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Does anyone get jealous in your poly relationships? how do you deal with it? (Also youre a stunningly beautiful person)

Thank you❤ that’s a great question, we’ve all got a great sense of compersion for starts. Which just means we get joy from seeing each other happy. I love both of my partners and seeing their adorable smiles when they’re having a moment is the best. When we first started dating we were all worried about not knowing what we were doing because it’s our first poly relationship, but honestly it just kind of fell into place. When you take away the pressures of a monogamous relationship and trust your partners, when you keep open communication about your feelings and make sure everyone is happy it’s really amazing. I’m not bashing anyone for being monogamous, I just know being poly is the best for me as an individual because I cannot handle what is expected in truly monogamous relationship.

Okay so I just want to take a moment to point out something.

To all of the people saying that Clarke doesn’t return any feelings that Bellamy may or may not (but definitely does) have:

Look at this moment. Bellamy went out with a hunting party and doesn’t come back. Now let’s just ignore the fact that it’s only been a couple of days and Monty says that hunting parties go out of communication all the time, yet Clarke is still visibly worried.

Take a look at this gif of the Skaikru captives in Polis:

There are very clearly at least 2 members of that hunting party present there, and it’s possible that any additional members could have escaped/been killed before this scene.

Yet Clarke doesn’t say, “The hunting party should be back by now.”

She doesn’t say, “Bellamy and the others should be back by now.”

She says, “Bellamy should be back by now.”

Clarke Griffin may be concerned about the whole group, but she is canonically more worried about Bellamy, maybe without even realizing it.

Sound familiar?

Say what you want, Clarke loves Bellamy as much as he loves her. You know it. I know it. Everyone in Arkadia AND Polis knows it.

Crack AUs, 1! (or Shitty AUs)

Because who doesn’t need some goofy aus once in a while? ((also staying true to the blog name lololol BD))

  • fantasy: a witch literally turned me into a turtle and then set me on my back. FOR GODS SAKE STOP LAUGHING AND HELP ME AT LEAST FLIP ME OVER
  • dude I swear to god, play “the boys are back” one more time whenever you pick me up from the airport, I’m gonna make you eat your own- “KEEP IT PG PLEASE”
  • “I’m cold” “well damn x, I can’t control the weather”
  • “get off the internet, it’s 4AM, go to bed” make me, i’m not tired “fine” hello? hell-OH MY GOD YOU ACTUALLY DROVE HERE WAIT NO STOP DONT UNPLUG IT
  • you’re the vet lecturing me about giving my pet too many treats and now it has diabetes but I CANT SAY NO TO THAT FACE LOOK AT THEM

Have fun and happy writing! :D
~Mod Karissa

If I see another 'you me her' post tagged with lesbians I'm going to scream.

They’re fucking Bi!
Stop fucking ignoring the Bi community because you want more representation.
You know the only other Bi females OUT in the media that I can think of?
Sarah Lance and HarleyQuinn!

I get it, you’re starved of representation and looking for it everywhere.

And I know Jack is coming off as an ass but I honestly see it as realistic of someone who’s insecure and just found poly, you know why, because I’m at that point where I’ve now dated multiple people who are new to poly and they struggle with it, I’ve been poly for years now and I struggle with it.

Jealousy and coming out and finding a balance and working out communication is scary sometimes, especially when it’s new, especially when society tells you to deal with it differently to how’s actually healthy.

And I get pissed when you act like he’s just being an asshole, because yes he needs to grow the fuck up, but life change is scary and they’re working on it and that’s fucking important.

Do you realise how badly we needed this polyamorous model? Not of a happy and perfect polyam fam… but of a struggling, new to it, bunch of consenting adults.

That’s important and it’s helpful and you’ve got to stop pretending they’re not bi and he’s not insecure and new to this and that they’re all not insecure and new to this. Because I was nervous as hell and I knew I wanted poly with all my heart.

Just stop freaking ignoring this shit because it’s not perfect.
Especially if you’re not bi or poly and looking at this from a purely straight/gay monogamous standpoint.

I’m naturally polyamorous, it completes me in a way nothing else does and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. And me and some of my partners/potential parents/ex’s were insecure people and acted like twats at times because we didn’t know how to handle that and it’s a learning process, something I learned off older polyamorous people in the community, some of which have been polyamorous advocates since the early 90’s and have grandkids, others who are in their late 40’s, 30’s, early 20’s, 50's… they taught me how to see my jealousy and envy was based off my own insecurities and how to communicate and find solutions.

These three don’t even HAVE that, they’re seeing someone tho and that’s important.

