//Sweetie is ready for the prom!! Penny won’t participate this year because she’s an antisocial asshole but this sweet lady will totally be there with her date!!

Twilight Velvet and Night Light - Parents of Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle, in-laws of Princess Cadence and grandparents of Flurry Heart
Igneous Rock Pie and Cloudy Quartz - Parents of Limestone Pie, Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie and Marble Pie
Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles - Parents of Rarity and Sweetie Belle
Mr and Mrs Shy - Parents of Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze
Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles - Parents of Rainbow Dash, appear to be honorary parents of Scootaloo
Pear Butter and Bright Mac - Parents of Big Macintosh, Applejack and Apple Bloom (sadly deceased)


Why do I have such a weakness for cheesy love stories….

(Damn you, new episode of MLP D: )