name: Fragrance

fusion of: Fluttershy and Rarity

specie: unicorn


she’s a fashionista and she loves her work

but she only loves to show her works to the world, she doesn’t like getting the attention to herself cause she’s shy

most of her works are inspired by nature and the wild life

she loves animals and wild or rare creatures

her most used word: “Dearie!”

name: Zappapple

fusion of: Rainbow Dash and Applejack

specie: pegasus


as the only pegasus in the apple family, it is Zapp’s duty to take care of the weather around her family’s farm, and she actually does a pretty good job at it; but that’s mostly cause she gets to be free while at it, doing the thing she loves most: Flying! 

but when it come to chores on the farm, she tends to slack off; but when she really puts her mind into it, she can be a very hard worker

with her childish personality, she loves fooling around, making pranks and hanging out with kids 

(yeah that sounds creepy, but let’s try and keep it pg guys)

she’s always up for challenges, and she’s very brave and loves adventures

although she can be brave around villans, monsters and other ponies, she’s actually a big scaredy cat when it comes to supernatural stories and activities

her most used word: 

“Zipp Zapp!” (when reffering to a short amount of time)

she mostly likes to add the letter “Z” to everything

More marker fun! …I should probably find a better way to upload these than my phone’s camera blep

Oh! And what do ya think of Wind Chime’s new-ish look? Since my first marker pic of her I didn’t have any greys to work with I didn’t color in her coat. Since then the look kinda grew on me. But I don’t think of her coat as pure white, of course not, just a nice pale blue ouo