I know this is a massive tangent about fandom discourse and reality, but still, I had two points:

1. Stop calling Emma and Izzy Lesbians, they’re Bi, it’s like if I called you a phase, it’s an insult and I will continue to be insulted by it because I’m sick of my identity being ignored.

2. Stop being pissy at the fact they’re being displayed as not perfect and as insecure and jealous and that they haven’t learned everything that it takes polycules years to learn anyway.

Plethora of Poly Aus (2)

Hello again! How about some more poly prompts, huh? :D

  • I’ve never seen you before but we all live in the same apartment building apparently because we were the only ones who woke up when the fire alarm went off at 1 in the morning in a blizzard
  • fantasy: poly groups struggling because all of them are different monsters/creatures/beings and having wildly varying diets or habitats
  • soulmate: you can hear your soulmate’s extremely loud thoughts until you’re together and a poor poly person (whether they know or not) has days where it’s just so loud
  • secret agent/spy: wait, if YOU’RE a double agent, and I’M a double agent, and THEY’RE a double agent, who are we looking for???
    • plot twist: they’re all set up against each other to take the others out
  • we’re all squishies and none of us are bad-ass crap we just got into a baaaad situation
    • bonus if a badass intervened and becomes the next person in the group
  • we’re all pretty badass but we all accidentally watched a sad movie on our movie night and we’re all bawling
  • having to make a Schedule to figure out date nights/hanging out time around everyone’s work schedules
  • everyone getting home around the same time and fighting over who parks where in the driveway
  • fantasy: no one has to fight over who ends up with who in the adventuring party. we’re all together. I mean come on, we’ve all practically died on each other before
    • but that just makes doing reckless things 10000x harder and the consequences from others 327402397423907x more severe
  • we’re all exchange students at the same place, lets combine notes to figure out slang
  • we were all on a cruise ship/plane and it crashed and we’re all stranded together

annnnd that’s enough for now too! I hope these inspire some of you guys! :D

~Mod Karissa

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I'm gay and I was wondering how to spot fetishization of gay relationships by straight people bc some people just say they're supportive but I don't know where to draw the line

Okay, so here’s a few things shippers do that allies don’t (or shouldn’t):

-Calling (solely) gay ships sin
-Attacking female (in m/m ships) or male (in f/f ships) characters because they “might get in the way of their ship”
-being transphobic when someone suggests that one or both of the characters are trans
-attacking ppl who ship one of the characters with other characters
-using their gay ships as a cop-out for beibg called homophobic (“I can’t be homophobic I have gay ships!!!”)
-reacting dismissive if you bring up that the characters could also be bi /pan /poly/ace

-don’t actually know or care how real gay sex works (*cough* no foreplay *cough* no lube *cough*)

Basically, if all they seem to care about is the gay smut. Straight fetishists love gay smut.

Feel free to add to this list

What’s the difference between “open” and “poly”? I know a lot of people say that an “open relationship” means having only casual/sexual relationships outside of a primary partnership, whereas “polyamorous” means having “multiple loving relationships.” Personally, I don’t love that dichotomy, for several reasons. First of all, many non-monogamous people have both casual connections and loving relationships; and as far as I’m concerned, they both totally “count” as poly. (Also, who says casual connections can’t be loving??) My other beef with drawing that dichotomy between “open” and “poly” is that if “open relationship” implies “casual only,” then that makes it more difficult for me to explain to people that I’m not polyfidelitous. More on that in a minute. 

So, these are the definitions I personally like for the two terms. 

Open relationship: any relationship, between any number of people, where everyone has agreed that it’s okay to seek beyond-platonic relationships outside of the dyad/group.

Polyamorous: a relationship orientation that describes openness to having multiple sexual/romantic/intimate partners.

The distinction is that “open” describes a relationship, whereas “polyamorous” describes a person. In my case, what I am is polyamorous. And at any given time, I am in one or more open relationships. However, some polyamorous people are not in open relationships, either because they have chosen to be monogamous, or because they are in a closed multi-partner relationship (e.g. a closed triad or closed V), in which case they might describe themselves as polyfidelitous. 

Since I’m not polyfidelitous and have no intention to ever be, I want a way to explain that succinctly when I say that I’m polyamorous. Saying “I’m in an open relationship(s)” makes that easy. It doesn’t mean “I’m only after sex,” it just means “I’m available.”

