these wars.

Now, one could argue that maybe Rose Quartz is being set up, that she didn’t actually shatter Pink Diamond. Maybe somegem shapeshifted to look like her, and shattered Pink Diamond in her place, something Rose Quartz herself would never do, as the Crystal Gems have told us time and time again. Maybe the Gem that Rose shattered wasn’t actually Pink Diamond, but a facsimile of her, a plot they came up with to gain support for the rebellion by making it look like they took out a hugely powerful leader. Maybe Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, and the Crewniverse is just setting us up before they pull a huge 180. Who knows.

Now, I myself am not fully on-board with any of these theories, I’m just throwing the possibilities, if not plausibilities, out there. Like I said, I’m not using this as a way to excuse Rose for shattering Pink Diamond, I’m just saying that maybe it was the catalyst that inspired her entire philosophy when it came to the Crystal Gems and their combat techniques.


Escenas de la película The Poof Point en las que Ryan Seaman tenía 17 años.

Scenes from The Poof Point movie when Ryan Seaman was 17 years old.

After “Crack the Whip” I decided to rewatch “The Return” and “Jailbreak”. I must say, Jasper is low key starting to remind me of a DBZ villain and I want to see her fight more.

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I enjoy her fights (hence my rewatching) but I was interested in how Stevonnie/Garnet each fought her. Garnet was defending Steven and to be honest, Jasper fucking cheated. I think she knew Garnet was the strongest in the group and intentionally took her out. She targeted Steven to provoke a response from Garnet then fucking split her in two. 

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Then when they fight again, Garnet makes the fight fair by taking the gem destabilizer away and breaking it. But if you really look at the way Garnet was fighting her the second time, they were pretty much evenly matched but Garnet could injure her (broke her helmet) but could not poof her.

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 Now look at Stevonnie they were also evenly matched and while Stevonnie won, they could not poof her.

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 At this point…I don’t think anyone besides Garnet or Stevonnie could take Jasper down and I kinda want em to do it together. 

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Okay!! So this is going to be the last thing i’ll say on the subject of women with body hair for a while because i’m bored of this rudimentary conversation and i’ve received maybe 500 million different messages with this exact same “argument.” A lot of folks are using the tired response to me challenging the idea that women must modify their bodies to be deemed acceptable in society with the phrase “it’s just preference” as if just writing the word “preference” is a magic spell that wards off critical thinking and suddenly makes my entire point poof out of thin air. ohhhh, its a preference, guess that means it cannot be examined!! damn, preference-zoned again!!!!!!! 

Let me lay it out real quick but only quickly because I don’t have enough time for this shit:

fucking. literally i have said many times that it is ok to have your preferences. i’m not here to take all the things you like away from you. i’m not the police or your mom or an evil witch locking you in a tower. honestly it’s like you people aren’t even bothering to read what i’m writing before proverbially shitting out of your mouth: 

the point i’m making is that it’s important. to. analyze. your. beliefs. this is CRITICAL!! think about WHY you believe what you do, because i can promise you that almost all your “preferences” are man made, and i can promise you that many of these beliefs are neither necessary nor beneficial. 

if you continue to live your life without stopping to take the time to sort out which of the concepts you’ve been taught are potentially harmful then you will continue to live in bigotry and ignorance. point blank.  

for those of you who say it’s not about women, well, first of all, youre wrong. it doesn’t matter if you personally find ALL hair gross whether it be on men or women or otherwise because as a large-scale societal norm in america it is heavily expected that a girl remove her body hair or else face ridicule and shame. i don’t care if you ALSO don’t like hair on men and it truly d o e s n t matter because a man will not be insulted, harassed, and physically assaulted for having body hair like a woman will. 

this is not the same as preferring people with brown eyes over green because people with green eyes are not forced to feel ugly and undesirable. they do not have to go out and get contact lenses that make their eyes itchy all day. i find it so interesting that so many of you act as if by suggesting the idea that women don’t have to shave/wax/epilate i had somehow victimized you, like i were holding you down and forcing you to like hairy chicks as if that’s the craziest fucking notion. newsflash: your preferences are forced upon girls every single day!! 

