Ludicolo: Has a plum-shaped body. Wears a hat that resembles a sombrero, but has spikes that face upward on the brim and a tuft of hair on hat’s top. It has a diamond shaped panel around its eyes which is right below the brim of its hat. Has Felix-the-cat-esque eyes which sit right above a duck bill, (perpetually smiling). Stands upright on elephant-like feet minus toes, glove mitt-type hands. The rest of its body is covered in fur, which has two horizontal zig-zags on it. Make it so Numbah One!”

The artists response: “I was so sure this one was made up. I was SO SURE you were just messing with me.”

Link to more of The Pokeymans Project, where requests are taken to draw pokemon the artists has NEVER seen before solely based on user description.