Another note: sometimes people use the term “polyamorous relationship.” I don’t use this term a lot because I feel like isn’t super-useful in my life; I tend to operate from an autonomous-poly vantage point. I lead a pretty independent life, and although I usually have partners who get along with each other, most of the time I spend with partners is spent one-on-one. This might just be me, but I feel like “polyamorous relationship” implies (and maybe is often used by?) a group of 3 or more intimately connected people, such as a triad or V that spends a ton of time together. I also suspect “polyamorous relationship” is an especially useful term for people who are polyfidelitous, because it describes the fact that they have multiple partners without incorrectly signalling that it’s an open relationship.

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I just have a quick question! I'm wondering if anyone analyzed the list of location names that Clarke was looking at in 4x02? I've always loved thinking about how Grounder places line up with our current cities/towns/landmarks, so just curious! :)

I’ll be using D.C. as a touch point, BTW. 

Well we know Polis is in the Linthicum Heights Neighborhood of Baltimore (which is actually only 30 minutes away from Annapolis-even though JRoth claims that has nothing to do with the cities name) and is named after Becca’s Polaris Dropship.  (45 minutes from Washington D.C.)

Arkadia is obviously named after The Ark

TonD.C. is named after Washington D.C.(…in D.C.)

Rendon I’m unsure of.

Doah is most likely named after Shenandoah National Park, which is in Virginia (the same state as Mt. Weather, although a bit away). About 3 hrs from D.C.

Reva is an unincorporated community in Culpeper County, Virginia. (This is close to Shenandoah). About 1 and a half hrs from D.C.

Rappahan is another location in Virginia, it’s a river, which goes through the Blue Ridge Mountains (where Mt. Weather is) across the Piedmont Plateau,and in to the Chesapeake. (About 1 and a half hrs from D.C.)

Mana could be taken from Manassas, Virginia (although it’s also a Mexican grunge band), Manassas is in Northern Virginia-about 50 minutes from Washington D.C, otherwise known as TonD.C. (so in the right locale for our show).

Qiom I’m unsure of. 

Woodstock is a town in Shenandoah County, so again we’re in Virginia (about an 1 and a half from Washington D.C.)

Rockburn is a park in Elkridge, Maryland as well as a tributary of the Patapsco River (about 45 minutes from Washington D.C.)

Xandria is most likely taken from the Virginian city Alexandria (perhaps this is also where L/xa got her name, maybe L/xa is from Alexandria?) Alexandria is really close to Washington D.C. (about 25 minutes).

Beda I’m thinking could be Bethesda and in a similar way to Polaris, the middle letters in a sign with it’s name were worn away by time. 

Nadal I’m unsure of. 

Bowie is a city in P.G. County Maryland. It’s about 30 minutes away from Washington D.C.

Dalk I’m unsure of. 

Aldo I’m unsure of. 

And that’s as deep as I could get this late at night. I will say I think the cities whose name origins I’m unsure of are probably also half names from cities that used to exist but whose names I can’t piece together in my head. 

I hope this was helpful!!!

Krii7y - Room Mates

Prompt 7: we’ve known each other for like 4 months but when you get cold things get pretty intimate and we’ll sleep together wanna be more then friends?

By M (I know Poly’s already done this but this prompt looked like fun so Imma do it as well lol)

“What do you mean, the heating is broke? It’s the middle of January!” Smii7y was listening to his roommate, Kryoz, agitated at that, yell at the landlord as he explained the heating to the building had shut down.

They’d known something had been off the whole day, it being a little colder in the apartment, until the mini heater they had also malfunctioned and died, and they realized that there was no heat coming from the vents.

They had been watching TV on two separate couches bundled in hoodies, sweatpants, and blankets until the landlord knocked on the door and explained that heating was out for the rest of the day and possibly the next.

“I’m sorry but it’s the truth. It will be back tomorrow. Just hopefully the rest of the day and tonight the heating will be out. Stay warm please. There are extra blankets in the lobby if you need some.”

Smii7y heard a few more words exchanged and the door being shut.

He saw his roommate walking back to his seat, his face a combination of slight anger and the signs of being cold, the pale face with cheeks and nose flushed red with the chilly air.

“Should we go to the store nearby and get some of that microwavable hot chocolate for tonight? We’re out,” he asked John as he sat down.

He immediately nodded, having had started a slight addiction to the stuff when it got very cold because of Smii7y.

They hopped up and walked out the door, Smii7y grabbing the apartment key and stuffing it in the pocket of his yellow jacket.

They walked to the said nearby store and purchased a pack of the beverage mix.

Happy with their item, they rushed back to the apartment and made themselves some hot chocolate and settled down on the couches to continue the movie Smii7y had put on before they’d been interrupted by the landlord.