im not asking you to have sex with a hairy woman!! i don’t fucking care if you want to have sex with me!! what i’m asking you to do is wonder why it is that you find hairy women repulsive and ugly. stop acting as if these unexamined beauty standards - your “preferences” - aren’t socially mandated!! stop acting like these “preferences” aren’t deep-seated in misogyny and forced upon young girls, stop acting as if girls are not made to feel inadequate for growing hair because WE ARE!! stop acting as if i don’t get stopped in the street and harassed for being a girl and having hair in places that hair grows naturally!!! stop acting like i don’t get hundreds of messages on this site berating me for having the audacity to have underarm hair!!!!  stop acting like i’m not actively being punished for having a body!! stop equating “femaleness” with bareness and for the love of god stop regulating/confirming the concept of femininity!

maybe even with your “preferences” you would never do that. maybe your personal preferences would never hurt anybody. maybe you just like hairless girls! ok! that’s fine! good for you! but as a social construct, it IS some bullshit, and you must acknowledge it or you are a part of this social construct.

and OBVIOUSLY hairy girls are not the biggest issue here!! this entire post ties into all kinds of toxic beauty standards including ones that oppress women of color, trans women, disabled women, fat women, etc. not thinking about the societal norms you were raised around is a powerful vessel for oppression. you aren’t just “not attracted to black girls,” you have internalized racism. you are bigoted, whether you want to be or not. and you will continue to be unless you agree to analyze some of your personal preferences.

long story short,  just!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it’s been said, but both Lapis and Jasper were abusive.

Jasper was the one that was desperate for Lapis to fuse in the first place, yes, but Lapis CONTINUED to hold Jasper down as Malachite. The question is, why? She was surrounded by water anyway, so if they were to ever break free, Lapis could just easily destroy her. Jasper was by no means “sweet” to Lapis during their time as Malachite, but Lapis flat-out admitted that she liked taking things out on Jasper, even mentioning earlier that she “missed” Jasper. She took her anger from the past out on Jasper by KEEPING them as Malachite. Again, if Jasper were to break free, Lapis could just easily poof Jasper at that point, as they’re so far out in the ocean and they’re surrounded by water. It’s more along the lines of Jasper starting it and Lapis continuing it. Now Jasper is desperate to become Malachite again for power. She LOVED being with Lapis because she felt that only she could handle Lapis’ “power”. Lapis, of course, realizes that they should never fuse again and says in a concerned tone, “No!”. It really is great character development for her. While Lapis liked being Malachite after a while, she’s trying to break free of it so she can’t hurt Jasper anymore. Jasper is too deep into it and WANTS to fuse again because not only is she used to it, but it gave her a huge surge of power, kind of like Pearl and Garnet becoming Sardonyx.

They were both wrong, and the way the situation was handled was great. It’s been said before, but the ending of Alone at Sea is the perfect way to describe an abusive relationship to younger viewers.

If Disney Channel Could

Bring Back These Shows/Movies

•That’s So Raven
•Kim Possible
•Even Stevens
•The Proud Family
•Tru Confessions
•Lilo And Stitch
•Brandy And Mr.Whiskers
•Phil Of The Future
•The Buzz On Maggie
•Dave The Barbarian
•The Thirteenth Year
•Don’t Look Under The Bed
•Smart House
•Up Up And Away
•The Color Of Friendship
•Stepmother From Planet Weird
•Hannah Montana
•Cory In The House
•The Famous Jett Jackson
•Mom Got A Date With A Vampire
•Phantom Of The Megaplex
•The Ultimate Christmas Present
•The Luck Of The Irish
•The Poof Point
•Get A Clue
•The Scream Team
•Eddie Million Dollar Cook-off
•The Cheetah Girls
•Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior


Rose is drawn differently - theory

Later edit: I know the characters will be drawn differently according to who is storyboarding. And I know Rose is pregnant. Thank you guys for all the notes. If there other people who saw this difference with Rose then please point me to them. Im sure im not the first one to notice. Ok so this is Rose Quartz in We Need to Talk - she looked different.

And this is Rose in Lion 3:

She is different. Her hair is more well defined and is even more curly than before.

I always wondered why this is. Why would the Crewniverse choose to draw her so differently without an explication?

In Lion 3 she looked highly idealised like she is being described by someone who heled her in high regard but she was not. She recorded herself and Greg so that’s how she looked. The question is why. The only thing I can think of is that she poofed at some point.