By the time the movie finished, the sun was starting to go down.

As Smii7y put on another movie, John got up to fix them some dinner and make more of the hot and sweet liquid. Not long later they were hounding down hot Roman Noodles™ while focused on the movie.

They had moved to just on couch, because it was starting to get colder.

Kryoz sipped his chocolate, watching the movie. His attention was stolen, however, when he noticed his friend starting to doze off.

He had no clue how he was dozing off when the freezing air was pricking his face like little knives. He nudged Smii7y and he started awake.

“You tired bro?” John asked.

Smii7y nodded and yawned, the breath coming from his mouth visible, like smoke from a small fire.

“Should we get some extra blankets?” Another nod.

John quickly got up and walked out the apartment, going to the lobby to get some extra blankets that the landlord said would there.

He returned highly annoyed and empty-handed.

The last blanket had been taken minutes before he arrived, said by the receptionist at the counter when he asked, bundled in layers of clothing since she sadly had no blanket either.

Smii7y and John settled down in their beds, located in two rooms connected to a small hallway that began in the living room.

They were bundled in layers of clothing and a blanket.

Yet John was still freezing. He lied uncomfortably, shivering, as he cursed himself for not being used to the cold.

He hoped his roommate was warm, before realizing he probably was, having grown up in Canada.

He lied there until midnight, staring at his small alarm clock, shivering and seeing his breath against the angry red light the clock produced.

And then he’d had it. He got up from his bed with the blanket draped across him and traveled to Smii7y’s room, knocking on the door.

He had knocked thrice when a sleepy Smii7y opened the door, his head tilted.

He was only wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, and for a brief second John wondered how the fuck he wasn’t cold.

“What’s wrong John?” Smii7y yawned and looked at him with puppy brown eyes.

Suddenly he felt it would be better to go back, but decided that it would be insufferable going.

“It’s very cold,” he started and swallowed in nervousness. “Can I- uh- sleep? With you? In your bed? Y-Y'know! Since it’s freezing.”

Smii7y looked at him and shrugged, not at all phased with the question John had asked.

He turned around and walked back to his bed. He looked back as he lifted the blanket, as if saying ‘You just going to stand there?’

John walking to the bed after shutting the door. He tossed his blanket on top of the blanket already there and slowly got into bed, Smii7y getting into a comfortable position.

They ended up facing each other. Luckily his roommate had his eyes closed, or he would of saw his face more red than it already was.

He noticed it was a lot warmer in this bed than his own. He started dozing off, until his hand accidentally touched Smii7y’s warm hand.

He jolted back awake as Smii7y’s hand twitched away.

“Jesus you’re hand is freezing!” Smii7y giggled as he put his hand back.

Their hands touched again.

And there goes John’s heart rate. He knew he had liked the guy ever since they met a few months ago, but not this much.

Eventually he dozed off again to the sound of gentle breathing.

We awoke about two hours later, with a startling realization that Smii7y had his face buried in his chest, his arms wrapped around his waist and legs wrapped around his right leg.

His own left arm had betrayed him and was draped over Smii7y’s arm.

He felt his heart start to pound loudly, which made Smii7y stir, as his ears were close to his heart.

John took a deep breath to calm down his heart before it woke him up.

He pulled his right arm from under his head and wrapped it gently around Smii7y, his hand, no longer cold, gently nestling into his soft hair.

Suddenly feeling braver than ever, he reached his head down and pecked Smii7y’s forehead.

“I love you,” he whispered.

He suddenly felt Smii7y stir.

“I knew that,” he whispered back, face out of sight. “You ain’t slick. Love you too John.”

Then he fell back asleep, with John wheezing softly, wide-eyed.

“You… What?”

I swear to fucking god, this is so much better than the one I did earlier on, this is so fucking adorable and the ending is absolutely amazing. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, OML. -Mod Pup

bitty, the only good LAX bro, decides to join a frat

“Dude, what the fuck is that smell?”


Ransom, Holster, and Shitty paused on the sidewalk just outside the Haus. Holster sniffed the air, nose raised like a bloodhound on the hunt. Shitty and Ransom stared at him, bemused. 

“The LAX frat,” Holster clarified after a moment, eyes narrowing. “It smells…like love.”

To reiterate my earlier statement,” Shitty said, arms crossed. “What?”

I think I smell it,” Ransom said turning his head towards the LAX house. “Is that…peach?” 

“Arsenic smells like peach, doesn’t it?” Holster asked, eyes bugging hysterically. 

“Nah, that’s almonds, brah,” Shitty said easily. “But if you’re worried…”

Holster was already across the street. Ransom sighed and looked at Shitty. “If they run out of chicken tenders before we get there, you’re buying me McDonald’s.”

“Sure, sure,” Shitty said, and they crossed the street to follow Holster in his mission. When they caught up to him, he was staring in a first-floor window of the house, mouth agape. Shitty and Ransom squeezed in next to him, eyes growing wide as they looked inside. 

The kitchen of the LAX frat – once even more disgusting than their own – was spotless. Beyonce played softly from someone’s iPhone and the smell of cooking peaches and sugar and butter wafted from the open window. 

In the middle of it all was a dude – a LAX bro, probably – washing bowls and pans and a cutting board, singing along to the music. He had a sweet face and wore a faded MCHS FOOTBALL t-shirt that stretched too tight over his shoulders and arms. 

“He doesn’t seem evil,” Ransom said, realizing too late he’d spoken aloud. The guy turned, startled, and dropped several, soapy measuring cups to the ground. 

“Oh!” He said. “Um. Hi?”

“Shits, you’re pre-law,” Holster said, tapping his chin. “Is kidnapping someone illegal if you’re saving them from the lacrosse team?”

“IDK, man,” Shitty said seriously. “That’s kind of a gray area.” 

The guy frowned and stooped to pick up the measuring cups. “Can you wait until this pie’s cooked before any…kidnapping happens? I cannot abide a burnt pie.”

“Can we have pie?” Ransom asked, eyes hopeful. The guy smiled. 

“Well, of course! Unless you’re on the hockey team,” he joked. “I’m not supposed to talk to hockey players.” 

“Uhh…” Ransom and Holster exchanged a look. 

“Do we look like hockey players?” Shitty asked with a snort. “We’re clearly…um…in a frat?”

“Yeah,” Ransom chimed in. “Delta…Epsilon…Faber.”

“DEF, yeah, that’s us,” Holster agreed. “You should, uh, consider us during Rush next week.” 

“Oh, cool,” the guy said, grinning. “I’m Eric, by the way. Or Bittle, that’s what my teammates call me.” 

“Nice, we’re uh…Adam, Justin, and…B,” Ransom said carefully. “The brothers of Delta Epsilon Faber. At your service.” 

Eric grinned at them, sunny and sweet, and waved a hand. “Well, come on in. There’ll be enough pie for everyone, and y’all can tell me all about DEF while we wait for it to finish.” 

The hockey boys exchanged a look, then quickly scrambled to the front door. Some men were led to poor decisions by thinking with their “downstairs brains;” they, however, made all of their mistakes while thinking with their stomachs. 

It’s her character design honestly. I know she’s a fusion of six, which is the most we’ve ever seen, but there’s something just…Offputting about her.

I believe that a fusion looks more human-like depending on the harmony of all the participants.

Take Alexandrite. She’s a fusion of 4, and she’s got a lot going on, but she still looks more…humanoid.

Fluorite’s body is a lot more like Malachite’s (the biggest, most unstable fusion of all) in build, which leads me to believe something is going on deep-routed in Fluroite.

And it’s not like it’s impossible for bigger fusions to look more humanoid- the guardian of the temple is supposedly a fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Amethyst and Rose Quartz, right? 5 gems?

You can tell the gems of Fluroite are trying to work as one, considering the way she speaks slowly and with a single solid voice, but she just doesn’t seem right to me.

Disclaimer: I don’t hate poly relationships, I know some of y’all are gonna think that’s my only valid reason. For those that are in them, that’s great, I wish you happiness!

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Poly Sanders, 18 please? Or 18 and *anyone* with Morality--*someone* on the Discord server gave me *feels* about touch-starved Mor' and I need fluffy cuddles for him now.

I sent this to you to check because you’re one of the few poly people I know so haha anyway EDIT: WAIT WHAT I HAVEN’T POSTED THIS???

18. “Cuddle me” 

Summary: Patton has a bad day, and the others make up for it.

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ASKS - Mini Stories/Headcanons/Ideas

Little ask-stories sent to my main blog, posted here!

violetsnowstorm555 said: Archaeology majors agree never to dig anywhere near campus for fear of what might come up.

Anon said: What about that one kid who thinks the fair folk are actually ALIENS

k4t3yk4t said: There was that one occasion with the Vegan™ freshman who discovered the black fur coat in her roommate’s closet. She was so appalled… She stole it, not to keep, but to confront her roommate later about. She never got the chance to. She wasn’t seen for months, but eventually came back. She was different, when she did, though.. And never went near the pool again.

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